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Episode #92 "Rolling whilst being tiny"

The boys got an email asking why we haven’t covered how to roll when you’re the small person seeing as how we are self proclaimed tiny humans. As it turns out, that was a great question. So we asked the resident huge black belt Kroyler Gracie to co-author a pro tip with his itty bitty protégés Andrew. Lucky for the writer of said email, Jiu Jitsu was created by a tiny human. So it goes without saying that this will in fact work against large gorilla type humans. You just need to keep a few...


Episode #91 "Takedowns vs Guard Pulling"

This week the boys decided to delve into the subject of pulling guard vs doing a takedown. Apparently a real sore spot for Kip is when people mock guard pulling, yet do it themselves. On the previous episode Kip threw a kiniption fit over that, which prompted an email, or two, from black belt, Paul Elliot. The email itself was hurtful enough, but he was kind enough to send an article he wrote about the subject for his true thoughts and feelings on guard pulling. It true grappling dads...


Episode #90 "Is putting yourself in bad positions a good thing?"

The boys talk about why it’s a good idea to allow lower belts to gain the upper hand on you during your rolls. This might sound like a bad idea on one level, but it actually works out to everyone’s benefit. A few such benefits are building lower belts confidence, allowing lower belts to work on other aspects of their game, and allowing us to work on our defense game. We discussed how far you should let them get the submission and talked about finding your point of no return. The key is to...


Episode #89 "Can we quickly develop a well rounded Jiu Jitsu game?"

Well no, of course not, but we can learn how to become more proficient at developing a well rounded game. Unfortunately, there’s no fast track to proficiency in BJJ other than training twice a day seven days per week with the best coaches and training partners. If this doesn’t seem feasible to you, then just take heed of Kroylers advice in this episode and do your best. There are best practices as far as getting to a decent level of rolling ability though. Which is good, otherwise this...


Episode #88 "What is game planning for BJJ”

This week the boys got a special pro tip from Chris Papandria all about game planning in Jiu Jitsu. This is not to be confusing with building your game, but it has similarities. We realize that it’s hard enough to talk anyone into taking notes of any kind, but bear with us. This could help you reach a new level in at least your competitions. Chris talks about the importance of having a well defined game plan going into a competition. One that revolves around your A-Game. Think about your...


Episode #87 "How do I get better at Jiu Jitsu if I learn something new every class?"

The boys talk about a common theme in the Jiu Jitsu community, which is the feeling of not being able to retain any information because we keep learning new techniques in every class. A lot of BJJ academies teach various and disparate techniques during each class. Most don’t teach moves that pertain to each other and many don’t teach how to set them up or defend against them. Learning this way can be frustratingly annoying and can take many years to become proficient at anything. Kroyler...


episode #86 "Elements of progress in Jiu Jitsu"

The boys talked about the three elements of what it takes to make progress in BJJ. They ripped off a friend of the show, Paul Elliot, and his writings on his blog, for this pro tip. One of the most frustrating aspects of Jiu Jitsu is the seemingly slow progress you make from one class to the next or even one year to the next. So how can we more accurately gauge our progress? How can we insure that we are making progress? What can we focus on to make sure we’re moving in the...


Episode #85 "What is the difference between an baby blue and purple belt"

On this episode the boys wanted to ask Kroyler his opinion about the difference in abilities between a baby blue belt and a baby purple belt. First they define what each of them are. How should you roll and what your knowledge levels should be respectively. These are just baselines and not the be all end all of what you should or shouldn’t be when you reach or are about to reach these levels, but things to keep in mind and strive for. Depending on the culture of your gym and how they...


Episode #84 "Why is everyone afraid to try Jiu Jitsu"

Of all the things people can pick up as either a sport, hobby, workout, or way to defend themselves, BJJ is one of the most intimidating to try. The boys talk about why this is... or at least some of the more common reasons why people will tend to shy away from giving Jiu Jitsu the ol’ college try. Everyone has their own personal reasons for not wanting to go, but a few stand out. A big one is that it simply doesn’t look like fun. What with all the bodies rolling around covered in sweat......


Episode #83 "Is my Jiu Jitsu getting worse?"

The boys talk about the feeling most people get in Jiu Jitsu after the initial wave of understanding what they’re doing. That is to say, why does it feel like I’m actually getting worse in Jiu Jitsu??? At first it feels like you’re making some pretty good strides in your BJJ learning curve. The “aha” moment come quickly and at least you’re not doing the dumbest of the dumb things you can do on the mat. After that initial growth period you sometimes come to a point when you feel like you’re...


Episode #82 "Preparing for a BJJ competition"

Yeah, it’s not their forte, but the boys have enough friends competing and listener emails about Jiu Jitsu competition preparation that they thought it pertinent to ask for a Kroyler Gracie pro tip on the subject. While Kip and Paul never plan on doing any competitions, their kids do, so they have a vested interest in how to prepare to set yourself up for success. As it turns out, you’ll prepare differently depending on what kind of competition it is, how long you’ve been training, and...


Episode #81 “How to deal with unintentional injuries in BJJ”

It’s an easy mindset to get in when on the Jiu Jitsu journey. How well do I stack up in comparison to others in my gym and in competition? Logically, if I can beat someone that’s higher ranking than my, then I should be at that rank right...? Wrong! A bunch of problems arise with this mentality. The first is, if the people in your gym train as much as you do or more, you’ll never catch up to their skill level. They’re always going to be ahead of you in the learning process. Besides that,...


Episode #80 "Stop comparing your Jiu Jitsu"

It’s an easy mindset to get in when on the Jiu Jitsu journey. How well do I stack up in comparison to others in my gym and in competition? Logically, if I can beat someone that’s higher ranking than my, then I should be at that rank right...? Wrong! A bunch of problems arise with this mentality. The first is, if the people in your gym train as much as you do or more, you’ll never catch up to their skill level. They’re always going to be ahead of you in the learning process. Besides that,...


Episode #79 "Dealing with size in Jiu Jitsu (the bigger guy)"

In this episode we talk about both dealing with people much larger than you and tips on proper training etiquette when you are the bigger person. I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding the big people in Jiu Jitsu. I figured that all things being equal, a big or exceptionally strong person in Jiu Jitsu is far more likely to hurt me than someone of equal or smaller size. After spending some good old fashioned quality time over the phone with Kroyler I have come to realize the errors of my ways......


Episode #78 "Help! I can’t stop spazzing!"

The boys come at the spazzing issue from a different angle in this episode. Mainly what if you’re the guy/gal who keeps being told you’re a spazz but you don’t know what exactly that means or how to stop. No matter what kind of gym you go to, whether a competition based or self defense based academy, nobody likes to roll with a spazz. So, in this episode Kroyler gives you some tips to become more self aware of your problems so you can actively work on fixing them. Just like anything you...


Episode #77 "Survival of the fittest fallacy"

When we’re talking about survival of the fittest we are talking about both the coaches who adopted that mentality in their gym and the students who automatically assume that’s how it is in Jiu Jitsu. Basically we are railing against the mentality that tapping out your training partners should give you extra attention from your coach. The idea that I can tap people out means I’m getting better at BJJ is a false start. It’s also a great way to get injured or hurt others. We get into the...


Episode #76 "Competition mentality?"

So, this episode comes by way of going to our first Jiu Jitsu tournament. While we didn’t personally compete, our children and teammates did. While we were extremely proud of them regardless of their wins or losses, they seemed to be disappointed in themselves if they didn’t do well. This to us was an unacceptable way of thinking. So we once again had Kroyler shed some light on the subject. We started off talking about our kids first experience competing and how they got put in the expert...


Episode #75 "Why does everyone roll so aggressively with me?"

It happens to all of us...some people seem to have good fun rolls but you seem to just get smashed and murdered by everyone. You just can’t wrap your head around why your teammates want to roll so hard with you. This is typical in your first year or two in your BJJ journey. It’s tough seeing the upper belts seem to have effortless fun and you’re just getting hurt again and again. This can lead to a feeling of resentment if not put in check and you don’t know why it’s happening. Lucky for...


Episode #74 "Cops and Sponsors" With guest Al and Jeremy From Top Mount Apparel

We have a couple of guest on today’s episode! Al and Jeremy from Top Mount Apparel came into town for some “friendly” rolls and a podcast. The boys talk about rolling with each other and how that went. Mostly how that went for kipperdoodles.... Jeremy, who is an 8 year Marine Corps veteran and 15 year police veteran answers the question about the difference between his training in the military and police and Jiu Jitsu academy training. Long story short, he highly recommends training in an...


Episode #73 "Stop saying you suck at Jiu Jitsu"

Not a class goes by without people grumbling about how much they suck at Jiu Jitsu. Every day in the locker room I hear people bagging on their game and how they feel like they are getting worse at BJJ if anything. I’m by no means judging others for doing this. Hell, I’m one of the biggest culprits of said behavior. I’ve just noticed a trend in it of late and thought I’d dig into why we do this. I find it odd that when I crap on my own Jiu Jitsu it feels fine and good, but when I hear...