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Gaudy NBA and NFL stats are put on the pedestal they deserve by Ben and friends. Fantasy sports, DFS, deep dives, legacies, player comparisons and food are discussed at length!

Gaudy NBA and NFL stats are put on the pedestal they deserve by Ben and friends. Fantasy sports, DFS, deep dives, legacies, player comparisons and food are discussed at length!
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Gaudy NBA and NFL stats are put on the pedestal they deserve by Ben and friends. Fantasy sports, DFS, deep dives, legacies, player comparisons and food are discussed at length!






Philadelphia 76ers: The Process of Winning, Ben Simmons, Allen Iverson - Gaudy Stats Podcast

We’re back from hiatus with Philly Fan Dan waxing poetic about (THE OTHER) Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, TJ McConnell, Markelle Fultz and the surging Sixers who just vanquished the Miami Heat in Game 1 of their 1st round playoff series. We also get into 76ers legend Allen Iverson, a volume shooter for the ages. It’s a packed pod with all the fixings!


Stephen Curry vs. The Greatest 3-point Shooters of All-Time - Reggie, Ray, Bird, Nash, Klay + more - Gaudy Stats Podcast

It seems undisputable that Stephen Curry is the greatest 3-point shooter of all time, but just for fun, we go through the stats and compare his output that of Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Steve Nash, Steve Kerr, Kyle Korver, Dirk, Klay Thompson and many more sharpshooters!


Boban Marjanovic: Unleash the Beast! Scoring Efficiency, Per 36 mins stats, Adrian Dantley - Gaudy Stats Podcast

When will a team unleash the full power of mythic NBA creature Boban Marjanovic? He is the the all-time leader in career points per shot attempt (1974-2018) and his per 36 minute numbers are off the charts! Why can’t this behemoth get on the court?


The 2017-18 Philadelphia Eagles: Requiem for a Super Bowl with Philly Fan Dan, Fandom, The Simpsons - Gaudy Stats Podcast

We revisit Super Bowl 52 one last time with Philly fan Dan as he relives the glory of his team’s unlikely upset of the Death Star, er, I mean Patriots. We talk about hot air balloon Mike Lombardi, 300-pound genie/future WWE star Jason Kelce, Doug Peter Skin and what to do with Nick Foles and Carson Wentz in the offseason? Also, how does NBA and NFL fandom originate for those of us who didn’t have an NFL and NBA franchise in our hometown? Then, we fawn over (arguably) the greatest TV show...


Kristaps Porzingis ACL Tear: The Unicorn Has Fallen, Post-injury outlook - Gaudy Stats Podcast - New York Knicks

Kristaps Porzingis aka Lord Zingis aka The Unicorn aka Godzingis is actually human. He’s mortal. His ACL is tearable and it has been torn… Ahhhh! ‘Tis a sad day for Knicks fans. We examine his outlook going forward and review his 3rd season stats.


Big Dick Nick: Foles leads Eagles to Super Bowl win in offensive showdown with Patriots - Gaudy Stats - Fan Reactions feat. Philly Dan and New England “Mr. Football”

The Eagles fans have a new (crude) nickname for their QB: Big Dick Nick. Foles and Brady had a Super Bowl duel for the ages as the Eagles and Patriots combined for an NFL record 1,151 yards! Brady had a record 505 passing yards! It was amazing, an instant classic! We talk to Dan, an Eagles fan and Philadelphia native and Mr. Football, a Pats fan, and get their immediate post-game reactions!


Boogie Down: DeMarcus Cousins Post-Achilles Rupture Statistical Prognosis, James Harden’s 60-point triple double - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Gaudy Stats All-Star DeMarcus Cousins suffered a Achilles tear and it has us boomed. With the injury, one of the best stat-stuffers in the NBA’s season is finished and the playoff hopes of the New Orleans Pelicans could be in jeopardy. It’s a damn shame, folks! What a fun team! Poor Boogie. Also, we touch on James Harden’s historic 60-point triple double. I mean, hot damn that was something!


Super Bowl 52: Patriots Fan vs Eagles Fan Confidence Level feat. Pats Kemp and Eagles Dan - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Ahead of Super Bowl LII, we talk to Eagles fan Dan and Patriots fan Chris to get their confidence level heading into the Game of Games. Can Nick Foles turn in the game of his life and punish the Patriots through the air? Will Brady pick apart the Eagles en route to an easy victory? Will Bill Belichick make out with his adult daughter again at mid-field if the Pats win again? As you can imagine these gents have a completely different mindset heading into the final game of the NFL season!


Super Bowl Theme Party: Food and music from New England and Philadelphia, Cheese Steak & Chowder feat. Samuel - Gaudy Stats Podcast

On today’s pod, I welcome back Samuel and we discuss a new twist on the traidional Super Bowl theme party. No pasty bean dip and stale tortilla chips. This party features delicious food and music from the cities represented in the Super Bowl! Oh ye babe! This is a heaping, rambling pod with subpar audio (Sam sounds like he’s underwater! I gave him a faulty headset! My bad! Will get it fixed for next time!).


Brady vs. Bortles, Jaguars at Patriots talk, Brady stats, Gambling, Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis debate feat. Kemp - Gaudy Stats Podcast

My ol’ buddy Kemp (Patriots megafan) stops by again to offer his thoughts on the upcoming Bortles vs. Brady duel in Foxboro. But this pod quickly devolves into a tangent fest in which gambling horror stories, Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis and Priest Holmes are discussed! Never bet on the Bengals! This episode is brought to you by Milford McDundee’s Beef Fat Gravy™


NBA Triple Double Boom examined by an UNTRAINED eye! - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Triple Doubles are becoming more frequent. Some of this has to do with a man they call The Brodie doing what he does. Some of that has to do with Kevin Durant leaving OKC and unleashing Russell Hustle n’ Bustle. There’s also Pace to consider amongst other factors. Ben wades into previously unexplored (on Gaudy Stats) Advanced Stats waters to try to make sense of the damn thing! (Check out the article “Big-Bang Theory: What the Triple-Double Boom Means for the NBA’s Future” by Danny Chau,...


Chicago Bears: State of the Franchise with Brandon, Nagy, Mitchell Trubisky, Tarik Cohen, Broth Talk - Gaudy Stats Podcast

On today’s hot, steamy podcast, I get on the line with my friend Brandon who is a born n’ bred Chicagoan. We discuss all things Chicago Bears, including new head coach Matt Nagy, John “Inside the Box” Fox, Mitchell Trubisky and up-and-coming waterbug Tarik Cohen. We also dicuss (in detail) the wonders of drinking broth out of a mug. This is a deliciously drowsy pod - like eating a large Chicago-style deep dish pizza all by yourself, sweating for hours on the couch as your heart races and...


Barry Sanders: 10 Years of Bliss, Terrell Davis, Terrell Owens feat. Dan - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Technically, Barry Sanders is not the Gaudy Stats GOAT because he didn’t play long enough to best Emmitt Smith’s output, but he certainly is the greatest running back of all time by every other measure! No question! Objectively! Well, it’s Dan and I’s opinion, but… YEAH! Hey, let’s embrace debate, shall we? We search his stats far and wide and even pull out a few gems! Also, Dan brings up the short, but gaudy career of Terrell Davis and why another Terrell should DEFINITELY be in the NFL...


Dennis Rodman: Goblin on the Glass, Charles Barkley, Kevin Love, Danny Fortson - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Dennis Rodman aka The Worm aka Rodzilla aka The Demolition Man was a once-in-a-generation glass cleaner, maybe once in a lifetime. The rebounding stats are gaudy, yes, but they only tell half the story. Rodman was a tenacious defender as well, earning SEVEN All-NBA Defensive Team honors. He was beloved by teammates, even referred to as a basketball “genius” by teammate Isiah Thomas. We compare his incredible rebounding output to Charles Barkley, Kevin Love, Danny Fortson and look at past...


Dion Lewis: King Waterbug, New England Patriots talk, Alvin Kamara, Jimmy Garoppolo discussion featuring my friend Kemp - Gaudy Stats Podcast

In this fuzzy, hungover-on-the-bubbly podcast, Dion Lewis gets adulation poured upon him. I welcome back my buddy Chris Kemp, Patriots superfan and fellow member of the Waterbug Alliance. We go through some interesting end-of-the-year stats for Mr. Lewis and wonder if he will continue to be a the bellcow for the Pats in the playoffs. Also, we touch on Alvin Kamara - can he repeat his success next year? Then, it’s head first into Jimmy Garoppolo aka Jimmy GQ offseason outlook mode (Kemp is...


Billy Volek & Drew Bennett’s Three Games in Stats Heaven, Todd Gurley, LaDainian Tomlinson - Featuring my friend Sam - Gaudy Stats Podcast

For three games in the 2004 NFL season, the stars aligned as Tennessee Titans backup QB Billy Volek and unheralded WR Drew Bennett locked in tadem to produce incredibly gaudy numbers. I phone Samuelson and we get into the stats, but the conversation also shifts to the incredible season Todd Gurley is having and how it stacks up to all-time RB seasons of the past, including those of the great LaDainian Tomlinson, who just may be the best fantasy RB of all time! There’s a lot of the plate in...


Dr. J & Moses Malone: Gaudy Championship Glory Stats featuring my friend Dan

I dial up Danny from Philly and we smother ourselves with the cheese sauce flavored stats of Dr. J and Moses Malone. In the 1983 Finals, these two all-time greats and gaudy stat stuffers bested the vaunted Showtime Lakers in 4 games! They remain an underrated championship squad, but their stats live on for eternity. We also get into career numbers and big single game lines of both HOFers in this decadent statistical buffet!


Phoenix Suns 2005-06 Offensive Juggernaut Stats: Self-Indulgent XMas Present to Myself - Gaudy Stats Podcast

In this Gaudy Stats pod, I, as a Planet Orange inhabitant, treat myself on Christmas Eve with a look back at the 2005-06 Phoenix Suns roster and statistical output. Steve Nash, Boris Diaw, Tim Thomas, Shawn Marion, Eddie House, Jim Jackson, Leandro Barbosa and even James Jones are discussed. This group was a merry band of marksmen shooting 39.9% from three and raining down 25 shots from behind the arc a game! Today, the game has changed and the Rockets shoot 40 3-pointers a game, but at...


Wilt Chamberlain: Gaudy Stats GOD, Chapter 1 featuring my friend Dan - Gaudy Stats Podcast

I call up my Philadelphia-born, gaudy stats-loving friend Dan to fawn over Wilt Chamberlain’s third season in which he dropped his internationally famous 100-point game. But that year also saw him average 50 points and 25 rebounds per game! Plus, have you seen his career averages?! Wilt has the gaudiest of the gaudy stats, but we only skim the surface in this all-Wilt (with some tangents, of course) pod. This is part of a series of Wilt pods! His stats are that GAUDY!


Kobe Bryant Gaudy Stats Hate/Love Retrospective - Gaudy Stats Podcast

Ben tries not to hate on Kobe, but he’s a Suns fan and remembers the playoff battles in which Kobe was public enemy number one. Kobe’s volume shooting percentages are examined and criticized, but Ben comes to the conclusion that Kobe may have had better averages than Michael Jordan if he’d been “the guy” for his whole career like His Airness. This is a tangent-filled stats fest for anybody on the fence about Kobe, the haters and maybe openminded Mamba superfans!