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Fantasy Football NFL Pre-Draft Q and A - Fantasy Football 2018

The NFL Draft is almost here and the suspense is building! The Fantasy Football Counselor goes to social media and answers some of your fantasy football and NFL draft related questions! Be sure to get the draft domination course and have the skills to draft a like a pro HERE: Also watch this podcast on video form here :


NFL Draft Homework - Fantasy Football 2018

The Counselor is making sure you watch the NFL draft with some purpose. He reveals some key secrets you should focus on while watching the 2018 NFL draft. Advice, that will help you with help you Crush Fantasy Football and have a massive head start. Be sure to watch the video version of that Fantasy Football Counselor podcasts HERE : Get the Draft Domination Course HERE :


Fantasy Football Loser Punishments - Fantasy Football 2018

What is the worst or most humiliating fantasy football loser punishment? The Counselor and Tim discuss the top fantasy football loser punishments and how to avoid receiving this torture or embarrassment! Having some fun today as we ramp up to the 2018 NFL draft. Be sure to jump over to to get get direct access to the Counselor in his Elite Talent Mastermind. We are also on YOUTUBE now. You can Subscribe HERE:


Consensus Deception - Fantasy Football 2018

The Early Consenus Rankings are already out to lunch. The Fantasy Football Counselor breaks downs these stupid early rankings at each positions and make some suggestions that will help you. Join the first ever fantasy football mastermind and get direct access to the Counselor:


Fantasy Football 2018 - NFL draft fantasy impact

Watching the 2018 NFL draft will be much more interesting after listening to this episode. Being aware of which teams need fantasy players is huge, when you are drafting your fantasy team this year. The Fantasy Football Counselor, reviews each team and let's you know which team could ignite a fantasy stud. Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel here and watch this podcast in video form. HERE - Also get my E- Book here on the CUDDY system and...


Fantasy Football 2018 - NFL Mock Draft 2018

The 2018 NFL Mock draft! The Counselor runs through the first round of the NFL draft and answers some big questions. Questions like, who drafts Saquon Barkley? And who is the first QB off the board? Joseph Robert has put in a lot of time and research into this mock draft. We cover all the teams first round picks here and the fantasy relevance to some of the offensive players being potentially drafted. Make sure you get the draft domination course and FFCounselor swag HERE -...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Committee Clashes

Let's make you aware of the rb and wr committees to avoid for 2018 fantasy football. The Counselor discusses these committees in detail, so you are aware and you draft the right players this year. This is the pre NFL draft committee discussion, and a warm up for our big depth charts episode in May! Be sure to jump over to to get the draft domination course to Crush daily and year long fantasy football and draft that perfect roster! Also please leave us a 5 star rating...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Sophomore Slumps or Pumps

What is the Fantasy value of studs like Kareem Hunt or Juju Smith in 2018? The Counselor has the answers on the projections on last years rookies. Another big episode with lots of great insite as we ramp up to the 2018 NFL draft and get you ready for 2018 fantasy football! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and leave 5 star rating and review to be entered to win a signed Kareem Hunt Football! Subcribe here:


Fantasy Football 2018 - Draft Domination Tips

5 draft domination tips that actually work, to help you crush your fantasy leagues! The Counselor reveals some draft secrets to help you draft the optimal roster in this episode. If you don't draft the right team, you will not succeed! Fantasy Football 2018 is going to be huge, and Joseph Robert will make sure you are armed and ready. Just released today is the Counselor's FULL video training course called DRAFT DOMINATION! GET IT HERE FIRST: Also...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Fantasy value rising

Rising fantasy football players for the 2018 season. Ty Hilton, Mike Evans and Joe Mixon to name a few. Get the full list in this episode. Stay up to date and crush your leagues with this #1 Fantasy Football Podcast. No more draft kits! Get direct access to the Counselor at Join the Elite talent mastermind today and get 20% off during the offseason by using the promo code "20off" Also watch and subsribe to the Youtube Channel to watch this podcast on...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Decline Awareness

Fantasy Football players to avoid and that can potentially decline next year! The Counselor has done the homework and is predicting a decline for studs like Gurley and McCoy! Another must listen episode, to get you light years ahead of the competition this year in fantasy football! Be sure to get the major advantage in Fantasy Football 2018 by going to and joining the elite talent mastermind group!


Fantasy Football 2018 - Bold Predications

The Counselor lays down the some serious bold predictions for fantasy football 2018. Some of these predictions may sound reasonable, and others might knock you off your chair. The Counselor, keeping you entertained and informed during the off season. Be sure to join the Elite Talent mastermind group to crush your leagues.


Fantasy Football 2018 - NFL off season discussion

Should Odell be the highest paid player in the NFL? We don't think so. We discuss this and the latest off season news and notes. Be sure to also subscribe to our: Youtube channel for the video version of the podcast. The Fantasy Football Counselor is going to help you Crush Daily and year long Fantasy Football!


Fantasy football 2018 - Mindset to Crush it!

Fantasy football mindset! The Counselor gets you in the right state of mind to Crush your leagues! No one has prepared you like this before. Adopt the right mindeset and win! Get all the training you need at GET CUDDY with below link! (Free Cuddy file link)


Fantasy Football 2018 - Off season News and Notes

The Off season moves must be monitored. Don't be left behind on some of the news and moves in the NFL. The Counselor keeping you in the loop in the slowest time of the season. This is the calm before the storm, as we ramp up to the NFL draft! Be sure to join the first ever and only fantasy football mastermind at


Fantasy Football 2018 - Players Stock Value 2018

Should we invest in guys like Jordy Nelson, Alex Smith and Joe Mixion next year? Will their fantasy football stock rise or fall? The Fantasy Football Counselor has the answer to these questions and more here in this episode. Also. You can get the "CUDDY" system here! Also make sure you Subscribe here to the #1 Fantasy Football podcast. The Counselor will help you CRUSH daily and year long fantasy football!


Fantasy Football 2018 - Rookie RB Class 2018

Which rookie running back is going to break out this year? Joseph Robert breaks down some of the top prospects. He advises who you should consider drafting on your fantasy roster this year. Every year at least one rookie running back breaks out. There is a lot of elite talent in this 2018 NFL draft rookie RB class. Who will it be this year? We narrow it down. The Fantasy Football Counselor spent hours studying these rookie running backs, and here is the summary. Subscribe to this #1...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Free Agency fast and furious

The Free agency is in full gear. Moves are happening fast and furious and the Counselor will get you up to date! Lot's of excitment happening in the offseason. Big episode to get you caught up! Make sure you get the "CUDDY" system at Make sure you subscribe to this #1 Fantasy Football Podcast


Fantasy Football 2018 - Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2018 Early Mock

Our Way too early Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2018! The Counselor and Tim sit down and see what the Computer has to say when drafting the first three rounds. The Counselor is not too happy with the choice of the consensus and leaves his input! Subscribe on YOUTUBE! Be sure to catch this episode on video also on Youtube Also make sure you subscribe to the #1 Fantasy Football podcast, where ever a podcast can be found and let the Counselor help you...


Fantasy Football 2018 - Odell Video and lots of News!

Well their has been a lot of news the past few days in the NFL. The Counselor keeps you up to date, discussing the latest on Odell, Bell and Sherman to name a few! Stay on top of it every weekend and episode here on the #1 Fantasy Football Podcast that actually gives you advice that works! Be sure to Follow the show on Youtube also and subscribe to the #1 Fantasy Football Podcast here ----


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