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183 - Training and Rehab for Stretching the Envelope with Dr Mark Cheng

Dr Mark Cheng has rehabbed TONS of combat athletes, has trained with some of the best instructors in the world, and has a wealth of experience in the martial arts. In this podcast we cover pressure testing of traditional martial arts. The 8 exercises of the Functional Movement Screen. How training should be for stretching the envelope, not breaking the envelope. Dog Brother's full contact stick fighting. Punch drunk boxers and CTE. Break falling on dirt and concrete, and much more. Check it...


181 - Why is Sparring so Hard, and How Can You Do It Safely?

In this episode Ritchie Yip and I go deep into the sparring process. We explore why it's so hard to transition from from hitting pads to full on sparring, how to avoid head injuries while kickboxing, the importance of continual learning, how to avoid getting tired, and the best ways to have low risk training with high benefit. And if you didn't know it already, I've just released a really cool instructional called The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass in which Ritchie Yip takes you through...


180 - When Should MMA Fighters Retire?

Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell got us all talking about it again: when should an MMA fighter retire? In the last 10 years we've learned that brain damage in combat sports is a HUGE problem. CTE makes this retirement question even more critical because if you go beyond a certain threshold of damage then there's no coming back. For more of my thoughts about brain damage and MMA check out...


179 - Dietary Experiments Gone Bad, and Near Death on the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is really hot right now for weight loss, health, disease prevention and longevity. But when your doctor calls you in a panic then you find out that, like with all diets, individual results may vary. This episode is a quick summary of what I ate, how my energy changed, and how my bloodwork went absolutely crazy on the ketogenic diet.


178 - The 5 Ranges Every Martial Artist Should Be Familiar With

There are 5 ranges of combat, but many martial artists only train in one or two of those ranges. Ideally though you should be at least familiar with each of those ranges to be a complete martial artist and not have any gaping blind spots! I know that many of my listeners will already be familiar with but also check out my self defense oriented website


177 - Mental and Physical Training for Championship Wrestling, with Nick Ugoalah

How to train mentally and physically to become a world calibre champion wrestler, with Commonwealth Games gold medalist and 5 times national team member Nick Ungoalah. We go DEEP in this episode and really dig into physical conditioning, honing technique, developing a winning mindset, recovering from injury, fixing imbalances in your body, optimal mental state for competition, and much more. I think you'll like this one, and if you do I would love a rating or review of this podcast on...


176 - Guard Passing Strategies in BJJ with Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

Rob Biernacki and I sit down to discuss BJJ guard passing from a strategic point of view. When should you pass standing and when should you pass on your knees? When should you go for submission based guard passes and when should you try to force your opponent into a different type of guard? Check out Rob's groundbreaking BJJ Formula at and his amazing leglock instructional at


175 - That Technique Used to Work Great, So Why Did You Stop Using It?

A quick rant about the absolute easiest way to add effective and proven techniques to your game, namely going through the memory banks and trying to figure out what you used to do that worked great that you then stopped doing for no good reason! Check out my Grapplearts BJJ Master App for iOS and Android for free at It comes with a TON of free material on it, including a complete standalone module on weak side back attacks! Good luck with your...


174 - Why Jiu-Jitsu is Best for Self Defense: Stephan on The Great Flip Podcast

I was thrilled to appear on The Great Flip Podcast to talk about jiu-jitsu, specifically why it's probably the best self defense martial art for women and girls. I hope you enjoy it! Catch up with the work Coach Jody is doing at, on Facebook at, or on Youtube at And, as always, a rating or a review of this podcast is super-appreciated. It helps the show grow and acts as...


173 - Self Experimentation, Ketosis and Crazy Chicks

In this episode I talk about the importance of self experimentation and how your results may be different from most other people's. I share some dietary experiments I've been fooling around with and exactly what I've been doing to limit the potential downsides. And yes, I do talk about limiting the downside when dating crazy chicks. Stephan


172 - Martial Arts Frauds and Other Buffoons with McDojoLife

Rob from McDojoLife has been relentless in his attempts to expose martial arts frauds, exposing everyone from from chi-based knockout masters to ninjas who practise bending joints in the direction they are designed to bend. Honestly some of the videos he's shared with people over the years have been hilarious for all the wrong reasons! In this episode we talk about his favourite frauds, where he gets the biggest hate and pushback from, his own martial arts training history, and his big...


171 - The Best Way to Train Those Super-Deadly Techniques for Self Defense

If you're interested in self defense then how do you train techniques that are too deadly to spar realistically, like eye gouges and groin punches, and combine that with the safer sportive techniques that you can learn to apply to against resistance and get really good at? This rant should give you some answers to this perpetual dilemma. Check out my two sites: and And if you're a grappler (or interested in grappling) then...


170 - Why People Want to Believe Crazy Things, with the Genetically Modified Skeptic.

My guest is the science advocate generally known as The Genetically Modified Skeptic. In this hard-hitting (and likely controversial) discussion he discusses magical thinking in the martial arts, essential oils, alternative medicine, cult leaders, Jordan Peterson, religion, the anti-vaccine movement, fake cancer cures and much more. I hope you find it interesting and though provoking. Check out Drew's popular youtube channel at


169 - Kata Is Useless for Combat, Prove Me Wrong, with Iain Abernathy

Iain Abernathy is an author, a 7th degree black belt, and an expert in the application of traditional karate techniques. He joined me on the podcast today to talk about kata as a training method, techniques advancing over time, ancient martial arts training methods, "freezing" between moves in kata, pushback from the traditional karate community, drills to make the application of moves instinctive, and more. Find out more about about Iain, his books, articles, and apps at...


168 - Leadership When All Hell is Breaking Loose

Leadership is easy when things are going well,but is considerably more difficult when all hell is breaking loose and the s**t is hitting the fan. In this episode we look at a common denominator of great leadership in difficult situations, the optimal state of arousal, and a few examples of good and bad leadership in the fire department. If you enjoyed this episode then please subscribe, rate, and review the show. I can't tell you how much that helps and encourages me to pump out episodes...


167 - Navy Seal Sniper JP Dinnell on Taking Action and Making It Happen

JP Dinnell spent nearly a decade in the SEAL teams, including serving with Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi, Iraq, where he was a point man, machine gunner, and lead sniper for Delta Platoon. He worked with his officers Jocko Willink and Leif Babin on many combat operations, and then used the knowledge he had gained in the field to train the next generation of SEALS. In this conversation we talk about what made JP want to become a Navy SEAL, surviving BUDS and Hell Week, becoming a sniper,...


165 - How to Deal with Fear and Doubt with Ando Mierzwa

I'm thrilled to have Ando Mierzwa back on the podcast to discuss dealing with fear, overcoming claustrophobia, whether martial arts lessons can be life lessons, training differently based on your age, fitness, and goals, and much more! Find out more about Ando at And if you do BJJ (or are interested in finding out more about it) make sure you download the Grapplearts BJJ Master App for iOS and Android with more than 457 minutes of FREE black belt instruction at...


164 - Ice Climbing Niagara Falls in Winter with Will Gadd

I LOVED talking to Will Gadd, champion ice climber, X games gold medalist, and extreme adventurer. In this episode we covered his epic climb up Niagara Falls in the winter, organising big climbs, climbing up icebergs and down ice caves in Greenland, dealing with risk and unknowns, close calls, the 25 people he's known who have died in the mountains, fear of loss vs hope of gain, and how to execute on audacious goals. Check out my "Grapplearts Minimum Profile Ear Guard for BJJ and Wrestling"...


163 - How to Cut Weight Safely with Ben Zhuang

Weight cutting is a fact of life in modern MMA and also in many jiu-jitsu and submission grappling competitions. In this episode Ben Zhuang and I talk about how to cut weight safely, effectively replenishing your body after a weight cut, the differences between cutting weight for day-of vs next-day events, and more. We also talked about strength training, and if you're interested in the exercises, article, or PDF guide that Ben and I talk about then go to...


162 - Broken Bones, Concussions and Full Contact Jousting with Shane Adams

I really, really enjoyed talking to Shane Adams, the godfather of modern full contact jousting, in this on-site interview. Full contact jousting involves two knights in full armour attack each other on charging horses using solid wooden lances that deliver 2,000 lbs of force. Shattered lances, unhorsings, broken bones, concussions and impacts that feel like you're being hit in the chest with a sledge hammer. Oh, did I mention that dodging, ducking, parrying, and blocking your opponent's...