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The podcast for and by outdoor women where we tell true stories from the trail that will inspire and motivate you to lace up your boots and get outside.

The podcast for and by outdoor women where we tell true stories from the trail that will inspire and motivate you to lace up your boots and get outside.
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The podcast for and by outdoor women where we tell true stories from the trail that will inspire and motivate you to lace up your boots and get outside.




Failure Is An Option

Welcome to episode 80. I’ve been taking a break lately. Wondering about the future of the podcast. I’ve been bored with our long interview format. I haven’t had time for interviews or to edit interviews or publish episodes. I’ve thought about shutting the show down and taking a big break forever from it. But in a lot of ways I’ve missed the chance to just turn on my computer, and talk to you, one on one as if you’re right here in the room with me. So I’m back, the show is back but...


Finding the Courage to Quit

Hi Friends, Rebecca here with a big announcement. I quit. It's hard to quit something that you start, so I guess I'm not really quitting I'm just stepping down to hand the reigns of Hike Like A Woman leadership off to someone new. Someone with passion and motivation, someone with new ideas and who has the time and drive to lead our staff and Ambassadors. That person will be our Chief Adventure Officer and I'll let you know who she is on August 1st. Now I'm still going to be doing our...


Mara Kuhn: Outdoorsy in Arkansas

Meet Mara. Actually you probably already know Mara by now. She was a 2016-2017 HLAW Ambassador and is now our editor. She's responsible for every single blog post you see here. She does a great job and I don't think her (or pay her) nearly enough. Today on the show Mara and I chat about everything from Arkansas, cross-country road trips, fitting in, hiking, rollerskating and so much more. I'm honored to have her on the show today and I hope you enjoy our conversation. Find Mara...


Alyssa Feinberg: A Rad Young Entrepreneur

Meet Alyssa. She's in high school. She's a mountain biker. She's a Nordic skier. She just started her own small business making rad headbands. Her advice to all of us is to give young entrepreneurs a chance. I'm honored to have her on the show today and to carry her products in my store so if you're in downtown Laramie, Wyoming come check them out! I hope you enjoy our conversation! Just click play below to listen: Find Alyssa here: Instagram:...


The Funstoppable Becca Droz

Way back in February I was laid up for a few weeks with an unexpected surgery. Naturally, I had to binge watch Season 29 of The Amazing Race. While watching the show I was instantly inspired by Becca Droz. She had two braids and a permanent smile on her face for the entire race. What’s not to like? But, the more I learned about Becca the more I realized that I needed to have her on the podcast because I believe that she can inspire the masses. So, I shot her an email, she obliged and...


A Wild Chat With Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, and the New York Times best-selling books Brave Enough and Tiny Beautiful Things and the novel, Torch. She is also co-host of the Dear Sugars podcast and advice column. She is an author, wife, mom, hiker, activist, world traveler and today we are honored to have her as a guest on the Hike Like A Woman podcast. Today we talk about her experience on the Pacific Crest Trail, the book Wild and so much more. I hope...


Q&A With Rebecca

Welcome to episode 074 of the Hike Like A Woman podcast. This episode is a little unusual. I mean, this is HLAW so things are always unusual ;) Today Rebecca spends a few minutes answering reader questions and she talks all about her new store, Basecamp in beautiful downtown Laramie Wyoming. We hope you enjoy today's Q&A session.


Where in the world is Rebecca?

Welcome back to the HLAW podcast! After a short hiatus, we're back with a quick episode. During today's show, Annie and I talk about what's been going on the past month, what's going on in the future with HLAW and our Ambassador program. We'll give you a heads up that this show was recorded at my gear shop last Friday night and I forgot my microphone so audio quality isn't awesome but hang in there with us because our conversation was pretty fun. I hope you enjoy this relaxed update on...


Operation Avoid Burnout

Hi Everyone, Rebecca here. Today's podcast episode isn't awesome. It's a quick note to let you know that I need to step away from the podcast for just a month as I tackle the beast that is purchasing a gear shop. For the past 8 months I've been transitioning myself into the world of outdoor retail as I've been in the process of buying a gear shop that has been in my town for over 36 years. The transition started as I researched the clothing and gear that was sold at the store. Then I...


Chickens, Iowa and Hiking

Meet Jessica Hubbard. Jessica is a HLAW Ambassador from Iowa. She's also in charge of our Adventure Book Club and this was the first time that we recorded a podcast live in our Membership community. I hope you enjoy our conversation today. You can listen to the show right here on our website, just click the play button below. p.s. Today's show is sponsored by Just Go Travel Studios. Just Go Travel Studios helps customers plan and remember great vacations. They have detailed planning...


From Summer Camp to the PCT

Meet Jessie Dickerson Jessie is a camp counselor. An outdoor educator. A thru-hiker and once she had to call Search & Rescue. Today on the show we chat about everything summer camp, to the future of our planet and her trek last summer along the California portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. If you send your kid to camp and they get Jessie as their counselor they are in for an adventure. You can follow Jessie @jadickerson at Instagram. Enjoy the show! ----- Today's show is sponsored by...


Having The Courage To Be Authentic

Meet Alexandra DiRuscio. Alex is a mom, a hiker, a cyclist, a comedy writer and founder of who often channels her inner Katniss with archery. Today on the show we chat about everything from starting a new business to being authentic and I think you're going to love our conversation. Alex is humble, down-to-earth and hardworking and if you don't have time to listen to the full interview today that last five minutes of the show where she tells me what advice she'd give to her 12-year-old...


Here's To Strong Women

It's Women's History Month and earlier this week we celebrated International Women's Day so we thought it'd be fitting today to chat on the podcast about some women who have been influential in our lives and shaping our love for the outdoors. First up Rebecca talks about being inspired by the courage and strength of a few amazing women during one of her deployments to Iraq while serving in the Army. Then Jessica, Christina and Sarah share stories of women who have helped mentor them in the...


An Interview With A Scaredy Cat

Hi Friends and welcome to episode 067 of the HLAW podcast! I'm thrilled to have Lori Roberts on the podcast today. She is one of my favorite Canadians, a hiker, and a self-proclaimed scaredy cat. You can learn more about her on her blog: http://www.hikingforthescaredycat.com/ I hope you enjoy our conversation today! p.s. Are you interested in becoming a HLAW member? Click here to learn more and join our membership program


Jenny's Epic Side Hustle

Can you believe that we're already at episode 66 of the podcast? I'm thrilled to have Jenny Owens on the podcast today. On today's show we get to know Jenny and learn more about her start-up or as she put it, her "side hustle" -- CampRents. CampRents is an online gear rental program coming live in May. I love the idea of renting before you buy and the thoughts of saving money by renting instead of buying. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jenny today and if you'd be interested in...


Brutal Honesty From My Kids

Hi Everyone Rebecca here with episode 065 of the HLAW Podcast. We're weird here but this is our weirdest episode yet. Yesterday afternoon I was in my office trying to edit a podcast episode. My children were upstairs being super loud and obnoxious and it was actually starting to get on my nerves. I went upstairs to tell them to keep the noise down when I discovered that they had pitched their play tent in the living room, pulled their cross-country skis out of the gear closet, put their...


Embracing The Beauty of Aging With Marianne

Hi Everyone Rebecca here with episode 064 of the HLAW Podcast. I'm excited to have Marianne Hoffman on the show today. She is a HLAW Ambassador who recently relocated from Utah to Ecuador all for the sake of adventure. Marianne has also hiked the Camino, and she's an advocate for living life to the fullest no matter how old (or young) you are. I hope that you enjoy getting to know Marianne on today's episode. Can you do us a favor and share this episode with someone who might be...


When Self-Doubt Rears Its Ugly Head

Hi Everyone Rebecca here with episode 063 of the HLAW Podcast. Today we get real on the show. Jessica, Lorna, Felicia and myself all share experiences where we've felt self-doubt creep into our lives and force us to question whether or not we are smart enough, brave, enough or tough enough to reach our goals. On the show today I open up about the stress of purchasing an outdoor retail store and the doubts that I have about my ability to turn it into a thriving and successful small...


What We Learned in 2017

Well... We're 27 days into 2018 and finally taking a moment to reflect on 2017. Between our 2-week Hike Like A Woman website and social media holiday break, and getting back into a routine after the ringing in the new year we've collected our thoughts on a few things that we learned in 2017. On today's podcast episode you'll hear a few women on our Ambassador team chat about 2017; some challenges that they faced, how they faced them, and little itty bitty pieces of wisdom that they...


Building Community With Jacquelyn

Meet Jacquelyn. She's a woman with a goal. To encourage and inspire women to get outdoors. But most importantly, she's a woman with a goal to build community. If you've been following along on social media you might have seen this post about a presentation that Jacquelyn recently gave at her local library, or you might have read her latest post about hiking solo. Or if you took our online introduction to winter hiking and camping class you might have seen her post a picture of her...