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EP 71: Everyday Running Legends

This week Heartland Running goes Down Under. Crystal has the chance to hang out with Brodie Sharpe. Brodie is the host of an Australian running podcast called Everyday Running Legends. We have a fun conversation about his experience here in North America and how it resulted in him turning to the world of running. We cover why he blames his sister for everything. We discuss injuries. And of course we talk kangaroos! Be sure to check out Everyday Running Legends - iTunes, Website,...


Georgia Death Race Report

On this episode Crystal and Andy talk to David Hale who recounts his experiences at this year’s Georgia Death Race. He teaches us how to underprepare to overachieve; how to not get flagged for explosives at the airport, and the joys of the mashed potato burrito. The 15% off Orange Mud discount code GDRDAVID is valid until 5/31/18. Where to follow David: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Where to find Heartland Running: Website, Facebook Group, Instagram, Strava Club Call or text us at...


EP 69: Ask A Sports Nutritionist

Crystal is back with another “Ask the Expert” episode. This week she talks with sports nutritionist, Meredith Terranova who answers questions from our listeners. Meredith has a B.S. degree in Human Nutrition and has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004 at her consultancy, Eating and Living Healthy. She also recently completed her fourth Ultraman, and has raced over 50 ultramarathons with several wins and podium finishes. We cover topics that...


EP 68: Amy Clark on Crewing & Pacing

Crystal and Andy sit down with Amy Clark to talk about crewing and pacing for ultras. If you have considered volunteering your time or have new crew members this is the episode for you. Amy Clark is a freelance writer and runner living in Bend, Oregon. In addition to running marathons and ultra marathons, she has parasailed in Baja, snowboarded in Big Sky and fought wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service. A native of Oregon, Amy is working on her first extreme adventure novel while living...


EP 67: Triathlon for Runners

Have you ever considered trying a tri? If so, this episode is for you. We were fortunate enough to pick the brain of athlete and coach, Brett Daniels. Brett has competed in over 100 triathlons ranging in distances from Sprint to Ironman including the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. He has also been coaching since 2004 and holds Expert level certifications from USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. Brett covers some of the basic triathlon terms before we dive into (no pun intended) each...


EP 66: Dynamic Running Therapy

In this episode Crystal talks with William Pullen. William is a London based psychotherapist who developed a technique called Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT). He practices this in-person with his patients but has also written a book titled “Running with Mindfulness - Dynamic Running Therapy to Improve Low-Mood, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression.” Some of the topics we cover include: How William discovered both running and therapy for himselfHow running helps with decision making and...


EP 65: Brokeman's Running

Our guest for this episode is Katie Cordova. Katie is the owner and founder of Brokeman’s Running Company. Her goal is to go against the “big ticket” trend and provide affordable, community races - from the beer mile upto ultra distances. Katie tells her story of why she wanted to make sure that everyone had access to affordable races. She talks about what makes a good race director and the lessons she has learned along the way. We also find out how she was able to bring the trail vibe to...


EP 64: Choose Joy

In this episode Andy and Crystal talk to Amy Napoli. When Amy’s nephew, Danny was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy the family decided to come together as team run a half marathon as a fundraiser - despite not being runners. We learn how running has changed Amy’s life and those around her. She has fallen in love with the sport and has traveled around the country to run marathons and has participated in the Disney Dopey Challenge. She has become a cross country coach. Amy also...


EP 63: Trail Running 101

In this episode Andy and Crystal get the opportunity to talk to Sarah Lavender Smith and she answers listeners’ questions on trail running. Sarah is a long-distance runner, coach, writer and mom of two teens. In 2017, she released her book, The Trail Runner's Companion: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trail Running and Racing, from 5Ks to Ultras. Links from the episode: 4-Day San Juan Running Camp with SarahMore on Sarah’s coachingSarah’s Blog postLessons from Ultras that Help in Real-Life...


EP 62: Endure

In this episode Crystal, Andy, and Chandler are joined by journalist and author Alex Hutchinson. Alex wrote for Runner’s World from 2012 - 2017 and is currently a contributing editor and writer of the Sweat Science column for Outside. This month he released his third book, “ENDURE: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance” We discuss the limits of endurance. We learn how a lot of what we perceive are physical limits may actually be triggered in the brain. We cover...


EP 61: Ask The Coach

Coree Woltering joins Crystal for this episode to answer listeners’ questions on coaching and training. We talk about Coree’s coaching philosophies, marathon training, speed workouts, building mileage, recovery, and more. Coree mentions two good videos from his coach, David Roche: Foam Rolling for Runners Video and 5-Minute Running Warm-Up Video We cover Coree’s current 2018 Race Schedule: 3/10 Land Between the Lakes 23k4/7 American River 50 Mile5/12 Quicksilver 50k6/23 Western States...


EP 60: From Start to Finish

In this episode we had a chance to catch up with Chris Miller after completing his transcontinental run. We first spoke to Chris back in May of 2017 (Episode 24 ) as he planning and preparing for this run across the country to celebrate recovery and to encourage those who are struggling with addiction to seek treatment. We cover topics including what it is like to adjust back to “normal” life, logistics of the run itself, his upcoming documentary, how he has touched and inspired others,...


EP 59: Adam Popp

Learn how to cherish the things you take for granted. In this episode Andy talks to Adam Popp. Adam was a member of an Air Force unit that disarmed improvised explosive devices. In 2007 Adam was on patrol in Eastern Afghanistan when an IED detonated before he could disable it. The explosion severely wounded him and forced his right leg to be amputated above the knee. Listen to find out how Adam went from being told that he will never run again to how he has gone on to complete several...


EP: 58 Adventure Race with Jeff Watterson

In this episode Jeff Watterson gives Crystal, Andy, and Chandler lessons on Adventure Racing 101 for dummies. We learn about tipping canoes at 3:00am, running through stinging nettles, riding bikes through soup, and how bug spray can be a gift from the gods. Useful links from the episode: The Barkley Marathons (The Race That Eats Its Young) Garry Robbins Where Dreams Go To Die (documentary) Adventure Racing Camp USARA Orienteering Cincinnati Land Between the Lakes Trail Race...


EP 57: Strength Training for Runners

In this episode Chandler and Crystal talk to personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist Ren Jones of Fitness Jones Training. Ren helps answer listeners’ questions related to running and strength training. Topics include: The benefits of strength trainingThe myths of getting bulkyLower vs higher weightsLower body lifting and running workoutsTraining on limited timeWorkouts for those who can’t make it to the gymFrequency of strength trainingDealing with an unstable SIStrengthening...


EP 56: Geek Speak

Get ready to geek out on what happens behind the scenes of some big races. In this episode Crystal and Andy talk to Brandon Wilson. Brandon a USATF official, a grand poobah course certifier, one of the premier race timers in the country, and has also created some of the craziest and coolest races. Where to find Heartland Running: Website, Facebook Group, Instagram, Strava Club Call or text us at 513-486-4636 Save 20% on SWORD Performance Products by using discount code:HEARTLANDRUNNER...


EP 55: Sleep for Athletes

Dr. Amy Bender of the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance joins us to talk about all things sleep related for athletes. Dr. Bender’s current research focuses on the relationship of sleep and recovery on athletic performance in Canadian National Team athletes. She is also an athlete herself having completed a full Ironman and is also a Community Colleges of Spokane Women's Basketball Hall of Famer. Some of the topics we cover include: How to determine how much sleep we actually...


EP 54: Goodbye 2017 / Hello Chandler

This is our final episode of 2017. We officially welcome Chandler Lee as the third host of Heartland Running and learn more about him. We also wrap up the year and look ahead to 2018 by answering questions from the listeners. Where to find Heartland Running: Website, Facebook Group, Instagram, Strava Club Call or text us at 513-486-4636 Save 20% on SWORD Performance Products by using discount code: HEARTLANDRUNNER at checkout Check out Steve Durbin’s Race at Durbin Race Management and...


EP 53: Jordan Hasay

In this episode we talk to the one and only Jordan Hasay. In 2017 Jordan had her marathon debut at Boston where she finished third in 2:23:00, the fastest marathon debut by an American woman by almost three minutes. She followed that up with the Chicago Marathon where she finished third in a time of 2:20:57. This makes her the second fastest American woman at that distance. We talk about where her love of running comes from; the influence of her parents; about her coach, Alberto Salazar and...


EP 52: Camille Herron & Steve Durbin

On November 11, 2017, Camille Herron set the 100 mile world record in a blazing 12:42:39 at Tunnel Hill and crushed the old world record by over an hour. In this episode Crystal and Chandler have a chance to talk to not only Camille but also to race director, Steven Durbin. There may even be a cameo appearance by Camille’s husband Conor Holt. So what does it take to run a 100 miles under 13 hours? Apparently the secret lies in Taco Bell, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and a pair of new shoes. Follow...