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The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family oriented camping podcast. Our focus is on building and maintaining family unity in an outdoor recreational environment. Call us with your camping questions at 404-537-CAMP.

The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family oriented camping podcast. Our focus is on building and maintaining family unity in an outdoor recreational environment. Call us with your camping questions at 404-537-CAMP.
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The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family oriented camping podcast. Our focus is on building and maintaining family unity in an outdoor recreational environment. Call us with your camping questions at 404-537-CAMP.




HCR-18-193 Fall Camping at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park

With the fall weather upon us, it's time to break out the camping equipment and take the Happy Camper Radio Show out on the road. However for this episode we not only recorded the show for our podcast, we also shot our very first video presentation, available for viewing now on our YouTube channel. Join us as we take our show to a whole new level. We'll be publishing more videos ahead, in addition to our regular studio presentations. This week, we come to you from the campground at...


HCR-18-192 Insect Prevention

As the summer begins to wind down and temperatures gradually become cooler, insects eagerly await our arrival wherever it is we plan to go camping. No camper should ever venture into the outdoors unprepared for what nature has in store. This week, Skip and Daniel share their experiences over the years in relation to insect prevention, including some highly recommended insect repellents to help keep those pesky creatures at bay.


HCR-18-191 Damaged Tents: Repair or Replace?

For the most part, tents are relatively inexpensive. Some campers are on a tight budget and may not be in a position to go out and purchase a new tent should their existing equipment become damaged. In episode 191, Skip talks about a recent camp outing, and an unforeseen wind storm that caused damage to his brand new Instant tent.


HCR-18-190 Hidden Dangers While Hiking and Camping in the Forest

Very seldom do any of us think that something bad is likely to happen while camping or hiking in the forest. Our focus is on having fun, relaxing and recharging those worn out batteries. But in never hurts to stop and think about what we can do to better protect ourselves while vacationing in the outside world. In this episode, Skip and Daniel share some real-life stories as well as advise on how to make your outdoor venture more safe.


HCR-18-189 Phone Safety and Security: At Home and on the Road

Telephone scams are on the rise and crooks are constantly looking for ways to steal money from your wallet. Whether you're at home or on a camping trip, it's important not to become vulnerable to their tactics. In this episode, Skip and Daniel talk about things you can do to stop these criminals dead in their tracks.


HCR-18-188 Belchertown, Massachusetts Resident Larissa Runkle Talks About Her Pending Long Term Camping Venture

Not every camper will experience the feeling and joy of living life on the road. For one such camper, it's a journey that she and her boyfriend have carefully thought out. Larissa Runkle talks about her upcoming adventure and cross-country tour, including some exciting destinations they look forward to visiting.


HCR-18-187 Summer Camping and High Gas Prices

With summer around the corner, many vacationers can expect to pay more at the gas pump. As fuel prices continue to rise, some campers may find themselves camping closer to home this year. Daniel's wife Diedra joins us in the studio this week to talk about their recent camping trip in Alabama.


HCR-18-186 Camping and Coasters

With summer vacation fast approaching, what better way to get the kids pumped up and excited than to plan a camping trip at an amusement park? There are hundreds of destinations throughout the world, and some parks offer camping facilities on-site. In Episode 186, we'll take a look at some popular attractions in addition to reliving some great childhood memories.


HCR-18-185 Camping Supplies and Dollar Store Deals

There's no reason to break the bank when it comes to stocking up on the necessary supplies to enhance your camping supply inventory. Many great deals can be found for a "buck-a-piece" at your local Dollar Store. You'll be surprised at the selection. Why overspend when you don't have to? In episode 185, Skip and Daniel discuss some great options for your next trip.


HCR-18-184 Selecting the Perfect Campsite

When using the Internet, it's relatively easy to make an online reservation at a campground these days. But is the site you're reserving going to provide you the best camping experience? We'll look at some options to consider that will assist you in selecting the campsite that's ideal for you.


HCR-18-183 Skip and Daniel Visit the Atlanta Camping and RV Show

If you've never been to a camping and RV show before, this is definitely an event that you and the family would certainly enjoy. This week, Daniel Pitts is back in the studio! Listen in as Skip and Daniel share their experience from last weekend's Atlanta Camping and RV Show in Jonesboro, Georgia.


HCR-18-182 Skip Talks With Mason Gravley of "campcrate.net"

Camping or hiking at locations far away from your home base are often a campers dream. Today, however, outdoor enthusiasts are able to rent the necessary gear and have it packaged and delivered to their destination in time for their upcoming camping trip. In this episode, Mason Gravley of "campcrate.net" joins us to talk about the why renting your camping gear is a smart choice for any long distance venture.


HCR-18-181 Keeping the Camping Spirits Alive

To some, camping is considered a spring and summer recreational activity. This time of year, many primitive campers are taking time off due to freezing temperatures and inclement weather. But that doesn't mean the camping spirit should be put to rest. In this episode, Skip shares some interesting and creative ways to keep yourself pumped up and looking forward to the upcoming camping season.


HCR-17-180 Cold Camping, Hot Meals

When venturing out on a cold weather camping trip, keeping warm both inside and out will be your primary focus. In this episode, Skip digs into his menu of camp favorites. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between, piping hot food right off the stove is sure to satisfy any appetite.


HCR-17-179 Black Friday Shopping and Gift Ideas

Whether shopping online or in the brick and mortar stores, there are Black Friday deals galore. And camping supplies are no exception. In Episode 179, Skip shares a few gift ideas for the camper on your list, as well some very important safety tips to help keep you safe during this festive time of year.


HCR-17-178 Tom Brooks Talks About Thanksgiving Day Camping at the South Padre Island KOA

If you ever had the dream of camping over the Thanksgiving holiday, one campground outside of Brownsville, Texas can provide you many reasons why you should consider a future Thanksgiving camping trip. This week, Tom Brooks of the South Padre Island KOA share his experience, and how Thanksgiving camping has become an annual tradition at his KOA campground.


HCR-17-177 The Hearts of the Father; Interview with Andrew J. Martin

There's no greater feeling than to watch a youngster experience his or her first camping trip. In this edition of Happy Camper Radio, we are delighted to have as our guest, a gentleman from the Houston area, who spends time with kids from foster homes and single parent households, and takes them on authentic Texas style camping trips. Andrew J. Martin from "The Hearts of the Father" is here to talk about this wonderful program.


HCR-17-176 Darren Kirby Interview: The Best Tent Camping Guide From Novice to Expert

Camping provide us loads of fun and exciting memories each and every time we venture into the outdoors. it doesn't matter if you're just getting started or have been an experienced camper for many years. There's always something to learn. In Episode 176, Darren Kirby talks about his brand new book "The Best Tent Camping Guide From Novice to Expert". The book is so detailed that Skip has proudly endorsed it. Listen as Darren describes what inspired him to write this exciting book, and where...


HCR-17-175 Halloween Camping 2017

In a changing world, some adults have reservations about sending their youngsters into the neighborhood to enjoy a night of trick or treating. No child should be deprived of the opportunity to be a kid. More and more campgrounds are creating safe and festive environments for families to enjoy Halloween. We'll look at some of the benefits of a Halloween Camping trip in this episode of Happy Camper Radio.


HCR-17-174 Too Much Gear; Short on Space

In Episode 174, Skip talks about what it's like to build an extensive supply of camping gear, and what can happen when you run out of storage space. Skip believes accumulating camping equipment is always a good thing. But what happens when you run out of space to store your gear? We’ll take a look at the options, and how you can utilize more storage space.