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A bi-weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Max Kurton and Jesse Benns. Each episode will be a brand new Top Five from a various aspect of pro wrestling. Max & Jesse run through their lists for the most important, entertaining and memorable moments or matches. Also, features interviews with some of the best independent wrestlers working today.

A bi-weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Max Kurton and Jesse Benns. Each episode will be a brand new Top Five from a various aspect of pro wrestling. Max & Jesse run through their lists for the most important, entertaining and memorable moments or matches. Also, features interviews with some of the best independent wrestlers working today.
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A bi-weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Max Kurton and Jesse Benns. Each episode will be a brand new Top Five from a various aspect of pro wrestling. Max & Jesse run through their lists for the most important, entertaining and memorable moments or matches. Also, features interviews with some of the best independent wrestlers working today.






Wrestle Gate Pro Interview & Survivor Series 2003 Hidden Gem Review

It's Got Till Five time!!! This week's episode features a special interview with Gary Ward, promoter of Wrestle Gate Pro. Gary provides great insight into the origin of Wrestle Gate and where he hopes to take the promotion in the future. Then it's on to the main event, Jesse came up with this week's show concept, which regular listeners will know is like seeing a rainbow coloured unicorn shitting glitter. We look at a hidden gem of a PPV - Survivor Series 2003, a very lacklustre year for...


Top Five Darkest Moments In Wrestling

Let's go all morbid and sad, shall we? An episode topic that Max & Jesse have wanted to explore for a while, the darkest moments in wrestling. Now, this isn't storyline dark this is the horrible things that go on outside the realms of wrestling fantasy. Some things happen during the course of trying to entertain the fans and some are shocking despairing moments when the lights have long gone cold. Just a slight warning this episode does deal with very mature themes including murder, suicide,...


Top 5 Debuts in Wrestling

With the superstar shake-up being all the rage it's time to look at the best debuts in wrestling according to Max and Jesse. Max starts off the show with a quiz for Jesse centred around debuts, if Jesse gets 4 out of 5 questions right he gets the coveted 3 slots to pick his favourite debuts.


Top Five Wrestlemania PPVs

It's Wrestlemania season!!! There was a plan for a short form episode but it went long because Jesse put his 1, 3 and 5 picks up for grabs in a quiz. Max had to guess 4 out of 5 questions correctly to get the coveted spots, tune in to find out the results. Then it's on to the show of shows, looking at overall Wrestlemania PPVs to decide which were their personal favourites with numerous facts sprinkled in.


Top Five Wrestling Families

Time for a short form episode, looking at the history and lineage of wrestling families. Wrestling families have always been fascinating as they grow and expand over generations, each one either being more or less successful than the last. Jesse also manages to fit in the true, and horrifying, backgrounds behind your favourite childhood fairy tales.


Breed Pro Wrestling Interview & Top Five Big Men In Wrestling

The saddest day has swept across our Got Till Five land, our mascot and muse King Kong Bundy has passed away. It only seemed fitting that we look at the top five big men in wrestling and pay tribute to their life size characters. Also, Max got to speak with Mitch Smith who is the owner of a new British promotion called Breed Pro Wrestling, based in Sheffield. Now, Max and Jesse haven't had much time to communicate so this episode is a bit of verbal diarrhoea catching up, wanting to inform...


Top Five Wrestling Video Games

This episode marks a slight change in format. Trying out a shorter form episode where Max & Jesse only do a Top Five between them where they look at the best wrestling video games. The episode starts with a competitive quiz between the two to see who gets the coveted number one spot, hosted by none other than Game Till Five host - Nikki. Then it's time for Max & Jesse to run down their favourites video games that kept them glued to their controllers with some interesting facts and honourable...


The O.J.M.O Interview & Top Five Women's Matches

This week Max and Jesse are joined by one of the fastest rising stars in the British Independent scene - The O.J.M.O (don't ask him what it stands for, he'll never tell you.) They discuss all things ranging from his beginnings in wrestling, random Italian adventures involving a man named only as "The Greatest" and where he would like to see his career go in the future. Then it is time to discuss this week's Top Five looking at the best Women's Matches from all over the world they go through...


Colin Russell-Ames Interview & Top Five Commentators

It almost feels like a return to form in 2019. With our first interview of the new year we spoke to the one and only 'Mouth of the Midlands' Colin Russell-Ames who has had the pleasure and privilege of announcing many great wrestlers to the ring and also commentating on their matches. We discuss how he got in to the role, his favourite moments and of course that long David Starr introduction. It was then on to our top five which this week was selected by the Got Till Five audience,...


Top Five Royal Rumble Matches

The first episode of 2019 and it is officially Rumble season!! This time last year Max and Jesse looked at the best matches to be featured at the Royal Rumble PPV that wasn't the Royal Rumble match itself. This year they want to break down what the best 30 person over the top Royal Rumble matches are, from its inception in 1988 to now, they go through their personal favourites and also pay tribute to the late great Mean Gene Okerlund.


Top Five Matches of 2018

30 episodes, one year, 2018 is done. What a wild ride its been, not only for the podcast but of course in the world of professional wrestling. From North America to Japan, here in the UK and beyond there have been some tremendous matches. Max and Jesse try their best to find the greatest matches that have been performed in 2018, it was not an easy task as the level of wrestling just keeps getting higher and higher.


Top Five Memorable Moments of 2018

As another year draws to the end, Got Till Five come to their penultimate episode of 2018. Max and Jesse look at the top five moments that stood out for them throughout the year, looking at all aspects of wrestling across the globe. There was an attempt to make this a shorter episode but of course this didn't happen which was to be expected.


The Elliott Jordan Exp Interview & Top Five Wrestling Betrayals

This week's episode features an interview with The Elliott Jordan Experience, one of the hottest talents currently performing in the Midlands with a break out 2018. We discuss his rise to the top this year, his love of wrestling, what he's learnt most and where he wants to be in 2019. It is then time to focus attention on the Top Five of the week, Max & Jesse look at their Top Five Betrayals in Wrestling, a standard storytelling trope and their have been a lot of memorable ones over the...


Top Five In-Ring Injuries & Wrestling Resurgence Interview

Max is back!! The team is re-united and it's time to get cracking on some Top Five's. A lot of news has to be covered in this episode with exciting things happening such as sponsorship's, magazine deals and other such things. Also they have the pleasure of interviewing Sam West from Wrestling Resurgence, a fantastic new wrestling promotion that focuses on the artistic side of wrestling. Then, in honour of Max's injury the guys look at the Top Five most prolific injuries to ever happen within...


Top Five Submission Moves with guest host Steve Fingastylz

Due to Max's injury and was undergoing surgery when this episode was recorded, Steve Fingastylz from DA Podcast steps in to help Jesse out. With Steve's background of MMA knowledge the two discuss the best submissions in the world of wrestling. Both look at why the moves are good from different angles and in classic GT5 fashion veer off in to some hilarious discussions and topics. A big thank you to Steve from the GT5 team to help not only last minute guest host but also edit the episode.


Spike Trivet Interview & Top Five Iconic Entrances

It's Top Five time!! Before the joys of the top five though, Max sat down with the one and only Spike Trivet, talking about his history with wrestling, his favourite moments and then we subjected him to doing a top five of his own. The top five this week had many inspirations from the world of wrestling, this gave Max & Jesse the idea to do the top five most iconic entrances. These will not be the standard entrances but entrances that led to great moments or matches and were just generally...


Top Five Cruiserweights and Joe Prado Interview

Year two kicks off with a Top Five instant classic, Max and Jesse discuss their favourite cruiserweights of all time. They are also joined for an interview with Joe Prado from Mark and Mark Promotions, as they hope to raise enough money with 'Bowling with Brawlers' to send underprivileged children and families to survivor series. The event happens on October 19th in Tampa, Florida. All details and tickets available at the following...


1 Year Anniversary Spectacular & Top Five Favourite Matches of All Time

It is finally here, Max and Jesse survived a whole year talking wrestling and top five's. This episode looks back at some of the most interesting moments from previous episodes, they stick true to the brand as well and do Top Five Favourite Matches of All Time. Then it's time to give out awards that the Got Till Five Milkyway Universe voted on, the winners of the Favourite Non-Wrestler Guest and Favourite Wrestler Guest come on the show to accept their awards and have a catch-up.


Top Five Kurt Angle Matches

The final episode of their first year! Max and Jesse asked the Got Till Five Milkyway Universe for a vote on another wrestler Top Five Matches. The winner was, of course, the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. From his debut in WWE to NJPW then to TNA and back again, the guys try to cover all of Kurt's best matches.


Top Five Summerslam Matches of All Time

It's the biggest party of the summer, the second biggest PPV of the year, it's Summerslam!! It takes a fair bit of time for Max and Jesse to stop talking about Shenmue and sex toys at the start but when they finally do, they looked at 30 years of history. Deciding which matches are their favourites to ever of taken place at Summerslam from 1988-2018. Then they find out what the Got Till Five Milky Way Universe had to say for their favourite Summerslam matches.