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Every Monday, Benno, Joe & JP talk the best and worst of what they've been watching from the world of wrestling. From British Wrestling to the US Indies, Japan, WWE and the rest of the world, it's all covered here on Spotlight, the official podcast of GRAPPL.

Every Monday, Benno, Joe & JP talk the best and worst of what they've been watching from the world of wrestling. From British Wrestling to the US Indies, Japan, WWE and the rest of the world, it's all covered here on Spotlight, the official podcast of GRAPPL.
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Every Monday, Benno, Joe & JP talk the best and worst of what they've been watching from the world of wrestling. From British Wrestling to the US Indies, Japan, WWE and the rest of the world, it's all covered here on Spotlight, the official podcast of GRAPPL.








Spotlight: “Bob Monkhouse” (GCW Bloodsport, New Japan catchup, Rev Pro fallout, Progress, WWE, Impact)

In this week's episode Benno, Joe and JP discuss everything they’ve watched from the last week with GCW Bloodsport, a catchup on New Japan’s Destruction and J-Cup shows with Ospreay vs Amazing Red, Mike Elgin vs Daisuke Sekimoto from Big Japan, some talk on Impact’s Victory Road, WWE’s Clash of Champions and Daniel Makabe vs. Carlos Romo from Breed. They also discuss the fallout from their chat about Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels, referee Aaren Wilde’s interview with ACEcast and some...


Spotlight: “Bro-exit” (Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels incident at Rev Pro, OWE UK, Southside, AEW, Progress, GCW)

In a Brit Wres heavy show, Benno, Joe and JP discuss in detail the Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels incident at Rev Pro Summer Sizzler, the allegations levelled by referee Aaron Wilde, Rev Pro’s reaction to them and subsequent dropping of Bodom from future shows. They also discuss Rev Pro’s deal with Southside, the postponement of OWE’s UK tour, GCW being added to GRAPPL, Progress new title belt and some AEW news as announcements come for their upcoming Full Gear show. SHOWNOTES: 00:30...


Spotlight: “Big Tone and Pharaoh” (AEW All Out, NJPW Royal Quest, NXT UK Takeover, Rev Pro Summer Sizzler, Live at The Cockpit)

Benno, Joe and JP are slightly late but here with a bumper episode covering one of the most packed weekends of the year with a full review of AEW All Out, a full rundown of JP and Joe’s weekend at Rev Pro Summer Sizzler, New Japan Royal Quest and Rev Pro Live at The Cockpit and a review of NXT UK Takeover Cardiff. Also, Brexit, Food on Tables, Purple Bins, Stolen Bikes, Tracey Smothers, Benno & Glen, Joe & Jay and Big Tone & Pharaoh. SHOWNOTES: 00:10 Intro/nonsense 17:48 AEW All...


Spotlight: “Strippers, Cricket and Joey from Friends” (Progress Attendance Woes, Wednesday Night Wars, Retro Impact, NJPW Royal Quest, NXT UK Takeover and AEW All Out Previews)

Benno, JP and a rogue unscheduled Rev Joe, go in-depth on Progress recent attendance issues, their email to Season Ticket Holders with the alleged reasons for the decline and the overall Progress product in 2019. They also talk the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars with NXT vs AEW, a packed upcoming weekend of shows with NJPW Royal Quest, NXT UK Takeover and AEW All Out Previews and talk some Retro Impact and New Japan’s upcoming Young Lions Cup. Also, Strippers, Cricket and Joey from...


Spotlight Bonus Episode: The G1 Wrap Up Show – feat. Jamesie

Benno, Joe and JP are joined by Jamesie of POST Wrestling’s BWE, to detox on G1 and talk all their favourite matches, performers, stories and moments. They also as get into some GRAPPL stats from the tournament, talk Meltzer’s broken star system and answer your questions on everything Grade One Climax 2019! Also, Xbox sales, Geezer Hats, Goodfellas, DSF, Homevideos and lots and lots of Jay White. SHOWNOTES: 00:30 Intro/Nonsense 15:20 G1 Climax 29 overall thoughts 27:31 Jay White vs....


Spotlight: “Joe McMahon” (G1 Climax Final, Summerslam, GCW Joey Janela’s Escape From LA, ROH Summer Supercard, NXT Takeover)

Benno, Joe and JP return in a full-length episode to talk a packed weekend of shows with the G1 Final (and plenty of Jay White chat), Summerslam (and plenty of Matt Riddle Watch Along chat), as well as an excellent GCW Escape from LA, a takedown of NXT Takeover and one of the only reviews you’ll likely hear anywhere on an ROH Summer Supercard that allegedly happened. Also, The Price is Right, AKI Games, the New Generation, Waylon Mercy, White Van Men, Fantasy Football, WWE jobs and Joe...


Spotlight Bonus Episode: G1 Recap and Final Preview (Day 15-18)

In a special bonus episode of GRAPPL Spotlight, Benno, Joe and JP check in with their thoughts on the final days of G1 Block action with Days 15 and 16 from midweek and the A Block and B Block final days. Also, Joe and JP give their brief thoughts on their Saturday night trip to United Wrestling in Oxford. Benno, Joe and JP will be back Monday night with a full length Spotlight with their thoughts from the G1 Final, Summerslam, NXT Takeover and the ROH and GCW cards from Summerslam...


Spotlight: "Brit Wres Is Dead" (Smallman leaves Progress, Joe & JP's trip to Liverpool, AAA Triplemania, G1 Week Four, TNT, Futureshock, London Rampage)

**Note - G1 Week Four Coverage begins 1:42:05** Benno, Joe and JP are back from a long weekend in Liverpool and Manchester and talk their experiences out at TNT and Futureshock as well as their trip to GRAPPL Towers to watch London Rampage and Triplemania. They also talk Jim Smallman leaving Progress, the possible death of Brit Wres boom period and Week Four of New Japan's G1 29. SHOWNOTES 00:15 Intro/Nonsense 05:19 Brit Wres is Dead 33:43 Joe and JP in Liverpool 40:40 TNT Summer...


Spotlight: "Glenroe" (G1 Week Three, Sendai Girls UK, AEW on TNT, AJPW, 205 Live, Progress, OTT)

***Note: G1 Coverage starts 1:33:35** With Joe away, Benno and JP are joined by POST Wrestling's Irish legend Jamesie to talk Week Three of the G1, Benno's trip to Sendai Girls UK and some matches they've been watching this week from AJPW Summer Action Series, 205 Live and OTT, as well as all the latest in the news from AEW, WWE, Progress, wXw, NXT UK wrestler breakdowns and more! (Also, Irish Stuff, Glenroe, Hurling, Nick Berry, Wolverhampton Fry Ups, Misawa in Coventry, Rev JP &...


Spotlight: "Hoytamania" (New Japan G1 Week Two, PAC vs Ben-K, WWE, Progress, AEW, NXT)

**Note G1 Coverage Begins 01:01:55*** JP, Joe and Benno are back and fighting through some summer bugs to talk the 2nd full week of G129 with the first top end main events of the tournament in Moxley/Ishii, Ospreay/Ibushi and Ospreay/Okada. They also talk PAC vs Ben-K from Kobe World and the latest in the news from WWE, AEW, Progress, NXT and more. (Also, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, 1992 Nailz. Zeus. Abdullah's House Of Ribs, the South Wales Subculture, Ferries across the Mersey and The...


Spotlight: "Tango & Cash" (G1 Climax Week One, AEW Fight For The Fallen, Extreme Rules, GCW 5150, Evolve)

***Note G1 Coverage Begins 01:32:56*** The summer is well and truly started as Benno, Joe and JP begin this years New Japan G1 coverage with 3 shows from the first week proper, talk AEW's Fight For The Fallen and discuss everything else they watched in a packed weekend of wrestling from Extreme Rules, to GCW's Tribute to Homicide, Evolve and more. (Also Tango and Cash, Sinbad, Mick Johnson, Liz McDonald, Dean Gaffney, the Bread streets, and TNA entrance themes revisited) SHOWNOTES 00:11...


Spotlight: "Le Tis" (G1 Dallas, Backyard Wrestling, Riptide, Slammiversary, Progress, Rev Pro)

Benno, Joe & JP chat a packed week of shows as they begin their G1 coverage for this year with Night One in Dallas. They also talk GCW's Backyard Wrestling and Impact's Slammiversary on VOD and their live thoughts from Riptide Wrestling, Progress and Rev Pro. (Also Paul Merson, Worchester Sauce. Cholula, Monster Claws, Netto, Kwik Save, Triplemania, Kazaa, Brighton Hostels, Floppy Disks and Le Tis.) 00:00 Intro/Nonsense 17:15 GCW Backyard Wrestling 30:10 New Japan G1 Climax Night...


Spotlight: "Roast Rebellion" (Rollins vs Ospreay, AEW Fyter Fest, OTT Wrestlerama, RPW Ungovernable, Heyman & Bischoff, New Japan)

Benno, Joe and JP are back after a week break to catch up on a massive two weeks of news in wrestling as they talk Rollins vs Ospreay, Dunne vs Starr and the Heyman & Bischoff news, as well as catch up on what they've been watching with AEW Fyter Fest, Rev Pro Ungovernable, OTT Wrestlerama and New Japan Southern Showdown. Also, Jim Davidson, John Virgo, Nick Berry, Bullseye, Arsenals worst XI and the Roast Rebellion. SHOWNOTES 00:40 Intro 15:19 Rollins versus Ospreay 26:00 Pete Dunne...


Spotlight: "Maradona" (NJPW G1 Climax Lineups, AEW Fyter Fest, WAW Fightmare, Rev Pro, The Wrestlers)

Benno, Joe and JP are back to discuss New Japan's G1 Climax 29 lineup, Rev Pro's upcoming Ungovernable show and the state of their VOD and AEW selling out another building for All Out, as well as their upcoming Fyter Fest show. The guys also talk WAW's big Fightmare show from Carrow Road, re-visit their Will Ospreay and worst of TNA conversations from last week and discuss NXT UK Takeover and the latest episodes of Viceland's The Wrestlers. (Also, Home Alone, the Class of 92, Love Island,...


Spotlight: "Goodnight Sweetheart" (Will Ospreay, NJPW Dominion, OTT Banjaxed Belfast, Goldberg/Undertaker, The Wrestlers)

Benno, Joe and JP discuss whether Will Ospreay is the best British Wrestler of all time, talk two big New Japan shows from this last week with the Best Of The Super Juniors Finals and Dominion, and talk OTT Banjaxed, that David Starr/Walter video, the comedy of Goldberg vs Undertaker, the Vice documentary series The Wrestlers and the very worst of TNA. (Also, Goodnight Sweetheart, Ridge Holland, Tango & Cash, Ireland Under 21's, Jay White's beard, Maradona and Joe's worst rated films of all...


BONUS Grappl Spotlight Interview w/. Riptide Wrestling Producer Josh Bevan

A special Bonus episode of Grappl Spotlight this week as JP interviews Riptide Producer Josh Bevan to catch up on all things Riptide as the build up to an exciting summer including the 5th July Point Break show, the Pride of Brighton tournament that is leading to the big open air theatre show on August 26th. Also discussed is how to get the best of the performers, the focus on younger talent, the effect the contract situation has had on the company, the plans for the future and much...


Spotlight: "Gunner" (Moxley on TIJ, NXT Takeover 25, NXT UK vs Royal Quest, Rev Pro Cockpit, New Japan BOSJ, AEW)

Benno, JP and Joe are back to talk that Jon Moxley interview, paranoia in the UK with NXT UK running head to head with New Japan's Royal Quest, Sunday's Rev Pro Live At The Cockpit 42, Saturday's NXT Takeover 25, some fallout from AEW Double Or Nothing and the best matches this week from the New Japan Best Of The Super Juniors 26. All this plus chat on Neil Warnock, Blue Chew, Hookie Blueys, Eric Cantana, The Wire, Billy Mitchell and Dude Where's My Car. SHOWNOTES: 01:30...


Spotlight: “Jack Whitehall” (AEW Double Or Nothing Full Review, NJPW BOSJ)

Benno, Joe and JP are back with a full review of AEW’s first PPV Double Or Nothing, talking the best and worst matches and everything in between from the show, as well as their thoughts going forward on the company as a whole. Before that the guys talk Brexit, 1988, Roadhouse, Over The Top, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Fighting With My Family and discuss the highest rated matches on GRAPPL from this years New Japan Best Of The Super Juniors. SHOWNOTES: 01:53 Intro, nonsense 14:00 New Japan...


Spotlight: "Hateful Houlihan" (Progress Super Strong Style, AEW, PAC, NJPW BOSJ, WWE)

**Note - This episode contains some audio issues that have been fixed as best as possible. Apologies!** Hateful Houlihan. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Freddie Prinze Junior. Sean Bean. When Saturday Comes. Miz's Dad. LeBron and Kenny Omega. Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter. Jim Rosenthal. Little Dragon. Roy Keane. Phil and Keanu. All this and more as Benno rejoins Joe and JP for an all new Spotlight. SHOWNOTES 00:40 Intro 4:55 WWE, Money In The Bank 19:55 AEW, PAC, TNT 43:55 NJPW BOSJ 52:55...


Spotlight: "Jay Corbin" (Tom Magee-Bret Hart, AEW-ITV, NJPW, RevPro's Epic Encounter)

Hipster football shirts. Champions League. 4 Games in 4 Days. Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang. Men & Motors. Middle Class on Repeat. Cracker. World in Action. Death Wish. Racist ITV sitcoms. Joshi on ITV. Tony Khan rapping. Joe's love of Jay White. Shingo in Oxford. Max Branning. All this and more as Joe and JP talk the Tom Magee-Bret Hart match, WALTER-R-Truth(?), AEW-ITV PPV deal, the Double or Nothing card, highlights from NJPW's Wrestling Dontaku, BOSJ, RevPro's Epic Encounter as well as...