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Episode #66 "Will Sport BJJ Save Your Life? (Also, a BJJ History Lesson)

When we asked Kroyler for a pro tip concerning sports BJJ for self defense and if that’d actually work, what we got was a history lesson in Jiu Jitsu plus a bit of what we asked about. You have to jump back in time to have a fundamental understanding of why Jiu Jitsu was created in the first place. After that you understand the roots of even the sports side of BJJ. Basically, they needed a way for unarmed combat to be super effective and efficient against an armored opponent. Clearly...


Episode #65 "Gi vs No GI"

We finally delve into the topic of Gi vs No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu on this episode. We’ve been talking about it for quite some time and figured it was long past due to have Kroyler write his thoughts about the subject. Right away you get the feeling that maybe Paul isn’t such a fan of nogi training... That being said, the pro tip he asked Kroyler to write was about the benefits of training in both and the pros and cons of each. He of course delivers in spades with his response and gives a great...


Episode #64 Why you should roll with white belts"

Benefits of rolling with noobs and lower belts We get asked from time to time about our thoughts on either people not wanting to roll with noobs or lower belts because they feel it’s a waste of their precious training time, or conversely, noobs feeling guilty about rolling with higher belts because they feel guilty about wasting someone’s time. We hit on this subject briefly on “The Ladies Show” with Jenn and Mel, but thought a more in depth conversation was needed. So we of course illicited...


Episode #63 "How to develop your BJJ game"

Not gonna lie, Kroyler was right. This episode would’ve been dramatically easier if he’d been on the show. But alas, work schedules and stuff take the fun out of life, so here we are, making the best out of it... So we get this email from Kroyler about how to build just one aspect of one position of a game in Jiu Jitsu. I swear to you it can pass for a doctoral thesis. We did our best to do it some justice while still holding true to what our show is, which is a couple of novices struggling...


Episode #62 "Listener emails answered"

From losing your passion for BJJ, solo drills at home, and farting during your rolls. We cover it all in this episode to encourage you to do the right thing....such as taking some gasX before class... So, yeah... if at all possible please don’t pass gas’s at class! If one squeaks out during a particularly heavy knee on belly just laugh and move on, but if you have issues maybe take some medicine or change your diet. Also, we all have days, weeks, or even months where we don’t seem to have...


Episode #61 "The ladies show" (With special guest hosts)

This is one of those important episodes where you learn about points of view of someone other than just us. We take a dive down being a woman in BJJ with a couple of awesome ladies, Jenn and Mel. One of life’s biggest disappointments for us is the fact that Jiu Jitsu, a self defense martial art that is the most effective martial art for women, is a male dominated sport. So we decided to have two women, who are around their one year mark in BJJ, talk about why they joined and why they’ve...


Episode #60 "Save your life with Jiu Jitsu (Also other stuff and things)"

In this episode the boys answered a listener question about being a beginner and what to do if someone is coaching you (who is also a beginner) that seems contrary to what your actual coach is showing in the class. This got a bit more into the weeds than we had intended but ultimately we answered the question quite well...who knows. Paul read an article about a female police Officer who got into the fight of her life while on the job. She credited her survival to BJJ and Muay Tai training...


Episode #59 "Stop doing these things before blue belt"

When you’re a brand new white belt you’re expected to be doing stupid shit. It comes with the territory. But if you don’t work on eliminating those stupid things you end up becoming “that guy/girl”. If you are new, ask your instructors or upper belts what it is that you need to quit doing during your rolls. They want to help you and will be honest and helpful. Pay attention to the feedback and try really hard to implement what they are telling you. I’m not gonna lie. This is hard. Stupid...


Episode #58 "Let’s get better faster "

While this isn’t an extensive and all inclusive list of what to do to get better the fastest, it will give you a nice path to increased betterment in your BJJ game. We will do future episodes on other things you can do at home and at class to shorten your learning curve. Paul has made about every mistake you can in the Jiu Jitsu endeavor. So he posed the question to Kroyler on how best to ensure you make as much progress as possible especially in your first year. There’s nothing...


Episode #57 "Don't Be That Guy" (who hurts everyone at the gym)

The boys are pretty fired up about this topic of conversation in BJJ. If nothing else, we always advocate for a safe and fun training environment. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in many gyms. Lately we’ve been getting a plethora of emails about a person or persons in their gym that constantly injures them. Most people don’t have to train long before they roll with the person who gives zero consideration to others well being. On today’s show, Kroyler gives his opinion on a couple...


Episode #56 “What makes for a good BJJ academy?”

On this episode the boys talk about not only what to look for in a Jiu Jitsu Academy but how to ensure you’re running a good one. If you’re thinking about starting out in BJJ you want to make sure you find a school that’s a good fit for you. There are some toxic gyms out there, so you want to know what the signs are before you sign up. If you’re part of a toxic gym I suggest extricating yourself from it ASAP and find a school with more positive attributes. Best not to get involved in one in...


Episode #55 "What new blue belts should focus on"

The boys talk about what it is exactly that a brand new blue belt should focus on now that he or she have earned that shiny new belt. A big part of this is just not quitting as so many other new blues start to do. At this level you’ve got a good foundation of basic moves that you know. Now you need to learn how to start putting them together in a sequence and learn how to set your opponents up with them. Make sure you don’t get a big head and become an a-hole. Stay humble and keep asking...


Episode #54 "Rolling ability vs knowledge"

The boys cover a gamut of questions about who gets promoted when and why. In a typical Jiu Jitsu academy there are going to be issues surrounding the idea of why so and so gets promoted and why not you. While this episode might be just the tip of the proverbial ice berg, we cover some well known issues and questions that we ourselves had as well as some listener questions we get. As per usual, the boys enlist the help of Kroyler Gracie who puts in his two or three cents in on the matter. In...


Episode #53 "Keeping your children involved in Jiu-Jitsu Part 2"

The boys talked about kipperdoodles getting his blue belt. They give the rundown of the happenings during the test and just how much “fun” it was. We got a listener email asking about how to get their kid involved in Jiu Jitsu and the boys give their best “advice”. This is part two of keeping kids interested in Jiu Jitsu so we pick up where we left off last week. First we talked about what to do if your child’s interest wanes in BJJ and they want to quit. Short answer: don’t let them. Next...


Episode #52 "Keeping your children involved in Jiu-Jitsu Part 1"

The boys get the podcast started by talking a bit about what’s going on with their training and Kip’s upcoming blue belt test. This weeks Kroyler’s Corner was too long for one sitting so the boys had to make it a two parter for the sake of time. They started out by talking about the type of coaching that happens in the class. The coach should make it fun and entertaining as well as informative and keep that delicate balance long term. Kids need to have something to look forward to in class...


Episode #51 "Kroyler answers a listener email"

This is a special episode where for the first time the boys don’t have a good enough answer to a listener question, so they bring in the show expert to fill in the gaps in knowledge typical of Paul and Kip. Sarah had a couple of questions. One being about paying for grading (ranks) and the exorbitant cost of academy clothing. Basically Paul and Kipperdoodles agreed that for them at least, this would be a non starter. We would either not rank up or find a different gym. BJJ for us and many...


Episode #50 "The value of private lessons"

Hot on the heels of Paul’s private lesson, the boys talk about private lessons and why or even why you shouldn’t take them. Paul and Kip aren’t ones who do many private lessons due to time and money restraints, nevertheless they have taken them and see the value... so long as they’re done right. Kroyler wrote his latest pro novel at Paul’s requests about the pros and cons of private lessons as well and who should and shouldn’t take them. As an additional benefit he throws in how to get the...


Episode #49 "Depth of knowledge in BJJ "

This episode is part two in the breadth vs depth debate between the boys and Kroyler Gracie. In the Kroyler Pro novel, he writes about the semantics and nuance between the difference between depth of knowledge and breadth of knowledge and why it makes more sense to focus on gaining breadth of knowledge first and foremost. As they do, the boys argue and whine over why this doesn’t seem to be true for them until Kroyler makes a point they can no longer find fault in. Paul brings up the point...


Episode #48 "Compelled to compete in Jiu Jitsu?"

The boys ran across an article about why you should compete even if you hate it. Needless to say it raised the ire in both of them. They spend some time reading and discussing why they vehemently disagree with the opinion piece. First though, they talk about what they’re going to talk about on the show. Paul talks about Kaidyn not being as motivated to do Jiu Jitsu lately and his struggle with that. He also mentioned another article he wanted to cover about kids in BJJ written by a young...


Episode #47 "Breadth vs Depth in Jiu Jitsu "

On the back of a conversation / debate Paul was having with Kroyler Gracie, we got a “pro tip” about the merits of depth of knowledge vs breadth of knowledge in BJJ. Is one is better than the other? The boys get right into reading Kroyler’s Corner this week and immediately give their heartfelt opinion on why depth must be better than breadth. Paul gives his examples of why he feels this way and Kip, weirdly, agrees with him on this point. As we read further and further down the essay we keep...