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Josh Morris - Thai Soccer Team Rescue

The amazing story that captured the world - 12 young Thai soccer players and their coach trapped in a flooded cave with no food, diminishing oxygen and no way out - a rescue of Hollywood proportions. Josh Morris was not only on site but instrumental in the rescue operation. He talks with Kevin Jorgeson about his role as the lead international coordinator working between the international teams and the different branches of Thai government and military in the chief rescue operations command...


Jim Ewing & Mo Beck - Climbing the Unclimbables

Jim and Mo have a few things in common; they are both from Maine, climb hard, and are missing a limb. Strangers who met last December, the duo have partnered up to attempt the first unassisted adaptive climb of the Lotus Flower Tower in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimbables. From Jim’s 60+ foot fall that resulted in the amputation of his foot, to Mo’s life of growing up without her left hand, their unique stories are the reason they met and decided to attempt this climb together. Check out...


Kareemah Batts - Defying the Odds

In her late twenties, Kareemah Batts was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a super rare cancer that strikes young adults. Rather than endure multiple surgeries to battle the illness, Kareemah opted for amputation of her left leg below the knee. In her recovery, the New York City native discovered a passion for climbing and uncovered a penchant for defying the odds. As founder of the Adaptive Climbing Group, she has provided inspirational pathways for fellow amputees and adaptive climbers to...


Anthony Ambrose - Climbing Giants

Anthony Ambrose is an ecologist and climber who loves exploring wild places. His research utilizes advanced rope-based climbing techniques in order to directly study how coastal redwoods and giant sequoias interact with their environment, respond to climate change, and how science can be used to help conserve forest ecosystems into the future. (Photo Credit: Wendy Baxter)


Angela Hawse - The Heart of a Guide

Legendary climber, Angela Hawse was asked to be the Deputy Leader of the first Adaptive Climb of Everest in 1998 by Tom Whittaker. She willfully accepted the position and played a key role in the success of Tom’s journey to the summit. She overcame her own personal challenges by way of a summit bid, just 275 ft short of Everest proper, and despite her drive to reach the top, was told by Tom that he would choose a videographer as his second summit bid partner over her. Tom and the...