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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! + Heisman and Awards Recap

In this episode we: - Give a very exciting announcement about the future of the podcast - Discuss the Heisman and other end of year awards


College Football Championship Week Recap

In this episode we: - Recap the Conference Championship games - Discuss if the Committee got the 4 teams right - Give updates on the coaching carousel - Talk about who is going to win the Heisman


The College Football Playoff "What If?" Episode

- Week 13 Recap - College Football Playoff "What If?" scenarios - Conference Championship Predictions


College Football Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Preview

- 5 Stars of the Week - Week 12 Recap: West Virginia upset by Oklahoma State, Washington State sends a message, and much more - Dope or Nope: Notre Dame's jerseys, Twitter trolling - Week 13 Preview: Rivalry Week!


College Football Week 11 Recap & Week 12 Preview

In this episode, we recap week 11 of college football and preview the upcoming games for week 12.


College Football Week 10 Recap & Week 11 Preview

- Week 10 Recap: Bama shuts out LSU and clinches the SEC West, Georgia clinches the SEC East, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Wazzou win close games, Texas falls to WV on a 2 point conversion - 5 Stars of the Week - Dope or Nope: Temple Turnover whiteboard, UCF's jerseys, icing the kicker, Sam Ehlinger's tweet, Penalizing the "Horns Down" hand signal - Week 11 Preview featuring the Game of the Week: Clemson vs. Boston College - College Football Playoff Rankings


College Football Week 9 Recap & Week 10 Preview

5 Stars of the Week (2:59-11:06) Week 9 Recap: Georgia whoops the Gators, another undefeated falls, Kentucky barely gets by, Clemson is for real, and UT stumbles (14:11-45:08) Dope or Nope: Benching your starters for being late to meetings, Lee Corso picking your team to win, Gardner Minshew's mustache (45:08-55:44) Week 10 Preview featuring the Game of the Week: Alabama vs. LSU (55:44-1:21:58) College Football Playoff Predictions (1:21:58-1:27:54)


Week 8 Recap & Week 9 Preview

New Logo! (2:50-5:43) 5 Stars of the Week: Purdue Edition (5:43-19:17) Week 7 Recap: Cincinnati loses, Oklahoma rebounds, Clemson dominates, Mississippi State and LSU's defensive battle (19:17-29:47) The College Football Playoff: Who still has a chance?(29:47-43:49) Dope or Nope: Washington State's flag, LSU's jerseys/helmets, the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry (43:39-50:18) Week 9 Preview featuring the Game of the Week: Florida vs. Georgia (50:18-1:16:33)


Week 7 Recap & Week 8 Preview

5 Stars of the Week (6:11-13:00) Week 7 Recap: upsets galore, coaches fighting, Joe Burrow running the read option, UCF staying undefeated, and Ohio State fans saying that Tua is overrated (13:00-51:07) Dope or Nope: Iowa State's uniforms, Nick Bosa, The Redshirt Rule, and Ed Orgeron (51:07-1:02:41) Week 8 Preview featuring the Game of the Week: NC State vs. Clemson (1:05:16-1:34:39)


College Football Week 7 Preview

- Midseason Review, Best 5 teams, Playoff Predictions, Heisman Predictions, What would happen if Alabama and Texas played this season? (1:56-31:52) - Week 7 Games (31:52-45:47) - Game of the Week > LSU vs. Georgia (45:48-50-33)


College Football Week 6 Recap

5 stars of the week (3:30-12:30) Week 6 recap (12:31-33:29) Baker Mayfield blocks us on Twitter (34:15-36:22) Red River Rivalry/Showdown/Shootout (36:30-1:00:18) Dope or Nope (1:02:18-1:11:43)


College Football Week 6 Preview

- Playing softball against Longhorn legend Michael Griffin (0:49-7:01) - Week 6 Predictions (7:02-37:21) - Texas vs. OU Preview (37:22-1:09:42)


Week 5 Recap

In this episode we recap Week 5 of College Football, including: - 5 stars of the week - Easy path to the playoffs for Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame - Texas/OU on College Gameday - Targeting debate - Chugging beer through your nose?


Week 5 Preview - Guest Picker: Joe Schwartz

In this episode we are joined by former Walk-on University of Texas Basketball player, Joe Schwartz. Joe talks about what life is like as a Walk-on, and we also give our predictions for Week 5's top college football games.


College Football Week 4 Recap

In this episode we recap Week 4 of College Football, including: - Old Dominion - Army taking Oklahoma to overtime - Kentucky being for real or not - Oregon vs. Stanford - Texas is back? - Bama winning easily - We also debut our new intro!


Week 4 Preview - Guest Picker: Brandin Byrd

In this episode we are joined by former University of North Texas Running Back, Brandin Byrd, to talk about his college football career. We also make our predictions for the top college football games of Week 4.


College Football Week 3 Recap

In This episode we recap week 3 of college football, including: - Texas winning big over USC - Chip Kelly flopping in his return to college football - Auburn getting beat by LSU, again - North Texas and BYU upsetting Power 5 teams


Talking Texas Football with Jaxon Shipley

In this episode we are joined by Texas Longhorn legend, Jaxon Shipley. We talk about: - How Jaxon and Jordan Shipley became Longhorns - Jaxon's career as a 4-year starter at Wide Receiver - The upcoming game against USC - Shipley Performance, and how Jaxon is helping create the next generation of talented wide receivers


College Football Week 2 Recap

In this episode we recap week 2 of college football, including: - Oklahoma winning big - Georgia pulling away from South Carolina - The incredible game between Clemson and Texas A&M - Kentucky finally beating Florida - Herm Edwards winning games


Week 2 Preview - Guest Picker: Kristin Johnson

In this episode we are joined by Sean's fiance, Kristin Johnson. We preview the top 10 games of the week and give our best guess of who will win.