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FloWrestling Radio Live is hosted by Christian Pyles and Willie Saylor of Flowrestling.com. CP and Smalls dive into all topics pertaining to high school, college and international wrestling.

FloWrestling Radio Live is hosted by Christian Pyles and Willie Saylor of Flowrestling.com. CP and Smalls dive into all topics pertaining to high school, college and international wrestling.


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FloWrestling Radio Live is hosted by Christian Pyles and Willie Saylor of Flowrestling.com. CP and Smalls dive into all topics pertaining to high school, college and international wrestling.




FRL 462 - Can Iowa Shutout Oklahoma State?

Run of Show 0:00 - We need an alien hour ASAP 0:02 - Ben has some more thoughts on the wrestlers who popped yesterday 0:06 - Oklahoma State-Iowa preview, Ben thinks it could be a shutout 0:50 - UNI-Wisconsin preview 01:00 - Random D1 pick’ems 01:04 - Questions from friends


FRL 461 - UWW Catches Cheaters, Iowa State Over UNI, Cerro Pelado

Run of Show 0:00 - BREAKING NEWS: UWW catches some cheaters 0:06 - This baseball cheating scandal is wild 0:10 - Iowa State beats UNI in a wild one 0:18 - High school wrestling needs college out of bounds 0:21 - Cerro Pelado results, J’den Cox first time at 97kg 0:30 - European Championships talk and biggest storylines 0:32 - Ben wants more Americans wrestling at World Championships 0:37 - Upsets from last weekend in D1 wrestling 0:43 - 125 down in talent or is Spencer Lee that...


FRL 460 - Recapping tOSU-PSU, NC State-VT, Iowa-Minnesota, Sebastian Rivera's B1G Seeding

Run of Show 0:00 - Ben Askren has a new look to his home studio 0:01 - Askren wants KB and Nomad’s take on Wisconsin sectionals 0:04 - NC State brings up a team dual title option 0:09 - Ben disagrees with Bratke’s take that NC State/Virginia Tech was the dual of the year 0:31 - Let’s talk about Nomad projecting Sebastian Rivera to be the 11th seed 0:39 - Seabass is back, and looking thiccc 0:40 - Penn State beat Ohio State at the Bryce Jordan Center on Saturday night 0:41 - Ben’s...


FRL Weekend Recap #4: Freestyle Seeds and D1 Reactions

On this Weekend Recap Edition of FRL, Nomad and Bray break down the impact the European Championships could have on Olympic seeding, Team USA's performance in Cuba, and the best D1 action. Show Notes: 0:00 - Euro Results and Olympic seeding 0:18 - Team USA in Cuba 0:30 - NC State's win over VT and dual championship talk 0:41 - Rounding up D1 weekend results


FRL Friday Edition #4: Euros & NCAA Coaches Ranking Reactions

On this Friday Edition of FRL, Spey and Bray break down the results from Euros and talk about how the next two weeks could set up some interesting post-season seeds. Order of Show 0:00 - Euros Talk 0:14 - NCAA Coaches Ranking Talk 0:46 - Weekend Preview


FRL 459 - Previewing Minnesota-Iowa, Virginia Tech-NC State, The Iowa Coaches Are Getting Paid

Run of Show 0:00 - Ben’s late because of the bus 0:01 - Bader’s wild interview with Thomas Gilman about Russia 0:08 - Bader on J’den’s decision to go 97kg 0:22 - Previewing Minnesota vs Iowa 0:36 - Virginia Tech vs NC State preview 0:44 - UNI vs Iowa State discussion 0:46 - Iowa is seriously paying their coaches 0:49 - Questions from friends


FRL 457 - J'den's Decision To Go 97kg & Ohio State-Penn State Breakdown

Run of Show 0:00 - Ben Askren is the world's greatest prankster 0:07 - Reaction J’den Cox going 97kg for the Olympic Trials 0:31 - Ohio State-Penn State breakdown 0:37 - D1 matchups we most want to see 0:50 - D1 dual rankings update 0:52 - Coming back to Ohio State-Penn State because we are space cadets 01:08 - Questions from friends


FRL 457 - Princeton Ends Cornell's Streak, Gross-RBY, Parris-Cassioppi

Run of Show 0:00 - The Dassey family is after CP 0:01 - Princeton ends Cornell’s streak 0:04 - NC State’s crowd against North Carolina was insane 0:06 - Ben and CP fan boy out over Ben Darmstadt 0:09 - Mason Parris’ dominant win over Tony Cassioppi 0:19 - Rob Koll, Chris Ayres chirping on Twitter 0:26 - Seth Gross-RBY breakdown 0:36 - Does Ben think RBY can win NCAA’s now? 0:40 - Jarod Verkleuren is coming along, nearly beats Brayton Lee 0:41 - Little Rock gives Arizona State some...


FRL Weekend Recap #3 - The Women's Pan Am Wrestle-Offs And The Biggest D1 Upsets

Minutes 0:00 - Recapping the women's freestyle Pan Am Olympic Qualifier wrestle-off 0:19 - Examining the current landscape of women's college wrestling 0:28 - PIAA team states impacted by Catholic schools having to forfeit to girls 0:34 - The Boby Douglas tribute was incredible 0:38 - Talking through the different avenues wrestlers can go after college 0:42 - How Matt Kolodzik coming off Olympic Redshirt impacts Princeton and the team trophy race 0:47 - Speaking about the big dual...


FRL Friday Edition #3: Honoring Legendary Coach And Wrestler Bobby Douglas

Minutes 0:00 - Chris Bono and Bobby Douglas share stories of their time together at Iowa State 0:18 - NCAA champ Barry Weldon talks about how Bobby Douglas made him into a champion 0:26 - NCAA champ David Zabriskie on what made Bobby Douglas so special 0:32 - Cyon with a couple EXPLICIT stories from his time with Bobby Douglas at Iowa State 0:41 - Closing out the show with some words from Jon Reader and Chris Bono


FRL 456 - Askren & Bader Swap Stories, Facilities Arm Race Continues

Run of Show 0:00 - Bader butchers CP’s opening 0:01 - Askren’s recruiting trip stories to Mizzou with Bader 0:05 - Bader teases some content coming out with Royce Alger/Dan Gable 0:11 - Metcalf film ETA and teasing another FloFilm in the works 0:13 - The time Bader almost missed weight at Oklahoma State 0:15 - The time Askren almost missed weight 0:17 - Bader previews some content coming with Dustin Schlatter & Anthony Ashnault 0:21 - Making picks for Senior women’s freestyle...


FRL 455 - Evolution of The Team Race, Askren Thinks Penn State's Run Is Over

Run of Show 0:00 - Austin & Wisconsin weather update 0:02 - 9 teams have been ranked top 4 at some point 0:13 - Putting some ABP’s out for D1 wrestlers 0:15 - Is Penn State’s lineup going to change by March? 0:16 - Austin DeSanto injury update 0:17 - Will Sebastian Rivera go down to 125? 0:21 - Joe Smith is officially back 0:23 - Mauller takes out #1 Lewallen 0:25 - Is Penn State’s dynasty run coming to a close? 0:36 - North Carolina-North Carolina State preview 0:42 - Previewing...


FRL 454 - Breaking Down Everything RBY-DeSanto, PSU-Iowa, Ben Rants About Olympic Trials Brackets

Run of Show 0:00 - Ben can’t contain himself and rants about the Olympic Trials brackets 0:08 - Breaking down RBY-DeSanto match and ranking 0:35 - Should team points be taken away? 0:44 - Spencer Lee is destroying everyone, is he the most dynamic point scorer in NCAA history? 0:50 - Why didn’t Iowa push for bonus at 149/157? 0:53 - Joseph-Marinelli want to go old school clinch at all times against each other 0:58 - Turns out Mark Hall does have to pay the Carver tax twice 01:02 -...


FRL Weekend Recap #2- RBY, Desanto Ranking + Top Upsets

Spey and Bray discuss the rankings implications of RBY vs DeSanto and run down the weekend's top upsets. Show Rundown 0:00 - Spey Tries to Defend his RBY vs DeSanto Ranking 0:22 - Breaking Down Ohio State vs Nebraska 0:35 - A New #1 at 149 0:39 - 184 Chaos 0:41 - Best Upsets of the Weekend


FRL Friday Edition 2: Eierman's Enrolled and Big Ten 184 Chaos

Nomad and Bray break down the news of Eierman's enrollment in classes as Iowa, the chaos of 184, and some of the best matches to watch this weekend. Show Rundown 0:00 - Eierman's enrolled before the biggest dual of the year 0:08 - Brooks vs Assad 0:14 - Making sense of 184 in the Big Ten 0:39 - Underrated teams that have been building


FRL 453 - Askren On The Hodge Race, Olympic Trials Seeding, D1 Weekend Pick'ems

Order of Show 0:00 - No CP today, he’s finalizing the Casey’s Pizza deal for Friday 0:03 - Askren’s take on the Hodge Rankings 0:24 - Taking a look ahead at the Olympic Trials seeds 0:47 - Ohio State at Nebraska virtual whiteboard war 1:07 - Couple pick ems of high profile individual matchup 1:19 - Tuesday Headlines from Nomad and Bratke 1:22 - Back to individual pick ems 1:28 - Questions from Friends


FRL 452 - CP & Ben Make PSU-Iowa Predictions, Big Announcement

Order of show 1:40 - Nomad has a big announcement 7:15 - The Casey's General Store partnership is actually happening 12:30 - CP & Ben make Penn State vs Iowa predictions 01:03 - 2 Oklahoma State football players join wrestling team 01:08 - Tuesday headlines from CP & Ben 01:11 - Questions from friends


FRL 451 - Recapping Four Monster D1 Duals From Last Weekend

Minutes 0:00 - Bratke is the angel of death for YouTube accounts 0:03 - Let’s talk about Sammy Sasso’s weekend 0:09 - CP believes Penn State has a clear path to victory this Friday against Iowa 0:16 - Ben’s recap of Ohio State vs Iowa 0:32 - What are the takeaways from Penn State vs Nebraska 0:43 - North Carolina took it to Virginia Tech 0:49 - Awesome dual: Northern Iowa beat Oklahoma State for the first time since 1991 1:01 - Coach Dresser really let his team have it in the press...


FRL Weekend Recap 1: Who's The New #1 At 149?

Spey and Bray discuss an upset-filled weekend of wrestling that leaves big questions about the top ranked 149-pounder and the NCAA dual rankings Order of Show: 0:00 - Sasso or Lewallen on top of 149? 0:12 - Top team and individual Upsets of the Weekend


FRL Friday Recap: PSU/Nebraska, Iowa vs Ohio State, UNC vs VT

THE WEIRD LOOP MUSIC IS ONLY FOR 1 minute 2 seconds please forgive me. - CP Order of Show: 0:00 - PSU vs Nebraska 0:14 - UNC just destroyed VT 0:18 - Iowa vs Ohio State