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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.

FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.
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FIFA's most popular podcast - from investment advice to Team of the Week reviews, FUT Weekly brings you discussion, reviews, market insight and gameplay tips from Ben, Horace, the FUT Economist and special guests. FUT Weekly is supported by EA SPORTS Game Changers Network.




Special: Loot Box Controversy with Dr Zendle

Ben is joined by York St John University’s Dr David Zendle (http://twitter.com/davidzendle) for a deep dive into some serious Loot Box controversy. David published a recent paper linking loot boxes and problem gambling, which has raised serious social concerns. He explained why he defines Ultimate Team packs as loot boxes, where they are such a concern, why Kinder Eggs are not, and just how serious could the impact on FIFA be? The special is part one of a two podcast series about loot boxes...


Ultimate TOTS & Hands on with FIFA20 #W40

Ben is joined by LukeZim from Futhead to discuss his hands on experience with FIFA20 at EA Play. From freekicks and penalties to slower gameplay and skill move chaining there are plenty of changes to discuss in this very early build. Wyse gives his thoughts on Ultimate TOTS, the pricey SBC, TOTS overall and the panel break down how upgrades are actually algorithmic, which leads to concerning stamina on certain players! Regular FUT Weekly podcasts will always be free - but to get the podcast...


AirJapes & FUT Economist: Volta & FIFA20 Gameplay #W38

FIFA20 insights are brought to you by the EA Game Changers network. Ben is joined by YouTube legend and commentator AirJapes and EA bound FUT Economist to discuss exciting FIFA20 and TOTS revelations. The panel discuss Volta and what that might mean for FUT, plus some really significant news regarding FIFA20 gameplay, including further information on timed finishing, GK movement and skill move chaining, as well as a new options for player switching. They also chat about a particularly good...


Big gameplay Pitch Note: beyond FIFA19 & TOTS continues! #W36

Ben, Luke (Futhead) and a mildly inebriated Steve (TheFUTCoach) sink their teeth into a huge new EA pitch note, which admits gameplay issues and outlines current plans for fixes beyond FIFA19! Steve and Ben also speak to World Cup presenter Aaron West about TOTS Aubameyang, TOTS negativity, dynamic pack weight and players you regret chucking in an SBC! Don't forget that the deadline is Monday for May's patron Goal and Squad of the Month competitions - enter and see last month's winners here:...


TOTS begins & Weekend League revitalised! #W34

TOTS is here! Regulars Ben and Steve (The FUT Coach) are joined by FUT database Icon Luke Zimmerman (of Futhead) to break down a curious, and exciting, start to TOTS: 00:00 - New Weekend League rewards for TOTS 09:35 - TOTS make goods after social media snafu 13:38 - Our Community TOTS picks 19:19 - Steve's 85 TOTS McGeady review 21:23 - What we expect from TOTS going forward 24:46 - How to shake off the Weekend League rust Regular FUT Weekly podcasts will always be free - but to get the...


POTY VVD reviewed, 'ladder' upgrade SBCs with AndyAJ3 #W32

This week AndyAJ3 returns to join regulars Steve (TheFUTCoach) and Ben. The former fight over who has chosen the better FUT Swap reward, while Ben has a tin foil hat theory about why the Base Icon was a FUT Swap reward. Big reviews with Prime Moments Blanc and POTY / TOTS Virgil Van Dijk under the microscope. There is also discussion around the steep seeming POTY prices (especially for Sterling). Plus is the future of player SBCs upgrade ladders, what TOTS players the panel want come TOTS...


Bonus pod peek: FUT Swap dilemma

The full exclusive supporter episode features AirJapes 41212(2) and covers, TOTS plans, prep, TOTT, grinding and much more! Regular FUT Weekly podcasts will always be free - but to get the podcast weekly (via bonus podcasts), support the pod and much much more, why not become a patreon for the cost of a Mega Pack! Check out the perks on offer here: https://www.patreon.com/futweeklypodcast/ In this sneak peek of this week's bonus podcast Steve (TheFUTCoach), WyseFIFA and Ben discuss FUT Swap...


Mental edge, pro tactics & icon mess with AirJapes

This episode includes a huge pod announcement! Get involved, get the pod weekly at [http://www.patreon.com/futweeklypodcast](http://www.patreon.com/futweeklypodcast) Air Japes joins regulars Ben & Steve (TheFUTCoach), inspired by the eMLS and recent tournaments to discuss how different continents have different play-styles. Something Ben has noticed playing Weekend League and Rivals in the US! Plus how technical skill is important but game management is probably the most important - what we...


Weekly Objective tips, predictions & Icon Moment SBCs overpriced?

This week Ben is joined by big time YouTuber Andy (AJ3) and trading guru WyseFIFA to discuss the huge FUT Birthday promo! The panel chat about some great value left-field position changes and how to even potentially make some profit. With some very interesting players in weekly objectives, the trio discuss how the players look, thoughts on the objectives and key tips for obtaining them. They also cover two other hot topics in the community at the moment: are icon moment SBCs 'outrageously...


Special: 10 Years of FUT Nostalgia & ChuBoi insider insights

In this week's FUT Birthday 10 Year Special your panel rundown their favourite (and least favourite) players through each year of FUT. Plus behind the scenes insights from former EA employee and current esports host/content creator ChuBoi, who returns with regulars Steve (TheFUTCoach) and Ben. There is also a debut for former Free Pack Project creator Tom Mills who has some particularly special throwbacks. From Wallyson to Welliton, Lalas to Luiz and including dozens of listener picks this...


Carniballing & Make Losing Great Again #W26

FUT Economist is here for a shorter but even more action packed pod, he’s joined by Ben and The FUT Coach Steve to chat about what some (not Steve) are calling the perfect FUT content blueprint: Carniball! Plus we’ve got some ideas for improving the casual offering, with inspiration from Apex accolades, why we need to see a casual mode and #MakeLosingRewardingAgain. At the other end of the FUT spectrum they discuss why competitive FIFA is becoming less ‘Pay To Win’ and why Tekkz has been...


Countering Park the Bus & Community Negativity #W25

Iain Stirling, voice of Love Island (and the FUT Weekly Podcast) joins your host Ben and regular Steve (TheFUTCoach) to discuss the growing levels of community negativity around the game. Your panel debate the cause of the angst and what is really 'to blame' and whether its actually justified. There's a mini review of Prime Moments Petit, FUT Player Days market drop, chat (rant) about the scene's FUT Swap response but - most crucially - tips and tactics to help you beat Park the Bus and AI...


Japes on tactics which achieved his best Weekend League result!

FUT legend AirJapes joins the pod to discuss the tactics and setup achieved 26-2 in Weekend League - his best finish this year. Steve (TheFUTCoach) and Ben have tried it and give their thoughts. Japes explains how he handles drop back and counter attack, AI defending, crossing and much more. Plus your panel discuss goalkeeper movement, the community response to the patch and dig into some player reviews - which include an elite budget icon CB!


New Headliners promo & how to finish! #W20

Andy (AJ3) returns to joins Steve (TheFUTCoach) and your regular host Ben to discuss a brand new promo once again. This time its a set of live cards with a particularly exciting twist. The panel ask: who are the best players? How will they impact other special items? Should EA do a new promo every week? Plus there's also plenty to discuss on the gameplay front - would 'flattening' chemistry be a good thing for FIFA? Is the the heading META on its way out already? How on earth do you finish...


Post-patch gameplay tips & biggest market crash incoming? #W19

FUT Economist joins Ben and Steve (TheFUTCoach) to discuss how to take advantage of (and beat) over-powered crossing and park the bus post-patch. Plus they talk about the possibility of the biggest crash yet, goalkeeper movement, the return of Fanta cards, the possibility of one of FIFA19s biggest crashes, how upgrades work. what EA will do about a lacklustre OTW squad and much more!


16: Nepenthez, Post-Finesse Patch Meta & FUT Future Stars

Nepenthez joins Ben and Steve (The FUT Coach) to discuss how the meta will develop in the post-singificant-finesse-patch era. Steve argues that EA are taking a lack of realism too far with the brand new FUT Future Stars promo, whilst Ben counters the continuation of hype after TOTY and the increased number of competitive players available to use has compensated for that. Plus why special goalkeeper cards really aren't worth buying at all, the importance of hidden stats, the results after...


15: TOTY is here, Direct FKs & Icon Craft #W17

TOTY has arrived! We’ve got TOTY King Dan (FUTTraderx) to explain his title and all the ways you can take advantage of the promotion, from Icon Crafting, investing and much more! Plus some strange, potentially money making, small print in the UCL Live items. Steve (TheFUTCoach) is unimpressed with Ben’s idea to play Marcelo at CAM, but is very impressed with his co-host's ability to score free kicks, which he explains. Finally, why you shouldn't commit to Prime Icon SBCs now and the best...


Christmas & New Year Special with AirJapes!

Legendary FIFA OG AirJapes joins Steve and Ben for a Christmas/New Year special! Japes gives his thoughts on FIFA19 for the first time - plus, he graces us with reviews of not one, but TWO Icons he's enjoying. You'll also hear tips on how to do deal with high pressure, getting an advantage with subs & being smart with Pay 2 Win. Yes - we've got plenty of actual, genuinely fascinating, FUT chat but the main attractions are the 2018 FUT Weekly Pod Quiz of the Year and Secret Santa


14: New Delay Patch, Icons & ITS FUTMAS! #W14

FUT Economist joins a busy-with-work Ben for a shorter than usual, but no-less content packed pod! They discuss the new patch which is out for consoles now, it comes with the grand claim that it could fix delay for players who were being impacted by their opponent’s poor connection. They also discuss a fascinating, collection of FUTmas cards from Akanji to Lacazette and how it compares to previous years - plus the impact of untradeable rewards on the market and SBCs, whether the price of...


13: How to Fix Finesse + FUTMAS #W13

FUT Economist returns to the studio as he looks ahead to FUTMAS, potential leak issues, and back at the TOTGS promotion and some questionable SBCs. The FUT Coach joins to discuss the 'Finesse Patch' and what can be done to curb the shot type - rapidly become the number one gameplay gripe. Plus Futhead's LukeZim on how Weekend League form works, his 'first-world FIFA' problems, F2Tekkz remarkable competitive tournament form! Finally Ben struggles with Parolo and brings you a half-baked FUT...