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23: Episode 23 | Matthew Richardson

To celebrate the 23rd and final episode of the season, co-hosts Adrian Brown and Bob Murphy reminisce about Simon Atkins and the great Werribee team of 2000 01:19; discover the real meaning of 'fill your boots' and 'Joe the goose' 04:34; 1990: the first year you could handball from a free kick 07:05; the Freedom in a Cage awards 08:21; the first thing Bob bought after signing an AFL contract 15:43; and the incredible Yarra Glen v Thornton Eildon clash from last weekend 16:16\. Tiger great...


22: Episode 22 | Caleb Daniel

In the latest episode of the Freedom in a Cage podcast the boys discuss Bob's transition from the number 22 to 2 01:08; the Dogs' late season form 04:24; Morris v Riewoldt in the Fox Footy Green Room 05:59; Sunny Boys and Bob's weekend return to Warragul 07:51; shout-out to Scratcher and Puddles 12:04; watching Barry Round drink a beer 12:54; and behind the scenes at The Front Bar with Allen Jackovich 14:26\. Caleb Daniel then joins the podcast to talk his new haircut and barber etiquette...


21: Episode 21 | The Final Four

In this week's episode of the Freedom in a Cage podcast, the boys discuss who has been the best player to switch between the Bulldogs and Kangaroos 00:17; peruse the Dogs' record books 06:35; the legend of Manny from Conway Fish Trading 07:58; classic/silky Bulldogs left-footers 08:32; stopping violence in footy 12:42; round the corner kicks v traditional drop punt 15:50; Derek Kickett and chaos theory 17:55; who is Joe the Goose? 20:57 the day Plugger kicked 16 straight at Whitten Oval...


20: Episode 20 | The Tom Boyd interview

In a special edition of Freedom in a Cage Bob Murphy sits down with Bulldogs big man Tom Boyd for an exclusive interview. The boys discuss Tom's early days in Ringwood North and growing 27cm in prep 01:35; looking up to Dad and wanting to be an AFL player from a young age 03:38; growing up a Carlton fan 04:55; the build up to the draft as a 17-year-old 05:58; adjusting to the move away from home 07:40; football and his unique teen years 09:09; becoming a professional and the search for...


19: Episode 19 | Michael Klein

In episode 19 of the Freedom in a Cage podcast, co-hosts Bob Murphy and Adi Brown discuss what the rest of the season looks like for the Dogs01:47 and playing and training during the winter months04:03\. Then Herald Sun photographer Michael Klein joins the podcast to talk his passion for the Bulldogs 07:44; his Bulldog heroes (shout out to Shane Loveless) 09:02; his path from the mail room to a three decade career behind the lens 09:46; the challenge of shooting football compared to other...


18: Episode 18 | Tom Liberatore Pt. 2

The boys discus the controversy around Bernie Vince and Patrick Dangerfield's post match laugh 00:50; Luke Darcy's post-match rules 02:42; handshake protocol 05:15; have we reached peak footy media? 09:42; can goal of the year be a fluke? 12:22; and the return of Kev's Corner 13:57\. Tom Liberatore then joins the podcast to discuss the Krusty the Clown inspired hair cut 16:44; the progress of his rehab and the focus on his core 18:27; his European holiday 19:52; following the football...


17: Episode 17 | Rohan Smith/Year of the Dogs

In episode 17 of the Freedom in a Cage podcast Bob Murphy and Adi Brown dissect Michael Cordell's legendary documentary of the Club's 1997 season, Year of the Dogs beginning with a list of the best ever football/sports documentaries (3:03); how post-match press conferences have changed over the years (6:53); Bob's memories of watching it after he was drafted (8:01); Richard Osbourne's fashion choices (9:13); when Solo got fazed out of post-match recovery (10:17); Danny Southern (12:42); a...


16: Episode 16 | Clay Smith

In the 16th episode of Freedom in a Cage, the boys discuss Fish Creek's greatest ever players (00:43); Adi gets worked up over the rules (3:00); is it time for zones (9:03); forming a committee for a proper Retro Round, rules and all (11:50); Bobby Bonilla day (12:47);and Bob's favourite Marilyn Manson rumour (15:02). Clay Smith then joins the podcast to talk caravan parks (16:39);the day after announcing his retirement (17:31);the difficult last couple of months (18:00); how close he got...


15: Episode 15 | Ed Richards

The boys start off discussing whether we've just seen the best round of the year, and breaking the Geelong hoodoo03:30; what the talk on the ground is like in a close game 05:15; the feedback Bob got from a Geelong fan on the way out on Friday night06:55; how many on the mark is too many? 07:59; Adi's revolutionary idea about how to put opposition players off when shooting for goal 09:18; Brad Lynch's debut 10:26; Ed Richards' rising star 12:17; Adams returning and understanding stats...


14: Episode 14 | Daniel Giansiracusa

In this week's episode of Freedom in a Cage Bob welcomes Chris Anstey as a co-host while Adi Brown is on a family holiday. The boys start off by measuring levels of World Cup interest levels 01:16; dissect the Club's close loss to North Melbourne 02:32; Chris' traditional group chat with this brother and Dad during a Bulldogs game04:43; Bob tries out his best Russian 06:18; Chris's list of his Top 5 most interesting players to have played less than 50 games for the Club 08:06; Bob's...


13: Episode 13 | Toby McLean

On this week's agenda is Thursday night football 00:49; Hayden Crozier's touching tribute to Port Adelaide's Todd Marshall02:21; Bob's rejected attempt at sportsmanship with former Dog and later Saint Steven Powell 03:42; is white line fever real - and a Me, Myself & Irene reference 05:14; Bob's goal-review superpower 06:04; they boys discuss who you watch when someone has a set shot - player or the cheer squad 07:21; body language and the Tony Liberatore point of '9708:31; morality,...


12: Episode 12 | Outsiders: The Director's Commentary

In this episode of the Freedom in a Cage podcast the boys do a deep dive on the making of the Adrian Brown's award-winning documentary 'Outsiders', the story of the Western Bulldogs ground-breaking premiership win. Among the things discussed are what Adi hopes the legacy might be (02:37); where it all began, from boundary riding with Dipper, to Hamish & Andy to Dancing with the Stars to 'The Ride' (04:22); the influence of Steve Nash documentary 'The Finish Line' (06:46); reaching out to...


11: Episode 11 | The Chris Anstey Interview

In this episode of the Freedom in a Cage podcast the boys mark bye-week by sitting down with a legend of Australian basketball and passionate Bulldogs fan, Chris Anstey. Anstey discusses his Bulldogs origins and growing up in the shadows of VU Whitten Oval04:11; being in the stands for the Simon Beasley mark back in the day06:17; the loss of footy in the suburbs 07:56; switching tennis for basketball at 17 and having Dustin Fletcher as a doubles partner 09:14; how one particular junior...


10: Episode 10 | Deep Dive: Last ever game at Whitten Oval

In the tenth episode of Freedom in a Cage, the boys talk Sir Douglas Nicholls Round before doing the first deep dive on the final game at Whitten Oval back in 1997\. But first, Bob and Adi discuss the Don Pyke stare (00:56); Terry Wallace's bizarre, but funny, post-match spray (02:30); Ed Richards winning the NAB Rising Star award (07:23); the day a Mario Kart playing Bob left Hawthorn recruiters hanging (09:07); the significance of Sir Douglas Nicholls Round (12:06); Charlie Stewart...


9: Episode 9 | Merv Hughes

In episode nine of the Freedom in a Cage podcast, Bob and Adi are joined by cricket royalty and loyal Western Bulldogs fan, Merv Hughes. In this week's episode, Bob reveals why he is 'playing hurt' (00:46); why he'll never give up coffee (01:19); provides some free advice to men with a pregnant wife (02:46); wet weather football (04:22); debate whether a game should be called off if it's too windy (05:41); the Royal Wedding (08:11); Bob enlightens Adi about the meaning behind the phrase...


8: Episode 8 | Sam Power

In episode eight of the Freedom in a Cage podcast, Bob and Adi are joined by Western Bulldogs General Manager of List and Recruiting Sam Power. This week the boys discuss Melbourne winters and how aging footballers would benefit playing in the warmer climates (00:45); 'the cage’s’ mention in Herald Sun and Jack Macrae's 47 touches (02:53); Adi finds a list of obscure AFL records including the most ‘crumbs’ and ‘balks’ (04:42); do kids still practice the footy card balk?(05:31); the day Bob...


7: Episode 7 | Ameet Bains

In this week’s episode of Freedom in a Cage, are joined by Western Bulldogs CEO Ameet Bains. Before then they discuss Bob’s experience piloting the ‘Fan Van’ to Ballarat (00:12); the boys review the Dogs’ second win in a row (02:47); Bobs reveals the ‘real’ Jack Macrae (03:17) Nic Natainui and the ‘blimey’ list of the game’s biggest players (08:14); and footy clinics with Jason Daniels, Craig Starcevich & Shane Brewer (09:33). Then, Ameet Bains enters ‘the cage’ to talk about what a win...


6: Episode 6 | Libba in The Cage

In this week's episode the boys are joined by Tom Liberatore, but before then they discuss the health of Caleb Daniel's helmet 00:35; the Club's best Instagram performers 01:40; whether Patty Lipinski is too handsome for football and the growth in Bailey Dale's game 02:35; the game in 'crisis' 03:36; the height of the current midfield crop 05:50; Ed Richards fandom and the return of football badges 09:48; why don't people where duffle coats anymore 11:57; Bob introduces a new segment he's...