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2019 NFL SZN Week 2: The Guys Cash In, Sunday Slate Recap, Netflix SOTW

Chase and Drew are pumped after a nice Sunday of making money on Sports. Chase took down a DFS NASCAR tournament on DK and Drew hit big on some NFL picks. The guys recap every game from Sunday and give some Big Woahs of the day for you to keep an eye on in the weeks to come. Find out who the guys like for fantasy between the Jets and the Brown on Monday Night Football and in the mix of it all, Chase gives a Netflix show of the week and the guys answer a voicemail question.


2019 NFL SZN Week 2: TNF Recap, Garage Fam Voicemails, Sunday Slate Rundown

Cam Newton Sucks, Chris Godwin is good, and Greg Olsen isn't done just yet. All things from the Week 2 TNF game and a recap of the MNF Week 1 double header. Chase and Drew answer two new voicemails from the Garage Fam and the guys get you ready for Week 2 with a full Sunday Slate Rundown, followed by a quick NASCAR preview for this Sunday's race in Las Vegas.


2019 NFL SZN Week 1: Sunday Slate Recap, Big Woah Big No, Mustache Power, The Brickyard Meltdown

Week 1 Sunday is over and the guys have all the fantasy info you can handle. From Cam Newton shitting the bed to Sammy Watkins being activated by aliens, there was all out craziness on the first NFL Sunday. Big Woah and Big No is the new way of telling you who to eye on the waiver wire week to week, and Chase explains the power of mustaches in football. Monday Night Football preview and all the deets on the Antonio Brownless Raiders are discussed and the show caps off with the recap of the...


2019 NFL SZN Week 1: Bears Backfield Freak Out, Antonio Brown Saga, Sunday Slate

The all new two episode a week format is here in time for the 2019 NFL SZN. Chase and Drew recap the Bears vs Packers game with takes on Mike Davis, Green Bays defense and the piss poor offensive performance. Crazy Earl calls back as well as a new first time caller. Antonio Brown is all over the place and could be jobless soon. The guys rundown every game on Sunday to get you set for Fantasy Football and DFS.


Andrew Luck Retires, NFC Win Predictions, Running Back Brett Sylve

GGFS Epiosde 93 Andrew Luck has retired and the guys talk about the fate of the Colts for the 2019 season. (12:51) HBO didn’t release Hard Knocks on HBO Go until an hour after it aired and everyone was mad. The guys talk about how Jon Gruden made the episode and Luke Willson got to go home to Canada. (18:05) Voicemails from Crazy Earl and The Booty Boi. (31:06) The guys cover NFC Win Projections and give their picks for the season. (59:00) Interview with Kentucky State running back Brett...


Hard Knocks Recap, Josh Gordon Is Back, 2019 AFC Win Predictions

(0:00) Chase and Drew just finished the third episode of Hard Knocks and talk about the shenanigans going down in Oakland. AB pulls the Simpsons grandpa gif off in real life and Darren Waller has never seen Fight Club which definitely affects his ADP. (15:50) Jerry Jones is a trickster to the media and the guys discuss where you should target Tony Pollard as the Zeke Elliott holdout continues. (19:05) Josh Gordon Is Back! What does this mean for the Patriots and your Fantasy Football team?...


The 2019 GGFS Pro League Draft Special

Chase and Drew recap the second annual GGFS Pro League and talk about their team outlooks along with others. The guys recap Hard Knocks and talk about having the number one NASCAR DFS last week in Michigan.


Hard Knocks Recap, Zeke Elliott Holdout, 90s For The 90th

Chase and Jordan bring you the 90th episode of the GGFS Podcast. HardKnocks has started and the guys talk about the first episode. Zeke Elliott may be holding out if he doesn’t get paid right and Donta Foreman is big news? The guys talk about cool stuff from the 90s on this week’s Garage Talk and wrap up with SmashMouth’s “Walkin on The Sun.


The 2019 Wide Receiver Episode: Part Two

On the second part of this years wide receiver episode, Chase and Drew discuss Bugha winning the first Fortnite World Championship and bagging $3,000,000. Pat McAfee is now on ESPN and Chase hasn't visited the cloud in three days. Denny Hamlin got the dub at Pocono Raceway and Kurt Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. are beefing on Twitter. Chase and Drew give you a brief DFS preview of Watkins Glen. NFL Training camp is underway and the guys give you the latest player news and follow it with the...


The 2019 Wide Receiver Episode: Part One

Chase Jordan and Drew group up as a trio to bring you the first two part positional episode (wild time). The guys discuss GGFS Pop Mock Eight, Kevin Harvick winning in New Hampshire and Pat Fitzgerald’s stance on smart phones. (29:00) The breakdown begins with the first half of the leagues wide outs that will give you fantasy upside. (1:16:40) Jordan caught on fire while recording this episode. ——————————————————— Donate to the Garage Guys: PayPal -...


The 2019 Quarterback Episode

Chase is joined by Drew Deen (DFS Drew) to bring you the quarterback episode. (7:57) Chase and Drew talk about the amazing finish in Kentucky by Kurt Busch last Saturday and how Drew is a guru in DFS NASCAR. (11:51) Before QB’s are discussed Chase pulls a Garage Talk segment to the front of the episode to talk about Stranger Things on this weeks Netflix SOTW. (20:45) Chase and Drew kick off the 2019 QB Episode to discuss every QB in the game. —————————————————————————————— Donate to the...


The 2019 Tight End Episode

The rain has it out for the sport of NASCAR. Chase and Jordan talk about each TE in the league and give their outlooks and opinions on them to prepare you for your Fantasy Football drafts. Gronk meets the Long Neck Kid on Instagram. ——————————————————————————— Donate to the Garage Guys: PayPal - Cash App - $GarageGuyChase Twitter Links: Instagram...


The 2019 Running Back Episode

Happy Fourth of July weekend Garage Fam. Chase and Jordan kick off their positional episodes with Running Backs this season and cover every team in the NFL with our takes on fantasy relevant rushers. Chase talks about being a part of the Independence Day Invitational on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio and showcase a new intro from Joytime 3 by Marshmello.


Kamara’s Nose Ring, Haskins For Fantasy Football, The New Lakeshow

The GGFS Podcast has moved to the Red Circle family and a new option to show some love for the podcast is available. Alvin Kamara spoke out about a GM that wanted him to take out his nose ring and the guys play a game of guess who to figure out who it was. Tyreek Hill is possibly facing a four game suspension and Marquise Goodwin is a badass. Dewayne Haskins and Patrick Mahomes have some similar stats and the guys talk about what’s possible for anyone who may draft Haskins this year in...


Zion Williamson is a Pelican, Garage Talk With HDBeenDope, 2019 NFL Big Boi Busts

The New Orleans Pelicans have drafted Zion and Chase attended the Pelicans Draft Party at Fulton Square in NOLA. (14:46) New NFL News includes Chase Edmunds running up to interrupt David Johnson’s Fantasy production? Michael Thomas and the Saints are still very far apart in contract negotiations to make him the highest paid Wide Receiver and Josh McCown retired. (32:22) Chase talks with rapper HDBeenDope about growing up in Brooklyn, his career and the come up. (01:04:28) This weeks new...


Toronto Raptors World Champs, GGFS Pop Mock 3, Fathers Day Special, Blanco Brown “The Git Up”

The Toronto Raptors have won the NBA Finals and its Jurassic Park SZN all summer long in the 6. Chase and Jordan talk about why they supported the Raptors and their outlook for the Pelicans next season. (7:27) The third GGFS Pop Mock is completed and the guys dive in to the draft to talk about players they like and where they think some of the players should have went. (56:00) It’s Father’s Day weekend and Chase and Jordan give you the “Dad Day” special with a special Garage talk focused on...


Fantasy Football Twitter, NASCAR Talk, Future Inventions For The Future

(0:00) Chase and Jordan Talk segments and declare for no more drama. (3:26) Carson Wentz got paid big big. Will it improve his fantasy performance? (11:26) Chase selects a few players from a Twitter question to discuss their potential to be big fantasy ballers this upcoming season. (27:16) Should NASCAR drivers be allowed to stream their in car feeds? Pocono Recap and Michigan teaser. (41:41) Garage Talk Segments: Future Inventions For The Future & Netflix Show Of The Week.


Toronto Undefeated In The Finals, Fantasy Football Kick Off, It’s Pool SZN

The first Poolcast of 2019 is here. (3:53) Chase and Jordan just finished watching game one of the NBA Finals and the Toronto Raptors are officially undefeated in The Finals. (13:42) The guys are welcoming the start of Fantasy Football SZN with open arms with a little talk of what’s to come this season with some of the round one guys and discuss Garage Guys Fantasy College. (42:49) Garage Talk gets wet this week because it’s Pool SZN and (56:31) Lebron James son just got Instagram and he...


Fantasy Football News, Coca Cola 600, The Bash Brothers Experience

(0:00) Opening Words and Sponsors. (7:00) Fantasy Football Updates including Tyreek Hill, Keke Coutee, Noah Fant & Le’Veon Bell. (44:30) The Guys talk about the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (1:06:34) Chase has an Interesting theory about Drake and the curse he puts on sports teams and Jordan brings up the Kawhi Leonard laugh.(1:11:13) The Lonely Island is back with their new Netflix Visual Poem The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. Chase and Jordan review it and...


Big Tony Bought A Swamp House

(0:00)Chase and Jordan head down south to the Louisiana Swamps to visit long lost friend Big Tony. The guys talk Zion Williamson, NBA Playoffs, Lev Bell Rumors and Patrick Peterson Suspension. Big Tony offered up some gambling advice and Chase and Jordan look for new match making .com ideas to change the game. Garage Jams are played in the background this week from chilling with the Big el Camino.