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He Was Better Then LeBron

Tyrone records despite being a bit under the weather for the past 3 days Xcluzive changes that will come to the Xcluzive Breakdown content which includes this show going from a weekly show to a bi-weekly show to preserve Tyrone's energy and stopping himself from burning out. Daytona's Perspective will begin production at the end of June/early July while Thoughts From The Island will begin production at the end of July/early August. Sneaker Swag AKA "Don't Jock My Kicks" will also begin...


Dolla Power!

On the road to 10k downloads! There's a change in this week episode. WTF Moment of the week features UPS and there ridiculous new feature which allows people to track there order with a 3-D map and why Tyrone ABSOLUTELY HATES THAT IDEA after the UPS driver comes in his area five times which includes two times the driver was in his complex and didn't deliver the product until late in the day! Tyrone gets into a altercation with a individual who he had issues with in the neighborhood playing...


April Madness

Tyrone is back on that grind and is ready to give you the fire episodes that you've grown to love over the years. R.I.P to Cousin Troy who passed away a few weeks ago and Tyrone shares his favorite memories of him. The NBA playoffs is in full effect with the Boston Celtics sweeping the Indiana Pacers! I explain why this sweep could be the beginning of the end for the Pacers & the beginning of a memorable run to the finals for the Celtics! The Golden State Warriors blew a 31 point lead which...



Back from the one month hiatus! It feels good to be back! This episode of Got Em' Coach Tyrone talks about the reason why he disappeared for a month as well as the R.Kelly situation in which he explains why he can't separate the musician from the person. Tyrone also talks about the Magic Johnson resignation and how he laid the foundation of failure which ultimately caused him to resign. LeBron James first year is discussed! Find out why this is just the beginning of another tough rebuild...


Random Ramblings

Back on this grind! This episode talks about everything from R.Kelly to your first day out outfit! Tyrone also talks about the spring, summer, fall and winter chickens?!?!? This episodes has a lot of pure randomness but also a lot of laughs as well so enjoy!! For sponsorship opportunities contact Weekly & Monthly sponsorship opportunities are available. Four Point Islanders Merchandise coming in 2019 The Quiet Hustle Merchandise coming spring 2019 Follow The...


Don't Be Complacent!

WELL, WELL, WELL...… LOOK AT WHO'S BACK FROM HIATUS! Tyrone is BACK after a 7 week hiatus from recording and he's back with his first installment if Motivation 2 Get It Cracking. This episode talks about keeping pressure on yourself and not falling into the trap of depending on something to always be there for you when that something can easily turn around and turn there back on you leaving you lost in the sauce! For sponsorship opportunities contact Weekly &...


The End Of The Year Episode

Happy New Years Everybody! We would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for supporting this show! The growth from this time last year to now has been amazing and it couldn't of been done without each and everyone of you! Nothing heavy in this weeks episode just Tyrone thanking everybody for there support and the expectations he expects from not only the show but from The Xcluzive Breakdown brand in 2019! Tyrone also introduces three words for the day, "Expeditiously"...


Old Vs. New

Happy Holidays from the Xcluzive Breakdown family! In this weeks episode Tyrone talks about his Christmas and the gifts he got from people. (Not included in the discussion was the Fat Head he received from his "Secret Santa".) Tyrone also talks about the first professional sports game he's been to with his mom in over 20 years and why she may become a analyst after predicting the Atlanta Hawks would beat the Detroit Pistons. "WTF" is back after DHL was a day late with Tyrone's Christmas...


Stepping Into Greatness

The late night grind! If you have the passion to make a impact in something you love then by all means make it happen!! This week Tyrone is back from his one week hiatus! Tyrone also talks about the Pistons vs. Pelicans basketball game that was played December 9th which includes the Heckling of Julius Randle, Jrue Holiday being the second most underrated guard in the NBA & Reggie Jackson's slow fall from grace! This weeks "logically correct because he says so" talks about Luka Doncic...


One Man Show!

The grind simply doesn't stop! I want to give a shoutout to PodMust for hosting the show as one of the featured podcasts FOUR OUT OF FIVE WEEKS last month! This week episode Tyrone talks about the one man grind of not only being the CEO of his own company but also being the host, producer, writer & editor of his own show. Tyrone also talks about Kyrie Irving considering retirement in his early to late 30's and five destinations for Markelle Fultz in the debut segment called "Logically...


Learn To Love The Grind

Episode number 5! The support is so greatly appreciated you just don't understand! This weeks episode will be talking about Tyrone's first LIVE Pistons basketball game of the season when they played the Houston Rockets on Black Friday and the five things he took from the experience! Tyrone also talk about the Dwight Howard situation and why he feels the accuser is TOTALLY WRONG in this situation. Other nuggets in this episode includes two new additions to the "hitlist", The November...


Way Too Early NBA Season Awards

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed there holidays with nothing but positive vibes and good food! This weeks episode hands out the NBA season awards one month into the 2018-19 season. From Gm/Executive of the year to MVP this episode covers them all so prepare yourself accordingly! We also debut this weeks (11/19-11/25) Heat Of The Week which includes the Yeezy 350 "Sesame" and the Jordan 12 "Bulls Gym Red". Thank you all for the support! Facebook: The Xcluzive Breakdown Instagram:...


The Episode On The Fly (Literally)

So this week was suppose to be the finale of "The Moment You Knew" two part series that was started but due to the lack of attention of putting together the episodes Tyrone had to improvise. This week episode talks about why the Draymond Green suspension and why it was done to appease Kevin Durant, "Daytona 360" personal plea to "Suit & Tye" and much much more! Follow the brand on the following sites


The Moment I Knew

Episode 2 of Got Em' Coach includes the New Intro, Big thanks to radiojay from for hooking the show up with some heat! This weeks episode we dabble into the Carmelo Anthony saga & the Jimmy Butler to Minnesota trade and why Minnesota won the trade in Tyrone's personal opinion. Tyrone also talk about the moment he knew that he would be starting his own media company in the basketball and sneaker world. Instagram: @Xcluzivebreakdown Facebook: @Xcluzivebreakdown YouTube: The...


Back On That Grind GRIND!!

We did it! Season 2 is now upon us! This episode will not touch on anything basketball and sneaker related just taking the time to thank those who have been supporting not only the show but the Xcluzive Breakdown brand itself.


Dub Nation Pt. 3

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning there 3rd championship in four years! In this episode I talk about why the Warriors may be the team to beat for the next 3-4 years, Why keeping LeBron in Cleveland may be contingent on the Cavs trading the 8th pick, Why LeBron's best option is in Philadelphia & MUCH MORE!



Phoenix wins the NBA Draft lottery!!! I get pulled over for a phantom speeding ticket in one of the pettiest cities in the state of Michigan & Random basketball talk which includes LeBron James next NBA destination, The Detroit Pistons & One of my infamous rambles!


Midwest Swang!

NBA Live 19 is looking like it's ready to take back its throne as the best basketball game on the market! 24 hours after announcing the re-brand of my popular apparel designs I explain why its about to be something EPIC! The Pacers look to be a serious contender, The Mike Budenholzer begins in Milwaukee, Can the pistons stay healthy, The CAVS may not be that bad off without LeBron and the Bulls look to continue to develop that young talent!



My first experience with StockX was a experience my pockets will never forget! North Carolina suspends thirteen football players for selling shoes for money but wont pay there student athletes! Donald Trump is an attention seeking male which was submitted by his comments on LeBron James and Don Lemon. I also talk about the NCAA allowing players to return to school of there not drafted, The unfortunate careers of Greg Monroe and Jahlil Okafor and much more!


The Process

This is the third installment of Motivation To Get It Crackin! This episode talks about trusting your process and why its a absolute must if you want to be successful in whatever it is that you do! I also get into a possible stripping career?!?!, The love (or lack thereof) in my city and windows doing there job at the wrong time!