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A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.

A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.
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A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.






JGP Chelyabinsk 2019: Ladies And Pairs

The fourth JGP event in Chelyabinsk, Russia showed the dominance of Russian junior skating, particularly in the ladies and pairs events. We are forced to be a bit nitpicky about the top competitors who were all so good that we don't even really have much to critique at all, and we enthuse about a new pairs team from North Korea who blew us away with their unity.


Lombardia Trophy 2019

There were other competitions than just the Autumn Classic happening this weekend, and in this episode we play catch-up with the Lombardia Trophy! We get excited about how strong the competition was in the ladies event, discuss the improvements we're seeing from the men here, and discuss awkward music choices and twizzle mind-melds in ice dance.


Autumn Classic 2019: Men

Finally, we wrap up with the men, AKA the Kevin Aymoz special, in which we try in vain to eloquently express our adoration for Kevin and his new programs, try to support all the young guys and new seniors with screams and burgeoning emotional over-investment, and guilt you into playing along at any and all competitions.


Autumn Classic 2019: Ladies

We continue our Autumn Classic recap with the ladies in which we lament missing seeing an amazing short program live for work, worry about the health and happiness of everyone, and also talk about some jumps and stuff.


Autumn Classic 2019: Ice Dance

We have returned home from Autumn Classic, so prepare yourself for a deluge of content! We begin with the small but mighty ice dance event, in which we get way too emotionally over-invested in literally every single team and talk probably far too much about voguing.


JGP Riga 2019

There was a ton of great skating at the third Junior Grand Prix event in Riga, Latvia, and we break down all three disciplines that competed! We discuss the rise of South Korean skating, the ridiculous expectations placed on the Russian ladies based on previous dominance, men's skaters with tons of potential who let inconsistency and spins get in the way of success, and the curse of the Canadian pewter ice dance medalists.


JGP Lake Placid 2019: Men And Dance

In part two of our JGP Lake Placid recap we discuss the ice dance and the men, and assess the quads that were attempted in the men's event, discuss our horror over witnessing a disastrous RD event live in the front row, and laugh over a teeny tiny Canadian flag at the men's medal ceremony.


JGP Lake Placid 2019: Pairs And Ladies

We attended the second JGP event in Lake Placid and it was a big one! In part one we discuss the pairs and ladies events, including our frustration with some viewers overly criticizing junior skaters, our live in-arena thoughts on Alysa Liu's quad lutz, and our adoration for all Russian pairs skaters.


JGP Courchevel 2019

The 2019-2020 season is officially here! In this episode we recap the first junior grand prix event of the season and discuss the surprising lack of quads in the men's event, how altitude and immense pressure made for a tough ladies event, and music issues in the dance event due to audio issues, inappropriate choices for junior skaters, and music that doesn't follow the ISU's requirements.


2019 Minto Madness

It's the off season, but things are starting to happen in skating before the JGPs roll around, and in this episode we discuss a little bit of the skating we've seen in the last few weeks. We recap the 2019 Skate Ontario Minto Sectional competition, and get particularly excited about the Tea Time Foxtrot and junior ice dance, plus we recap last week's Skate Ontario Summer Stars fundraising gala and tell you a bit about our plans for our brand new Patreon!


Remembering Denis Ten's Best Programs

As we approach the one year anniversary of Denis Ten's tragic and untimely death, we thought it would be fitting to remember him by rewatching some of the best programs of his career. We discuss our lists of the best programs Denis ever skated and remember his passion for skating and his country, the many ups and downs of his career, and the history he made in spite of many great obstacles. We hope you'll watch or rewatch his greatest moments for yourself, and join us in laughing and...


2019 Grand Prix Assignments

The assignments for the 2019 Grand Prix Series are out, and we take a deep dive into the lists, and discuss last minute withdrawals shaking up the lists, potential skaters to fill the TBD spots, new team-ups, and the utterly insane ladies fields. There's a lot to unpack, and a lot to be excited for!


2018 19 Season's Best List: Pairs

In our final episode recapping the best of the best in figure skating, we recap our top pairs programs from this past season. We agree a lot, we talk about a lot of teams you may have never heard of and compliment a LOT of amazing programs. No matter what your favourite style of pairs skating is, there's probably a program on the list for you.


2018/19 Seaon's Best List: Ladies

We had very different lists for each of our top ten ladies programs of the season and we discuss a ton of programs, including the skaters with two incredible programs we just couldn't decide between, how much choreography can be left out of a great program when the jumps aren't going well, and why skaters who put their absolute love of skating on full display are the best part of watching figure skating.


2018/19 Season's Best List: Men

We continue our recap of our favourite programs of the last season with the men, and discuss how glad we were to have a tie for best program of the season, how amazing it is when a choreographer can create a program that fits their skater to a T, and get excited about what new programs some of our favourite skaters might have in store for us next season.


2018/19 Season's Best List: Ice Dance

This season has been a wild ride. There were some seriously rough times this season in ice dance, but we like to focus on the positives. So, we started our best of the season lists with the ice dance, our favourite discipline, but also sometimes the most frustrating. We each make a top 10, then aggregate the ranking to make one ultimate master list. Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter for the blog post with all the programs (plus some more that didn't quite make the cut).


Stars On Ice Canada 2019

Skating's off-season means it's time for our yearly trip to Stars on Ice Canada, and this year's Toronto show was full of nostalgia for us. We gush over the history of Canadian men's skating that is represented here, get excited about cheesy '90s dance numbers, and reminisce about the many skating shows of our childhood.


Help, I don't Understand Ice Dance! With Guest Patrick

This week we spend TWO HOURS introducing our internet friend and yours, Patrick (@team_pdd) to the wacky world of ice dance, including all the rule changes for the upcoming season. We cover everything you need to know about the Finnstep, the basics of the Tea Time Foxtrot and the nitty gritty of ice dance rules. For all of you who don't quite know what's going on in ice dance, this episode is for you. We laugh, cry and gripe, plus we answer YOUR questions about all things ice dance!


Help, I Need Skating Music! With Guest Rob Colling

It's the off-season, and we're trying some new things, starting with our first ever podcast guest! You likely know our guest Rob Colling by his Twitter handle, @skatingmusicguy, and he's here to join us for a lengthy discussion of the ins and outs of creating the music accompanying your favourite skating programs. We discuss some of the dos and don'ts for picking music that works well in an arena, how hard it is to find music that fits the many requirements for ice dance, and speculate on...


2019 World Team Trophy

The season draws to a close with the World Team Trophy, and we test out a new way of recapping the event as we discuss Shoma Uno's crazy combination attempt, the increased jumping prowess on display in the ladies event, and other ways that a team competition could work and properly reflect strength across disciplines.