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Doug Garrett and his wife Shelley discuss and review the strategy/designer board games they play on this weekly podcast. Interviews with notable names in the hobby, along with designers and publishers, are part of the show.

Doug Garrett and his wife Shelley discuss and review the strategy/designer board games they play on this weekly podcast. Interviews with notable names in the hobby, along with designers and publishers, are part of the show.


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Doug Garrett and his wife Shelley discuss and review the strategy/designer board games they play on this weekly podcast. Interviews with notable names in the hobby, along with designers and publishers, are part of the show.




Garrett's Games 765: Renature and Glasgow

Shelley and I work to build up the city of Glasgow in Glasgow by Mandela Fernandez-Grandon from Lookout Games and then send out domino-covered animals into fields to plant trees in Renature by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer from Capstone Games


Garrett's Games 764: Blue Moon City and Red Peak

Shelley and I head all the way back to 2006 to enlist dragons and build fantasy buildings to gain crystals for offerings in Blue Moon City by Reiner Knizia from Fantasy Flight Games then work together to run from an erupting volcano and escape from Red Peak by Carlo A. Rossi from Ravensburger


Garrett's Games 763: Maglev Metro and Cloud City

Shelley and I build cool, 3-D towers and bridges in Cloud City by Phil Walker-Harding from Blue Orange Games then have a fantastic time building metro route for our cool train car and awesome meeples in Maglev Metro by Ted Alspach from Bezier Games


Garrett's Games 762: Rajas of the Ganges Goodie Boxes & Atlandice

Shelley and I head to the Ganges river valley once again to check out a bunch of expansions that come in TWO Goodie Boxes for Rajas of the Ganges by Inka and Markus Brand from R&R Games then we draft dice and attempt to save important valuables from the sinking city of Atlantis in Atlandice by Shaun Graham and Scott Huntington from Ludonaute


Garrett's Games 761: Babylonia and Flandern 1302

Shelley and I work with our nobles and farmers to establish dominance in Babylonia by Reinder Knizia from Ludo Nova then build different aspects of 6 cities in Flanders to gain majorities in Flandern 1302 by Wolfgang Panning from Queen Games


Garrett's Games 760: Parks + Expansion, Parks Memories, and Thurn & Taxis + Expansions

Shelley and I spend some time hiking through and camping in our National Parks in PARKS & PARKS Nightfall Expansion by Henry Audubon from Keymaster Games then we try to tap into our memories about those parks in PARKS Memories by Kyle Key from Keymaster Games after which we head to Europe to build post offices in Thurn & Taxis, with its Power & Glory, All Roads Lead to Rome, and The Princess's Courier expansions by Karen & Andreas Seyfarth from Rio Grande Games


Garrett's Games 759: Lost Cities - Auf Schatzsuche and Tawantinsuyu

Shelley and I check out yet another variation on a Knizia classic in Lost Cities: Auf Schatzsuche by Reiner Knizia and from KOSMOS then we bring another heavy weight to the table, enlisting our workers and priests to direct our work in Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire by David Turczi from Board&Dice


Garrett's Games 758 - Beez and Tekhenu

Shelley and I collect pollen with our awesome 3-D bees in Beez by Dan Halstad from Next Move Games then we draft dice from around a 3-D obelisk, trying desperately to balance our pure & tainted dice and appease the gods in Tekhenu by Daniele Tascini and David Turczi from Board&Dice


Garrett's Games 757: Whistle Mountain and Red Cathedral

Shelley and I fly our different sized dirigibles to gather resources and create machines and scaffolding to build a train trestle in Whistle Mountain by Scott Caputo and Luke Laurie from Bezier Games then we compete to gain the most prestige as we build some of the towers of Moscow's Red Cathedral by Sheila Santos and Israel Cendrero from Devir


Garrett's Games 756: Little Town and Lost Ruins of Arnak

Shelley and I compete to construct the best buildings and take advantage of their resources, while feeding our people in Little Town by Shun and Aya Taguchi from Iello Then we find our way onto the Island of Arnak, exploring its treasures and trying to find advantages as we overcome fear in Los Ruins of Arnak by Elwin and Mín from Czech Games Edition We also mention Shun Taguchi's previous title King of Frontier and how both it and Little Town Builders were picked up by bigger publishers...


Garrett's Games 755: Bonfire and Trimau - Grand Tour

Shelley and I attempt to get rid of all of the cyclists in our hands in Trimau: Grand Tour by Takahiro Amioka from KogeKogeDo then delve deeply into the world of gnomes and Guardians as we try to light the long-dormant fires of Bonfire by Stefan Feld from Hall Games and Pegasus Spiele


Garrett's Games 754: Sovereign Skies and Robin of Locksley

Shelley and I explore space and establish diplomatic ties with various planets in Sovereign Skies by Aaron Andrew Wilson from Deep Water Games then we compete to be the best robber of the rich in Robin of Locksley: Contest of Thieves by Uwe Rosenberg from Wyrmgold and Rio Grande Games


Garrett's Games 753: Paris and Ticket to Ride - Amsterdam

Shelley and I build and then obtain businesses in Paris to gain prestige through our ownership in Paris by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling from GameBrewer and the we build cart routes through the Golden Age of Amsterdam in Ticket to Ride Amsterdam by Alan R. Moon from Days of Wonder


Garrett's Games 752: Fafnir and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Two chicken-themed games this week! First, we're foxes trying to get as many chickens as possible for dinner in Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! by chad Elkins from 25th Century Games Then, we bid for the best eggs from the chicken in Fafnir by Jun Sasaki from Oink Games


Garrett's Games 751: Castles of Tuscany and Rajas of the Ganges - The Dice Charmers

Shelley and I work at building our respective modular-board regions with various hex-tile buildings in Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld from alea then we attempt to build up both our wealth and fame (until they cross in Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers by Inka and Markus Brand from R&R Games


Garrett's Games 750! Iwari and The Isle of Cats

Shelley and I spend some time building our webs of power in Iwari (The Deluxe Edition) by Michael Schacht from ThunderrGryph Games then capture and transport polyomino cats in our respective boast in The Isle of Cats by Frank West from The City of Games


Garrett's Games 749: Silver Dagger and Trekking The World

Shelley and I work hard to get our villages cleared of werewolves in Silver Dagger by Ted Alspach from Bezier Games and then we wander the world checking out various sites and collecting touristy trinkets in Trekking the World by Charlie Bink from Underdog Games


Garrett's Games 748: Hadara Expansions and Traders of the Air

Shelley and I get Hadara off the shelf once again to discuss playing it with its expansion: Hadara: Marketplaces and Monuments by Benjamin Schwer and from Hans im Glück then we take a spin with the newest version of Hansa, now with steampunk aspects and called Traders of the Air by Michael Schacht from Compass Games


Garrett's Games 747: Pan Am and Ticket to Ride: Stay at Home

Shelley and I spend some time developing route around the house in Ticket to Ride: Stay at Home (Print & Play) from Alan R. Moon and Days of Wonder then we develop airline routes around the world in Pan Am by Prospero Hall from Funko Games


Garrett's Games 746: Tybor the Builder and Medieval Realms

Shelley and I head back to the Middle Ages for both of this week's games, manipulating multi-use cards to draft workers and citizens and build our village in Tybor the Builder by Dennis Rappel and Alexander Pfister from Mayfair and Lookout Games then we compete to elicit the services of many different experts for our strongholds in Medieval Realms by Carlos Michán Amado from Los Games Entertainment Ltd.