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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.

FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.
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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.




Carniballing & Make Losing Great Again #W26

FUT Economist is here for a shorter but even more action packed pod, he’s joined by Ben and The FUT Coach Steve to chat about what some (not Steve) are calling the perfect FUT content blueprint: Carniball! Plus we’ve got some ideas for improving the casual offering, with inspiration from Apex accolades, why we need to see a casual mode and #MakeLosingRewardingAgain. At the other end of the FUT spectrum they discuss why competitive FIFA is becoming less ‘Pay To Win’ and why Tekkz has been...


Countering Park the Bus & Community Negativity #W25

Iain Stirling, voice of Love Island (and the FUT Weekly Podcast) joins your host Ben and regular Steve (TheFUTCoach) to discuss the growing levels of community negativity around the game. Your panel debate the cause of the angst and what is really 'to blame' and whether its actually justified. There's a mini review of Prime Moments Petit, FUT Player Days market drop, chat (rant) about the scene's FUT Swap response but - most crucially - tips and tactics to help you beat Park the Bus and AI...


Japes on tactics which achieved his best Weekend League result!

FUT legend AirJapes joins the pod to discuss the tactics and setup achieved 26-2 in Weekend League - his best finish this year. Steve (TheFUTCoach) and Ben have tried it and give their thoughts. Japes explains how he handles drop back and counter attack, AI defending, crossing and much more. Plus your panel discuss goalkeeper movement, the community response to the patch and dig into some player reviews - which include an elite budget icon CB!


New Headliners promo & how to finish! #W20

Andy (AJ3) returns to joins Steve (TheFUTCoach) and your regular host Ben to discuss a brand new promo once again. This time its a set of live cards with a particularly exciting twist. The panel ask: who are the best players? How will they impact other special items? Should EA do a new promo every week? Plus there's also plenty to discuss on the gameplay front - would 'flattening' chemistry be a good thing for FIFA? Is the the heading META on its way out already? How on earth do you finish...


Post-patch gameplay tips & biggest market crash incoming? #W19

FUT Economist joins Ben and Steve (TheFUTCoach) to discuss how to take advantage of (and beat) over-powered crossing and park the bus post-patch. Plus they talk about the possibility of the biggest crash yet, goalkeeper movement, the return of Fanta cards, the possibility of one of FIFA19s biggest crashes, how upgrades work. what EA will do about a lacklustre OTW squad and much more!


16: Nepenthez, Post-Finesse Patch Meta & FUT Future Stars

Nepenthez joins Ben and Steve (The FUT Coach) to discuss how the meta will develop in the post-singificant-finesse-patch era. Steve argues that EA are taking a lack of realism too far with the brand new FUT Future Stars promo, whilst Ben counters the continuation of hype after TOTY and the increased number of competitive players available to use has compensated for that. Plus why special goalkeeper cards really aren't worth buying at all, the importance of hidden stats, the results after...


15: TOTY is here, Direct FKs & Icon Craft #W17

TOTY has arrived! We’ve got TOTY King Dan (FUTTraderx) to explain his title and all the ways you can take advantage of the promotion, from Icon Crafting, investing and much more! Plus some strange, potentially money making, small print in the UCL Live items. Steve (TheFUTCoach) is unimpressed with Ben’s idea to play Marcelo at CAM, but is very impressed with his co-host's ability to score free kicks, which he explains. Finally, why you shouldn't commit to Prime Icon SBCs now and the best...


Christmas & New Year Special with AirJapes!

Legendary FIFA OG AirJapes joins Steve and Ben for a Christmas/New Year special! Japes gives his thoughts on FIFA19 for the first time - plus, he graces us with reviews of not one, but TWO Icons he's enjoying. You'll also hear tips on how to do deal with high pressure, getting an advantage with subs & being smart with Pay 2 Win. Yes - we've got plenty of actual, genuinely fascinating, FUT chat but the main attractions are the 2018 FUT Weekly Pod Quiz of the Year and Secret Santa


14: New Delay Patch, Icons & ITS FUTMAS! #W14

FUT Economist joins a busy-with-work Ben for a shorter than usual, but no-less content packed pod! They discuss the new patch which is out for consoles now, it comes with the grand claim that it could fix delay for players who were being impacted by their opponent’s poor connection. They also discuss a fascinating, collection of FUTmas cards from Akanji to Lacazette and how it compares to previous years - plus the impact of untradeable rewards on the market and SBCs, whether the price of...


13: How to Fix Finesse + FUTMAS #W13

FUT Economist returns to the studio as he looks ahead to FUTMAS, potential leak issues, and back at the TOTGS promotion and some questionable SBCs. The FUT Coach joins to discuss the 'Finesse Patch' and what can be done to curb the shot type - rapidly become the number one gameplay gripe. Plus Futhead's LukeZim on how Weekend League form works, his 'first-world FIFA' problems, F2Tekkz remarkable competitive tournament form! Finally Ben struggles with Parolo and brings you a half-baked FUT...


12: Crucial difference: Workrates vs Instructions & Trading #W12

A busy Ben is joined by Steve (TheFUTCoach) for a more brief - but no less deep - dive into a number of key FUT issues: Icon market, chemistry styles, Dani Alves, and the world of Workrates. Workrates, it seems - like most things on the fringes of people's consciousness - are very much misunderstood (bless). They are also very different to instructions (they want to make very clear). The pair discuss how you can get the very best out of workrates, instructions and chemistry styles, as well...


11: Pro on Patch & Gold II to Elite I Tactics #W11

AS Roma Pro Rannerz joins Ben and Steve (The FUT Coach) to discuss what has been a relatively controversial new patch. Ben gets deeper into the tactics and players that have earned him another Elite III finish. We also discuss Steve's taste in a bad strikers, the first FUT Champions Cup (in which Rannerz teammates are currently participating) and WyseFIFA joins us to share his investment tips after Black Friday but before the next big promo drops! If you've enjoyed this week's pod please do...


10: Market Breaking Content & New Patch Concerns #W10

This week Ben is joined by Andy (AJ3), Jamey (FUT Economist) and voice of hit UK series Love Island / FUT fanatic Iain Stirling. They cover the new patch with MichielPC who has already been playing it. Plus after a week of crazy content that saw market breaking SBCs, they discuss if Icons can ever be 'affordable' again, how to profit from Black Friday / Cyber Monday and of course TOTW Rundown and Player Reviews! If you've enjoyed this week's edition please do subscribe and leave a review...


9: UCL Live Promo & Tips to go from Gold II to Elite III #W09

Elite III player Ben is joined by Matt FUT Trading and the recently rebranded Steve as FUT Tactician becomes FUT Coach. They discuss the big new promo: Champions League and Europa League Live Items and SBCs! With Black Friday dropping just after the next podcast we look ahead and discuss the market and how to profit. Ben discusses his recent Elite III finish, with some straightforward but little used tips to improve your game. Plus countering high pressure tactics, a TOTW rundown and a...


8: Bateson x Chu: Suspended Pros, Coin Sponsors, PC patch thoughts #W08

Ben is joined by Bateson87 and ChuBoi as they look back at a murky FUT era where coin selling was rife and where Chu and Bates made their names for different reasons. We’ll also look at FUT19 though as we’ve seen a crazy amount of SBC content, suspension of big Pro players FaZe Tass and Kurt, Draft issues, Bateson basically being a Pro and his defending tips. Finally we’ve got our PC Patch correspondent in for a chat as he’s been playing the latest, pretty significant patch over the past few...


7: Pay 2 Win, Black Friday predictions & more patch chat #W07

Ben is joined by pod regulars Andy (AJ3) and Steve (FUT Tactician) as well as Twitch trader Dan (Flair). They discuss all the big questions this week: just how Pay to Win is FIFA19? Has the new patch done much? Are League SBCs worth it? FUT Swap or FUT Flop? Plus we get into the potential Black Friday crash as it looms on the horizon and finally a TOTW 'rant' / rundown! If you've enjoyed this week, please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!


6: The Buffon Kebab, Scream & Patch Verdict #W06

This week Ben is joined by comedian (and voice of hit show Love Island) Iain Stirling, AS Roma Pro Rannerz as well as regular Steve aka FUT Tactician. As they discuss a (currently) lacklustre scream promo, Iain's trading and road to glory struggles, Rannerz competing in 2v2, more tactics, formation and player selection insight. Plus 'Best in the World' PC player Michiel calls in to give his verdict on the patch which is now out on PC and of course our TOTW6 picks and much more!


5: Pro Gameplay Tips, Tactics & Rivals Frustrations #W05

This week Ben is joined by self confessed FIFA18 detractor and Swedish Pro Lukasinho as well as resident FUT Tactician (Steve) and FUT Economist (Jamey). As they discuss their gameplay tips, Lukas's tactics, rivals controversy, Prime Icons, Throwbacks, market crash speculation and of course TOTW5 and player reviews.


4: Weekend League Advice & 2v2 Pro Format #W04

Ben is joined by returning FIFA YouTuber Andy aka AJ3 returns to discuss his advice from a dramatic first weekend league of the year! Plus MattFUTTrading comes along to talk market after big Player of the Month and FUTSwap news. We also hear from old school RTG legend Christ Trout on his tips, involvement in the ePremierLeague and an exciting 2v2 pro format with auctions for FUT players!


3: AI Defending, Patch, Formations & Market Revelations #W03

This week Ben is joined by Roma/FNATIC Pro Player Conran ’Rannerz’ Tobin, Steve Stokes aka FUT Tactician and our resident Market expert, Jamey, aka FUT Economist. We talk formations and tactics we’ve been enjoying, crossing being possible OP, first patch thoughts, champions league market shocker, the new competitive setup, a very left field informed impression, a OTW epic and much more.