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HEY THERE, SPORTS FANS! After a prolonged absence due to what can only be described as unfortunate decisions, Tommy Fitzgerald and Richie Barone are back to talk about the New York Mets. In this episode, we take a look at this year's team, talk about how much we enjoy Mickey Callaway's name, and tell you how to survive McFadden's on Opening Day. God Bless. Let's Go Mets.


Joe Girardi as the Mets Manager?!

Guess who's back, back again, Richie and Tommy are back, let's drink Bud Lights. Woo! Feels good to be back and feels good to lay down some Eminem for you guys. Shout out to the 90s. So obviously the season didn't end the way we wanted it to, but now it's time to tackle the offseason like that guy who treats his family's Thanksgiving Day two hand touch game like the Super Bowl. Who are the Mets going to trade for? Who's going to be our manager? Will David Wright play next year? We cover...


The 2017 Mets: There's No Reason To Go

Hey there, sports fans! First Time Long Time...literally. We've been slacking on the show like Trevor Rosenthal covering first base, and for that, we're sorry. On today's show we go over the latest Mets win, talk about the trade deadline, razz Asdrubal Cabrera, and wonder why section 138 at Citi turns into an underground fight club every game. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


The State of the Mets

Hey there, sports fans! We're sorry we've been so inconsistent, but we're a REAL STUDIO, EVEN. That said, it's time to talk about the state of the Mets. Not one topic, not one issue, the overall state of the team. Buckle up, it's go time.


Mets-Braves Preview: THAT'S MATZ AND LUGO'S MUSIC!!

Hey there, sports fans! I bet you thought we quit. Maybe you even thought one of us was dead. Well, HA, joke's on you. First Time Long Time is back. Richie is playing through and injury, and Tommy is picking up the rest of the slack, so that we can talk to you about this diarrhea-filled diaper of a team, the Mets. This weekend, it's time to play our division rivals, lovers of the confederate flag, the Atlanta Braves. The way this season has gone, Tommy and myself would normally feel...


The Brewers Ruined Mother's Day, Will David Wright Get His Number Retired? And Here Come the D-Backs

Hey there, sports fans. I hope you all spent this past weekend at the beach, or running errands, or cleaning up garbage on the side of the road to fulfill your probation requirement. Anything, other than sitting in front of the TV and watching the Mets play the Brewers. We talk all about that, and... - Will David Wright ever have his "Jeter Night"? - Does Tommy Milone have any chance of beating Zack Greinke? - Should other former Mets text Matt Harvey to get him going? It's all here...


The Great Dildo Caper of 2017, Matt Harvey, and, Oh Yeah, Some Baseball

Hey there, sports fans! I don't even know how to start this, or what to say. It's been a hell of a week. Dildos and Suspensions and Blown Saves, Oh my! The Mets on the field--playing great. The Mets off the field? A mix between a bachelor party, a 12 step meeting, and an emergency room. We cover it all, and preview this weekend's series against that CREEP Bernie the Brewer. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


Remembering Noah Syndergaard, Apologizing to Jay Bruce, and Previewing an NL East Series for the 400th Time This Year

Hey there, sports fans! On today's show we talk about the one thing on everybody's mind--TJ Rivera looks like A-Rod. No, we actually don't cover that, but we do talk about Noah Syndergaard being hurt forever and the inconsistency of this year's team. Plus, an apology to Jay Bruce, and for the 18,000th time this year, we preview a game in which Wei Yin Chen is pitching against us. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


Decoding Terry's Injury Lingo, the Mets Won't Stop Losing, and a Preview of the Braves Series

Hey there, sports fans! It's hard to be enthusiastic, considering how much the Mets have lost recently, and this is one of the most pessimistic FTLT's of all-time, but it's still fun. - First we talk about the injuries. There's so many that they're not even allowing Asdrubal Cabrera to sit out! - Then, the Braves. They'd better win this series, or I'm going to be packing my lip with skoal out of anger until I throw up. - And finally, Terry's injury lingo? What does it all mean? Plus,...


The Phillies Stink, a Preview of the Marlins Series, and Will Conforto Play This Weekend?

Hey there, sports fans! The Mets took advantage of a series against Philadelphia's little league all-stars, smoking the Phillies and sweeping a three-game series. Now, it's time to preview the Marlins series, and try to figure out what Jeff Loria was thinking when he picked out the colors for that stadium in Miami. Also, Wheeler looks like he's back, Flores should get some time this weekend against lefties, and how many games will Michael Conforto get to play in this weekend? Enjoy,...


Matt Harvey Should Never Pitch to Matt Kemp Again, But Looked Great, and a Preview of the Marlins Series

Hey there, sports fans! The Mets are heading into a weekend series with the Marlins, which we preview, FTLT-style (we talk about the pitching matchups and why cold April games are hell on earth), before talking about yesterday's game against the Braves. ALL I GOTTA SAY IS...HARVEY, BABY. The Dark Knight made his first regular season start in a long time and instead of Batman, looked more like Bruce Wayne, a composed gentleman who gets things done. Frankly, it was great stuff. Plus,...


Mets Opening Day 2017! The Team, The New Stadium Food, and When and Where to Start Drinking

Hey there, sports fans! It's almost here! Can you feel it?! Opening Day is only three days away, and as seasoned Opening Day veterans, Tommy and I felt it necessary to explain everything you'll need to know about this glorious occasion. - There's new stadium food, and the lines are going to make the line for a new iPhone look short. - It's a great day to drink, but do it right. We'll tell you how. - And of course, the team! We look good, but the first two pitchers the Mets go up...


Angel Hernandez is the Worst, Mets Walkup Music, and Conforto to the Minors?!

Hey there, sports fans! On today's show we're talkin' about a lot, as Spring Training is just around the corner. -First, Angel Hernandez--he's the worst. Who throws someone out of a Spring Training game?! -Next, our boy Michael Conforto. Here's hoping he doesn't play in Las Vegas until he's 40. -And Mets walkup music. Which songs get you pumped. Plus, we talk about Jay Bruce's rapping ability, and how we like to pregame for Opening Day at Citi Field. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


In Honor of March Madness, Which Mets Players Look Like They Can Hoop?

Hey there, sports fans! Welcome to a weird time of year. We're a few weeks into spring training, which means fans want regular season baseball and players want to leave Florida and Arizona so that they don't kill themselves. There's just not a lot of juicy stuff going on. Ok, now that I've built-in an excuse, in case this show isn't good, here's what we're covering today: - Matt Harvey's lack of velocity. Is it a problem, or will it make him the pitcher he needs to be? - Brandon...


Tim Teb-0 for 3

Hey there, sports fans! We're back with another jam packed edition of First Time Long Time. On today's show... - Tim Tebow played baseball, and it didn't go so great. - Zack Wheeler is pitching for the first time since 2014. What was the world like back then? - A voicemail from our most loyal listener, Artie. - And a fresh new segment called bold predictions. It's a great show, so grab a vodka soda, throw your feet up on the coffee table, and let's rock. LGM.


Wright's Hurt, the Real Reason Tebow is With the Mets, and What the Hell is First Data Field?!

Hey there, sports fans! We're back with another First Time Long Time, and on today's show Tommy and Richie talk... - David Wright. Get well soon, buddy. Guy can't catch a break. - First Data Field?! We're Tradition guys. - Tim Tebow--why is he really with the Mets? Plus, a voicemail from one our loyal fans, and we predict what the rotation will look like on Opening Day. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


Spring Training Cliches and Going to War With the Phillies Over "Ya Gotta Believe"

Hey there, sports fans! On today's show, we're talking Spring Training cliches. We call them something else, but you'll hear all about it when you listen to the show. Anyway, the Mets are giving us all the cliche Spring Training stories we can handle, and we love it. Also, we figure out how we should punish the Phillies for stealing "Ya Gotta Believe." And finally, our tribute to soon-to-be former owner of the Marlins, Jeffrey Loria. Enjoy, and Let's Go Mets.


Blevins is Back, Which Met is Our Charles Oakley and Why is Juan Lagares Working Out at Planet Fitness?

Hey there, sports fans! Welcome to another episode. This is probably our most disjointed episode to date, as we're more all over the place than a hyperactive five-year-old who just polished off a bag of Fun Dip before entering a jungle gym. It was still a great show, though. Blevins is back. Was it exciting, or were Mets fans just excited that Sandy made a move? 10 Mets are going to the WBC. It's a bad idea. Plus, we decide who the Mets' version of Charles Oakley is, and express...


We Sweeten the Pot for Jerry Blevins, Billy Wagner's Twitter Rant, and Predicting Cespedes' Spring Training Cars

Hey there, sports fans! On today's show... The Mets want Jerry Blevins back, and we do too. Because of that, we took it upon ourselves to sweeten the pot for Jerry, and make him some offers on behalf of the Mets. You're welcome, Sandy. Then, we talk about Billy Wagner. Remember him? Little guy, loved dip, came out to Enter Sandman. That's him. Anyway, he went on Twitter rant about Christianity and leaving God in the pledge of allegiance. It was uncomfortable. And finally, which cars...


Jay Bruce Pros and Cons and Which 10 Mets Would Be Most Useful During a Street Fight?

Hey there, sports fans! We're back this week with some fresh, new, exciting offseason content. First, we're talking the pros and cons of having Jay Bruce on the team in 2017, since the Mets announced the other day that he's not going anywhere (RIP Michael Conforto's career). And then, we really get into it--if you could pick 10 Mets, which ones would be most useful during a street fight? Here's some clickbait for you: The players we picked might surprise you! Anyway, enjoy, and send...