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From, the 'Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Union' series features two shows, 'Final Fantasy Union', hosted by Darryl and 'Kingdom Hearts Union' hosted by Branden. Each podcast concentrates on different areas of the these particular franchises with news, featured discussions, tons of community interaction and interviews with famous peoples! Join the crew for some great discussion.

From, the 'Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Union' series features two shows, 'Final Fantasy Union', hosted by Darryl and 'Kingdom Hearts Union' hosted by Branden. Each podcast concentrates on different areas of the these particular franchises with news, featured discussions, tons of community interaction and interviews with famous peoples! Join the crew for some great discussion.
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From, the 'Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Union' series features two shows, 'Final Fantasy Union', hosted by Darryl and 'Kingdom Hearts Union' hosted by Branden. Each podcast concentrates on different areas of the these particular franchises with news, featured discussions, tons of community interaction and interviews with famous peoples! Join the crew for some great discussion.




KH Union 162: The Episode BEFORE Kingdom Hearts 3 Releases

Kingdom Hearts 3 is so close now, we can almost touch it and that's why we've got a super long episode as a precursor to the biggest release in the franchise's history! Even though we're so close though, there's still plenty of room for speculation around what we will see within the final product. But before any of that happens, there's also talk about how Nomura has decided to fight back against those who are trying to play leaked copies of the game... what exactly that means for in the...


FF Union 187: The Mystery of Hiroyuki Ito

Happy New Year everyone! To kick things off, we thought it would be rather interesting to dive into the mystery that is... Hiroyuki Ito! In the earlier days of the franchise, Hiroyuki Ito was one of the stars of the company, having a prominent hand in the majority of Final Fantasy games that released. However, in recent years, Ito has been missing from the limelight. But why? We run-through everything this legendary game designer has done for the franchise, before speculating around what...


KH Union 161: Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked! How To Avoid Spoilers!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now in the wild following a leak... so with just over a month until the game's official release, there will be plenty of spoilers rolling around! That's why we felt it would be a good idea to do an episode on how to avoid Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers, as they can come from numerous sources these days! We've also got a few questions from the community, including... how long we'll have to wait until we see Kingdom Hearts 4!


FF Union 186: Reviewing the Highs and Lows of Final Fantasy in 2018

It's been a rather interesting year for Final Fantasy with some definite highs and lows, so to round-out the year, we thought it would be rather appropriate to pick-out some key moments! Yes, that means we'll be talking about Final Fantasy XV's DLC, the launch of Dissidia NT and the interesting announcements that were thrown our way during TGS 2018! On top of that, there's also a little recap about our lives outside of Final Fantasy! Thank you all so much for your support throughout...


KH Union 160: Kingdom Hearts 3 Is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!

It's true, according to Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 is now officially complete... they've finished working on the main game and to celebrate they've released a new trailer! Not only that, but there are more trailers and videos to come throughout December and the pre-order bonuses have been revealed! There was also a ton of information released about Pixar's involvement with Kingdom Hearts 3 and it sounds pretty intense to say the least!


FF Union 185: Final Fantasy 7 Remake; What Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest?

We're talking about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in-depth this episode... sort of! Tetsuya Nomura has been speaking to the press about his frustrations... with the press, so we delve into what that actually means. Does he have a point and whose fault is it? Also, what's actually even going on with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake... will it now be appearing on the PlayStation 5? There's so much to discuss! On top of that, there's also some news updates relating to Dissidia NT, Final Fantasy XIV...


KH Union 159: Kingdom Hearts 3 Goes Xbox Crazy, X018 Media Blast

As part of Microsoft's X018 event, we got to see a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and there was a ton of new details revealed! We got to hear Master Xehanort's new voice, some new footage from Big Hero Six and some new spoilerific scenes featuring Sora, Axel and Kairi! It means there's an absolute boat load of things to discuss and with Sabrina and Churro joining Branden, there are loads if opinions too! In addition, there's also a question from the community about the Radiant Garden being...


FF Union 184: Tabata Quits Square Enix; XV DLC Episodes Cancelled (WTF Just Happened?!)

Shocked doesn't even begin to describe how we're feeling after everything that's happened this week as not only has Hajime Tabata stepped down as the Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XV, he's also quit Square Enix entirely! The majority of the planned DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV have also been cancelled, with Episode Ardyn the only survivor. It means there's plenty to discuss on this episode; starting with... how did this even happen? Outside of that, there's also a small news...


KH Union 158: Would Kingdom Hearts work at Disneyland?

Last time we talked about whether or not it would work as a movie or tv show and so in light of Kingdom Hearts III's attraction flow mechanics., this episode we're discussing whether or not Kingdom Hearts would work as a Disneyland ride. As we're getting closer and closer to the release date of Kingdom Hearts III, we're seeing the game pop up at many trade shows. Its most recent appearance at Lucca Comics and Games 2018 saw a new trailer focused around the Tangled world. There was also an...


FF Union 183: Final Fantasy Fan Theories + Their Impact On The Wider Lore

Fan theories have been swirling around for quite some time, but what's their impact on the wider lore of the Final Fantasy franchise? Well, that's what's being discussed on the podcast as touch on some of the more prominent fan theories that have done the rounds, and discuss the impact they've had. As part of this, we also look at comments that have been made by the creators on this particular topic, with some being more open to the works of fans than others!


KH Union 157: Would Kingdom Hearts Work As A Movie/TV Show?

With Disney becoming more heavily involved with Kingdom Hearts 3, there's always the potential for expansion... but what about as a movie or TV show? That's one of the main topics for the show this episode, as one of our community members is keen to see our thoughts about how Kingdom Hearts could continue to grow after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. There is, of course, also plenty of news relating to Kingdom Hearts 3 and it looks like Union Cross is also getting an update!


FF Union 182: What's Next For Dissidia NT?

Dissidia NT has been out for quite some time now, but things haven't gone as planned... so what's next? This episode, we discuss a recent marketing campaign that Square Enix has launched to try and promote Dissidia NT, but we go further back, looking at why the launch didn't yield the expected results and why their strategy since then perhaps hasn't helped. It all leads onto what's next for the game. Will Season Pass Two help to revitalise the game, or should they look at different...


KH Union 156: Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far Announced!

With the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 getting closer and closer, Square Enix are looking to build the hype wherever possible! And that's seen them announce a brand-new compilation game called Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far. It will act as a full Kingdom Hearts collection on the PS4, including six games and three movie-length cutscenes! Outside of that, the game's opening song has been announced and it's being co-written by Utada and Skrillex! There's also been hints that Sephiroth will be...


FF Union 181: Final Fantasy Games As A Service, Lessons From Final Fantasy XV

With the recent birth of our second child, Darryl is flying solo this episode... but that doesn't mean there will be any less to discuss as the games as a service topic has raised its head again following an interview with Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata! Darryl runs through the merits of the approach in relation to Final Fantasy XV, talking about the lessons that can be learnt and applied to future iterations. But it's also about understanding what exactly it means for games to...


KH Union 155: Kingdom Hearts 3 TGS 2018 News Blast! (Post-Show)

Kingdom Hearts 3 had a strong showing at this year's Tokyo Game Show, with plenty of new stuff shown! First up, we finally received footage of Big Hero 6! This was announced some time ago, but until now we had only seen a piece of key art; that's all changed thanks to a brand new trailer! There were also new story sequences revealed, some information about returning characters and there's also plenty of interesting morsels from an interview with Tetsuya Nomura... including talking about...


FF Union 180: Final Fantasy Arrives Anniversary-Style

We're now approaching the end of the 31st anniversary for Final Fantasy, and we just had a ton of announcements! Were these the games Hashimoto was talking about throughout last year? Who knows! Either way, we couldn't be more excited about the announcement of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition and with more content coming to World of Final Fantasy, classic games coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and the announcement of a Chocobo Dungeons remaster, it was quite the...


KH Union 154: Kingdom Hearts @ TGS 2018! (Pre-Show)

Tokyo Game Show 2018 proposes to be a pretty huge event for the Kingdom Hearts franchise with plenty of stuff already confirmed! And that's what this episode is all about, building the hype and discussing what's going to be at the actual show. Outside of that, there are plenty of updates relating to Kingdom Hearts Union X and we have the customary questions, which relate to side content in Kingdom Hearts 3 and unrealised potential within the franchise!


FF Union 179: Are Love Stories Gone From Final Fantasy?

With Final Fantasy constantly changing in almost every regard, with respect to the narrative, are love stories now a thing of the past? That's out main topic for today, as we take a look through how the franchise tackled romantic relationships in the earlier iterations and how they've been tackled in the more recent ones. We also have a rather lengthy question from the community where we run-through some of our favourite pieces of music from the franchise and the stories as to why...


KH Union 153: In KH3, Unexpected Worlds You'd Love To See...!

There's been another mini Kingdom Hearts 3 news explosion, but we've also had some rather interesting questions asked this episode! As part of a new wave of press, the Kingdom Hearts 3 team have spoken more about the role of the Gummi Ship in this latest iteration, that there will be secret World Bosses that they won't reveal before launch and they also went into detail about the whole localisation process. We've also got some great questions from the community around unexpected worlds we...


FF Union 178: Do Remakes (FF7R) / Remasters (FFX HD) Show A Lack of Creativity?

With Square Enix focusing so heavily on remakes and remasters in recent years, has this been hindering their creative efforts elsewhere? That's the main topic of our show today, as we talk through the pros and cons of remakes and remasters! In addition, we've also got a whole host of questions from the community, relating to topics such as Final Fantasy X-3, likes/dislikes when it comes to the various mobile titles and whether or not we think there will ever be another game released within...