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The Best Ice Fishing Podcast On the Planet




S6E17 - End of Ice Fishing Season with Guests North Woods Dave & Ole

In the last episode of season 6 North Woods Dave and Ole join the show to reflect on the ice fishing season.


S6E16 - Curt Quesnell Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Guide

On this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show we welcome back Curt Quesnell. Curt is a fishing guide with NCOR guide service, longtime radio host and all around awesome fisherman. We talk about the highlights from the season, and a long term update on fishing with Hummingbird Mega Live forward facing sonar. You can find him at Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CQuesnell/ or on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/@curtquesnell


S6E15 - USA Ice Fishing Team

On this episode of the hard water fishing show Jeff & Jason are joined by Ben Blegen and Nick Schertz from the USA Ice fishing team. For more information go to https://www.usangling.org/ We also catch up about our Lake of the Woods trip from early March


S6E14 -Live

On this episode of the hard water fishing show Jeff and Jason go live on Facebook for the first time. Brother Matt joins the show live, ice fishing from a undisclosed lake in northern Minnesota. You can find the video version of the episode on Facebook here https://fb.watch/i_viueSfNR/


S6E13 - Minnows & Lake Of the Woods

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff & Jason talk about minnows. When to use them and what fish to target. Jeff fished with Lake of the woods fishing guide Curt Quesnell from NCOR Guide Service. Find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CQuesnell YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6j6ukUrSdHh_Ay3xrXQfw Jeff used Limit Creek Rods on lake of the woods, a great alternative to ugly stick more sensitive for the same price or less. https://amzn.to/3xalJeD Ice buster bobbers https://amzn.to/40WqYMG , we need to use these more.


S6E12 - Tip Ups & Downs with Guest Steve Olson

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show we talk about tip ups & downs. Steve Olson from Ice Hole Heaters is on to talk about stopping your ice hole from freezing up. Show Notes Links to Steve's website https://www.iceholeheater.com/ https://cabincustoms.com/ Clam Pin Head Minnow https://amzn.to/3X1qUrW Sullivan tip down https://amzn.to/3HXabBN Trophy Angler Shuttle Bag, really like this so far http://bit.ly/3jvIC9a Tackle Bag backpack. Just the right size for ice fishing https://amzn.to/3DFeL56 Beaver Dam tip up, Jeff's First Tip Up Choice http://bit.ly/3WYcGYR HT Tip Up, Jason likes these ones https://amzn.to/3Y4tZJ2 This is great for storage r-tek https://amzn.to/3HWr2Vf Jaycees fishing tournament, the one Steve talked about. https://icefishing.org/


S6E11 - Squishy Water Fishing Show

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jason finds squishy ice conditions. Jeff fishes Mille Lacs Lake. Listener Spencer has a legend of ice fishing on a sunny day.


S6E10 - Guest Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell from Jason Mitchell Outdoors joins the show to talk about ice fishing. For more information on Jason Mitchell Outdoors go to https://www.jasonmitchelloutdoors.com/ Check out the official Hard Water Fishing Show website at https://www.hardwatershow.com/ Become a patron of the Hard Water Fishing Show at https://patron.podbean.com/hwfs


S6E9 - Ice Fishing

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff catches some nice sunfish and Ole fishes Leech Lake recorded live. Show Notes We talked a bit about underwater cameras. Here is one that my brother in law owns, that I used in my sunfish outing https://amzn.to/3C4z4bc A new ice rod locker I started using, to protect my fancy new tuned up custom rod https://amzn.to/3GoSMBi I also considered this one by striker https://amzn.to/3YR5m3h but it was a bit big for my needs. This is a new shuttle https://bit.ly/3C5qhFR from Bass Khang I have on order, cant wait to get it. Here is the dingle drop I used while pan fishing https://bit.ly/3vstKuF and the drop kick swirl jig https://bit.ly/3vutawc Check out the official hard water fishing show website here https://www.hardwatershow.com/ Become a patron here https://patron.podbean.com/hwfs


S6E8 - Red Lake, Mille Lacs & Ice Show with Ryan

Jason fishes early ice at Red Lake, Jeff fishes Mille Lacs and we interview Ryan about the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show. More Info A couple links to information we talked about on the show. Fast snaps that when fishing for easy lure switching. https://amzn.to/3v05Hmp Yak Tracks Pro that I used to not fall on my butt on Mille Lacs. But they should work on any lake :) https://amzn.to/3PF9rn8 Perch talker by Lindy Lures. One of my favorite lures in pint and white. https://amzn.to/3V1YdKd My favorite reel, Phlueger President https://amzn.to/3W5qjpb Link to the rod from Tuned Up Custom Rods, I got the 30 inch precision. https://bit.ly/3WsOZYy Stop Light Bobber, Ryan got on of these at the ice show https://amzn.to/3G0u1uV Hometown hero outdoors, Ryan mentioned this organization in his show https://bit.ly/3PxQ9zX Fish Daddy Outdoors Micro LED Spoon, Ryan got one of these at the show https://bit.ly/3V8ngLU


S6E7 - Jenny Anderson Girl of 10,000 Lakes

Jenny Anderson, Girl of 10,000 Lakes joins the show to talk about ice fishing and her ice fishing book 123 Ice Fishing. You can find the book on her web site 123icefishing.com , and use the code HWFS for 15% off.


S6E6 - Buffet of Ice Fishing

In this episode we go back to the buffet for seconds and thirds. Jeff attended the Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo and went to some seminars. Also we take a few listener questions. Julie Henson shares a ice fishing legend of ice fishing as a kid and catching a big walleye. MN-Fish We talked a bit MN-Fish, who represents the interests for all anglers, clubs, local organizations and industry stakeholders. Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo Jeff went to the Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo ice show and took Jason's advice and went to the seminars Jason Durham Gave a hour long talk about fishing expectations. He had a ton of knowledge he was willing to share on fishing. Mike Raetz Learned a ton about pan fishing in the weeds from Mike. If you see him speaking at a show check him out. Clam Pro Tackle Plastics I am going to try a few plastics recommended by Mike Raetz.


S6E5 - Ice Fishing Safety with Guest Ice Shack Customizer Jay Peterson

In this episode Jeff and Jason cover Ice fishing safety, and have award winning ice shack customizer Jay Peterson. Jay Peterson Jay Peterson, who has customized ice shacks that have most recently been seen at the North Metro Ice Show presented by Thorn Brothers. You can check it out on YouTube here http://bit.ly/3UVHTLH Jay is a retired volunteer firefighter and race car driver, and currently a tournament bass fisherman, boat rebuilder, general tinker. Links Bobbery Buddy http://bit.ly/3g5dStZ I got a bobber buddy on at a recent ice show. Going to try this out this winter. More review on this one coming soon. Ice Safety This was the most comprehensive information I found on ice safety. Take a look. http://bit.ly/3tsBWtQ Here are a few pictures from Jay about his builds


S6E4 - Amped Outdoors

Guest Matthew from Amped Outdoors talks about the benefits of using lithium batteries to keep your electronics running longer on the ice. For more information on amped outdoors go to https://bit.ly/3SVhMDb A Minnesota record hybrid sunfish was caught. Here are the links to all the Minnesota state fishing records https://bit.ly/3zHslTr Thomas asked about some entry level flashers. Jason likes the Marcum M1 https://amzn.to/3sRbmdE and Jeff prefers the hummingbird ICE-35 https://amzn.to/3SZz5mA . Another good option is the Vexilar FL-8 SE https://bit.ly/3froaV5 We went fishing on the Alma float on the Mississippi. More information can be found here. https://bit.ly/3UmjApL


S6E3 - Ice Shacks

In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff and Jason talk about the latest trends in portable hub and flip over ice fishing shacks. Jeff asks if you toot like a train whistle or bark like a husky dog when participating in a snow dog train. Jason wonders if we are shaped like pillows or kegs. A legend from red lake long ago is told.


S6E2 - Ice Sled Customization by Nailed It Builds

Jon from from Nailed It Builds reviews his custom ice sled builds. Jon also shares a legend about a fishing pole that his buddy has mixed feelings about. You can find him on YouTube https://bit.ly/3dNLU4F and Facebook https://bit.ly/3f81Yi0 Fact Checks Berkley Flickr shad in pearl white https://amzn.to/3eWEpZz - Referred to this as a Rapala in season 6 episode 1. Mepps Syclops https://amzn.to/3BNMUza - Called this lure a Lazy Ike in the last episode. Other Topics We talked about how Roger's Rigs filets fish, check it out here https://bit.ly/3RR55c5


S6E1 - Its Electrifying

In the first episode of season six Jeff and Jason cover our summer fishing, and take a deep dive into the electrifying world of bow mount trolling motors. Beers Jeff - Indeed brewing - Day Tripper https://bit.ly/3BpqnHg This beer had dank hops, and we discuss this in detail. It was very tasty but would not make my top 10. Jason There might be a little dust on the bottle, its a home brew. Made by Jason's dad. Fishing Report Jason went fishing this summer in the BWCA. Fish were snapping on worms and lindy rigs. Caught a few but then switched to a Berkley flicker shad in pearl white. Here is the link to it in amazon https://amzn.to/3eWEpZz Wore the paint off of it so many small mouth, walleye and pike were caught. Bugs were bad, worse ever but had to wear a head net, hat, long sleeves and pants. You don't have to worry about bugs in ice fishing. Fishing depth was twelve feet. This goes against common knowledge. In August everyone says fish deep but they were in 12 feet. Speed fishing out of a canoe is slower than you would do in a boat. Jeff talked about fishing on the flats on Mille Lacs with Bobbers and leeches in August. Trolling for pike at 3 MPH, pulling Mepps Syclops https://amzn.to/3BNMUza caught a walleye fishing for pike. Jason says he has more pike tactics to play with. Jason caught crappies on a flat with a small hole using a yellow jig head and a black tail. Gear Update https://amzn.to/3xrQMTK Topic - Bow Mount Trolling Motors Jason's Motor Jason got a used Minnkota Terrova 24 volt 80 pound thrust https://amzn.to/3BnEVav . Got two group 27 deep cycle batteries from the Menards. He has it on a Alumacraft Lunker. Fished all day. Did not use a anchor all week. It was awesome. Jeff's Motor 12 volt 55 pound Minnkota https://amzn.to/3dk7Jsx on a 16 foot Lund rebel. Works well but will not last as long as Jason's due to the 12 volt system. Does have the link feature to hook to a helix head unit and use follow the contour on the lake. It makes fishing so nice and relaxing. Mount We both use this mount for our boat. Its a quick release to get it off easy https://amzn.to/3eWFqkl New vs Used You can save money but there is some risk. Maybe check for parts. make sure they are available. Jason had good luck with his used unit and saved some money in the process. 12 vs 24 Volt System The foot pounds does not matter as much. Its about how long that the trolling motor can last. A 24 volt will outperform a 12. Cost is a factor 24 costs more and you also need two batteries instead of one for a 24 volt motor Charger Jason got something on Ebay to charge at 24 volts. Back feeds and charges the batteries. 35 dollars vs Minnkota dual bank charger for like $100. I have a normal battery charger and trickle charger hooked to mine so its always ready to go. This is the battery charger I use https://amzn.to/3eQf3MJ It works well to keep it topped off but need something with more charging power if you fish back to back days and need to charge in between. I got that charger at Menards but any normal 12 volt battery charger will work. Wiring Jason used jumper cables to rig the boat. Big gage wires are expensive. Note we are not electricians. Don't do what we do. Link This is really nice but adds a lot of cost, with the link you get to follow the contour in the lake. Jason said he does not always follow the contour, he zig zags. So think about how you fish before you spend the extra money. Spot Lock You wont use your anchor, but for some reason Jason is still using a throw buoy. hmm jeff disagrees. Buoy or not to buoy that is the question. Jeff says no Jason says yes. Shaft length I think mine is a 54 and Jason has a 60 but you really should get a long one. My motor comes out of the water when it gets really rough. That means your boat is not moving. I would get a 60 inch if I was going to do it over again. Mods Jason build a custom mount so when you go across the lake and it does not break. Custom made from parts in his garage....


S5E14 - Fish Donkeys Ice Bears and Season Conclusion

In the final episode of season five of the hard water fishing show we talk about our Fish Donkey tournament winners and ice fishing out of a snow bear. We also have a on site wrap up of the 22nd annual Hard Water Invitational from the shores of Devils Lake. Fish Donkey Tournament https://www.fishdonkey.com/ Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. Snow Bear Rental Here is a link from where we rented the snow bear from. https://www.snobearrental.net/ What a great machine. Legend Jason tells the legend of the stinky northern caught by the Itasca Stallion.


S5E13 - Hard Water Freaks Event

In this episode Jeff and Jason attend the Hard Water Freaks annual ice event and record live. We four guests join us from the event Max from Hard Water Freaks, Caleb from Fishing For the Heart Meagan from Casting Queens and Robert from DryHootch. Max from Hard Water Freaks Max from Hard Water Freaks joins us for a quick interview about the annual ice event. The ice event benefits many amazing causes with the goal of brining the joy of the great outdoors to Veterans and children alike. For more information you see the event link https://fb.me/e/2lmQDytL2 Caleb from Fishing for the Heart Caleb joins us to talk about his organization fishing for the heart. Fishing for the Heart is a non-profit organization designed to connect kids, families and friends to each other and God through the sport of fishing! You can find more information here https://www.fishingfortheheart.com/ Meagan from Casting Queens Meagan joins us from Casting Queens, a women's only fishing brand for women who love to fish and love a little glam! You can find more information here https://castingqueens.com/ Robert From DryHootch Robert joins us to talk about DryHootch.org. DryHootch is a nonprofit organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans in their return home. You can find more information here https://www.dryhootch.org/


S5E12 - Sunfish & Minnows

In this episode of the hard water fishing show Jeff and Jason talk about sunfish identification and minnow hooking tactics. Identifying Sunfish Here is a great video on identifying sunfish by angling buzz on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJLq371hYSU Here is another link for more details about sunfish from the Minnesota DNR https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fish/sunfish/biology.html#:~:text=Cheeks%20and%20gill%20covers%20are,bars%20on%20their%20olive%20backs.