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A video game podcast presented by Steph and Nikki. Every fortnight they run down their 'top fives' on various gaming topics.

A video game podcast presented by Steph and Nikki. Every fortnight they run down their 'top fives' on various gaming topics.


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A video game podcast presented by Steph and Nikki. Every fortnight they run down their 'top fives' on various gaming topics.






Top Five Songs From Video Games

Music has filled the air this week as Nikki and Steph talk about their Top Five songs from Video Games. So listen in good this week to hear all about what track made these ladies lists!


Stardew Valley Special with Special Guests - Part 2

Nikki and Steph venture back to Stardew Valley in part 2 of our episode special! Join them as they don their dungarees, send away their dove children and finish listing the top 5 things they love about Stardew Valley! Joined by special guests Jesse from Got till Five and our gossip queen Leah.


Stardew Valley Special with Special Guests - Part 1

We've gone Stardew Crazy over here at Game Till Five. This week Steph and Nikki are joined by some very special guests, Jesse Benns from Got Till Five Podcast and our gossip queen Leah to talk about our Top Five favourite things we love about Stardew Valley. So get those crops ready and brace your Junimos for part one of our farming adventures.


Top Five Video Game Couples

Love is in the air at the Game Till Five HQ so Steph and Nikki are talking all about their favourite video game couples.


Top Five Sega Mega Drive Games w/ Got Till Five

This weeks top five is all around the Sega Mega Drive or alternatively known as the Sega Genesis. Joining us to run down the classic games of this console are Max and Jesse from Got Till Five as they announce some exciting news about their podcast. The Sega Mega Drive has many classic games that influenced entire generations and changed the landscape of gaming forever with many groundbreaking titles for the GT5 team to explore.


Top Five Most Anticipated Games of 2020

Nikki and Steph are back with their first episode of 2020. And with an exciting year ahead of new video game releases, they discuss their top 5's of their most anticipated games coming out this year! So join them as they hop on the hype train and get all excited about the video games they hope will live up to the hype.


Top Five Games Played in 2019

It's the last episode of the year and that can mean only one thing for Steph and Nikki, its time for the Top Five Games Played this year episode! So join us for the last time this year and hear all about the games we managed to get round to playing this year.


Top Five Friendships in Video Games

It's been a whole year since Nikki and Steph set out on their podcast journey! so to celebrate they have decided to look at the Top Five Friendships in Video Games. So listen in to this trumpet based extravaganza and hear all about a ship that sails the friendly sea.


Top Five Video Game Consoles

The console wars have reached the Game Till Five camp! Join Nikki and Steph as they step out onto the battlefield to discuss their Top Five Video Game Consoles. This episode even features a special game general knowledge quiz!


Top Five Horror Games with Dan from Real Life Ghost Stories

This episode is a spooktacular event with a special guest Dan from Real Life Ghost Stories podcast. Dan joins Nikki and Steph as they discuss their Top Five Horror games. Listen in to hear which games managed to scare the stuff out of them!


Top Five Most Influential Games

Insanity and space crazy to kick off this week's episode with time travel, Nikki's News and BREAKFAST!! Then it is time to delve into this week's top five, looking at the Top Five Most Influential Games - this is pretty straight forward to understand it's the games that Nikki and Steph feel helped to shape the video game industry.


Top Five Games for Beginners with Dan from The Greatest Story Ever Played

In this episode, Nikki and Steph are joined by special guest Dan from the greatest story ever played podcast. Dan joins us as we talk about games we think are appropriate for beginners, even if they contain Loan Shark Racoons.


Top Five Video Game Movies

Cinema can me a magical and movie experience, Video game movies however, are rarely such inspiring things. Nether the less, Nikki and Steph are going to endeavour to do a top five anyway. In this episode our hosts try out a shorter form episode and include a special quiz! so grab some popcorn and listen on in.


Top Five Xbox 360 Games

Nikki and Steph look back again at one of the most long-lasting consoles, the Xbox 360. Listen in to hear our hosts discuss the seagull fiasco of last week, how streaming is hard work and of course their top five games on the Xbox 360.


Top Five Final Fantasy Characters

With the hype surrounding the Final Fantasy VII remake, our hosts have decided to jump on the bandwagon and cling on with both hands! This weeks Top Five is all about their favourite final fantasy characters. So tune in to find out who made the list and what facts Nikki and Steph have dug on up this week.


Top Five Video Game Worlds

This week our hosts are out in the world exploring...well..worlds! Nikki and Steph discuss the often overlooked art of world creation and talk about their top five places to get lost in video games.


Top Five Couch Co-op Games

Join Nikki and Steph as they go forth in search of friendship, as this episode is all about Couch Co-op games. This week the pair explore the lost art of the split-screen and talk about what games made it into their Top Five Couch Co-op games lists.


Top Five Moving Video Games

In this episode, Steph and Nikki discuss their Top five games that moved them. Emotionally. That right not games about moving house but games that gave them the feels one way or another. Listen in, it's about to get deep.


Top Five N64 Games

This week Steph and Nikki look back at one of the consoles that is in almost every gamers heart, the N64! This Nintendo classic was the dream present of the '90s and it brought so many awesome games to life with it. So join our hosts as they explore their Top Five N64 Games.


Top Five Video Game Companions + Q&A

In this episode Steph and Nikki have a friendship bonanza as they celebrate there 10th episode by looking at their top five companions in video games, as well as answering some questions from fans. So join them as they talk about the companions they've loved through the ages.