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In-depth analyses of FPL strategy and tactics that have helped us reach the top 1k over our years of playing, with a healthy dose of banter/rivalry thrown in the mix to shake things up. #FPL Public League 86209-17817

In-depth analyses of FPL strategy and tactics that have helped us reach the top 1k over our years of playing, with a healthy dose of banter/rivalry thrown in the mix to shake things up. #FPL Public League 86209-17817
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In-depth analyses of FPL strategy and tactics that have helped us reach the top 1k over our years of playing, with a healthy dose of banter/rivalry thrown in the mix to shake things up. #FPL Public League 86209-17817






EP17 - The Curious Case of Kane's Cankles

As Mick foresaw in last weeks podcast #Kaneexit is in full swing as managers scramble to sell the crocked Spurs front man. Replacements are discussed as TAA is added to the injury list and Son is away on international duty. Joff talks with Klopp about Super Sexy Firmino and whether or not Salah will retain penalties with James Milner on the pitch. Eriksen is capable of a transformation with Kane out of the team & David De Gea has a foot fetish. Higuaín will all but banish Morata to...


Ep 16 - GW 22 Levels of essentialness ft Salah

After a well needed FPL rest we give some future planning advice for Double & blank gameweeks, including when to use your wildcard and those precious chips. VAR gets a bashing from Joff as Mick's Hazard rant runs deep. FPL Ginga Ninja takes the mantle as the undertaker as Apple Bonkers steps in to tell his tale of woe in the Delete my team segment. Our best 11 of the week or Hit Squad is staring down the barrel of a huge score as scape goats and essentialness is battered around. Mick's...


Ep15 - GW 21 Review - Happy New Year of Green Arrows

Happy New Year to our beloved listeners, we hope your Christmas wish of green arrows was granted! In our first episode of the year, we introduce our new very entertaining 'delete my team' segment aswell as all our other usual features. We talk about the frowned upon term down at Stamford Bridge 'Morataring' as Arnie returns to the fray. Ole Gunner has breathed new life into Old Trafford as Rashford & Pogba excel but will Sanchez become relevant again?


Ep14 - GW18 Double Agent Mourinho bids Farewell

Chris Smalling and Phil Jones kick off this Christmas episode in style as we begin to ponder Manchester United assets. We contribute to @realhypetrain as the Fantasy Forecast special guests. Mick is back at it again with #Kaneexit but will he bitch out? @FPL Sexy stars as the Undertaker with some stunning transfers as the boys are leaning towards taking a few hits themselves to freshen up their teams for the busy Xmas period. Alonso is being touted as the fall guy yet again in the FPL...


Ep13 - GW17 Nightmares for Mo Sellers

Mo Salah or No Salah, Some will be celebrating, while others need to shake off the Salah blues as we simply cannot bench Doherty. The Patreon Hit League is finally upon us and points will be live as of GW17 with a grand prize of $180. Llorente lurking in the chemistry lab as Pochettino needs to watch his back. Kane rested in GW16 but will be back guns blazing, cowboy hat on for GW17. Cheap but definitely not nasty Gut Feeling Friday.


Ep12 - GW16 Kane Banks, Auba Blanks

Rotation rears its ugly head in the midweek fixtures as FPL managers benches get a run. Joff takes top spot in the FPL Hit League for the first time all season but has it gone to his head? Ciggy Butt Sarri takes the spotlight amidst the raging rotation as the un-dead Pellegrini provides some well needed honesty from his retirement village. We touch on rotation prone players to avoid in our lesson of the week and bankers to bring in. All the usual features including a successful...


Ep11 - GW14 Sterling & Kane, Emotional Freight Train

We put GW13 in the rear view mirror and look forward to more of Peps cryptic bullshit. Joff talks conspiracies involving the mercurial Eden Hazard while another Belgian surprises us with his Gut …...Feeling Friday. Mick flip/flops on Kane as we talk knee jerks & rage transfers. Aswell as all our usual features including a lucrative Undertaker and a Killer Queen transfer.


Ep10 - GW13 (IB pt2) Mendy's Broken Knee's, Sarri Smoking Trees

Mendy is broken, the rush to procure a replacement is on and we have the answers. A slice of Harry pie is served up just in time for the busy Christmas period as a strong bench will soon become a necessity. Llorente studies to be a pilot amidst his bench woes as Aguero and Jimenez enjoy a pie at the pub. All the regular features including a tasty Red Wine Vinagre Gut Feeling.


Ep 9 - GW12 (IB pt1) - The Championship is the Quantum realm

Joff decides to finally take the red pill and accept his fate live on air, in the latest edition of TTH. The end of RAM is nigh, Ederson is starting to get bored and Jerry D gets a dodgy dirty assist. An old favourite of pretty much anybody that follows the EPL returns and may turn things around for some Craven fans. Our man crushes continue with a few more names added to the list including a ravishing silver fox. We go through all the regular features including how to tackle the...


Ep 8 - GW12 Top 10k is Like a Warm Jacuzzi

Amongst the night elves in a special evening recording, we discuss Aguero looking over his shoulder, Morata the Peacock, Silva's golden boy and of course Sean Dyche's beard. All of the usual features including a very tempting Gut Feeling Friday out of left field. Mick holds grudges as another FPL asset bites the dust and he lets us in on a few fascinating FPL facts which should lead to the demise of Jokanovic. Happy listening.


Ep 7 - GW11 Trick or Treat, Will Barkley Repeat ?

We creep into this spooky episode where the undertaker reigns supreme and we ask the age old question, Ross Barkley, can we trust him? Joff gets philosophical as the Success story opens up the dreaded thought of parting with a tried and tested formation. Mick talks about his D-R-E-A-M defence while Joff is yet again on the comeback trail and very happy with his squad despite the Ederson/Alisson hokey pokey. The Hit Squad & Gut Feeling Friday find their groove as we have another cracking...

Ep 6: GW10 Super Serial Salah

Putting GW9 firmly in the rear view mirror (besides the sexy football oozing from Ozil), we look ahead to Peps midfield Russian roulette and Martial matters. The fear of stormy weather in the Arsenal team sheet has us looking for nailed players to get you through unpredictable rotation. A certain Egyptian has returned from his tomb to unravel defences, next up Cardiff. All of our regular features return with some interesting Hit Squad picks as Vardy returns from the bathroom.


Ep 5: GW9 Dinner in San Diego w Sergio Aguero (C)

We bang the Doherty Drums in this all action, post-international break episode. The sexiest name in football is revealed along with all our regular features including our FPL lesson of the week. We discuss the revival of a former FPL great whom now resides in Merseyside and shoot straight into the 11 man Hit squad to help managers out there chase those green arrows. We round off by contemplating a name change for our podcast due to a lack of transfer activity. Enjoy the impending...


Ep 4: Another International Break

The dark times of being an FPL manager are upon us but Joff and Mike are back to brighten it up with a round up of Game Week 8, all the big talking points, we also tackle the community questions and a brand new feature called "Hit Takers". Enjoy the ride.


Ep 3: GW8 The Four Horsemen

The four horsemen of the FPL apocalypse - who will you own ? Is it Hurri-Kane season ? All of our regular features from clean sheets to captain choices as well as a brand new feature.


Ep 2: GW7 Wildcard blowout

A brief recap of Gameweek 6 and preview of Gameweek 7. All of the Fantasy Premier League assets you should be considering for the week ahead. Hot topics floating around the Fantasy world. A new segment : FPL lesson of the week. What is tatters ?


Ep 1: GW6 The Pilot & The Captain

Joff and Mick have been playing Fantasy Premier League for 12 years In that time they have found certain truths and uncovered tactics and strategy that have helped propel them to top 1% finishes in 10 of those 12 years