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Why I hurried slowly this year - A message from your host, Katee Pedicini

Why I hurried slowly this year This is a story about reaching the depths of your soul, questioning who you are, your values, what you stand for & WHY you do what you do- THEN rising strong. A story that I feel needs to be told and that I want to tell... You can read the feature blog on our website, alternatively I've also recorded it as a sound bite so you can hear these words with greater meaning.


Mindset & Mindfulness | Fraser Carson

Fraser is a lecturer in sport coaching, while also running Melbourne Endurance Sport Hypnosis. He has over fifteen years delivering coach education and psychological skills training to high performance athletes and coaches. He currently provides psychological support for the Deakin Melbourne Boomers. He has previously been employed as performance psychologist, providing mental skills training, with a number of professional teams, coaches and athletes. He has a strong research background with...


Exploring A Sense Of Adventure | Adam Pedicini

You are in for a treat! Today I chat with Peter Pan. Well, not exactly. I chat with my big brother, Adam Pedicini, the closest you will ever come to meeting Peter Pan. Adam lives in LA, running his business Lifestyle By Adam Pedicini, fondly known as L.A.P. He has never stood still, exploring the many facets of his talents which has lead him to pursue careers in outdoor education, modelling, dancing, acting and personal training. This was certainly a different tact to the rest of the...


Accidental Under Eating in Athletes | Kirsty Taylor

Despite our best efforts, accidental under eating is quite common in athletes. I have brought in our resident health and nutrition coach with Holistic Endurance. Kirsty Taylor is qualified health and nutrition coach, and currently in her 2nd study year of nutritional and dietetic medicine. Kirsty is immensely passionate about gut health, & hormone balance for the integration of optimal performance and wellness in athletes. Today's conversation covers all things nutrient timing, daily caloric...


Fertility Considerations For Athletes | Nikki Butterfield

Nikki's story may feel familiar to many people, and we were cognisant that it can be a sensitive topic. The purpose of todays conversation was to kick start the dialogue amongst athletes, practitioners, doctors and coaches in regards to athletic longevity, and in particular fertility considerations for athletes. Nikki Butterfield has a long and impressive athletic history. Starting Triathlons back in 1997 under the guidance of Jackie Fairwhether. She was in good company, training with the...


Thriving as a Vegan or Vegetarian Athlete | Elly Mclean

Elly Mclean is a Holistic Nutritionist & Real Food lover who works with the team at The Natural Nutritionist. Elly is a Marathon runner, wannabe yogi and yes, her favourite food is kale. Elly believes that food is fuel, but above all else, should be enjoyed. She has followed a vegan protocol on and off for some time, but more recently has found it not conducive to thriving while competing in marathons. In search of understanding why, Elly pursued comprehensive gut health testing which...


LCHF Nutrition & Knowing Your Performance Metrics | Nathan Shearer

In my first conversation with Nathan, the lasting impression he made was “man that guy knows his numbers”. He knew his metrics back to front, any question I asked about previous performance and mishaps, he could answer and identify what contributed to “X” result. This meant that our wellness consultations were more succinct, impactful and lasting while we worked together to formulate a nutrition, wellness and race nutrition & hydration plan. As a fellow data nerd, I thoroughly enjoyed todays...


Unveiling Your Athletic Soul | Carmen Atkinson

If I’m honest, I was not prepared for just how pivotal, exceptional and emotionally moving this conversation would be. I would like to invite you to really soak in this episode, and I have no doubt it will be one you return too multiple times. Carmen Atkinson is a passionate Wellness & Performance focused Health Practitioner. A plant-based Ultra-distance Endurance Athlete. A Multi-sport Coach and Functional Strength Instructor. An advocate for personal and spiritual growth. An inspirational...


New Bikes & Tax Returns | Lauren Law

If you’ve ever pondered the idea of buying a new bike with your tax return or perhaps you've felt strapped for cash thanks to endurance pursuits, this episode is for you. Today I interview LAUREN LAW (LAWSIE) co-founder of Money Barre, Lauren is a Financial Advisor and Accountant. Loving structure and discipline as she does, Lawsie enjoys applying this to her fitness. She has run marathons, endurance trail runs, endurance treks and bike rides stretching hundreds of kilometres. We discuss the...


Movement Prep & Functional Movement | Greg Dea

This interview with Greg Dea, Sports Physiotherapist will have you challenge your mind when it comes to how you view movement and performance. Greg can be found travelling Australia, New Zealand, Asai and Europe with his education courses. With a true passion for knowledge and impacting an persons athletic journey, Greg’s skill set has seen him work with; China’s Womens Volleyball team (they wen’t on to win the world cup) Soldiers, Sailors and Pilots across British Forces and Australian...


Sleep, Supplements, Nutrition & Being Robust | Laura Siddall

I wanted to get Laura on the show for a number of reasons. I met her through Stef Hanson of WITSUP, coincidently it was the day prior to her up rooting her life in Sydney and taking the plunge into a full time career as a professional athlete. I was certainly ignorant at the time as to what this meant for this random chick sitting across from me at a bar in St Kilda. Since then she has had a very successful career, and a stellar racing resume, her performance and experience continued to grow...


Hormones, Longevity & MAF HR | Phil Maffetone

Having Phil Maffetone on the show is huge a honour. Phil has shaped so many of my personal athletic pursuits and success when it comes to recovering from burnout, overtraining and endless niggles. Further to that, his work and research has shaped who I am as a coach and how I deliver programs to my athletes. He has done that through his 20+ books, podcast interviews and online content that has been developed over the past two decades. Phil is a clinician, Coach, and innovator. He was a...


Retirement, health & hormones | Emma Snowsill_Frodeno

Welcome to the very first episode of Healing Grumpy Athletes! In a raw and honest conversation with Emma Snowsill - Frodeno we chat about: Coping with ill-health as a successful and professional athlete What lead to the decision of retirement Comparisons and finding your inner voice Respecting stress and life circumstances Establishing a new identity after sport Hormone health & pregnancy Her Husband Jan Frodeno & road safety for cyclists More about Emma's wellness story:...