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GymCastic Podcast is a weekly gymnastics talk show. The hosts interview people who love gymnastics almost as much as we do, discuss the latest news, events and offensive leotard fashion.

GymCastic Podcast is a weekly gymnastics talk show. The hosts interview people who love gymnastics almost as much as we do, discuss the latest news, events and offensive leotard fashion.
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GymCastic Podcast is a weekly gymnastics talk show. The hosts interview people who love gymnastics almost as much as we do, discuss the latest news, events and offensive leotard fashion.




327: 1993 NCAA Nationals (Commissioned)

This episode has been commissioned by Club Gym Nerd member Kerry, who requested an episode all about the 1993 NCAA Nationals, saying “This was the first NCAAs I ever watched as a kid growing up in Georgia, so this obviously got me hooked!” Setting the scene - what was college gymnastics like in the ancient year of 1993?A new format called "Super Six" was taking the college gymnastics world by stormBonkers scoring and unrealistic 10s dominated the conversation (we wouldn't know anything...


326: The Great Individual vs. Team Debate

THIS WEEK We have TWO episodes this week, so be sure to catch our 1993 NCAA Nationals commission as well on Thursday!Updates on some of the other difference makers we could have talked about last week but didn't. Like idiots. Plus, many more American collegiate medalists. More on the Jade Carey situationJessica thinks it's AWESOME, Spencer thinks it's strategically unsound, and they both think USAG botched it (but whaaaaa?) The great INDIVIDUAL vs. TEAM debate, years in the makingIn the...


325: Olympics of Difference Makers (Commissioned)

This week, we have a special episode commissioned by InterGalactic Champion level Club Gym Nerd member Matt who, inspired by Queen Alexandra Raisman, requested an episode about athletes who were bold enough to make a difference in the quality of life for others. He said, "Thus, for my commissioned episode, I would like for you to name your All-Olympic team of difference makers. Honorees must be Olympic gymnasts from any country or era who made a positive impact." Let's do this! Here are the...


324: The Jade Carey Situation & a Miss Val Book Interview Drinking Game

IN THE NEWS The roster for the US worlds selection camp has been named—and Jade Carey isn't on it!What the LKJDF;LKSJDF is going on around here?Why this doesn't make strategic sense for the US women's programWhy this might make strategic sense for Jade Carey herselfWe foresee several dozen cans of worms this could openThe Paris World Cup and the Case of the Missing Touch WarmupWhy that's bad and also probably against the rulesEllie Black and the French dominateIgor was so incredibly Igor...


323: Miss Val Retires, Inside Men's Doha Selection, and the MLT Debrief

CONTEST What: 5 winners get a copy of Miss Val’s book: Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance Grand Prize: Book and 15 minute personal phone call with Miss Val. How to Enter: Using the #DontWaitToDance on Twitter or Instagram tag us @GymCastic with a 5 second video doing your favorite UCLA floor choreography. Doesn't have to be you, use your dog, fingers, make a friend do it. Bonus entries: Link to the book. Enter as many times as you want. When: Now to October 5th *Conflict of Interest...


322: Mary Lee Tracy Truth & Reconciliation

THIS WEEK'S INTERVIEW Mary Lee Tracy (MLT) has coached two Olympic gold medalists (four Olympians total) and has had over 25 national team members. Mary Lee was recently hired as USA Gymnastics Developmental Coordinator, only to be asked to resign after survivor backlash and "contacting a survivor." She was joined by Valorie Kondos-Field (Miss Val), UCLA head coach and advocate for culture change at USAG. This interview was conducted on September 9th 2018. We discuss: Criticism of MLT's...


321: Consequences, Felonies, and Tumblers

GYMTERNET NEWS Jessica spent the day with Mary Lee Tracy. WHAT????????Dumpster Fire NewsA post-mortem on the Perry Years (year) (nine months). Where does USA Gymnastics go from here? The DOJ is investigating why the FBI didn't open a formal investigation for nine months. MMMhmmmm. Debbie van Horn was arrested upon returning to Texas from China. Kathie Klages is being charged with lying to investigators and could face jail timeReflections on the interview with Aly and Lynn RaismanThe sad...


320 Spencer Blogcast: USA Gymnastics Is an Exploding Garbage Monster

This week, it's a special Spencer Blogcast all about the latest USA Gymnastics disasters, from the appointment of Mary Lee Tracy, to the resignation of Mary Lee Tracy, to the resignation of our least favorite scarf model, Kerry Perry. It's been quite a little week. ESSENTIAL ARTICLES AND SCREENSHOTS -Mary Lee Tracy defends Larry Nassar as "amazing" (Dayton Daily News) -Mary Lee Tracy defends the ranch as "a learning environment" -Dominique Moceanu and Alyssa Beckerman recall MLT's...


319: Aly and Lynn Raisman

THE ALY INTERVIEW Aly's experience, in her own words. On August 19th, the morning before the women's final at US Championships, Jessica had the opportunity to visit the amazing Raisman vegetable garden and spend the morning with Aly and Lynn Raisman, speaking about...well...everything—from USAG's insane official policies about abuse, to Steve Penny's shady business dealings, to what Aly really thinks about Martha. Plus, How Aly feels about being victim-shamed by coaches on social mediaWhy...


318: 2018 US Wonder Woman Nationals

2018 US NATIONALS (8:35) Feelings Corner: Starring Jessica O'Beirne and TEAL WONDER WOMAN GUARDIAN ANGEL HUGSDiscussion: This was a historically well-hit nationals. Does it undermine the notion that the women need regular national team camps? And is it weird how much credit we give the coaches instead of the athletes?Gushing: Simone, Morgan, Riley. Duh. Err: What was the deal with Ragan Smith? Plus: Jade Carey sticking a Moors, justice for Kara Eaker, TRINITY, some love for Jaylene...


317: 2018 US Nationals Preview

US Championships Preview SENIOR WOMENHurd, Smith, McCusker, and the quest to be the #2 all-arounderSpencer has already decided the worlds team. Jessica tells him why he's wrongExplaining the Marz Frazier UCLA/Parkettes situationGetting excited for Trinity Thomas and Jessica's very realistic predictions and anticipated miraclesJUNIOR WOMEN (42:25)The Big Four battle it out, and we pick who's going to win among Sunisa Lee, Jordan Bowers, Leanne Wong, and Kayla DiCelloMore discussion of Levi...


316: CATS European Championship Edition

CODE FOR LIBSYNC HERE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS THE BIG STORIES Celine van Gerner and her CATS floor routine makeup are the talk of the town. We break it all down in detail, featuring a special interview with choreographer Daymon Jones on how the routine came about.Russia hit 12-for-12 in a major team final to take gold. WHAT.Belgium pulled out of the team final after qualifying in 3rd. WHAT. THE TEAM FINAL MORE MEDALS Boglarka DevaiMelnikovaGolgotaNina DerwaelAdlertegthe queen stays...


315 The Simone Is Back Classic

US CLASSIC Simone won, duhWe detail all the quad records she set. With a fall. And a shattered toe.The upgrades – Moors, Fabrichnova, Van LeeuwenThoughts on the weird floor scoring and her new choreographyRiley McCusker was FANTASTICMorgan Hurd's floor is a dreamWhy does Texas Dreams (almost) never compete AA at Classic? Shilese Jones is a silent assassin that NBC didn't show at allA media might have heard about...All the times Jessica screamed internallyJordan...


314: US Classic Preview with Mary Wise

U.S. CLASSIC PREVIEW This week, we are joined by Mary Wise of Iowa Gym Nest, coach of Adeline Kenlin, to give us some updates on Adeline's progress and help us preview the U.S. Classic! Jessica has many thoughts on IGN's decoration optionsHow Adeline is doing in her injury recovery and preparation for ClassicThe IGN coaches asked questions of Kerry Perry at the Region 4 Congress. Were they satisfied with the answers, and what kind of information do the coaches want to be getting from USAG...


Spencer BlogCast: American Classic

This week, it's a special Spencer Blogcast about the American Classic—and all associated streaming controversies. What happened? Why was it weird? And why is this nonsense entirely unsurprising coming from USAG? Plus, some routines or whatever! Playlist Jade Carey - bars Shilese Jones - vault Kara Eaker - beam, bars, floor Audrey Davis - bars Isabel Mabanta - floor Alyona Shchennikova - bars, beam Emily Lee - bars Deanne Soza - beam Madelyn Williams - bars Kayla DiCello - floor Aleah...


313: Best Floor Routines EVAH! (Commissioned)

This week, we have a special episode commissioned by InterGalactic Champion level Club Gym Nerd member Dee, who requested an episode all about our favorite floor routines ever! We're so, so happy to oblige. HERE is the YouTube playlist of all the routines we will be commenting on in the episode. We'll tell you when to press play, so you can watch along with us as we die of pretty (or hilarity). Plus... The word "artistry"—how we feel about using the A word and how we personally define...


312: 4th Is the New 1st (Commissioned)

This week, we have a special episode commissioned by Club Gym Nerd member Queen Heather, who requested an episode all about memorable gymnasts and teams who finished 4th! Part 1: The official induction of the inaugural class of the 4th Place Hall of Fame, recognizing their lifetime achievement in the 4th place arts.Aly Raisman and the London tiebreakYelena Produnova and the travesty of the 1999 vault final, where Prod finished behind Olaru and Amanar.Shang Chunsong, Anna Pavlova, Vanessa...


311: Tom Forster Is the New Martha

GYMTERNET NEWS A mini bonus episode this week in which we discuss the latest urgent, somewhat crazy USAG developments that can't wait another moment! Thoughts on the Kerry Perry WE HAVE GREAT INSURANCE keynote from last week's episode (HOLLA Iowa Gym Nest!) and the part that...doesn't really add up?Tom Forster is the new High-Performance Team Coordinator for the US womenWho is Tom Forster?Initial reactions to the announcement (like "phew" and "hrmm")The positive tone he's attempting to...


310: Suspension and Sabotage

IN THE NEWS Alex Naddour has been added to the USAG list of Suspended Members (1:50) Bylaws 9.3 and 10.5 OC RegisterBrazilian Nationals SABOTAGE! (17:35)National Team Coordinator (28:13)Gymternet Things (53:46) Larisa Iordache: 50% chance to continue with gymnastics Laurie Hernandez to Gym-Max Marcia Frederickis suing USAG, USOC, Richard Carlson, and Muriel Grossfeld USAG appointsnew Board of Directors MEET NEWS (1:07:38) Junior Pan AmsGuimaraes World CupGuess who's back this week!News...


309: Perfect Form The O'Beirne Code

This week’s episode is commissioned by Club Gym Nerd Member Anna, who requested an episode entitled "Perfect Form," saying, "Please discuss all your favorite gymnasts with execution according to the O'Beirne Code." O'Beirne Code, you say?!?!?! Don't mind if we do. Excuse us while we casually fix all of gymnastics in a single day. You're welcome. The O'Beirne Code, defined: The intent behind the rules and integrity beyond the codeIs execution a synonym for aesthetic beauty? Should it be?What...