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State Of The Position: QB | 5-20-2018

We start a brand new series this week as we break away from the traditional offseason outlook, and dive into each of the four major offensive positions in the NFL. We'll take a look at the landscape as a whole and break down where we stand at each position as well as where we might be heading over the next few seasons! This week we are talking Quarterbacks and there is plenty to discuss. Many people believe we are in a new golden age of Quarterbacks. We'll discuss the tiers and where we see...


Way Too Early Fantasy Rankings | 5-13-2018

We're talking Fantasy Football already with our annual Way Too Early rankings released! We'll discuss players we are far apart on early on and ones we are surprised about. We'll also definitely argue about stuff. This show features some good content to get you thinking about your 2018 Fantasy season!


Stump The Goons

Join us this week for the first ever edition of Stump The Goons. Miles hosts as Deal, Rocco, and South compete in a three round football trivia contest in real time. Its a race against the clock as we rack our brains for the correct answers! Play along and listen now to find out who takes home the bragging rights!


2018 NFL Draft Recap | 4-29-2018

We're breaking down the 2018 NFL Draft. We steer clear of giving way too early grades and discuss the picks we liked, the ones we didn't, the teams who hit homer runs with their draft, and the picks that did the best job of filling needs. And what would a draft recap be without discussing Fantasy Football implications? Check it out today!


2018 LIVE NFL Mock Draft | 4-22-2018

The 2018 NFL Draft is a mere 4 days away and the Goons are continuing with their annual traditional of doing a LIVE Mock Draft. Each Goon represents two different divisions as we Mock this class in real time with analysis. Join us and weigh in LIVE during the show!


2018 NFL Draft QB Preview | 4-15-2018

The final installment of of 2018 NFL Draft preview series covers the Quarterback position. There are varying opinions on this class and we are split on some of the players as well. We'll tell you who we like, who we don't like as much, and who we feel isn't getting enough hype! Feel free to weigh in with your comments and opinions as well!


2018 NFL Draft RB Preview | 4-8-2018

This week we enter into the final stages of the 2018 NFL Draft Preview Series and discuss the depth and talent of the Running Back position. This is a very special class in the opinion of The Goons so be sure to check it out to find out who we believe is the best, what are some specific fits for teams this year, and who are some deeper prospects we're keeping an eye on? Listen now and weigh in with your thoughts and opinions!


2018 NFL Draft WR & TE Preview | 4-2-2018

The next edition of our NFL Draft Preview series rolls on and we have arrived at the skill positions! This week we discuss the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends in the 2018 class. Who stands out, who doesn't, and who is underrated. Plus we are guaranteed to argue on one player specifically! Check it out now and let us know where you agree and disagree.


2018 NFL Draft Preview DL & OL | 3-25-2018

Part two of our NFL Draft preview series breaks down the best prospects and some sleepers among the Defensive Line and Offensive Line. We'll cover pass rusher, run stoppers, and the men up front in detail. As always, we discuss the biggest stories around the league too. Check it out today and let us know your thoughts.


2018 NFL Draft Preview DB & LB | 3-18-2018

We kick off our NFL Draft preview series with a look at the Linebackers and Secondary in this class. Who is worth the hype, who isn't, and where might some of these players land? Plus we take a look at some of the early action of Free Agency and decide how we feel about some of the players' new homes. Listen now and leave us your comments and questions!


2018 NFL Free Agency Preview | 3-11-2018

This week we take a look ahead at 2018 NFL Free Agency! It's sure to be fast and exciting this week considering how many trades and reported signings have already been made before the league year has even started. We dive head first into the biggest names and some of the more under appreciated ones as well. Where will they end up, where do we believe are the best fits, and what are some realistic trades we can see over the next few weeks? Listen today and weigh in for yourself!


Fantasy Football MEGA Draft | 3-4-2018

Join us as we celebrate our 100th episode! We wanted to do something a little more special than look back and reminisce so we decided to do our first ever MEGA draft. We're drafting a Fantasy Football team of QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE spanning the past 6 decades of NFL football. The only rules are that you can only select one player from each decade. To qualify for a decade, the player had to play at least 5 season during that period. Check it out LIVE and let us know your thoughts on who...


2018 NFC Offseason Big Picture | 2-25-2018

This week we cover the NFC teams and take a look at what they need to do this offseason to get back to the playoffs, or just get themselves in after missing last year. We expect this to be a competitive race all around so there are sure to be disagreements. And a few of us throw out some wild hot takes that you just HAVE to hear. Check it out and weigh in with your thoughts and questions!


2018 Offseason AFC Big Picture | 2-18-2018

The offseason is here but that doesnt mean NFL talk ends. The Goons are ready to roll and take a look at the AFC from a big picture perspective. We'll look at the playoff teams from last year and discuss what they need to do to remain there. We also talk about the rest of the teams to a lesser extent and decide which ones could challenge for a playoff spot in 2018


Super Bowl 52 Recap | 2-6-2018

The Goons are recapping Super Bowl 52 and the historic first championship for the Philadelphia Eagles! Where do the Eagles and Patriots go from here? What's up with Malcolm Butler? How does the rest of the QB needy league view Nick Foles? We'll answer all of those questions and look into the future with some way too early 2018 predictions!


Super Bowl 52 Preview | 1-29-2018

Super Bowl 52 is here and the time for talking is nearly done. This week we discuss how we got here and how we believe this game will play out. We'll decide who is going to win not only the big game, but some of the awards that will be handed out this weekend. Check it out and get involved with the show by dropping us some questions and comments on YouTube and social media.


2017 Conference Championship Recap | 1-23-2018

This week we have the unfortunate task of managing the week between Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. Luckily, there is a ton to discuss coming out of last weekend and looking forward. We'll talk about the games and where the Vikings and Jaguars go from here, touch a little on the Super Bowl, and have some fun with a brand new segment called "One's Gotta Go." Check it out and send us your questions and comments to get a shoutout on the LIVE show!


2018 Conference Championship Preview | 1-16-2018

It's Conference Championship week in the NFL and we have two really good games on the docket. The Goons will break down the games and tell you who wins and why. We'll also take a quick look back at some of the biggest stories coming out of the Divisional round. Send us your questions and predictions for the week ahead!


2018 Divisional Playoff Preview | 1-9-2018

The Divisional Round of the Playoffs is here and what better way to break down the 8 best teams in football than with the best crew! The Goons are recapping a Wildcard Weekend full of surprises and looking forward to all the biggest stories this week. We'll let you know who wins and why. Plus, your questions and comments! Check it out!


2018 Wild Card Preview | 1-2-2018

It's playoff football time! This week we discuss the Wild Card weekend slate of games and discuss how we believe things will play out. We also discuss all of the biggest stories around the league and talk some 2018 Fantasy Football already! Check it out now and let us know who you think will win!


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