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Hosted by Geronibro, we delve deep into all things related to Destiny 2. Reactions to Destiny 2 news, predictions about the game, opinions, as well as general tips and tricks will be sent straight to your ears.

Hosted by Geronibro, we delve deep into all things related to Destiny 2. Reactions to Destiny 2 news, predictions about the game, opinions, as well as general tips and tricks will be sent straight to your ears.


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Hosted by Geronibro, we delve deep into all things related to Destiny 2. Reactions to Destiny 2 news, predictions about the game, opinions, as well as general tips and tricks will be sent straight to your ears.




TWAB, Prestige Raid Schedule Change, Gambit Tournament EP 25

Today we unpack this week's TWAB ( This Week at Bungie ) Destiny 2 news update, and talk about what's to come in the next week. We also talk about the fact that the Prestige Raid Lairs for Eater of Worlds & Spire of Stars are releasing on a new schedule.


Happy 4th of July! - Faction Rally Predictions - EP 24

Happy 4th of July! We also briefly discuss my predictions for next Faction Rally. Be safe and have a fun day!


400 Light Early - Bad for Casuals? - Episode 23

Today we're diving into the discussion about whether or not having 400 light level gear available before Destiny 2 Forsaken is a good idea. If you don't already know, you can obtain this powerful gear from Solstice of Heroes as well as the Prestige Raid Lairs when they release this month.


TWAB, Solstice of Heroes, Prestige Raid Lair - Episode 22

Today we discuss this week's TWAB ( This Week at Bungie ) blog article, as well as the upcoming Solstice of Heroes and Prestige Eater of Worlds & Spire of Stars coming in July.


Faction Rally Hot Take - Destiny 2 - Episode 21

The Destiny 2 faction rally is back, again. This season it came with a new color scheme for each faction in addition to some other changes we'll address in this episode.


Warmind Day 1 Spoiler-Free Initial Reactions - Destiny 2 E20

Destiny 2 just launched the Warmind DLC yesterday. For those of you who are on the fence about trying this DLC out, we'll discuss in this episode the pros and cons of this DLC without spoilers.


Ranked Crucible - This Needs to be Addressed Destiny 2 News EP. 19

Seasonal Crucible Ranks are certainly a good thing for the Crucible, and for Destiny 2 as a whole. But there's one part no one has talked about yet, and that's throwers. People throwing games is one of the main problems in Overwatch, and if Bungie doesn't address this, it'll be a problem in Destiny 2 as well. In this episode, we discuss a solution I think will help.


Iron Banner 6v6 Initial Reactions - Destiny 2 News

Now that the first day of 6v6 Iron Banner has passed, here are my initial reactions.


New Developer Roadmap Update, TWAB, Destiny 2 News- EP 17

This week we got a new Developer Roadmap which covers up to September. We also discuss this week's TWAB ( This Week at Bungie ) blog update. Things to expect in the next few months are random rolls, and the return of Nightfall modifiers like Match Game. Destiny 2 seems to be moving in a better direction, and we'll discuss new developments as they come.


Destiny 2 Go Fast Update 1.1.4 Initial Reactions Ep. 16

Today we discuss my initial reactions to the Destiny 2 Go Fast Update (Update 1.1.4) which introduced a variety of sweeping sandbox changes to Destiny 2. We also talk about Rumble and how Bungie could improve it in later updates.


Rumble Rant! Developer Roadmap Update - Destiny 2 News

Bungie just released their updated Developer Roadmap for Destiny 2. They also showed us the rotation for the weekly Crucible playlist and it has me concerned. In this bonus episode we'll discuss why Rumble would be better as its own playlist in Destiny 2.


Faction Rally, Developer Roadmap Updates Destiny 2 News - EP 13

This week we got our info blast about the Faction Rally which returns next week to close out the season. We also got to look at the Prestige Nightfall high scores for the week. Tomorrow we'll talk about the updated version of the Developer Roadmap which is scheduled to release on the Bungie Blog. As always if you'd like daily content feel free to drop into one of my streams Monday - Friday on YouTube as Geronibro Games.


Trials is Ruined...or is it? - Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, we dig deep into one of the most common concerns about the upcoming sandbox updates in Destiny 2. We discuss how it will affect Competitive Crucible and Trials of the Nine.


Snipers are back! Destiny 2 Sandbox Updates - Episode 12

Bungie just released the latest info on the upcoming sandbox changes arriving March 27 and touched on the May update too. In this episode we discuss what these changes mean for Destiny 2 and how they will likely effect the player experience. As always you can see me almost daily streaming on my YouTube channel (Geronibro Games).


Iron Banner, Rumble, Nightfall Scoring - Destiny 2 EP #11

This week's TWAB Bungie Blog news update talks about Iron Banner, Rumble, Mayhem, Nightfall scoring, as well as some known issues with the game. We also talk about the current direction the game is headed. Geronibro Games YouTube:


Destiny 2 News, Developer Update, Faction Rally - 10

In this episode we discuss this week's Faction Rally, talk about the TWAB (This Week at Bungie blog update), & get into the new updated version of the developer roadmap that was released on this Wednesday. Geronibro on YouTube: Source (TWAB article):


Faction Rally, Destiny 2 News

Faction Rally returns next reset! We'll cover everything you need to know; & touch briefly on how Crimson Days went before discussing the latest TWAB Bungie blog update. To see me more often, or to watch me test the latest faction farming methods live, go to the Geronibro Games YouTube channel!


Crimson Days & Destiny 2 News

I'm back! Also Crimson Days returns on February 13th. We'll discuss what's coming then and also talk about the changes coming to the game in the next few months. Wanna get daily content? I stream 6 days a week on YouTube as Geronibro Games.


Why Ghaul Needs The Speaker

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Reaction. Ghaul's actions in the trailer signal a much worse situation than we originally thought. Here are my thoughts on it.


Destiny 2 News & Final IB

Destiny 2 News about possible game capture issues. Final Iron Banner and Destiny 1 server maintenance on August 8.