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A DotA 2 Podcast for new and experienced player's alike. The hosts crack wise and talk the pains and triumphs of learning the ins and outs of the game as well as the meta behind it and offer educational information about the game from higher skill players.

A DotA 2 Podcast for new and experienced player's alike. The hosts crack wise and talk the pains and triumphs of learning the ins and outs of the game as well as the meta behind it and offer educational information about the game from higher skill players.


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A DotA 2 Podcast for new and experienced player's alike. The hosts crack wise and talk the pains and triumphs of learning the ins and outs of the game as well as the meta behind it and offer educational information about the game from higher skill players.




TmT: Meedub Loves Micro (+ Patreon Updates!!)

On this revitalization of the true Teach me Tuesday format, Zac and Bee mourn the cancellation of The International's Sweden venue, along with their impending homework assignments from the new Patreon tiers. Topics include: visa struggles in Sweden, the new executive producer tier, micro heroes, micro hotkeys, micro micro, reversing Beedub's losing streak, mid players giving up without last pick, why supports are played core more than cores are played support, favorite and least favorite...


Making the Second-to-Last Mistake

On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Zac, and Bee gather around the campfire to tell tales of Dota and answer a slew of listener questions! Topics include: Necrophos, Arc Warden's Aghanim's Scepter, Ursi's Kunkka mid games, developing collegiate Dota clubs, stack variety, Jakiro mid (?!), the Overwatch system currently, and more!


AniMajor Retrospective & 7.30 Predictions! Stuns & Saves!

On a special Monday episode Zafc and Ursi cover tyhe recently-ended DPC Major and launch into a (surprisingly long & in-depth & maybe a little ranty) conversation about the current state of the game! Topics include: 7.30 predictions, DPC formatting, stun creep, mobility creep, Aeon Disk, the current state of neutral items, Mekansm, playoff structure, saves, healing, meta picks, unpicked heroes, and more!


TcT: PROUD BACK?!!?!?!?

LINK AT THE BOTTOM!!! Proud returns (for his final retrospective episode) with Bee and Ursi! Topics include: a reflection on podcasting from our longest-running hosts, some Lone Druid history, DotP history/discussion, what we've learned from podcasting, Proud discovering the meaning of life, Dota reflections, a couple listener questions, a new shirt (!!!), and tons more! SO LONG SENATOR SCRUMPUS GET "THE PROUD SPECIAL" HERE!!! or here!...


Experimentation is Not A Crime (But Nightclubs Are)

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac gather in the dark basement of an illegal London bar-turned-rave to sit in the corner and discuss Dota. Topics include: getting real results out of your projects/experiments, when experimentation is dangerous for your growth vs. necessary for your growth, the ongoing Major, custom pick screens, Luna opinions from Aui, Ursi's super tilt game, Bee 'going through the motions', Sand King, stack meta, and plenty more!


Notes For God

On this week's Thursday we discuss a whole slew of different heroes and games, some of which are good, others of which are bad, and a few of which are simply unknowable. Topics include: Venerial sins, Faceless Void, which roles tilt the most (and in what ways), Arc Warden, Ursi hitting platinum on Tinker, a mid Kunkka game, Zac's ranked losing streak, player mentality types, 4 Lifestealer, Necrophos, Queen of Pain, and more!


DPC Deep Dive (DPCeep Dive?) - Solving Hero Problems!

Normally a Patron Exclusive, we're releasing this Deep Dive in place of the week's regular Tuesday show because of how happy we were with it! Topics include: Sniper, Chen, Clinkz, Silencer, Meepo, item balance, hero pool shifts, regional pro dota trends, and plenty more!


The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Game

On this week's Theorycraft Thursday Zac and Ursi bring Ursi to the court of Dota 2 to decide his level of guilt for a particular Dota match. Topics include: Lion, Ursa, 7.29d, last week's project results, Arc Warden, Slark, Timbersaw, Winter Wyvern, Templar Assassin, streaming, Medusa, and much more!


Catastrophe Strategy

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac break through a whole bunch of mini-segments, some listener questions, and more! Topics include: deriving fun from Dota (a video game, meant to be fun!), specific sources/kinds of tilt, play skill differentiation, Aghanim Shards, Arc Warden, Gleipnir, Juggernaut, mangoes, playing Dota with your real-life friends, and more!


Magnus Isn't Handsome

On this week's Thursday Show Zac and Ursi discuss the status of invisibility in the game at the moment and go over some past projects, plan out some new projects, and more! Topics include: Magnus, long games, Lion, the recent carry pool, Slark, Sven, Medusa, 'soft commitment', Aeon Disk, Gems, Phantom Assassin, and more!


Dark Willow Stole My Teeth

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi get their teeth stolen by a sneaky lady. Topics include: Ursa, the Battle of Waterloo, dealing with Techies, Winter Wyvern, Dark Willow, Centaur Warrunner, an hour long Sniper game, support Invoker, team comp/synergy damage-type limitations, and more!


Announcement: Gooing Gooing Gone!

On this week's Thursday Show we make very important show announcements! We also talk about Dota, of course, focusing on Bristleback mostly! Topics include: important show announcement(s), support Invoker, Bristleback theorycrafting (lots of it!), Shadow Fiend, Zac's winning streak, overconfidence being punished, Video Game Resumés, Pudge, Meepo, and more!


TMT: Deradicalizing Your Teammates

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Ursi, and Zac get together to fix Dota 2. Topics include: Winter Wyvern, Vengeful Spirit, Pudge, Kotl combos, Bee's Big Day, pub management, Dota psychology, highgrounding, and much more!


TcT: Got A Head for Knowin'!

On this week's Thursday Show Zac and Ursi break into some new project heroes, go over some recent trends, and much more! Topics include: Spectre, Razor, Ursi & Zac's recent games together, Zac's ranked progress, core lion, Meepo (?!?!), Bounty Hunter and his shard, Tinker, Chaos Knight, Mars, Legion Commander, Sniper, Necrophos, and more!


Necrophos: Worse Than Techies?

On this week's (theoretically) Thursday Show Zac and Ursi get together to deal with Ursi's hot take: Necrophos is worse for the game than Techies. Other topics include: DPC League updates, Slardar as a carry, Centaur Warrunner, Faceless Void, Gleipnir, Lina, Nyx, map changes, Sniper supports, Necrophos potential, Lion, and much more!


New PCs and New PLs

On this week's Someday Show Ursi and Bee get together to talk about all manner of things! Full-on Dota talk begins at ~25:00. Topics include: Bee's new PC, the 2nd season of the Dota Anime being teased, Dawnbreaker positional analysis, Ursi and Bee's recent games, Phantom Lancer lancing his way through any and all games, a listener question about Starting Gold, streaming habits, patch 7.29b highlights, and more!


You Just Gotta Live It

On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Bee, and Zac get together to Live It. Topics include: conquering enemy deathballs, ganking strategy, Riki, Beastmaster as a 4, Grimstroke, Bee's recent tournament, Ursi & Zac losing pubs together, Slardar, new player inhouses, Dawnbreaker, splitpushing, ganks turning into teamfights, coordinating your pub teammates, the Labyrinthian Mind of the Dota 2 Player, and more!


Dumb Numbers: Fixing Dawnbreaker

On this week's Tuesday Show we flip-flop some people around and Proud, Ursi, and Zac give their reactions to their first few days of playing the new patch, with our main topics involving the new hero, Dawnbreaker, and the general effects/changes of the patch! Topics include: the new bottle & runes, Lion, Invoker, the biggest losers or the patch, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Luna, Skywrath, Armlet, Lifestealer, Phoenix, Lina, Warlock, and plenty more!


Dota 7.29 Dawnbreaker: Hero Changes!

On this part of the 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac burn through the absolute mountain of hero changes, big and small! We're looking at the up-and-comers theat got buffed, the sad folks who got nerfed, and everything in between!


Dota 7.29 Dawnbreaker: New Hero, General & Item Changes

On this part of the extensive 7.29 patch review Ursi, Proud, and Zac break through all of changes to the game, the map, the math, the new hero Dawnbreaker, item changes, and more! The hero changes are covered in the other part.