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Ep. 53 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Conference Previews and Predictions, Preseason Name Madness Top 25)

We are back for Ep. 53 of the Flagrantly Foul Podcast! Huge show today as we preview and predict all of the conferences in college basketball and tell you who will win the regular season titles across the country. We also predict the conference tournament champion in the major conferences of Division I hoops! And the moment everyone has been waiting for, our Preseason Name Madness Top 25! For the first time, we tell you the top 25 names in college hoops before the season as a preview for the...


Ep. 52 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Figuring out St. John's, The Great PAC 12 Debate and Name Madness)

Episode 52 of the Flagrantly Foul Podcast is filled with controversy! All good fun! Our Big East poll got a wild reaction on Twitter so we continued the debate on the show. Which Big East team has the most talent? Where does St. John's stand after Mustapha Heron was cleared to play this season? And much more on each team. We also debate where the PAC 12 will stand in the 2018-19 season and which teams might rise to the top while others continue to flop. Also, we come a step closer to...


Ep. 51 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Players to Watch, The Great Marquette Debate and Name Expansion?)

We are back for another Flagrantly Foul Podcast chock full of college hoops talk! On the show, we highlight some of the under the radar players and teams worth keeping an eye on this season in college basketball. We also try to settle a big debate on Marquette. How good are they and what is their ceiling for the 2018-19 season? Why people are so high on them and should they be? The guys debate. Finally, we add more Name Madness names to the mix and try to decide whether or not the field...


Ep. 23 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Best and Worst of 2017, Conference Previews, New Year's Resolutions)

We are back for one more show in 2017! What a year it has been and we thank you for being a part of it! On the last show of the year, Sean and Angelo breakdown the best and worst from the 2017 non-conference basketball season from upsets to surprises and everything in between. We also preview the big matchups and races in each major conference season. In each conference, we also provide our New Year's Resolutions for teams that need them and pep talks for teams that need a pick me up. We...


Ep. 22 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Toughest Venues, Marvin Bagley III or Trae Young and Name Madness)

The guys are back for one last show before Christmas and there is a lot to get to! On this episode, Sean and Angelo analyze the state of Seton Hall following Jordan Walker's brief absence and return. The guys also debate the toughest place to win a game in college basketball and which places might be overrated. They also debate who would you rather have to start your team: Duke's Marvin Bagley III or Oklahoma's Trae Young? Finally, the guys reveal the Name Madness Bracket and breakdown all...


Ep. 21 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Unbeaten Teams, Top Frosh in College Hoops and The Name Bracket)

The guys are back for the 21st episode and it is jammed packed. Instead of going out to bars to celebrate their 21st show, Sean and Angelo instead discussed stock up and stock down for this week's AP Poll and which conferences are trending in the wrong direction. The guys also debate which of the six remaining unbeaten teams will lose first and which team will remain unbeaten the longest. They also debate the best freshmen in college basketball and debut the "Best Name in College Basketball...


Ep. 20 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (LiAngelo Ball Leaves UCLA, Best Rivalries and AP Poll Problems)

The 20th episode of the podcast is here! This is a big episode not only because we made it to 20 shows, but also because it is a jam packed episode! Sean and Angelo breakdown the latest with the Ball Family saga as LiAngelo Ball has been pulled out of UCLA by his dad Lavar Ball. The guys also debate the best rivalries in college basketball. Vote on Twitter @TheFoulPodcast and share your favorite rivalry. The guys also dive into issues with certain AP voter's selections for this week's AP Top...


Ep. 19 Flagrantly Foul Podcast(Trouble for Arizona and Marquette, PK 80 recap, Stock Up, Stock Down)

Sean and Angelo are back after a wild week of college hoops to discuss the biggest stories in college basketball over the past week. The guys discuss big trouble for Arizona and Marquette and what it could mean for their seasons. They recap the best and worst from the PK80 basketball tournament and discuss which team's stocks are up and which are down. The guys also give their Mid Major team of the week, National team of the week and their game of the past week. You can share your bests of...


Ep. 18 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Michael Porter Jr., PK 80 and Early Returns in College Hoops)

Sean and Angelo provide their thoughts on the early games in the college basketball season. Who's up? Who's down? We also breakdown the Michael Porter Jr. injury, big games coming up on the schedule and predict the PK 80 Invitational! Follow us on SoundCloud, share the show on social media and subscribe on iTunes. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheFoulPodcast, @SSaintj7 and @amalt_21! Thanks as always for listening!


Ep. 17 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (ACC Preview and Predictions)

Sean and Angelo return to preview the ACC basketball season! We look at the top storylines for each team, predict a winner and tell you which teams will struggle and which will thrive in arguably the best conference in college basketball. Follow us on SoundCloud, share the show on social media and subscribe on iTunes. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheFoulPodcast, @SSaintj7 and @amalt_21! Thanks as always for listening!


Ep. 16 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (SEC Basketball Preview with Cam Newton)

Sean and Angelo return to preview the SEC basketball season with Cam Newton from SB Nation's Team Speed Kills, A Sea of Blue and Mid Major Madness. He breaks down the conference, surprise teams to watch out for and why Kentucky won't win the conference this season! Follow Cam on Twitter @morrisoncrying! (Cam explains on the show why his Twitter handle is named morrisoncrying) Follow us on SoundCloud, share the show on social media and subscribe on iTunes. Make sure to follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 15 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (PAC 12 Basketball Preview and Podcast City Rankings)

Sean and Angelo return to preview the PAC 12 conference basketball season! They provide their thoughts on the major storylines in the conference and predict a winner! Will Arizona be dethroned? Is USC all hype or the real deal? Will another Ball brother shine in LA? And which team could surprise everyone out west this season? All of that and more on this episode of the Flagrantly Foul Podcast. Make sure to follow us and like us on SoundCloud, subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 14 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Big 12 Preview With Brendan Dzwierzynski)

The guys are back to preview the Big 12 basketball season with Brendan Dzwierzynski. We breakdown the conference team by team and reveal who we think will win the conference title as well as players to watch and teams to keep an eye on. Let us know which conference you want us to do next! Also check out Brendan's radio show on WIBW 580 AM in Topeka, Kansas called SportsTalk from 2-6 pm CT. Make sure to share the show and like us on SoundCloud. Follow us on Twitter: @TheFoulPodcast. Subscribe...


Ep. 13 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Big Ten Preview With Thomas Beindit)

Thomas Beindit from Big Ten Powerhouse on SB Nation is back to preview the Big Ten Conference basketball season. We all predict our surprise teams and players. We also analyze major storylines and select a conference champion. Make sure to like and share the podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes! Share it with all of your friends on social media and as always thanks for listening!


Ep. 12 Flagrantly Foul Podcast Special Edition (FBI College Basketball Scandal With Thomas Beindit)

The podcast is back for a special edition. We interrupt our preview shows to breakdown the extensive findings by the FBI that led to the arrest of numerous coaches from multiple universities as well as people involved with Adidas and AAU basketball. Thomas Beindit from Big Ten Powerhouse joins us to breakdown the entire situation. Where we are now, what this could lead to and what are the consequences for the schools, coaches and people involved. Our next preview episode is coming later this...


Ep. 11 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Big East Conference Preview with Jaden Daly)

We preview the Big East Conference on this episode of the Flagrantly Foul Podcast! Jaden Daly from Daly Dose of Hoops joins us as we break down all ten teams! We all give you our conference regular season and tournament champion as well as teams and players to watch out for this upcoming season. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, share and like the show on SoundCloud and share on social media. Make sure to check out dalydoseofhoops.com to follow Jaden Daly's college hoops...


Ep. 10 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (Mid-Major Conference Preview, Predictions and Surprises)

Episode 10 is here and we are beginning our college basketball conference previews! Today we preview all of the mid-major conferences! Every. Last. One. We breakdown each conference and give you our predictions for who will win each conference, surprise teams to watch out for and players to watch in each conference. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheFoulPodcast to send us your questions about anything college basketball. Share this podcast and follow us on SoundCloud. Subscribe on iTunes...


Ep. 9 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (College teams abroad, Duke is the best and Non-con games we must see)

Sean Saint Jacques and Angelo Maltese are back for Episode 9 of the podcast after some time off and it is full of big news! We discuss college basketball teams in Barcelona during the terrorist attacks. Is Duke the best team in America? We answer that question. The guys also dive into possible issues with South Carolina, Minnesota and Georgetown. We also break down non-conference college basketball matchups that we need to see! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheFoulPodcast. Subscribe on...


Ep. 8 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (The Lavar Ball Saga, Basketball Power Index and Your Questions)

Sean Saint Jacques and Angelo Maltese have returned with Episode 8 of the Flagrantly Foul Podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes! On this show we discuss the latest saga involving Lavar Ball and his interactions with a referee at an Adidas Tournament and try to put the Ball family saga to bed. We also discuss big news out of Wichita State, Western Kentucky and Kansas and what the future is looking like for those programs. The guys also debate the best team in America based on the Basketball Power...


Ep. 7 Flagrantly Foul Podcast (L'ville and UNC aftermath, The Perfect team and Best Duos in CBB)

Sean Saint Jacques and Angelo Maltese are back after a brief hiatus for episode 7 of the podcast! On this episode, we discuss the aftermath of the Louisville and North Carolina scandals and what it means for college basketball going forward. We also breakdown the best 1-2 punches in college basketball and the perfect college basketball team for this season. At the end, we also take your questions and discuss why Notre Dame is not a top 3 team in the ACC and which college player can improve...