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The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!

The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!
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The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!




Lead Free Lures Fur Bearing Trout and Hippies ep 203

John King the Crappie Hippie brings us news on the lead free movement and talks about making lures. Doc Martin is back and we try to determine if Fur Bearing Trout are real. We debut the new segment FISHING RUINED MY LIFE. Call 607-378-FISH to ask your questions. Finally we learn a little about why guiding is hard. News Links


Friendly Blue Gills Fly Fishing for Carp and Speak Up for Blue 202

Rich Collins our Fly-Fishing Correspondent is back and he went on an urban fishing adventure, fly-fishing for carp- with --- I am back from Summer Camp- Stories from camp Of course we have some news Doc Martin has brought us some “Fake” fish in the news AND we have a new segment - “Fishing Ruined My Life” 607-378-FISH AND chat with Andrew who just recorded his 500th episode of Speak Up For Blue


In Memory of Brad Klose Hubris Fail and Creme De Fish FN Throwback 42

We just heard that a friend of the show died, Mr. Brad Klose. Brad was a great guy and inventor of the Turbo Weedless Spinner. We were lucky to know him and know for sure he will be missed. Lots of love to Nancy (Brad's wife) and the kids. We know this is hard and we are feeling some of your pain with you. We love you. Brad was a ton of fun and we hope you enjoy this vintage FN Episode.


Black Sea Bass Tacos Tilapia Vaginas and Noisy Orgies

We are hanging out with Listener Ryan Dubay and FN Cullinary Correspondent Hugo Medeiros today and eating black sea bass tacos! We also hear about how tilapia are being used to rebuild vaginas (Yup that's a thing) and Doc Martin is with us to help us decide if our News is Fake or For reals! Enjoy


5 Year 200th Episode Extravaganza Live on SIlver Lake

Holy smokes, on this episode we are celebrating 5 years of fishy podcasting. This was recorded live on Silver Lake with special guests: Dave Kellam, Doc Martin, Nick Hudson-Swogger (from Diana's Bath Salts) and Rich Collins. We also got dozens of calls from listeners who wanted to share congratulations and fishy jokes. On a personal level, I want to thank every listener for being part of this adventure and I hope to keep doing this. I literally weeped with joy while mixing this episode....


Spot Otter Dave Kellam and Pooped Fish EP199

Dave Kellam is back to tell us about his new start-up we have a great time talking about launching and breaking boats. We also get deep into the news and learn about how hippos are killing fish. We got a call from the crappie hippie with a stump the Fish Nerds and of course we have a ton of laughs!


Greg Myerson Born to Fish World Record Striper and Bass Sex

We are super lucky to have had the chance to talk with Greg Myerson, if you recognize that name you a a striper nerd, he owns the world record striper company and is co-author of his own Biography Born To Fish I promised to talk about fishy spawning habits, we are going to talk a little about Bass Sex! I was contacted by a High School kid named Zach, he interviewed me as an expert on fishy careers and I turned the mic around on him!


Speak Up for Blue and Is Catch and Release Cruel EP197

Clay is joined today by Andrew Lewin, host, founder and self-proclamed Ocean-preneur of Speak Up For Blue. The Speak Up For Blue Podcast is a podcast designed to show you how to Live For A Better Ocean Andrew Welcome to the show! Here’s what’s happening on today’s show We are going to try to answer the question, is Catch and release cruel punishment to fish? We will discuss ocean conservation Do the news And more! SPONSORS


Arctic Char Beyond Data and Fishy News

Ret Talbot Brings us some important conservation news about the Arctic Char, Ret is the host of the Beyond Data Podcast. My Kid Zoe plays cohost, we catch up on some news, talk about the new boat and hear some fishy jokes.


Native Fish Coalition and Doctor Worm EP195

We are going to start with Stump the Fish Nerds Then we got to hang out with Nate Hill NH President of and NH Fly Fishing Guide Then Doc Martin is with us chand she spent some time talking worms with the great Dr. Snyder


Life Death Taxonomy and Living in a Van Down by the River EP 194

Carlos joins us from the Life Death Taxonomy Podcast, we dig in deep on the Lion Fish. We bumped into a guy who lives in a van and had to chat with him about life in van. Our friend the Crappie Hippie called in with a Stump the Fish Nerds 607-378-3474 (FISH) and left us a great question about Hybrid Sunfish.. AND of course we do the news, and the news is crazy.. people are having sex with clams! You heard it here first. Enjoy the show Please support our Sponsor Thirst Productions To help...


Wally Pleasant Oyster Jokes and Drunk Carp Ep 193

Wally Pleasant joins us to talk about his new Album being funded by fans on Kickstarter. We learn a lot about Spotted bass with Fish Guy Josh and Doc Martin. We play stump the Fish Nerds 607-378-FISH and find out how getting drunk makes winter better... All this and more on this weeks exciting episode of the Fish Nerds.


Noob Spearo Podcast - 5 Tips for Beginner Spearfishers

Today on the show We have Isaac Daly aka Shrek from the Noob Spearo Podcast The Podcast show interviewing spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world. We dial in on the experience and wisdom from a diverse bunch of spearos from all over the globe. From spearfishing in the cold waters of the North Sea and Arctic to the clear, tropical waters of the great barrier reef, we find spearos with tips to help you improve your spearfishing. Listen into Isaac 'Shrek' Daly...


Speak Up for Blue Toxic Salmon and Why Podcast EP 190

Today on the show Andrew Lewin from the Speak Up for Blue Podcast joins us. We dive into the art of podcasting and why it's an important part of science communications. We jump into Fish in the News and talk about Toxic Salmon and other super fun stuff! Enjoy and Tell your friends


Stupid Fish Names Crappie Sex and Shark Attacks

Today on the show Stump the Fish Nerds Fish Names are Dumb! NEWS


FU Very Much Flat Earthers Twisted Ten and Sex with Angel Fish EP188

This week we have a very special Guest Mr. Adam Poston from the Twisted Ten Podcast We are talking about the Flat Earther's Doc Martin Checks in with a parody of a Lilly Allen Song as a tribute to the flat earther's. We learn far too much about sex with angel fish. Jeff Danaldson and Doc Martin give us their opinion of the Flat Earth and the Doc brings the big guns with Prof B...


Mongabay Frozen Ice Holes and Fish Photography Tips

Today we have Erik Hoffner - Erik is a fisherman and photojournalist who works for Mongabay, a global environmental news service with 30 million readers. He’s also producer for Mongabay’s podcast, the Mongabay Newscast, which has guests like Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall and Paul Simon. But photography is his main passion beside fishing, so combining them is a thing he does, and has a long series going called Hunter/Gatherer that chronicles people in pursuit of wild food, and has a new...


Tinned Fish - Crazy Ice Driving and Fat Fish

We are recording live in an Ice Shack on Silver Lake, surprising our guest with our annual tinned fish challenge. We also chat with a guy who was ice fishing when a crazy lady tried to run him down. You won't beleive how bananas this story is. Enjoy the show


Pup Fish New England Outdoor Expo and Eating Tape Worms 185

Fish Guy Josh and Doc Martin are back with Fish of the Day, the Pup Fish. We walk the halls of the New England Fishing and Outdoor Expo and find out about strange places folks have caught fish. AND we of course have the news, we learn about tape worms and how beer makes ice safer?


Biology in the Bahamas Rockingham Fishing Expo and Cooking with Squid

I’m Clay groves, Chief Executive Fish Nerd and Licensed NH Fishing Guide, glad you are here! Today on the Podcast we are back with a vengeance (and a little off schedule) Update on the Fish Nerds Guide Service We got one phone call for our Fishy New Year’s Resolutions Doc Martin our Nerd from Kansas took students on a trip to the Bahamas, we will hear how Students from the Middle of the country reacted to seeing the ocean for real. I wish I had a teacher like Doc Martin when I was a young...