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Lee Elias and Ray Carsillo talk about geekdom and sports in this weekly pop culture podcast.

Lee Elias and Ray Carsillo talk about geekdom and sports in this weekly pop culture podcast.
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Lee Elias and Ray Carsillo talk about geekdom and sports in this weekly pop culture podcast.






Episode 24 - What is the Best Cartoon Intro of All Time?

Ray and Lee have a very special episode as they record live from Lee's dining room in Philadelphia. They discuss Batman Day and what the best cartoon intro of all time is. Then they discuss Antonio Brown getting cut from the Patriots. And for this week's mash-up, they ask what villains sports athletes would play in the DC Universe.


GWLS Leaderboard Interview: Devin Connors, Psyonix Community Manager

Ray and Lee sat down with Psyonix Community Manager Devin Connors. They didn't talk Rocket League, though, as Devin is also a devout Boston sports fan. The guys picked his brain about the start of the football season, the disappointment of the baseball season, and the hope for basketball and hockey seasons.


Episode 23 - What Are Your Favorite Game Sequels

Ray and Lee discuss game sequels including Gears 5 and Borderlands 3. Lee gets deeper into Pokemon GO. Ray rants about another New York Giants loss. And for this week's mash-up, the guys discuss what superhero would be most detrimental if they left a team line up. 2:23 - Gears 5/game sequels 11:15 - Pokemon GO 17:33 - Ash is a Pokemon Champion 21:08 - NFL 26:25 - Ray Rant 34:35 - Terrible Refs 40:05 - XFL/WWE 44:17 - Mariano Rivera at the White House 49:24 - Mash-Up


Episode 22 - Are You Ready for Some Football

Ray and Lee are back from Seattle and are talking last week's Nintendo Direct, the newest Joker trailer, and NFL football. Ray gets worked up over his New York Giants in a can't-miss rant, and this week's mash-up asks you what athletes from sports games would you want in modern sports. 2:40 - PAX 7:08 - Nintendo Direct 14:25 - Joker Trailer 22:30 - Preseason Plus/NFL Week 1 29:23 - Giants vs Cowboys 38:55 - Antonio Brown Goes to Patriots 48:58 - Mash-Up


Four Minute Offense: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Ray sits down and gives you his thoughts on Fire Emblem Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch from Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Nintendo. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that's available now.


Four Minute Offense: Wolfenstein Youngblood

Ray sits down and gives you his thoughts on Wolfenstein Youngblood for the Nintendo Switch from Bethesda and MachineGames in this quick byte. Wolfenstein Youngblood is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch.


Episode 21 - Live at PAX West

Ray and Lee do this episode in front of a live audience at PAX West in Seattle! They are joined by special guests Mel Kirk from Zen Studios, former Madden designer Gordon Bellamy, and SwagDog's Duncan Stanley. They discuss the NHL expansion team coming to Seattle, the culture of PAX and video games, and then re-name their favorite sports teams in this week's mash-up!


Episode 20 - Whose Side Are You On: Disney or Sony

This week, Ray and Lee talk about the Spider-Man debacle between Sony and Disney, breakdown the other announcements from D23, discuss Andrew Luck's surprise retirement, and ask what character would you hate to see forced to retire from the geek realm? All this and more on this week's Geeks Who Like Sports. 3:14 - Disney vs. Sony for the Soul of Spider-Man 14:51 - D23 Announcements 23:40 - New Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer 32:00 - Antonio Brown Drama is Over 34:08 - Andrew Luck...


GWLS Leaderboard Interview: William Ho, Creative Director for NHL 20

Geeks Who Like Sports crosses over with We Live Hockey for this special interview. Ray got to sit down with NHL 20 Creative Director William Ho and then Ray, Lee, and Travis Bowman break it down afterwards.


Episode 19 - What's Wrong with Antonio Brown and Are the Console Wars Over?

Ray and Lee are back with episode 19 of Geeks Who Like Sports. This week they talk about the news out of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, break down the drama with Raiders receiver Antonio Brown, and look back at long gone classic sports video games for this week's mash-up. 4:15 - Gamescom 2019 10:00 - End of the Console Wars? 21:14 - A-Rod Hates eSports 26:30 - Antonio Brown is a Clown 43:00 - Mash-up


Four Minute Offense: Ray Reviews Rage 2

Ray sits down and gives you his thoughts on Rage 2 from Bethesda in this quick byte. Rage 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Expect more new and exciting things from Geeks Who Like Sports in the coming days!


Episode 18 - Will You Buy the Disney Plus Bundle

Lee and Ray weigh other streaming services and cable against the new Disney Plus bundle, discuss the new Pokemon announced for Sword and Shield, and then tackle the first week of the NFL Preseason. They also discuss the Field of Dreams game announced by MLB for 2020, and for this week's mash-up, they ask what sports you'd want to see in a fictional world. 4:30 - Disney Plus Bundle 19:00 - Pokemon GO 25:45 - New Pokemon for Sword/Shield 30:40 - NFL Preseason Week 1 45:10 - MLB Field of Dreams...


Episode 17 - Should You Watch The Boys or Play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

It was a busy week on Geeks Who Like Sports. Lee gives his opinion on The Boys and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood while Ray reviews Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Madden season also kicks off today, and the two discuss what's wrong with baseball after a lackluster trade deadline, and then for the mash-up is what other game characters would be upset over low Madden ratings. 2:50 - The Boys 12:45 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 19:50 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 29:18 - Madden NFL 20 39:10 - NFL...


Episode 16 - Why Ray Got Fired from DC and What Actually Happened at Comic-Con

Ray and Lee discuss what exactly happened down at San Diego Comic-Con including all the new trailers and all the announcements from Marvel. They then go to the mailbag, talk about the new Clippers arena, and play "What If...?" sports edition for the mash-up. 8:03 - SDCC Talk 16:27 - Marvel Phase 4 29:35 - Top Gun: Maverick 33:10 - Mailbag 42:20 - July Sports 48:30 - AEW/WWE 51:29 - Mash-Up


Episode 15 - Spider-Man Far From Home Spoilercast

Lee and Ray give all their thoughts on Spider-Man Far From Home in this spoilercast. They then touch upon NBA Free Agency and the USA Women's World Cup Championship. This week's mash-up discusses superhero teams that would work best as sports teams. 6:55 - First Spidey thoughts 11:00 - Mysterio fight 20:15 - end scenes analysis 32:40 - future of MCU 38:50 - Women's World Cup 47:00 - NBA Free Agency 55:00 - Mash-Up


Episode 14 - Who Won NBA and NHL Free Agency and What Are Your Top 6 Pokemon

Ray and Lee discuss NBA and NHL Free Agency getting underway and discuss the slow start to the new AR mobile game Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Ray then gives us his top six Pokémon team if all Pokémon were available in a sports-like draft and in honor of Pokémon GO's third anniversary


Episode 13 - Who Will Root for the Montreal Rays and Dealing with Disappointment

Lee and Ray talk about things that have been bothering them in geek media including X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Swamp Thing, and Superman: Year One. They also discuss the Tampa Bay Rays splitting their time between two cities, and for this week's mash-up, ask what superheroes could split time between brands.


Episode 12 - E3 2019 Breakdown and Is This The End of Dynasties

Lee and Ray and breakdown E3 2019, the Stanley Cup Final, and their thoughts on the NBA Finals thus far (this was recorded before Game 6). Then, for this week's mash-up, they ask what superhero you'd want to play video games with.


Episode 11 - Batman vs. TMNT Breakdown and Sports Superheroes

Lee and Ray discuss the new Batman vs. TMNT animated feature and further developments in the NBA and Stanley Cup Final. Then, for this week's mash-up, we pair superheroes with athletes in dream match-ups a la Space Jam.


Episode 10 - Who Will Win the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and E3

Ray and Lee have a jam-packed show. They breakdown the early E3 reveals of Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat 11 DLC, Death Stranding, Marvel Avengers, and more. Then they discuss how Deadpool should enter the MCU and later make their NBA Finals and Stanley Cup predictions. Finally, there's more letters in the mailbag, and the mash-up asks what bad referee moments Deadpool could've helped out with.