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Attention Anglers! Download and listen to the most entertaining fishing interviews to ever make it on a podcast, and get to know some of the world’s fishing celebrities like never before.

Attention Anglers! Download and listen to the most entertaining fishing interviews to ever make it on a podcast, and get to know some of the world’s fishing celebrities like never before.
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Attention Anglers! Download and listen to the most entertaining fishing interviews to ever make it on a podcast, and get to know some of the world’s fishing celebrities like never before.




EP 66: How To Catch An Inshore Slam After A Cold Front

In this Fish Strong episode, we break down the three most critical pieces to consistently catching inshore slams (redfish, snook, speckled trout, and flounder) right after a cold front. If you want to catch more fish this fall and winter, then definitely listen to this entire interview (and make sure to watch the videos that are discussed in this episode). Tight lines!


EP 65: Why We Are NOT YouTubers...

In this episode, the Salt Strong brothers (Joe and Luke Simonds) discuss the main reasons why they decided NOT to become YouTubers. As a fishing company that is constantly cranking out fishing videos, the question comes up time and time again... and it all has to do with the MISSION of Salt Strong. Enjoy


EP 64: The 90/10 Fishing Rule (Must-Know For Serious Anglers)

In this episode of the Fish Strong podcast, Joe Simonds (one of the co-founders of Salt Strong) reveals how the 90/10 fishing rule had a massive impact on the amount of fish he caught (and how it's impacted countless other anglers). Enjoy and tight lines.


EP 63: The Hidden Trap That's Killing Fish & Marine Life...

In this episode, we have on Capt. Neill Holland from OceanAid360 to discuss all of the issues the hundreds of thousands of ghost "abandoned" crab traps are causing in our inshore waterways. You'll discover the big issues at hand along with how to help fix the problem. Enjoy and tight lines.


EP 62: Kids Fishing: Top Mistakes While Fishing With Kids

In this episode, we have Jeff Barnes from Cast For Kids (a non-profit specializing in taking disabled kids and veterans out fishing) to discuss all of the biggest mistakes they've learned along the way when it comes to kids and fishing. You'll also get to hear the top "Must Do" things when it comes to fishing with your kids. Enjoy.


EP 61: Fly Fishing 101: How To Learn Fly Fishing The Quick Way

In this episode, we have on Salt Strong Insider fishing club member John Archipolo to discuss how we went from a complete fly fishing newbie to a legit (and very consistent) fly angler in less than six months. He shares his biggest mistakes, what he wished he knew, and how to get good fast.


EP 60: Flounder, Pompano, & Red Drum Hatcheries (Amazing News For Inshore Anglers)

"Playing God isn't easy..." Definitely one of the best quotes to come out of this podcast interview with Capt. Patric Garmeson where he discusses everything that is going on with the inshore fishing hatcheries (for flounder, pompano, redfish, and speckled trout) in the Gulf. Enjoy and spread the word!


EP 59: Florida Redfish vs. Louisiana Redfish

After a recent trip to Venice, Louisiana in pursuit of some bruiser reds, Joe and Luke Simonds (the Salt Strong brothers) wanted to have an honest talk about the similarities and differences between Florida redfish and Louisiana redfish. Find out everything you need to know in this fun episode.


EP 58: The Truth About Red Tide

There has been a TON of confusion (and even fake news) revolving around red tide this summer, so we decided to bring on one of the leading algae experts in the country (Dr. Mike Wetz) to discuss the truth about red tide, how it happens, what makes it worse, etc. Mike does a great job of simplifying red tide (and distinguishes the differences between red tide, green tide, and brown tide).


EP 57: Saltwater Fishing Rods: Everything You Must Know About Rods

In this episode, we brought on Jim Shulen from TFO rods to give us the low-down on everything you could possibly want to know about rods. He revealed what makes some rods better than others, what costs the most in a rod, how to pick out a perfect rod, and what to watch out for.


EP 56: BIG Fish, Big Heart, Big Captain...

In this episode, we have Capt. Mike Anderson from Reel Animals to share his story of how went from a basketball player in the military to a tournament fisherman to a household name on TV, radio, and more. Great guy with a BIG heart for helping other fishermen.


EP 55: Politics & Fishing: How Politics Are Having Massive Impacts On Fishing

In this episode, we reveal the implications that politics (and the politicians that we elect) can have on our fisheries, waterways, and the sport we love. We don't get into finger pointing individual politicians (because that doesn't solve anything), but we do discuss some of hot topics that could impact our kids, grandkids, etc.


EP 54: Trout Fishing (Catching Trout On The Beach & Flats)

In this episode, we have Scott "Kayaking Kennedy" on the show to talk about how he is consistently catching so many nice speckled trout and redfish around Alabama, Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle. Listen in as he tells his story, gives some great tips, and reveals some insight into doing this full time.


EP 53: Kayak Fishing: Beach Fishing, Intracoastal Redfish, & Amazing Stories

In this episode, we have on Brandon Barton from the Panhandle of Florida/Alabama area to discuss how he went from never fishing out of a kayak to getting sponsors, getting customers, and having a fast-growing kayak charter business. Stay tuned until the end to hear some great stories (including how he finds red snapper within 3 miles of shore in his kayak).


EP 52: Is This WHY You Fish?

In this episode, Joe Simonds (Salt Strong Co-founder) reveals how you can go from feeling like you have no purpose to finding something that gives you purpose (fishing for happiness). He also discusses the mission to help ensure that every kid in America has the chance to fish.


EP 51: Top 5 Inshore Fishing Lures Of All Time

In this episode, the Salt Strong brothers reveal their top five lures that have caught more inshore fish than anything else out there. Listen in as they not only discuss each lure, but talk about tips on how to use them as well.


EP 50: How To Cook Fish Like A 5-Star Chef

In this episode, we have well-known chef Ryan McLaughlin (from K Restaurant in Orlando) on to discuss the biggest mistakes he sees most fishermen make when preparing and cooking their fish. We also discuss some of his favorite fish to eat, tips on seasoning fish, and what fish are best for ceviche. Enjoy.


EP 49: How To Catch BIG Snook Using Jigs (With Jupiter Snooker)

In this episode, we have on monster snook expert The Jupiter Snooker (who catches more 40in+ snook than anyone we've seen in a long time) to discuss his best tactics to targeting big snook. We cover both jigging for snook and using topwater for big snook. Enjoy!


EP 48: The Truth About Catch & Release Fish Handling Techniques

In this eye-opening episode, we have Dr. Greg Stunz, Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation, and Will Johnson, Director at Building Conservation Trust on the show to discuss the right and wrong way to release a fish. Greg had more scientific evidence on this topic of catch and release fishing than most people alive. Listen until the end for an amazing episode.


EP 47: Catching BIG Fish From A SUP: Female Angler Bri Andrassy

In this episode, we have SUP angler Bri Andrassy on to talk about paddleboard fishing, how she finds new fishing spots, spearfishing from her paddleboard, and which boards she likes the best. If you have any interest in learning how to catch big fish from a SUP, definitely listen to this awesome interview.