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Welcome to the Gems Of Wrestling podcast!

Welcome to the Gems Of Wrestling podcast!


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Welcome to the Gems Of Wrestling podcast!






Era's of the Undertaker

Ranking 20 distinctly different era's of the Undertaker's WWE career. Flemerald, Rusty & Mr. NGN discuss the Undertaker's eras chronologically and rank them based on their own personal preference before revealing the Gems of Wrestling official favourite Era of the Undertaker! Will it be "The Western Mortician", "The American Badass", "The Deadman", "The Phantom of the Opera", "The Minister of Darkness" or "Mark Calaway" - you know, from the Boneyard Match. Even in this pandemic, GoW are...


011: Masked Wrestlers

It may be painstaking, tedious, impractical and an almost impossible task to unearth the major masked men in the major promotions of wrestling... BUT that is what we have gone and done! From Abyss to Atlantis, From Shinobi to Stagger Lee, From Sasuke to Doomsday, From Kane to Hurri.......Cane. You get the point. We cover a lot of ground and delve into some of the lesser-known stories behind the masks; Who had their face taken off by a dumbell? Why did the Midnight Rider relinquish the NWA...


010: The BIGGEST Episode EVERR! A big week in Wrestling is summed up from Raw to Raw again!

In this episode of GoW we spend 2 and a half hours (edited) discussing the monster week of Wrestling, from Brock's decimation of Rey-Rey & Dom-Dom through the Wednesday Night War to a Foxy Friday Night Smackdown before we detour through Hell - in a Cell! And back to Raw again. I cannot overstate the hard work that went into........ watching this much wrestling. We give our opinions on all that we have witnessed and they are completely unfiltered. If you ask us, watch whatever Wrestling you...


009: The Draft! Fantasy & Reality. The Top 10 Giraffes!

In the latest Gems of Wrestling, we kick off with the Top 10 Giraffes, as promised last week. If we missed your favourite Giraffe then let us know! We Draft 10 WWE Superstars each to compile our own roster, but who won? Let us know! Finally, we discuss the the upcoming draft in WWE, who needs to move, who needs to stay & why the Imperium need a Japanese member - think about it... and let us know!


008: This week in WWE! Was it a weak week or was it Roddy Strong? (Mostly a) Clash of Champions, Raw, Smackdown & NXT's half-a-debut on the USA Network

On this episode of the Gems of Wrestling we focus solely on the WWE; Clash of Champions, Raw, Smackdown & NXT's television debut are all discussed. What was good, what was bad, what was meh and what was "YEAH"! We touch upon some of our predictions that have come true & some of Meltzer's predictions that have come.. Sh*t! We are available on all Podcast platforms, for free, every other Saturday.


007: The vindication of Mr. No Gimmicks & NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff; AEW, Are we All In or All Out?

After weeks, months, years of contempt from Flemerald & Rusty Pudding for the lowest brand on the WWE totem pole, we finally review an NXT UK show - Takeover: Cardiff and compare it to AEW's final pre-TV PPV; All Out - which couldn't be any more appropriate of a title. We touch upon King of the Ring and reiterate our prophecy of Shane McMahon's involvement as well as introduce Mr. NGN to a little bit of the bubbly. Download for free from anywhere you find podcasts; or just ask Alexa, Home...


006: King of Kings or Joker of the Pack, who is the best and worst King of the Ring? Triple Header Pay-Per-Views & a round up of stuff, things & obscure references!

Join the guys for an episode of off-the-cuff topics ranging WWE, NJPW, AEW & statistically proving who was the best and worst King of the Ring winner - of the PPV era. Update on our King of the Ring 2019 predictions - who has 0 dogs left in the fight, who has to pin their hopes on Andrade and who has both predictions in the Quarter Finals. Listen out for Quasimodo, Lindsay Lohan & a Friends reference because we can't help ourselves. Also, find out which Joker we each...


005: Summerslam success, Takeover terrifable, The Fiend has arrived and the G1 has climaxed!

This is our recap of NXT Takeover: Toronto, Summerslam, G1 Climax as well Raw & Smackdown following the biggest party of the summer. Find out who we think ran over Stone Cold.. I mean, who is attacking Roman Reigns, who we think will win King of the Ring & find out who watches the Twilight Zone & who watches Murder She Wrote. Nearly two hours of unfiltered, unadulterated, uncensored opinions of all things WWE among other things. Discretion is advised.


004: The Episode where an hour went missing.. Fyter Fest, Hey Man, did Raw improve? Was Smackdown a Bish Off?

On this episode of GoW we discuss the Hindenburg, Mermaids and Lemonade stands. Seriously. Don't ask, just listen!


002: Mox Mocks, STUPID Show Down, NXT Takeover, 205 Dead or Alive? Shane-Nanighans!

This episode of GoW covers the recent happenings with WWE in Saudi Arabia, NXT Takeover 25, Jon Moxley's first belt since leaving WWE, Crusierweights and Light-Heavyweights. Women commentators and referees are discussed. King Corbin, Shane-Nanighans or Shane McMahonighans as well as LGBT bait in WWE, who do not understand how to properly use minority characters and storylines. Keep an ear out for the first offical sponsor of the Gems and where you can buy the fish and chips that will give...


AEW: Double or Nothing... Something?

Well the whole Wrestling world has had their say on the premiere of AEW on PPV but what did Flemerald, Rusty Pudding & Mr. No Gimmicks think of the event? Join the gang as they cover AEW's Double or Nothing.


001: Wildcard B*tches! 24/7 Title, Beast in the Bank with a Boombox, NXT blunders, 205 Deprived..

This episode of the Gems of Wrestling, join Flemerald, Rusty Pudding & Mr. No Gimmicks as they discuss the downs and downs of current WWE. On the docket; 24/7 Title, Wildcard Rule, Beast in the Bank, Smackdown's ticket sales, promotional name changes and anything and everything else that's going on in the WWE.


History of D-Generation X: Part Nine

How will Triple H deal with the betrayal of Chyna? How will the Outlaws cope in singles action? Can X-Pac overcome Shane McMahon? The final episode in our DX Chronology sees us through to Wrestlemania 15 and all shenanigans that come with that - including the bombshell that puts to bed this series... Twitter & Instagram: @GemsofWrestling


History of D-Generation X: Part Eight

Episode Eight, the penultimate, sees D-Generation X coming up against the Corporation head to head with belts flying back and forth. The road to Wrestlemania begins and we have the Corporate Rumble, one of the most unique endings to an "I Quit" match and an unbelievable betrayal.. Twitter & Instagram @GemsofWrestling


History of D-Generation X: Part Seven

Episode Seven covers the origins of the ill-fated Chyna/Henry relationship. Hunter is stripped of the IC belt as DX are just trying to get by without their injured leader. We have a new commissioner, a sheriff if you will. Along with that, we have to question the allegiance of the New Age Outlaws who seem to have had their heads turned by the money of the Corporation - who are parodied by DX in the lesser remembered classic parodies in 1998, perhaps because the word "sphincter" is...


History of D-Generation X: Part Six

The sixth instalment of the DX chronology picks up at King of the Ring 1998 - the infamous PPV but not for our favourite group of rebels. That doesn't mean that the summer wasn't memorable as Triple H and The Rock lead their groups to battle one another, with belts flying back and forth, The Outlaws are knocked from the tag-team mountain peak by a familiar foe before clawing their way back and an injury to Triple H slows down the progress of D-Generation X. Also, listen out for the special...


History of D-Generation X: Part Five

It is the Genesis of D-Generation X aka the second incarnation of the faction after Shawn Michaels had dropped the ball. We chronicle the weekly shenanigans that degenerates that took the group from rule-breaking heels to rule breaking babyfaces as the most over faction in WWE history *debatable*. From the debut of X-Pac to the first encounter of Degenerate vs. Degenerate and the King of the Ring qualifiers of 1998.


History of D-Generation X: Part Four

It's the State of the Union address from the degenerates to open episode four. This sets up the road to Wrestlemania with New Age Outlaws heading to the Dumpster Match, Triple H taking the fight to Owen Hart & the fall of Shawn Michaels after his back injury at the Royal Rumble finally taking him out action after passing the torch to Stone Cold Steve Austin but how smooth did it all go? About as smooth as the DX public work out - all covered within this...


History of D-Generation X: Part Three

We begin part three with the conveniently titled PPV - In Your House 19: D-Generation X and cover everything neon green and black through to Sgt. Slaughter finally getting one over on DX on 20th January 1998 Raw. Strip Poker, Christmas presents, nuggets, European title matches and the rise of the New Age Outlaws are all chronicled in this episode of the History of D-Generation X.