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Smack Attack 02.27.2021: Levelling Up!

The Smack Attack lads are back and ready to dive into all things Smackdown. Following an enjoyable night at Elimination Chamber, can the blue brand continue the positive momentum on their side. There was definitely much to dig into this week for us to make that decision. On this weeks show - The wonderful world of clothes drying - Elimination Chamber delivers - Smackdown opening trend forming - Smackdown roster levels up - Does Reginald deserve a better role? - James calls out Big Ray...


The NeXT Level Wrestling Review w/ Colin Wysong and The Vet

On this episode of the NeXT Level Wrestling Review, Colin and The Vet review NXT from 2.24.21 on USA. Santos Escobar and finally decides its time to face Karrion Kross. Xia Li takes on Kacy Catanzaro and Cameron Grimes tries to work the Million Dollar Man gimmick. All this and more on your NeXT Level Wrestling Review! Twitter @colinwysong @Opinionhaver Visit our Sponsors Vince Russo russosbrand.com/ Grab a Bag of Russo Bro Coffee from thebroasters.com...


The Friday Locker Room 2.26.21: Stevie Cool & Hacker Hamin

It's a Tin Foil Hat Heater I, Me, My Episode of The Locker Room! Will we ever get 100% value on any of the botched creative endeavors we see week in and week out. Surprises blown for vanity tweets, and a new crop never to be harvested. It's Friday. It's The Locker Room. Go Set Up The Ring. OYDK? -18 new NXT signees. Only 3 of them will make it. -The Big Show going to AEW. Surprise vs. Shaq blown. -Austin Aries. Tin Foil Hat Maker -Weird AEW Impact Promo. Tommy Dreamer Up on Social Media....


The Conspiracy Horsemen: Idolizer G 32

As above, so below we go with the Master of Mongrovian Karate, Protector of the Scottish Rite, and 32nd Degree Good Brother Aron Stevens/Damien Sandow. We talk about the symbolism and history of Masonic Blue Lodges and Aron's experience in Secret Societies. We also dedicate this episode to his friend and Sensei ? / Jocephus who tragically passed away shortly after this was recorded live. HMG Sends it's condolences. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL!...


Light The Fuse AEW Review 02.25.21 -Hamin & The Hopper

The Fuse is Lit and Hamin & MSG are back to bring you your AEW review. Your Sexy Star Silvio is on vacation with his Hot Lady burning it down elsewhere, so MSG serves up some fresh stories hot of the press, and Bin does his best, to cool his hot temper, while remaining Silvio-less. AEW was a bit predictable on this card, until Darby came zipping down the line. Did Big Sho...Big Paul Wite make his debut? Find out by downloading your #1 Wrestling Review show and lighting one up! Check out our...


The new Force order: a Star Wars podcast - Episode 101- Still Here.

Some random news hit this week that was across the board of the Star Wars Universe. Rian Johnson still says he will be working on a trilogy of films. Is Revan slowly becoming canon? Temuera Morrison gives us a look at what filming in the pandemic entails. Lots of comic book news like a brand new Boba Fett series called war if the bounty hunters. Who’s more over is a Mandalorian massacre as Jango Fett takes on Bo Katan Kryze. Armor vs Armor, Who’s the better Mando? From a certain point of...


The Impact Attack - 2.24.21 - Big Ray &MSG!

The Dynamic Duo is back in action as Big Ray & MSG are here to deliver up your IMPACT Wrestling Review! Not your typical three count as Matt & Ray catch up and shoot the shiz. After putting over their amazing new Sponsor Rodecaster, the guys get into Impact Wrestling. Ray catches up Matt up on the current storylines and debate there positives and negatives from this show SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL! www.haminmediagroup.podbean.com YOUTUBE:...


#WLR: My Bad... Bunny

#WLR: My Bad... Bunny This week: The Strizz and the Doctor of Thundernomics are talking about fast food, how AWWWWWESOME The Miz is and the most devastating maneuver in wrestling history. Be sure the email us for the upcoming Feline-Spirited Electronic Messaging System episode: HaminWLR@gmail.com @OldBitterSteve @BelloBeingBello @Obi1UNoMe @HaminMediaGroup Twitch.tv/HaminMediaGroup Annnnd… CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS!! Vince Russo Bro! Coffee TheBroasters.com Pro Wrestling...


#MLR 02.22.21 w/Hamin, Beast, RBV & More Deeb Than You Deserve or Have Earned!

It is an extra strong #NationalMargaritaDay shot of the Monday Locker Room w/Bin Hamin, Dr. Manbeast Ted McNaler & RBV… Which WWE Superstars survived the Elimination Chamber, and which were left sucking gas? Is the Miz cash-in best for biz? Major swerves on the Road to WrestleMania. The war of words between Old School and New Era rages on. Getting over with social media. #MondayMorningMonologue. PLUS A RUN IN… errr… DRIVE BY FROM SERENA DEEB! SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP...


RTW Rewind - 02.21.21 - From The Vault! A Conversation With "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell!

In this episode, "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell joins Rad Rob and they discuss Jim's early days, getting into the business, his WWF run, why Vince McMahon hated him, his lawsuits against WWF, great stories about Hulk Hogan, hilarious Andre The Giant stories, who the greatest entertainer ever was and so much more! To purchase Jim's Book Matlands, check out the website below! https://www.blurb.com/b/6298514-matlands Follow Jim on Twitter! @jumpinjbrunzell Send your questions for our mailbag to:...


Smack Attack 20.02.2021: Booking Themselves Into A Chamber?

John has survived the weather and James continues to survive Lockdown 2.0 but can the Smack Attack lads survive the go home edition of Smackdown leading to the Elimination Chamber this Sunday? A potentially good show on its own made confusing with the addition of a short PPV turn around - thank the lord for the mail sack! On this weeks show: - Edge doesn't understand mind games? - Crews turns heel - Women's Tag Division the most stacked division in WWE? - Daniel Bryan vs Shinsuke...


The Next Level Wrestling Review w/ Colin Wysong & The Vet

We bring you a SUPER SIZED edition of The Next Level Wrestling Review! Colin and The Vet start off by giving you a review of NXT Takeover Vengeance Day! They then jump into the review of NXT on USA. What has driven Adam Cole to turn on his friends? has he been possessed by GOLD! What car will Cameron Grimes show up with next week, after totaling his Lambo in the music video? Has Santos Escobar's time run out? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on this week's Next Level...


The Friday Locker Room 2.19.21: Strangler Steve & Hacker Hamin

The Strangler Returns to The Veteran Friday Locker Room to hot tag for Big Stevie Cool. Hamin does his best to get Strangler fired up with today's headlines of brutality. Who Goes over strong in the final four stories? Check the sheets and see who's over. -New Baby Shampoo from guess who? -Konnan Hospitalized for Kidney issues -Natalya sells for ridiculous Social Media Post -Roman Reigns sells for ridiculous Social Media Post -Cody/Brandy Gender Reveal on AEW -Sonya Deville Stalker Possibly...


The Conspiracy Horsemen: Nitinol Will Help You Sleep

New UFO / UAP Disclosure this week via FOIA Request? The Pentagon admits it's been testing on UFO Debris called Nitinol. A reactive metal that can be bent and will return to it's original form, and also the ability to slow down light speed. WTF? Is the Green New Deal working Texans during a massive storm to push a New World Order Agenda? And there's 7 shot in Philadelphia today so we have check for signs of a False Flag. It's On, but is anyone listening? SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA...


Light The Fuse AEW Review 02.18.21 - Sexy Silvio, It's A Hamin & BakedBoy MSG!

Silvio, MSG & Hamin are back to Light up the airwaves once more with your AEW Recap on Light The Fuse! This week the vets and MSG disect a very peculiar card. Some great matches with Deeb vs Rhio and the Bucks vs Pride and Powerful, but some questionable booking and production choices from AEW leave the guys scratching their head. Silvio makes a declaration that he wants to bring out Bin's inner mark again...will see how that goes. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL!...


The IMPACT ATTACK 2.17.21: Big Ray & Bin Hamin

If you want great matches then you need to check out this episode of IMPACT! TJP & Josh Alexander set a high bar for match of the night, but the new debut of Finley & Juice Robinson do their best taking on Reno Scum. Dreamer and Moose go Hardcore in the Main Event and there's plenty of other great moments to break down on this Episode of IMPACT Wrestling. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL! www.haminmediagroup.podbean.com YOUTUBE:...


The new Force order: a Star Wars podcast - Episode 100- The Celebration episode.

It’s party time as the nFo hit the century mark! We hear from most our past guests and friends and have some special ones doing the run in spots all show. As usual we cover the news and talk in length about the biggest story of the week, Gina Carano’s firing. Who’s more over pits the two stand alone villains against each other. It’s Orson Krennic from Rogue one vs Dryden Vos from solo. Who’s the better heel? From a certain point of view dives into the obvious and not so obvious foreshadowing...


#WLR: Teddy BROosevelt

#WLR: Teddy BROosevelt This week: Those 11:11 Boys do a little 24/7 Title Trivia, plus some shoutouts and Raw talk. BRV's Bella's recap will be next week. Be sure the email us for the upcoming Feline-Spirited Electronic Messaging System episode: HaminWLR@gmail.com @OldBitterSteve @TheAndrewBello @Obi1UNoMe @HaminMediaGroup Twitch.tv/HaminMediaGroup Annnnd… CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS!! Vince Russo Bro! Coffee TheBroasters.com Pro Wrestling...


Monday Locker Room 2.15.21 w/Bin Hamin, Dr. Ted McNaler & RBV

The Post Valentine’s Day #MLR is All About No Surrender & Vengeance. Dr. Ted is working on the fly and swings by for the #MondayMorningMonologue. Then Bin Hamin & RBV dot dot dot dive into the biggest headlines and happenings from the weekend… Building Brand Identity & Promotion. Unrest in AEW. WWE Signs Two New Stars. McAfee in WWE. Reality Based Storylines. Plus Highlights from Impact & NXT. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL!...


RTW Rewind - 02.14.21 - The History of Edge!

In this Episode of RTW Rewind, The Turtle returns! Rad Turtles Wrestling Co-Founder and former Co-Host "Run With Turtles" Jeff Johnson returns to talk about his favorite superstar of all time, Edge! Rad Rob and Turtles go over Edge's career and talk about their favorite moments, talk about his current run and what they see him doing during this last ride. Send your questions for our mailbag to: RadTurtlesWrestling@gmail.com Follow RTW on Twitter: @RadTurtlesPOD Follow Jeff Johnson on...