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For Rookies and Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.

For Rookies and Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.


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For Rookies and Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.






Far From Pick Jerseys

At times the NFL seems a constant carousel of players, veterans losing jobs and established stars becoming victims of the salary cap and moving on. The problem is it always seems to happen right after you've bought their jersey and unless you're loaded it gets expensive to keep replacing the names on the back. If you're a veteran NFL Fan you've suffered this, if you're a Rookie we're here to help before it's too late. This episode s a recommendation for a jersey for every team in the NFL one...


NFC Predictions

After letting himself be enticed last week Tom vows he won't be wagering on any predictions this episode, something Rob takes as a challenge. Mark finally gets to give a prediction and all four lads make an outlandish one to get us up to 100.


AFC Predictions

This pod was meant to be 100 predictions, 100 days out of the NFC it's now just the AFC as life got in the way don't fret though as it's a good one, my favourite kind of one! Gambling heavy, talking shite heavy.


Rob does a Rodgers

Not to be outshone by the saltiness of Aaron Rodgers Rob has decided to sit out the non mandatory pods. So rejoice in the limited number of C Bombs, the lack of Chiefs crowbarring and general all round nicer ambience. *Clearly going to be less funny though. Rob.


Post Draft Pod

Join the lads as they discuss the impact of the Draft, the big moves at QB and Rodgers whinging. Did we see the moves coming? would we have done the same?


Mark's Draft Special

Mark wanted you all to have a draft special so here it is, quite bet heavy this one which is always one of my favourites.


FFL Bye Week

Just a quick one to say we're sorry no episode this week but we'll be back next week with a pre draft special.


Making a mock of the draft!

The lads attempt at a mock draft with very little knowledge of the college, besides resident expert Tom of course.


Once More With Feeling

The lads face a serious of questions all centering numero uno. Pardon the interruptions while discussing Deshawn Watson but Tom had turned it up to 11.


Mark's Redraft

It was Mark's week to take charge of the pod and as expected from a man who struggles to remember to breathe it was chaotic. Starting off by recording two days late, sorry about that. Anyway we had a go at redraft of the 2020 draft to see just how things might have changed with hindsight.


Far From Lombardi Awards

This week's episode is a special awards episode, not your standard MVP but awards for moments or people who we feel showed exemplary Far From Lombardi Spirit


A message for Wess and The Super Bowl Recap

We started this week's podcast a bit differently with a message of condolences and thanks to Chris Wesseling and his family, a great podcaster and inspiration to us all. If you'd like to help support Wess' family with their loss their is a go fund me which you can find on our twitter @farfromlombardi. The rest of the podcast is a look back at a very surprising Super Bowl as the lads elate in punishing Rob further after an already disappointing loss.


THE Super Bowl Special

The lads discuss 'The Big One': what each team needs to do to win; things to look out for, and our Request-A-Bet specials.


The Casuals Super Bowl Special

We all know how it is for some fans and certain people you've not really paid attention or ben interested all year but now it's all anybody can talk about you're ready to be all in, poor takes and ill researched opinions and all. Well we at Far From Lombardi are here for you, we've got you covered with the story of each team's season to the Super Bowl. Their strengths and weaknesses as well as all the nuanced bits in between that got them to the big game. So don't be scared to look a fool as...


Championship Weekend 202

So there it is, we've got our Super Bowl find out how the Championship Weekend went down and the latest updates from the end of the NFL regular season.


Divisional Round 2020

Then there were four, a look back at the Divisional round and discuss the last 2 teams in each conference as one game stands in the way of The Super Bowl for each time.


Wildcard Weekend 2020

A look back at the first week of the playoffs, divisional round is through and things get serious as last year's league best come into the fray. we discuss the comings and goings in management and just what is happening at the Texans as well as a cheeky look at just where Deshaun Watson could end up if we had our way.


Week 17 & Wildcard Preview

A look at everything that went on in the NFL last week, final week brought far more than just games. Also a look at the upcoming Wildcard Weekneds and our feelings on who moves forward with a bit of bonus insight into the College final happening this week.


Week 16 2020

It's the penultimate week of the season and there's still a lot to be decided. The lads discuss the implications of last week and what to watch out for in Week 17 on top of coach firings with black Monday looming.


Week 15 2020

Merry Christmas from us all @farfromlombardi, this weeks episode is just Mark and Rob doing something a bit different in the spirit of Christmas with each game and franchise