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Episode 50!!

Yes folks it's the Fisher Phillips Podcast's 50th Episode! We've reached the milestone that both Fisher and Phillips are proud to reach and what a milestone it is! Thank you to everyone who has listening, downloaded and enjoyed each podcast we've put out there for you guys! It's amazing how far we have come in this time and the difference between Ep.1 to Ep.50 is staggering! Here's to the next 50, where hopefully Brighton will be in the Premier League for the next 50! Fisher & Phillips...


The Business End Of The Campaign

We've been away for a wee bit, but here is a double whammy of the FP Podcast for you guys! We're getting near the end of the campaign now, we're talking about who could be going down and who will win the premier league! Facebook/Twitter - @TheFPPodcast


A Big Week for Brighton & Hove Albion

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we chat about the upcoming games that Brighton have in store in this massive week ahead of them. Reading and Newcastle at home. Can we take home all 6 points? or maybe even 0! Plus we'll be chatting about the FA Cup results as well as the Champions League and anything else that comes up in the week of football! Enjoy this little bit shorter, but still just as jam packed Fisher Phillips podcast. Twitter/Facebook - TheFPPodcast Thanks to 'BenSound'...


Welcome To Season 3!

Welcome to season 3 of the Fisher Phillips podcast! We have a bumper episode in store after a christmas break and now we're back and better than ever before! Thanks for sticking around for this long awaited return for season 3! Let's do this! Fisher Phillips Podcast


The Cursed London Stadium!

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we chat about how cursed the London stadium is, plus some Premier League chatter, Optajoe, plus much much more on the Fisher Phillips sports podcast


Everyone Loves Pies

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we talk about the yearly finance report that comes out about the price of football. As well as the international break and how England did in the past week and whether Southgate is worth the England job after his spell in charge. All this and much more on the Fisher Phillips podcast. Twitter - @thefppodcast Facebook - Thanks to 'BenSound' for the wicked intro!


We All Love International Breaks!

*For the first 12mins the sound quality is a little dodgy, apologies for the technological hitch*. This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast, it's that time once again when the International break comes round to stop everyones league fun. We talk about the Premier league news from last weekend, FA Cup 1st Round plus the OptaJoe quiz and much more all on the Fisher Phillips podcast! Facebook - Twitter - Thanks to 'BenSound' for...


An Interview With Kieran Maguire

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we have a very special guest on the show this week, Mr Kieran Maguire! He's here to talk about football finances in our interview with him. As well as chat about the latest footballing drama and even gives his own Premier League Predictions for next weeks results! A massive thanks to Kieran for taking his time out to chat with a little podcast like ours and for sharing such knowledge and being a generally lovely man to speak to. Our best wishes for...


Did You Want Some Distinctly Average Fries With That?

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we catch up with the Premier League Podcast Predictions, speaking about an interesting discovery that Lewis made with Glenn Murray at Brighton and about West Ham fans getting rowdy with much more included with the OptaJoe quiz and a special segment is back! Twitter - Facebook - Thanks to 'BenSounds' for the intro!


We're Sorry!

This week on the Fisher Phillips podcast we apologise for our absence for the last month, all is revealed in this episode...but are are back!! We talk about the deadline day transfers, the Manchester derby coming up as well as OptaJoe and our thoughts on England manager Big Sam. All this and more on the Fisher Phillips podcast. Facebook - Twitter - Thanks to 'BenSounds' for the intro