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We unfold the story behind industry-leading fitness entrepreneurs, sharing the trials and tribulations faced on their journey to success in order to pave the way for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs.




We unfold the story behind industry-leading fitness entrepreneurs, sharing the trials and tribulations faced on their journey to success in order to pave the way for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs.






Fitness Founders Mini series: ‘Choosing the right location to set you up for success’ with Mehdi Elaichouni

Welcome to the Fitness Founders Mini series, in collaboration with Mehdi Elaichouni, owner of Carpe Diem Jiu Jitsu Throughout each episode, Mehdi shares his first-hand experience navigating the challenges he faced as a new fitness operator, highlighting key learnings and actionable takeaways to help equip new fitness business owners as they set up their first operation. Finding a location for your fitness business is an art and a science. In this episode, Mehdi talks us through the...


Cory Sterling Talks About the Legal Essentials Fitness Operators Need to Be Successful know to be successful

This week, we are joined by Cory Sterling, a lawyer and the owner of Conscious Council, a law firm focused on servicing health and wellness businesses. Connect with Cory here: In this episode, Cory explains the origins of Conscious Council, the biggest legal risks fitness business owners can face, and how using a legal service allows you to really focus on the important areas of your business. As mentioned in the episode, Cory has kindly offered a...


Fred Hoffman Talks About Customer Service in the Digital Age

Fred Hoffman is an international fitness expert and consultant based in Paris, France. He is the owner of Fitness Resource Consulting Services. Back in July Fred joined us to talk about what makes a great customer service, how different digital customer touchpoints and channels work and how customer service strategies differ from market to market. Connect with Fred here: This podcast is brought to you by Glofox, a gym...


Todd Wadler Talks to Us About the Key Lessons Learned From Growing a Fitness Franchise

Todd Wadler is a former investment banker and is the co-founder of BoxUnion and the current CEO of Title Boxing. Todd talks to us about starting BoxUnion, how he grew it into a profitable business, and how he applied the lessons he learned to over 150 franchise locations with Title Boxing. Connect with Todd here: This podcast is brought to you by Glofox, a gym software management company. If you are looking to accelerate growth, work...


Josh Biro Tells Us About the Simple Secret to Making Your Sales Pitch Successful

Josh will be speaking at #Glocon2021 which brings together the best minds in the industry to help you navigate the world post pandemic. Sign up here: Josh Biro is the founder of The Yogapreneur Collective, an ethical business coaching program for purpose driven yoga studios. In this episode Josh talks about focusing on the core vision of your studio, why value is the key to your pricing and the simple secret to making your...


David Marquet Talks About Building an Empowering Organization for Your Fitness Business

This week we talk to David Marquet, a retired United States Navy captain and submarine commander, leadership expert and bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around and Leadership is Language. In this episode David describes how he transformed USS Santa Fe into what has been called the most empowering organization ever seen, how to transform your leadership style from telling people what to do to letting people make decisions for themselves and why you need to think about the legacy you...


April Fisk Talks About Building Culture and Community Within a Fitness Franchise

This week we talk to April Fisk, the CEO of Rockbox Fitness, a boxing inspired boutique fitness franchise based in the US. In this episode, April tells us about what the best franchises do at the highest level of operations, the key qualities of a successful franchisee and the importance of building strong communities within a franchise network. Connect with April here: Check out Rockbox Fitness here:...


Chris Cooper Tells Us The Proven Formula For A Successful Fitness Business

This week we welcome back Chris Cooper, a gym owner, author and the founder of the fitness business mentorship program Two Brain Business. In this episode Chris tells us about how gyms were forced to rethink their business models during Covid-19, where fitness operators need to spend their time and money to be successful and he explains the secret behind why you should aim for 150 members when starting out. Connect with Chris here: ...


Laurie McCartney Talks About Developing Your Business For A Changing Fitness Industry

This week we are joined by Laurie McCartney, who is the President of Global Fitness and Wellness Solutions at Ascend Learning, which includes The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Premier Global, ActiveIQ, and ClubConnect. In this episode Laurie talks about the changing role of fitness learning and development, how to add to your toolkit of skills to grow your business and the new opportunities on the horizon for fitness...


Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich Talk About Building Row House Into a Successful Boutique Fitness Franchise

This week we talk to Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich, the founders of Row House, an Xponential brand and boutique fitness franchise that offers a low-impact, cardio enhancing, full-body strength workout for all fitness levels. In this episode Debra and Eric tell us about the challenges and successes starting out, how they built the brand from a few locations into a franchise and what the future looks like for the company and the industry as a whole. To to get involved with the Gyms...


Ian Mullane Talks About The New Rules of Engagement for the Fitness Industry

We are joined by Ian Mullane, the CEO of Keepme, an AI-based revenue acceleration CRM for fitness operators. He is also the author of The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement, a white paper on the future of the fitness industry. Read his whitepaper here: Connect with Ian here: In this episode Ian discusses some key points from his whitepaper and explains how data-driven personalization can increase retention,...


Adam Zeitsiff Tells Us How Fitness Operators Can Deliver a Winning Hybrid Experience

The week we talk to Adam Zeitsiff, the President and CEO of Intelivideo, which is a digital video platform that helps fitness operators to transform their business into a hybrid model. Adam is also formerly the CEO of Golds Gym and has a wealth of experience in the fitness and technology space. You can connect with him here: In this episode Adam tells us how to create value for your members with your online offering, how large franchises can...


Matthew Januszek on Why You Shouldn’t Lose Sight of Your Core Business

Matthew Januszek is the co-founder of Escape Fitness Equipment and the host of the popular Escape Your Limits Podcast. You can find him here: Listen to the Escape Your Limits Podcast here: In this episode, Matthew talks about why he started Escape Fitness, the thinking behind the design of a gym, and why you shouldn’t lose sight of your core business as digital fitness becomes...


Bryan O’Rourke Talks About How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Fitness

This week we talk to Bryan O’Rourke, the President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council who holds a range of different leadership, speaking, and advisory roles across the fitness industry. You can find Bryan here: In this episode, Bryan talks about how the growing influence of technology in fitness over the past few years, how major tech companies are moving into the fitness and health space and what large franchises and independent...


Simon Flint on Leading a High-Performance Culture in a Fitness Organization

Simon Flint is our guest this week. He is the CEO of Evolution Wellness which is the largest network of wholly-owned fitness studios in Asia. Currently, they have over 170 locations in 6 countries. Their portfolio includes 5 fitness brands and 1 wellness brand. They also own a software brand focused on the fitness industry. In this great episode, Simon talks about his decision-making process when investing in wellness and fitness brands, the leadership philosophy that influences the...


Vanessa Severiano on Why Mission Driven Companies Will Win Long Term

This week we talk to Vanessa Severiano, a growth, branding, and sales expert who is also the host of the excellent podcastThe Business Side of Fitness. Find out more about Vanessa and what she does at In this episode, she talks about changing consumer expectations, where you need to focus your sales and marketing efforts right now, and why mission-driven companies will win long term. This podcast is brought to you by Glofox, a gym software management...


Loreana Acosta Explains the Playbook for Opening a Gym in the Middle East

The week we talk to Loreana Acosta, a fitness business consultant who helps fitness businesses grow and become successful in the Middle East. In this episode Loreana explains the playbook for launching a gym or studio in the Middle East, the key mistakes to avoid when starting out, and lays out the unique challenges and opportunities presented in the region. To connect with Loreana you can find her here: Instagram: Linkedin:...


Eric Malzone Tell Us What It Takes to Be a Successful Fitness Entrepreneur Right Now

This week we talk to Eric Malzone, a fitness industry consultant and podcast host who has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and the fitness industry. In this episode, Eric talks to us about the huge opportunity in the industry right now and takes us through the key qualities you need to be a successful fitness entrepreneur. Eric is the host of two excellent podcasts. The Future of Fitness Podcast a health science, fitness, and wellness interview podcast featuring the bleeding...


Russ Harrison Talks About Growing a Successful Fitness Franchise From the Ground Up

This week we talk to Russ Harrison, the Group Managing Director of Spartans Boxing Club, a community focused boxing club expanding rapidly across the Asia Pacific and Middle East. In the episode Russ takes us on a journey from opening his first location in Singapore to building a franchise fitness business that is set to take him to 5 locations and beyond this year. This is a must listen for anyone thinking of growing their studio into a franchise. Russ will be running a virtual...


Will Brereton Explains The 5 Key Steps to Making Your Virtual Platform A Success

This week we talk to Will Brereton, the co-founder of Ministry of Fit, which helps gyms and studios bring their brand to the virtual space in the most authentic way possible. He is also the co-founder of SH1FT Fitness, an online group fitness business. In this episode, Will gives us a masterclass in making your online offering successful and brings us through 5 key steps to help you bring your brand to life online. On October 12th Will and Ministry of Fit will be running a Digital...