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The 2018 NFL Fantasy Kickoff Special

Chase and Jordan bring you two hours of NFL Fantasy talk to get you set for your week one matchup. The guys walk you through every game to give you an inside look on their favorite players, game predictions and picks for who takes home the W for the first week of the regular season.


NFL Money Moves, 2018 Draft SZN Review, Hardknocks Recap, 8D Music is WOAH

Jordan and Chase talk about recent news in the NFL, The Rodgers and Beckham deals and give their takes on the 2018 Draft SZN and some players to watch this season. Later they discuss their favorite moments on this weeks hardknocks and Introduce you to 8D audio. This weeks Garage Jam is Star Shopping by Lil Peep (8D Audio Use Headphones)


2018 NFL Fantasy Draft SZN: Kickers and Defense

Chase and Jordan bring you the most in depth Kicker and Defense advice on the planet. Get ready to understand the the secret to having the best Defense and Kicker and how it can dominate your league!


Garage Talk: Hardknocks, NFL News, Fantasy Football Related Stuff

On this weeks Garage Talk Chase and Jordan enter the world of Hardknocks to talk about this weeks episode and all the shenanigans going on in Cleveland, NFL player updates and of course Fantasy Football related stuff. Looking for a new team name for 2018? The guys drop some of there favorites to help get your team name generating juices flowing so you can stand out in your league like a true Fantasy Football master should. This weeks Garage Jam is Ten Below by Reo Cragun.


2018 NFL Fantasy Draft SZN: The Quarterback Episode

Chase and Jordan wrap up the positional episodes with The Quarterback Episode. We do a complete run down of every starting QB in the league, some backups and of course Rookies. The goal is to grab you a great one but to make sure you stack correctly. We give you the raw truths and set you up for victory this week. Don’t sleep on this one.


Garage Talk: Emergency Pre SZN Podcast

Chase and Jordan bring you an emergency Garage Talk With Special Guest Big Tony. We’re talking all things pre SZN with all the hype and catch up with what’s been happening with Big Tony.


2018 NFL Fantasy Draft SZN: The Tight End Episode

Jordan and Chase have been studying up on the tight end position and are ready to drop some fantasy football knowledge to get you ready for your draft. Get ready for hot takes and stat packed Info that will get you confident in your tight end picks. This weeks Garage Jam is “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys. (1:54) Top Shelf Talent (18:23) Reliable Ends (35:47) Sleeper Ends (50:50) Doctor Loving Ends (57:16) Rookie/New Ends (1:05:47) Garage Jam.....The End


2018 NFL Fantasy Draft SZN: The Wide Receiver Episode

Chase and Jordan are coming at you with all the info and hot takes on Wide receivers for the 208 NFL Season. This episode is packed with bold picks that could land you a fantasy football championship. (2:26) AB and D Hop: The Great Debate (13:40) Top Tiers and Fears (45:19) Mid Draft Magic Makers (1:03:33) Rookies


2018 NFL Fantasy Draft SZN: The Running Back Episode

Jordan and Chase are back and ready to dive into the 2018 NFL season. The guys kick off Fantasy Draft discussion with all things RB. Packed with hot takes and player analysis, this is the start of of a series you don’t want to miss. This weeks Garage Jam is “Running Back” by Wale feat Lil Wayne. 06:45 - The Usual Suspects 21:12 - Sophmores and Slumps 33:55 - Late To The Party Guys 51:18 - Rookies 1:11:26 - Garage Jam


Demarco Murray Cashes Out, NFL Talk With Howard Bender, Pokémon Go Is Back

Chase and Jordan let loose and kill the crickets on this weeks episode of the GGFS Podcast. Demarco Murray is hanging up his cleats and wtf is happening with Lesean McCoy!? The guys talk with Howard Bender about the #HotTrash Jets and with sleepers to look out for in the 2018 NFL Season. This weeks Garage Jam is Programs by Mac Miller (Total Banger) and on Garage Talk The Guys State their case for the resurgence of Pokémon Go.


What Is The NBA? NFL Talk With Mike Dempsey, Juice WRLD & Clout Culture, Independence Day Week

After the biggest week in NBA Free Agency Lebron is finally a Laker. The Guys talk about the big moves and are wondering if basketball is even worth watching anymore. They’re then joined by Mike Dempsey from Jaguars Today and Football Die Hards on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio to talk Jags and 2018 NFL Rookies. This weeks Garage Jam is “Legends” by Juice WRLD which leads to a Garage Talk about Clout Culture in America and the new music wave. Finally the guys talk about what gets them...


Pre Season Prep Vol. 3, Marshmello Podcast, NBA Free Agency

Chase and Jordan are going into the final chapter of pre Season Prep for the 2018 Fantasy Football SZN and getting ready to dive into player analysis. This weeks Garage Jam is Fukk Sleep by A$AP Rocky. On Garage Talk, the guys talk about NBA Free Agency and Where Lebron is going and shed some light on people and doing what you believe in.