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A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.

A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.




A figure skating podcast to satisfy all of your skating news, analysis, and recap needs. Run by lifelong skaters and skating fans, Alicia and Mary. Get ready to jump right in to the nitty gritty details of what’s happened this week in figure skating.






Four Continents 2020: Men

We wrap up Four Continents with the men's event which saw a number of strong skates. We discus the risk/reward of repeating programs, some skaters who had a great competition that we won't see at Worlds who wrapped up their season in a strong way, and our continued wait for the official Canadian World's assignments to be released.


Four Continents 2020: Pairs

The pairs field was small again this year at Four Continents, but there was a lot of excitement. We discuss the late withdrawals, a surprising number of unintentional double throws, the constant flux of the US pairs field, and go off on a tangent about whether base values should be modified to encourage skaters to try quad throws again.


Four Continents 2020: Ice Dance

Dance standings continued to be a bit unpredictable at Four Continents, and we discuss the continued importance of base value at the top and our excitement for the development of dance in the three continents outside of North America, plus some tangents on the importance of an arena that has had proper audio outfitting for figure skating and whether the base and GOE values for choreographic elements should be changed.


Four Continents 2020: Ladies

The top women brought out the big tricks at Four Continents, and we discuss the excitement of a warmup filled with triple Axel and quad attempts, how this competition seems to be one where skaters will try out new things feeling they have nothing to lose in doing so, and the continuing question of who'll get the two Canadian women's spots at Worlds.


Europeans 2020: Pairs

We wrap up our Europeans recaps with the pairs, in which we discuss our frustration with Tarasova and Morozov's continuing struggles, whether Boikova and Kozlovskii can take the gold at Worlds, how exciting it is to see a team skate well in their home country, and our always increasing admiration for Zoe Jones.


Europeans 2020: Ladies

The ladies event at Europeans saw great comeback skates and some mistakes from the top three, and we discuss the many skaters coming here straight from the Youth Olympics, how hard it is to keep switching between Junior and Senior programs, and why switching layouts and tech content is rarely successful for most skaters and should probably be avoided.


Europeans 2020: Men

The men continue to be inconsistent at Europeans, and we discuss more boot problems, the race between the top two Italian skaters here, why throwing in lots of quads (especially at the last minute) is often a big mistake, and why Kevin Aymoz might have cracked under the pressure to fail to qualify for the free skate.


Europeans 2020: Ice Dance

The dance event at Europeans was a wild one, and we try to explain for all those who have been asking just what happened during Papadakis and Cizeron's skate and why they wound up coming second to Sinitsina and Katsalapov. Plus we discuss the rest of the field including some exciting up-and-coming junior teams and the very close results of the Spanish dance battle.


US Nationals 2020: Pairs

We wrap up our US Nationals recaps with the pairs, where we saw a lot of strong skates. We discuss the difficult decision of who to send to Worlds, why unexpectedly winning as a fairly new team might not be the best thing for you, and why intentional pops can be a good strategy if your side-by-side jumps are too inconsistent.


US Nationals 2020: Ladies

The ladies at US Nationals had almost as strong an event as the men did, and we discuss why your favourite skate of the night doesn't need to be the winning one, the interesting choice still to be made about which skaters will get Junior Worlds spots, and the many skaters who made us get emotional with their skates here.


US Nationals 2020: Dance

We continue our recaps with the US Nationals Dance event, which was a rather messy one. We discuss the many many slip ups at this event, including two major Finnstep keypoint issues for the top two teams, the dangers of getting a new program just for Nationals, intentional choreographic falls, and the subjectivity of judging and calling choreographic elements.


US Nationals 2020: Men

It was a busy week of skating between US Nationals and Europeans, but the US men skated so well we decided to start or weekend recaps with them! We discuss how impressive it is that Nathan Chen on an off day is still unbeatable, enthuse about the many great artistic skaters throughout this event who we enjoyed whether their jumps went well or not, and debate who the world team should be (not knowing that it was announced as we were recording).


Youth Olympics 2020: Ladies And Dance

After a break to attend Canadian Nationals, we return to the Youth Olympics to cover the events we didn't have time to last week. We discuss a number of up-and-coming ladies we're curious to see at Europeans, why speed and power are so important in junior ice dance, and our immense frustration over frequent falls by talented teams. Plus, we briefly discuss the team event, particularly as it pertains to the dance field, and imagine new team events for the senior skaters.


Canadian Nationals 2020: Novices And Juniors

Finally, to wrap up our coverage of Canadian Nationals we discuss a little bit of everything that happened this week in the Novice and Junior events. We discuss our pattern dance nostalgia, confusion and frustration over Junior Worlds spots, the most successful double dippers competing in more than one event, and how we can better handle bad warm up injuries in the future to try to prevent skaters from competing with undiagnosed injuries.


Canadian Nationals 2020: Men

We wrap up our recap of the senior events at Canadian nationals with the men, an event with results almost as unexpected as the ladies. We discuss the amount of attention paid to Nam and Keegan's bromance, the great audio mixing of Roman's free skate for arena speakers, and some really enjoyable skates that didn't make it into the top five.


Canadian Nationals 2020: Pairs

The pairs event was a dramatic one in all the best ways, and we discuss last minute ice patches and warmup antics, a perfect example of how twist quality can set up a program for success or failure, and why we're so excited that Walsh and Michaud made Skate Canada hold off on assigning a second team to Worlds.


Candian Nationals 2020: Ladies

The ladies event at Canadian Nationals was quite a shocker! We had some amazing skates, some disappointments, and some sweet moments. We talk the good, the bad, and the discourse.


Canadian Nationals 2020: Dance

We're back home from the 2020 Canadian Nationals, and we're ready to break it all down! We started with our favourite, the dance, featuring Gilles and Poirier, Lajoie and Lagha, and Soucisse and Firus. We talk hair malfunctions, fluke falls, and wanting it too bad.


Youth Olympics 2020: Men And Pairs

We're still in the midst of competition for the Youth Olympics, but we're here to discuss the two events that have completed - the pairs and men. We discuss our relief over Panfilova and Rylov's win, some frustrating commentary in the men's event, the danger of padded boards, the rise of team Georgia, and our excitement for the future of the many youngsters competing here.


Japanese Nationals 2019: Men And Dance

In the second half of our Japanese Nationals recap, we have a lot to say about the current state of Japanese ice dance, plus we discuss our relief over Shoma Uno's renewed confidence, our excitement for the junior skaters here who were really pushing the top seniors, and why what Daisuke Takahashi is doing in his skating comeback is so important to give everyone in skating some perspective on what a lengthy skating career can look like if you still want to keep skating into your thirties.