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The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!

The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!
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The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True!




Catch and Release Science Ret Talbot and Lead Sucks

Is grip and grin good for fish? To answer that question we are joined by Doc Martin and Ret Talbot who know more than me about nearly everything. Doc Martin is a Professor at Emporia State University and has been part of this Podcast as our Science Correspondent with us for years. Ret Talbot is an award-winning freelance journalist who covers fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. His work can be found in publications such as Discover Magazine, National Geographic,...


Mike Long Cheats Halley Bury and Whalers Suck

Fish Guy Josh is back with a "Fish Guy Follows" This week he talks about @halley_Bury on Instagram. We hear from the Crappie Hippie with a news editorial about cheating bass pro Mike Long. AND I (Clay) explain the shows long absence and address a few complaints from listeners. All this and more on this weeks Podcast!


Vacation Log Methow Flyfishing Fish Washington ep227

This is our travel log, we visited Pike Place and watched the guys toss fish. We then headed to the Cascade Mountains to enjoy the scenery and record with some fishy people we met along the way. One of our favorite stops was at the Haystack Company, they had a fantastic Air BNB and lots of fishy art . We went all over the middle of the state and went Fly-Fishing with Methow Fishing Adventures....


Amie Robison The Pond Lady and Getting Back at Scammers EP226

A scammer tried to get Clay to use stolen credit cards to book a fishing trip. Clay was able to get this scammer on the phone and waste his time. He has a blast trying to chat with "Smith" and now the scammer is asking Clay to leave him alone! The Pond Lady, Amie Robison from Robison Wildlife Solutions jumps in on the show with Crappie Hippie and they talk ecology, pond life and so much more.. SO MUCH! Enjoy the show You can follow the Pond lady on Facebook...


Varmints! Podcast Special Seagulls ep 225

This week we team up the the Varmints Podcast to learn about Seagulls. If you are not already subscribed to the Varmints!, DO IT NOW! We just love Paul and Donna and feel lucky to get to play in their sandbox. Enjoy the Show


Great Flies for Spring Fly Fishing, Fiddleheads and Hippies EP224

We hung out at North Country Angler Fly Shop talking spring fly fishing, stocking trout and fun fishy facts. Zoe and Sammy jumped in to talk about Fiddle Heads, Lawrence Gunther, from Blue Fish Radio gave us another PSA and the Crappie Hippie fed us an editorial.. Enjoy the show..


What A Fish Knows Jonathan Balcombe FN Book Club EP 223

Do fishes think? Do they really have three-second memories? And can they recognize the humans who peer back at them from above the surface of the water? In What a Fish Knows, the myth-busting ethologist Jonathan Balcombe addresses these questions and more, taking us under the sea, through streams and estuaries, and to the other side of the aquarium glass to reveal the surprising capabilities of fishes. Doc Martin joins us for this book discussion and we learn a little and question a lot. We...


Trivia Geeks Live Something Fishy

This week, Imran Javed hosts the game tonight with one podcaster that gets a nod from Newt Gingrich and the other went to jail for being a juggler! It’s Rocket Science vs. Fish Science this week as Trivia Geeks welcomes Clay from Fish Nerds Podcast and Vlado from the It’s Not Rocket Surgery Podcasts. Clay and Vlado rumble it out, but you will be like shooting fish in a barrel? Is it #teamKari Or #teamBrandon this week that will emerge from the waters victorious? Tune in and find out! Thanks...


Play Comics Freaky Fish and No More Ice Fishing

Chris Osborne host of Play Comics and the Meddling Kids Podcast sits in the copilot seat. We jump right into the news and learn about ghost genes and some wacky fish stories. We learn about seafood in South Carolina and as always have a ton of fun.


Look at My Ice Hole! Tench and Hamerhead Fish N Chips EP 220

Ep 220 is jam packed with Fun, Erik Hoffner from Monga Bay Joins us to tell us about his ice hole art, and bring us some news. Fish Guy Josh and Doc Martin are back to teach us about the Tench and We have a great time reviewing the Movie "On the Ice Flow"


A Comedian & Paleontogist Walk into an Ice Shanty Steve Macone ep 219

Comedian Steve Macone and his Paleontogist Friend Michael D'Emic come lake trout fishing with us on the worst lake in NH. We learn about naming dinosaurs, shark attacks in the belly of the beast and have a great time hanging on the lake.


Blue Fish Radio Show Lake Trout Jigging Tips EP 218

Lawrence Gunther, North America’s Only blind tournament angler and host of The Blue Fish Radio Show The Blue Fish Radio show features subjects and people of special interest to the future of fish health and sustainable fishing. Notable past interviewees include the Canadian Commissioner on the International Joint commission, the NOAA Director of Sustainable Fisheries, Ontario's Environment Commissioner, directors for both the Canadian and U.S. Sport Fishing...


Shark OFF! Stinky Baits and Crappie Stopper Jigs

Today on the pod we chat with the creator of Shark OFF a new product to keep sharks from eating you. Contest update - Stinky bait -winner announced today Kim Burnett joins us to chat about Crappie Stopper Jigs @crappiestopperjigsandflies (Instagram)


Burbot Biology Cusk Jigging Techniques and Hypothermia The Movie

We review Hypothermia The Movie. Fish Guy Josh and Doc Martin teach us all about the burbot. We discuss jigging techniques for cusk. I do a review for Tangle Tamers a product made from 14 year old Natalia and more!


Tinned Fish Top Fishing Podcasts Carp & Catfish 215

Today on the show - We get an update on Fish Guy Josh's social media pick, we take the Tinned Fish Challenge and we chat about the top fishing podcasts. email 607-378-FISH This show is sponsored by Fisher Guiding Top 7 fishing shows according to in-fisherman Top 5 fishing shows ...


Largemouth Bass Chinook Fish Hatchery and New Year's Resolutions FN Throwback

Brought to you by our friends at This FN throwback is one of our funniest vintage shows and we give you our FN Resolutions, talk about bass fishing, ice fishing and more. Enjoy.. TO be part of the conversation or to enter our contests call 607-378-FISH or


Magic Fish Nerds Irrationally Exuberant and Magnet Fishing EP 214

Tonight we are lucky to have Reid Messerschmidt host and creator of the Irrationally Exuberant Podcast which is a podcast and also art. We talk about fishing with nipples, magnet fishing, a 1950's comic featuring an advertisement for Magic Fish Nerds (Thanks Olaf) Fish Guy Josh is here with his social media recommendations.. And of course we have a lot of fun. Call the show to be part of it 607-378-FISH Big thanks to our sponsor Fisher Guiding...


High Eels Deeper Sonar and Constipation Relief

A lot happening on the podcast today... News Product Review Deeper Sonar Pescadamy Awards Gross Bait Contest Update Patreon First up the News, you will hear lots of background noise in this because it was recorded in a coffee shop... so fun How about a product Review I was sent a Deeper Sonar to test out and here is what it is and what I think. First a big thanks to deeper for sending it. Now a description Troll, map, scan and catch with the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO, then use it...


Emporia State University Biology Seminar Kansas EP 212

Emporia State University hosted the Fish Nerds for a biology seminar. This episode is the seminar and ends with questions from students. We could not be more thankful for this opportunity. You will hear Doc Martin, Jeff Danaldson our FN Librarian and Zoe Groves. Enjoy this special episode


Bait Fishing from A to Zombait FN throwback

Dave and Clay focus their fishy talk on a dirty word in some fishing circles: bait. In this fishing podcast our intrepid heroes discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using bait. Fans are part of the show this week as the Nerds relay the results of the latest Facebook poll on the Fish Nerds Podcast group. Dave interviews Zombait co-founder Matthew Borowski to find out why we need a fishy robot to bring our dead bait back to life. Zombait is nearing the end of their kickstarter campaign...