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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.

FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.
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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.




5: Pro Gameplay Tips, Tactics & Rivals Frustrations #W05

This week Ben is joined by self confessed FIFA18 detractor and Swedish Pro Lukasinho as well as resident FUT Tactician (Steve) and FUT Economist (Jamey). As they discuss their gameplay tips, Lukas's tactics, rivals controversy, Prime Icons, Throwbacks, market crash speculation and of course TOTW5 and player reviews.


4: Weekend League Advice & 2v2 Pro Format #W04

Ben is joined by returning FIFA YouTuber Andy aka AJ3 returns to discuss his advice from a dramatic first weekend league of the year! Plus MattFUTTrading comes along to talk market after big Player of the Month and FUTSwap news. We also hear from old school RTG legend Christ Trout on his tips, involvement in the ePremierLeague and an exciting 2v2 pro format with auctions for FUT players!


3: AI Defending, Patch, Formations & Market Revelations #W03

This week Ben is joined by Roma/FNATIC Pro Player Conran ’Rannerz’ Tobin, Steve Stokes aka FUT Tactician and our resident Market expert, Jamey, aka FUT Economist. We talk formations and tactics we’ve been enjoying, crossing being possible OP, first patch thoughts, champions league market shocker, the new competitive setup, a very left field informed impression, a OTW epic and much more.


2: So it begins: Pace, Rivals, Market & Diego Costa! #W02

Ben is joined by Andy (AJ3), FUT Economist and FUTHEAD’S LukeZim to discuss how they've started FIFA19 and everything else from Pace, Division Rivals, Gameplay tips and market insights to the return of the legendary Team of the Week rundown, Dynamite Discards and Informed Impressions!


FIFA19 Trading Special: Goldenbear, Flair & FutEconomist

Traders Flair, Goldenbear and Fut Economist kick back in Ben's capture event hotel room to chat about trading in FIFA19\. They discuss the newfound effectiveness of the unassigned glitch, the bronze pack method, their favourite promotions, past present and future. Plus important stats this year for investing, FUT Swap, Champions League and Prime Icon SBCs!


FIFA19: Chemistry Nerfed & New Meta Tips

Live from the FIFA19 Capture Event, Ben sits down with 1.3m sub YouTuber Andy (AJ3), Pro Player Lukasinho and pod regular FUT Economist. They discuss all the new key features: timed finishing, return of free kicks, controlling the keeper, gameplay meta shifts, chemistry nerf, Division Rivals, Weekend League, fifty-fifty challenge concerns, their player picks and much more! Don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions, discussion topics or feedback for future episodes!


FIFA19 Gameplay Producer Tips & Insights

FUT Weekly Ben spoke to EA’s Gameplay Producers to get tips and insight on the fascinating new features in FIFA19. Sam and Kantcho talk timed finishing, passing, controlling the keeper, dribbling, skills and much more. Thoughts on scripting, momentum, handicap, composure and the kick off glitch!


A Better Beta? feat. Iain Stirling

Regulars Ben and FUT Tactician are joined by the Voice of Love Island Iain Stirling! They give their initial impressions of the beta – including: game changing shooting changes, new formations, pressing tactics, new instructions and much much more.


We play FIFA19 + eWorld Cup Finals

Live from the eWorld Cup finals Ben is joined by Horace, LukeZim of FUTHEAD as they discuss their experiences playing FIFA19. Plus they discuss all the potentially game changing new features from revamped online through to Divisions Rivals to Gameplans and questions with the new World Champion!


FW at the WC + FIFA19 Features Special

Ben is joined in Russia by original FUT Weekly co-host Horace as they go in-depth on England’s dramatic penalty shootout win with a view from the stands! Plus a discussion of everything we know so far about FIFA 19, as well as some picks for the most interesting Festival of FUTball players so far.


W37: Japes & WC Mode are here!

Legendary FIFA YouTuber Japes joins Ben, along with original FUT Weekly co-host Horace. From underrated players to his favourite formation he gives us his take on the games newest mode! Plus as a commentator at the eMLS cup he explains why the recent real life rage quits are not the way to go.


W35: Kurt’s eWC Rage Quit & Trading Tips

40-0 Pro Chime joins FUT Economist and FUT Tactician to discuss the controversy around ‘best in the world’ Kurt at the eClub World Cup. Plus our verdict on whether the real life rage quit was actually just actually caused by poor defensive play, and taking advantage of world cup mode market & more!


W34: ChuBoi on TOTS & WC Mode

This week streamer and esports host ChuBoi joins regulars Ben and LukeZim to discuss what Chu is calling the best TOTS squad ever. Plus the Boi’s insider insights on the impending World Cup mode and, with a new community manager in place, how to deal with the FUT Community & those PL Upgrade packs!


W33: TOTS market, WC mode & more

Regular host Ben is joined by @RunTheFUTMarket aka Nick and MattFUTTrading to give their initial thoughts on a content filled TOTS so far – and the World Cup announcement! They give us some pointers on when to buy TOTS players, what TOTS content we might see – and is a World Cup Mode crash inbound?


W31: Champions Cup, Pro Tactics & TOTS

Ben is joined by PSG Pro Fiddle, FUT Tactician and LukeZim of Futhead to discuss what was a fascinating FIFA eSports tournament in Manchester. We discuss if there are different types of gameplay, the psychology of big events, analyse Pro Tactics/Setups and the 442. Plus the upcoming community TOTS of course! Enjoy!


W29: FUT Swap, R9 & TOTKS Crash

Market and Trading experts WyseFIFA and FUT Economist join Ben to run the rule over a the fascinating FUT Swap promo. Plus potential Team of the Knockout Stage crash, how to make coins before Team of the Season by doing nothing, TOTW29, mini-R9, Prime-R9, and Multi-Petit reviews! Oh and Horace cameo!


W27: Replicating Pep’s City & AU eleague

FUT’s Guardiola, Aussie eleague and keeping chickens. Ben is joined by Chicken legends Cripsy and the FUT Tactician. We get the tacticians tips on replicating Guardiola’s City with the 343 and Cripsy discusses the banter (and competition) in the Australian eleague.


W24: Chu on FUT Improvements & Co-op

ChuBoi returns in part 2 as we discuss: FUT Improvements – from FUT multiplayer and esports to Pay2Win and FUT Champs, and last week’s cliffhanger: invite only pro scene? Plus FUT Economist on controversial Upgrades, a surprisingly good month ahead, MOTM cards & Ben unearths an 85 rated endgame Icon!


W23: ChuBoi on Word Cup Mode & EA

Very special guest ChuBoi joins regulars FUT Economist and Ben as Chu brings fascinating, ex-EA employee insights: what World Cup mode might look like, Pro blocking, leaks, community negativity & EA’s communication struggles. Plus a review of personal hero: (Prime) Okocha. Oh and Obi Mikel chat!


W22: Community Negativity & FIFA19 Changes

FUT19 and chill. FUT Economist, Horace(!) and Ben discuss community negativity, FUT changes for FIFA19, Patch: ‘Kick Off’ and ‘No Loss’, one host’s crazy pack luck, FUT Economist’s 13-0 tips and our Winter Upgrade picks.