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A hobby-centred tabletop wargaming podcast based in Birmingham, UK

A hobby-centred tabletop wargaming podcast based in Birmingham, UK
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United Kingdom


A hobby-centred tabletop wargaming podcast based in Birmingham, UK




Ep5 - UK Games Expo 2019

In this episode I talk about my experience at UK Games Expo 2019. I cover the new things that I discovered, as well as the loot that I came away with. Check out the Hobby Hammer community, as well as my Paint Page I also mentioned Ash W's SOIAF/Game of Thrones Paint blog Loot: Sarissa Precision Paint Racks Scale 75 Flesh Paints Dwarf miniature (Dugg) Dropfleet Commander starter set Meow Meow Mia Exit game and puzzle cards Art of war acrylic specialist tokens for kill team Time...


Ep4 - My CK Studios Experience

In this episode, Ash runs through some of the key things that he learned from Vince Ventruella at his CK Studios class. Up next, will be coverage of UK Games Expo and Battlefield Birmingham Doubles tournament. Check out the Hobby Hammer facebook community for updates and discussions And AT Paint Service for Ash's paint page Show Sponsor: Jon Simmons (price: biscuits) Music: Bort


Ep3 - Skirmish, The Hobby Buffet

In this episode, Ash talks about the fundamental concept of skirmish gaming. What is it? Why play it? He tackles these burning issues head on. The next episode will be a report back from my CK studios workshop with Vince Ventruella. Very exciting! Check out the Hobby Hammer community, and Ash's Paint Page


Ep2 - Don't be a Hobby Hindrance

In this episode, Ash has his proper recording set-up all sorted. He discusses how NOT to help get people into the hobby, and covers some of the many common negative interactions that can result in a potential hobbyist struggling to get started. For the facebook discussions group, check out Hobby Hammer For Ash's painting page, visit AT Paint Service Intro music by Bort


Ep1 - Humble Beginnings

Ash learns how to podcast! He also talks about his hobby beginnings and tries to not say 'urrrrrr' a whole lot. He also learns how to write about himself in third person for show notes, as if he has a member of staff that does this sort of menial admin for him, while he takes care of his busy schedule of sort-of bothering to be a musician. Check out AT Paint Service on Facebook for Ash's painting page, and check out the Hobby Hammer group for our listener discussion forum. Intro music by...