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Oy with the Mets!

Oy with the Mets!
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Oy with the Mets!






End of an Era

After 88 wonderful episodes, Roger has (temporarily? permanently?) resigned from Good Fundies. Brian thanks the listeners, the guests, the guest tweeters and the writers for an incredible run; and contemplates whether Good Fundies will continue. And if so, in what form. Thank you to Jared Diamond, Marc Carig, Matthew Cerrone, Eno Sarris, Dan Szymborski, Peter Alonso, Ty Kelly, Kevin McGowan, Rick Peterson, Greg Prince, JT Teran, Sean O'Connor, Ursula from FBWG, Rich MacLeod, Jon Hurwitz, Tim...


Communication Breakdown

Brian and Roger recorded an emergency pod about the Yoenis Cespedes situation and the underwhelming Jeurys Familia trade. This is that.


Smell Ya Later? (with Tim Britton)

The Fundie Fellas yapped about Mike Trout and the All-Star Game (03:30), people intensely judging a Mickey Callaway decision that worked (07:30), and Jacob deGrom's agent's statement to the Mets to either trade his client or sign him to a contract extension (14:15)before inviting Tim Britton of The Athletic onto the podcast. Tim and the boys talked about their defunct TV blogs (25:00), how covering the 2009 Mets helped him divorce himself from Mets fandom for good (28:30), covering the Red...


Friends and Unfriends

Roger and Brian announced that Good Fundies is now a World Cup podcast and maybe also a Metropolitan Museum of Art podcast (02:15) before discussing the blending of the internet and the real world (04:15),the latest writing about the Wilpons' meddling and the analytics people being overruled (19:00),Ken Rosenthal's take that the Mets won't make the same mistakes again and his reporting on the latest trade rumors (33:30), how money in trades work (47:15), who the next Mets GM will be and if...


Exit Sandman

Roger and Brian voiced their appreciation for the departing Mets GM Sandy Alderson (03:00), discussed Jeff Wilpon's 'confession' (20:00), wondered if this current Met team is one of the worst ever (32:00), predicted how the triumvirate GM super squad will and will not work (36:00), gossiped about the reported in-fighting between the major league staff and the player development staff (37:30), spoke of the joys of bunting (41:00), chatted about AJ Ramos' season-ending surgery (01:04:00),...


Beachy Boulders Bullpen Carts (with Jerry Beach)

This time around the Fundies fellas started the pod discussing whether or not the Mets are going to go on another 11-1 run and just become the streakiest team in baseball history (02:00), give props to those who gave props (09:00), talk about Peter Alonso and Jeff McNeil's promotions to...Triple A (19:30), this week's injury protocol nonsense (23:00), and wondered why MLB promotes Aaron Judge so much but not the possibly better Brandon Nimmo (33:45) Then Roger welcomed veteran Mets writer...


I'm Not Mad, I'm Laughing

Hi! This week the Good Fundies fellas chatted about social media algorithms and the correct pronunciations of things (06:00), the Wilpons and their malfeasance for the past 15 years (12:30), Ken Rosenthal letting them down (27:30), the Mets paying more for shorter contracts (33:00), Adrian Gonzalez's departure (50:00), how they think Dominic Smith will do this time around (52:20), if the Mets season is uh, over (58:00), how they continue to mess up player position injuries (01:15:00), and...


An Evening With El Pow (with Peter Alonso and Matt Ehalt)

Mets top prospect Peter "EL POW" Alonso and beat writer Matt Ehalt (The Record/ joined the Good Fundies boys in an instant classic*! First, Roger and Brian talked about the Citi Field fire and the plague-ish events transpiring with the Mets lately (01:30), Mickey Callaway's recent motivational tactics (10:00), and Sandy Alderson's interesting math (16:00). Then Binghamton Rumble Ponies first baseman and Top 100 prospect Peter Alonso discussed his new wikipedia-verified...


Mets Will Tear Us Apart (Again)

Roger and Brian discussed poor, poor, so so poor Jacob deGrom (05:00) before solving the Mets bullpen crisis by talking about it (11:00), apologizing kinda maybe to Terry Collins (15:00), determining what is Mickey Callaway's fault and what isn't (20:30), how the starting rotation should be changed (24:00), newest oldest Met Jose Bautista (34:40), Jay Bruce revisionist history (46:00), and an update on the METCON meter (50:00) In the mailbag segment, the two answered questions about when...


Meddlin' to the Middle

The boys of Good Fundies began the show by apologizing for missing last week and explaining what they have been up to lately, as well as sharing their existential and/or Mets-related frustrations (04:00). Then they got into which previous Mets season this year reminds them of (20:00), what Juan Lagares' possible season-ending injury means to the team (27:40), the Mets messing up Yoenis Cespedes' DL stint again (36:55), Todd Frazier's injury (46:00), Keith Hernandez sticking it to The Man...


The Mets Are...Average? (with Jon Hurwitz)

Writer/directorJon Hurwitz (COBRA KAI, HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, AMERICAN REUNION) joined the Good Fundies boys. Obviously, Brian and Roger started things off talking about the Mets designating Matt Harvey for assignment (10:15). Then Brian made a change to the METCON level, noting the Mets' unexpectedly strong NL East competition and the team's latest injury issues (33:00). After that, Jon Hurwitz joined to chat about how he helped bring THE KARATE KID back to life (50:00),...


Thor and Jakey and Hope the Rest Ain't Stinky

This time around Brian and Roger conversed on the luck behind one-run games and extra innings and what it says about how good the Mets actually are(08:30), the rotation after Syndergaard and deGrom (13:00), Matt Harvey's bullpen adventures so far (28:00), Adrian Gonzalez's xwOBA and Jay Bruce's imminent return to first base (37:45), Michael Conforto's possible troubles (50:30), and the triumphant return of the METCON level (01:03:55). In the mailbag, the Good Fundies guys revealed their...


Normal Human Being Stuff (with Anthony DiComo)

Special guest star: Longtime Mets beat reporter Anthony DiComo! This time around Brian and Roger talked about Matt Harvey's move to the bullpen (06:50), Yoenis Cespedes announcing he probably wont be denying himself the pleasure of golf much longer (20:00), Jay Bruce's struggles and Mickey Callaway's management of the outfield (24:40), and if the Phillies are legitimately scary (39:30) before offering the most positive of spins about the Mets' 2018 season so far (42:15). Then...


Cough Button Funnin'

After the boys of Good Fundies watched the Mets finish blowing a game against the Nationals (02:00), the two questioned whether such 'shocking' defeats were truly 'shocking' (03:00) Then they talked about Travis d'Arnaud's season-ending injury and what it means for the catching situation (08:00), Zack Wheeler's great start (19:00), and Matt Harvey's not so good at all start (21:10), before Brian updated us with the latest METCON reading (28:00) and the telling stats on how much Mickey...


The Mets Are...Good? (with Mark Simon)

The Mets are probably pretty good and Mark Simon (ESPN, Sports Info Solutions) joins in on the fun on the new Good Fundies! Roger and Brian used mostly true Mets facts and pythagorean records to determine if the Mets are good, all the while enjoying the wondrous moment in time (02:00). Then, the two got into the difference between Mickey Callaway and the former manager, Ol' Whatshisface (13:30), Brian revealed this week's METCON level (21:30), and discussed Keith Hernandez's tweeting thus...


Cotton (with Brian Wright)

Brian Wright talked about his new book "Mets in 10s: Best and Worst of an Amazin' History" and Roger and the other Brian made their 2018 Mets Over/Under predictions! First Brian and Roger talked about Keith Hernandez joining Twitter (04:00) of course. Then they went over how they thought Steven Matz looked and Mickey Callaway's decisions after the first Mets series of the season (13:00), and the potential outfield logjam once Michael Conforto returns (27:15). Then the boys invited a second...


The Youth (with Addy Baird)

Fake Baseball is over. Time for Real Baseball and a new Good Fundies, where Roger and Brian keep it professional with Addy Baird from ThinkProgress. After discussing the new members of the Good Fundies family and how the youth communicate these days, the boys talked about Rafael Montero's injury (14:30), Zack Wheeler's demotion (20:00), Steven Matz and Matt Harvey's futures (28:50), Noah Syndergaard's potential (33:00), Jason Vargas' Jason Vargasness (37:00), Michael Conforto starting the...


Cormier's Korner: Larry Fleischer Was a Mets and Yankees Fan

Larry Fleischer is a writer. Larry and Roger talked about a lot of things live on tape at Foley's, including: 7:50 His Mets/Yankees fandom, going to some 1986 Met affairs including the day after the Mets clinching the 1986 division 12:15 Seeing the 'Tim Raines game' 14:40 His first job, writing down quotes dictated to him over the phone 18:30 Larry's first live gig watching John Rocker history 19:30 Steve Karsay's alternate version story 21:00 Experiencing champagne celebrations first-hand...


The Mailbag Special

On a very special and nice episode of Good Fundies, the boys just dove into the mailbag and never came up for air. After discussing if the fake baseball is exciting or not and the changes in Roger's life (some exciting, some boring), the Good Fundies guys answered listener questions about the first baseman situation with Dom Smith and Adrian Gonzalez (28:00), if the Met injury reports are overkill (31:00), what will happen if Matt Harvey has a good or great season (40:00), if Reese's...


Brian on the Street 2

The triumphant return of BRIAN ON THE STREET and the debut of THAT'S NOT WHAT WE MEANT headline the latest episode of GOOD FUNDIES. After the boys talked about friend of the pod Ty Kelly signing with the Mets (05:00) and congratulated Callie on getting her Citi Field prom pics (07:45), Brian and Roger gabbed about the return of Jose Reyes (10:30) and Jeff Wilpon trying and failing immensely to properly address the Mets' payroll issues (17:00) in their new segment THAT'S NOT WHAT WE MEANT!...