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Football+ Podcast Episode 12

’On the mean streets of Tranmere you are just one call away from justice…’ After an extended break, the Football+ Podcast returns to go in two-footed on the big issues other footy pods are afraid to tackle - including the biggest of them all… Yes, at long last, we finally discuss which football managers would make the best TV detectives! Other topics for host Paul Bennett and Bolton Wanderers-supporting guest Neil Hodgson include the UEFA Nations League, the Mourinho Meltdown (TM) and crappy...


Football+ Premier League Kick-Off Special

Footy is back! With the new Premier League season just around the corner, host Paul Bennett is joined by Day Riley, Neil Hodgson and Rob Anderson to assess each club’s chances. Can anybody dethrone Pep’s City? Is Mourinho headed for another meltdown? Has Klopp run out of excuses? What of the new gaffers in London, Emery and Sarri? Should Newcastle owner Mike Ashley cough up more cash for Rafa, or is he right to spend his money on Sports Direct mugs instead? Will Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham...


Football+ Podcast Episode 10

Host Paul Bennett shares a pint with Englishman abroad Chris Newton-Smith a.k.a. @irontoothdesign while chatting about his adopted Major League Soccer club Atlanta United who are taking the MLS by storm. What’s game day like at ‘the Benz’? How does US footy fan culture compare with the UK? Did the Yanks care about the World Cup when they weren’t in it? Why are their chants so rubbish? All this and more… plus ‘Benno Reads… Souness’ and the return of ‘Jude Book Jury’. Can Chris tell separate...


Football+ Podcast Russia 2018 World Cup Special - Part Two

Part Two of the Football+ World Cup Special sees Paul Bennett, Jude Riley, Matthew Leonard and Neil Hodgson getting progressively more drunk while attempting to tackle Groups E-H… including England’s potential fortunes. The lads chat Southgate, Sterling and more, and wonder whether Bobby M’s Belgium are really all that? Also, are Brazil the team to beat, or will the sexless Germans give them another seeing to? ML’s Football Insider gives hot tips on who to look out for, Brendan Riley speaks...


Football+ Podcast Russia 2018 World Cup Special - Part One

Warm-up for Russia 2018 with this Football+ Podcast World Cup Special recorded at DOA Studios in Bolton. Regular host Paul Bennett is joined by Jude Riley, Matthew Leonard and Neil Hodgson to preview a summer of soccer Soviet-style. Part One includes in-depth err… ‘analysis’ of Groups A-D. Should the tournament even be in Russia? Does anybody want super-villain Ronaldo to achieve the ultimate goal? Will it all end in tears for Lionel Messi? Will we all be laughing at France again? ML’s...


Football+ Podcast Episode 7

You can change gender, but can you change your footy team? In Episode 7 of the Football+ Podcast at Manchester’s Crown & Kettle, host Paul Bennett wonders if Evertonian Day Riley might be happier as a Liverpool fan. Is it too late? What next for the Toffees? Should Big Sam stay or go? Our reporter Brendan Riley asks the man on the street. Day and Benno talk Sir Alex Ferguson, while Benno reads excerpts from the autobiography of another true United legend. Plus, will ‘women’s football’ be...


Football+ Podcast Episode 6

The game’s gone, Gary! At least that’s the case for our latest guest, Birmingham City fan Olly Winkles, who explains why he’s fallen out of love with football. Can he be brought back from the brink? Host Paul Bennett gives it his best shot by taking the disillusioned Brummie to his first live game in years. Benno reads Rooney, Brendan Riley talks to the man on the street after a stunning round of Champions League action, and there’s a new feature as Jude Riley reviews Andrea Pirlo’s...


Football+ Podcast Episode 5

Even the Beast From the East can’t stop host Paul Bennett fulfilling his fixture with Reds fan Brendan Riley at the Cross Keys in the heart of Liverpool. Just how good is Mo Salah exactly? Are Jurgen Klopp’s men better without Coutinho? Can we get these chicken wings every episode? Those are the burning questions. Benno Reads King Kenny while Bren does his best to make history in condemning the worst of football to Bootroom 101. Can he become the first guest to go 3/3? Find out here…


Football+ Podcast Episode 4

Host Paul Bennett visits the Lord Nelson in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire to chat with Evertonian Mark Houghton. Topics include ‘bitter Blues’, Big Nev and the magic of the FA Cup - all to a banging Eighties soundtrack. Benno reads excerpts from the autobiography of a Liverpudlian legend while Mark attempts to condemn the very worst of football to the fiery hell-pit that is Bootroom 101…


Football+ Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Football+ Podcast sees host Paul Bennett sit down for a pint (or four) of Chocolate Fudge Stout with Manchester United fan Matthew Leonard. Topics include the commercialisation of football, the capital of Djibouti, creosote and penalty shoot-outs. Benno reads El Tel, the boys play a game of ‘Higher or Lower’ and Matt tries to consign his top pet hates to Bootroom 101.


Football+ Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Football+ Podcast is an all-Wigan affair as host Paul Bennett chats with fellow Latics fan and lead singer of Total Victory, Dan Brookes (he’s big in France, you know). Topics include Non-League hipsterism, donk and mornay sauce. Benno Reads Big Sam while Dan has his musical credentials tested and gets the chance to consign the worst of football to Bootroom 101.


Football+ Podcast Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Football+ Podcast, host Paul Bennett pops down to Waxy O’Connor’s with Liverpool fan Jude Riley to discuss whether the game has gone, Gary? Other topics include Klopp, Coutinho and Roy ‘Woy’ Hodgson. Benno reads Rio while Jude tries to consign the worst of football to Bootroom 101.