Passion Curry With Rohan Patoley

Life gives us so many opportunities, Passion Curry is one such specials of Ep.Log Media where our guests share their Recipe to success and how they turned their Passion to Paycheck! We have with us Rohan Patoley is known for his food travel shows on Travel XP TV! He shares with us his journey to become a food traveller


Ep4. Building The Key To The Future | Rohan Thakar Ft. Varun Sheth of Ketto

Changemakers in todays society are not just those who get on the field and work towards bringing a change. They are also the ones who enable the latter to do it… They Bridge the gap of Intent and Impact! We have with us one such change maker who has been an instrument in fulfilling dreams of so many, through his platform. He is the founder and CEO of the Crowdfunding platform Ketto. What is Crowdfunding? How can one raise funds for your cause from people? Growing an Internet Business in...


Ep.3 Gifting Life | Rohan Thakar ft. Anil Srivatsa of Gift Of Life Adventure

Mr. Anil Srivatsa, strongly believes in the phrase and he holds a firm belief that, the Act of Donating an organ, is nothing but an act of showing Love towards humanity. It was four years back when his brother had a kidney failure and it was his chance to show his love towards his brother by giving him one of his kidney… It was then he realized the value of human relations and how fragile or strong can it be… Many questions came to his mind if he should give or not… primarily because, there...


Ep.2 Being A Misaal | Rohan Thakar ft. Rouble Nagi of Misaal Mumbai

Change in the society doesnt come by talking about it… Change comes when you get on the ground and uplift your kins. Taking the first step is what brings a change. This is what our guest, Rouble Nagi has to say about bringing a change in the society. Through her NGO, Misaal Mumbai, Ms. Rouble has been at the ground helping the poor uplift their lifestyle through Art! Through Misaal Mumbai, Rouble has colored the lives of the slum dwellers by painting their localities. With her team of...


Ep.1 Art of Wellness | ft. Nikhil Kapur of Atmantan

We all want a perfect life, but we forget that, to get that life, we need to bring a change. To Bring a change we need to change our self, and then the world will change. Our Guest, Mr. Nikhil Kapur is an Ironman Triatlete and he is promoting his ironman lifestyle in his luxury wellness resort, Atmantan. Learn from him the science to a Mindful Life Checkout Atmantan : http://atmantan.com http://www.eplog.media/beingthechange Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/eplogmedia


Being The Change Trailer

A show which aims to highlight the people who have been working hard at bringing the change in the society. We see that problems are everywhere and everyone wants change, but there is always someone who changes himself to bring the change. When you change, The World Changes. Hosted by Rohan Thakar http://www.eplog.media/beingthechange Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/eplogmedia