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For Rookies to beat Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.

For Rookies to beat Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.


United Kingdom


For Rookies to beat Bookies, an NFL podcast coming out of the UK bringing you the highs and lows of being an NFL fan from afar.






What‘s an NFL?

This week Rob, Tony and Mark do their best to talk about everything but the NFL because their teams are terrible and it hurts to mention it. Check out the audio feeds for a chance to catch a bonus episode and with Jamie Phillips admin of the jaguars fab groups in the UK who came on and told us a fantastic story about meeting the players and ending up in the press box.


*BONUS* Interview with Jamie Phillips

The lads are joined by Jamie Phillips of the Jags Across The Pond and JagsUK social media platforms to tell us all about his incredible experience from The Jaguars most recent to London


A Wool By Any Other Name

Rob and Tony are joined by comedian James Allen as we discuss week 6 and the events of the London Game on Sunday.


London Falling

Tony and Rob are back with tales of the big city and the first London game, Mark meanwhile has done nothing as usual and the lads catch up with the action from week 5.


Return Of The Rats

The boys are back, at least 3 of them anyway as they talk through week 4 and get bollocked by Rob.


Mans Solo

Just Rob and just vibes


Tua Weeks Too Long

Week 2 in the books and the lads discuss just how ahead of themselves they may have got in Week 1, Tom and Rob are miserable over their team's result, Mark is just miserable and Tony has finally been nicked.


Tua Weeks Too Long

Week 2 in the books and the lads contemplate just how much they may have got it wrong last week, no Tony this week as he's finally been nicked while the rest of boys are miserable for their team's performances and Mark's just miserable.


Overreacting Is Fun

The lads review how Week 1 went in the NFL with some insights that only they can, they provide updates on their fantasy and look ahead to Week 2.


Connect 4

The lads are finally back together and in studio, Tom's swelling has finally gone down, Mark is able to leave his house after finally finding his key. As always Tony and Rob are there in all their glory, well not all of it in Rob's case.



The lads are back with this season's prediction podcast in typical Far From fashion it can't be simple and is put in the forms of bets, whether that's taken straight from a bookies website or the lads giving each other odds. we're also joined by comedian and Texans fan and former resident Phil Chapman who tells us about getting into the NFL while in America and how he's seen it grow in the UK


Too Legit To Quit

The boys are here with their first studio episode of the pod now available as video too, if you'd like to check it out head over to YouTube and search Far From Lombardi.


Far From Fantasy

It's the second year of our now annual listener challenge, the winners of our twitter competition and best placed listener from last year enter this season looking to dethrone the Far From lads. Well Rob (me) cause I'm the king of fantasy on this podcast.


Training Camps, Pre season and Hard Knocks Ep1

The lads jump on the pod to discuss how training camps seem to be going so far, the first of the preseason games and their feelings on the newest Hard Knocks debut episode


Far From Pick Jerseys

At times the NFL seems a constant carousel of players, veterans losing jobs and established stars becoming victims of the salary cap and moving on. The problem is it always seems to happen right after you've bought their jersey and unless you're loaded it gets expensive to keep replacing the names on the back. If you're a veteran NFL Fan you've suffered this, if you're a Rookie we're here to help before it's too late. This episode s a recommendation for a jersey for every team in the NFL one...


NFC Predictions

After letting himself be enticed last week Tom vows he won't be wagering on any predictions this episode, something Rob takes as a challenge. Mark finally gets to give a prediction and all four lads make an outlandish one to get us up to 100.


AFC Predictions

This pod was meant to be 100 predictions, 100 days out of the NFC it's now just the AFC as life got in the way don't fret though as it's a good one, my favourite kind of one! Gambling heavy, talking shite heavy.


Rob does a Rodgers

Not to be outshone by the saltiness of Aaron Rodgers Rob has decided to sit out the non mandatory pods. So rejoice in the limited number of C Bombs, the lack of Chiefs crowbarring and general all round nicer ambience. *Clearly going to be less funny though. Rob.


Post Draft Pod

Join the lads as they discuss the impact of the Draft, the big moves at QB and Rodgers whinging. Did we see the moves coming? would we have done the same?


Mark's Draft Special

Mark wanted you all to have a draft special so here it is, quite bet heavy this one which is always one of my favourites.