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This is a show dedicated to Division III basketball called Hoopsville. It is the only show of it's kind in the world. We cover the biggest NCAA division with the most teams (well over 850 men and women combined) in the country each week with weekly or twice-weekly content. Stay tuned throughout the season and through the championships in mid-March.

This is a show dedicated to Division III basketball called Hoopsville. It is the only show of it's kind in the world. We cover the biggest NCAA division with the most teams (well over 850 men and women combined) in the country each week with weekly or twice-weekly content. Stay tuned throughout the season and through the championships in mid-March.


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This is a show dedicated to Division III basketball called Hoopsville. It is the only show of it's kind in the world. We cover the biggest NCAA division with the most teams (well over 850 men and women combined) in the country each week with weekly or twice-weekly content. Stay tuned throughout the season and through the championships in mid-March.






18.5: Dutcher Interview

He has been the Vice President for Division III since the position was created in 1996. And there are many who wish he remained a bit longer. However, he is now the former VP for DIII. On this especially edition of Hoopsville, Dave McHugh sits down with Dan Dutcher once again to look back at his career at the NCAA and especially DIII, the NCAA Convention, and much more. It is a bit of a "State of DIII" as Dutcher once again tries to give everyone an inside idea of how things work and why...


18.4: D3hoops Chat

The Division III basketball season technically started nearly three months ago, but it has taken until the end of January for it to start feeling like the season is really underway. Even so, only about a quarter of the division has played just a single game. Another quarter of the division will never take to the court. And in between is wide gulf of different options. On the first video-version of Hoopsville this season, Dave McHugh is joined by much of the D3hoops.com crew, Pat Coleman and...


18.3: Coronavirus Impact

Since March 2020, the NCAA and especially Division III has been on a roller coaster. A ride no one ever predicted or would want to be on. The ride is also not over. Since March, many in DIII have tried to keep athletics going though through fall seasons the decisions had nearly everyone on the same page. Winter sports have seen more of a multi-pronged approach - depending on the institution, location, type, financial security, mentality, etc., etc., etc. On this final of a trip of Hoopsville...


18.2: COVID Cancelations

For much of Division III, there hasn't been any basketball so far this season. Unfortunately for a growing number of schools, there won't be any season. Either because of a school decision or a conference one, more and more coaches are having to tell their teams they won't be playing any intercollegiate games until next season. Those conversations have to be tough. What can also be difficult is keeping student-athletes engaged or even keep busy as a coach. In this second of three podcasts...


18.1: Playing in a Pandemic

It has been awhile since we had a show - we apologize. The basketball season technically started as scheduled on November 6, but not a lot of teams took the court thanks to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. So how are those who are playing getting on the floor? This marks the first of three podcasts tackling the challenge of COVID-19 for college across the county in Division III. In the trio of shows, we will talk to those who are playing, who have had seasons canceled, and who are making...


17.36: September Podcast

Will there be a 2020-21 NCAA Division III basketball season? If so what will it look like? What will the post-season look like? It is on the mind of student-athletes, coaches, administrators, parents, and fans for several weeks, if not months, now. We are finally understanding what it may look like as a number of decisions or proposals are now making their way around Division III. In this month's podcast, Dave McHugh not only downloads all the things being considered and the likely outcomes,...


17.35: Mid-Summer Podcast

The off season has hit August and with it has come news of Division III Fall Championships being canceled for the same reason Winter Championships were derailed and Spring Championships pulled earlier this year: COVID 19 Pandemic. The decision came on the heals of a vast majority of DIII institutions curtailing fall sports and many pushing winter sports starts on their campuses until January at the earliest. What does this mean for the 2020-21 season of college basketball? Specifically what...


17.34: June Podcast

First, we apologize for the "June Podcast" showing up in early July. Computer problems caused havoc this month. Sadly, it delayed our production plans for several weeks, but we are calling this our June edition all the same. When the season came to a sudden close, it left a lot of unfinished business on our end. We didn't have national champions to talk to, but we also had a lot of news to cover. This podcast we take some time to do some catching-up with the season's number one men's team...


17.33: May Podcast - Part 2

With the number of significant retirements on the men's side of Division III basketball, there is plenty to talk about in the month of May. Thus, we needed a "Part 2" this month. On this "Hoopsville Podcast: May Edition (Part 2)", we talk about what is arguably one of the most significant retirement classes of coaches in the history of Division III - especially on the men's side of things. Pat Coleman, Ryan Scott, and Bob Quillman join Dave McHugh to chat about those who retired, the number...


17.32: May Podcast - Part 1

Just days before the start of the 2019-20 season, Glenn Robinson announced he was retiring from coaching. He was the first domino to fall. Since then, more than 4,000-wins have been taken out of the active record books thanks to the retirements of a number of the division and the sport's best coaches. In what is the first of a two-part May Podcast, Dave chat with some of those who announced their retirements since the season ended. What drove them to the decision to walk away? What will they...


17.31: State of DIII

It has been a few years since Division III found itself at a place where so many important decisions needed to be made along with other events needing time and attention. However, never in NCAA history have we found ourselves with winter championships cut short, no spring sports at all, and more questions than answers for what might happen with fall sports and beyond. COVID-19 has certainly made it's mark. However, the coronavirus isn't the only important item in front of Division III that...


17.30: Awards Night

The 2019-20 season may have ended suddenly (and without any champions crowned), but the season isn't actually complete until we hand out some awards and honors to put a bow on things. Tuesday night on a special edition of Hoopsville, our season finale, we announce the D3hoops.com Men's and Women's All-America teams along with Rookie, Player, and Coach of the Year honors. Is your favorite player on our list of the top performing student-athletes of the season? We announce each of the teams...


17.29: All Star Honors

While the season came to an abrupt end, there are still student-athletes, coaches, and programs to recognize for what they accomplished this season. On a special edition of Hoopsville, we not only look at the final Top 25 polls of the season, but we also take a look at the All-Region awards. Plus, the NABC Reese's Division III All Star Rosters are announced, exclusively, here tonight. We then will talk to long time NABC Board of Directors member Pat Cunningham about the team and the...


17.28: COVID Cancelations

And with that, the 2019-20 seasons have come to a sudden end. What a week it has been in college basketball. Exactly a week ago, as we hit the air, the first signs that COVID-19 was going to impact the NCAA Tournaments was seen. Since then, it has been a whirlwind. On Thursdy's Hoopsville, we try and make sense of one of the stranger finishes in history for NCAA events. What started with isolated closings of gyms for games ends a week later in all games being called off through the rest of...


17.27: Wild Weekend

What an opening weekend of the NCAA tournaments? Upsets a plenty. Gyms closed to fans. Incredible finishes. And so much more. Sunday night on Hoopsville we try and cover it all. From the ongoing decisions surrounding COVID-19 to how the brackets look now. There are decisions still being dealt with when it comes to the news and decisions regarding COVID-19 and how it impacts teams, their fans, and institutions. There are also incredible stories coming out of the tournament of how teams are...


17.26: Tourney Time

The Division III Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments are set to get going. It all starts at 1:00 p.m. ET on Friday with the first men's game. However, before you get fully wrapped up in the games make sure you go into it fully informed. That means tuning into Hoopsville on Thursday night for our tournaments preview episode. We will not only take a fresh look at the brackets, but we will also talk to a number of coaches getting their teams ready for first-round games. From a Conference...


17.25 Sensible Sports Marketing Brackets Breakdown

Welcome to the Sensible Sports Marketing Bracket Breakdown Special! Tonight on Hoopsville, we take a look at the Division III Men's and Women's Championship Tournaments. Who made it. Who was left out. And some of the most interesting match-ups of the brackets. We will talk to both national committee chairs and some of our friends drop by to give us their take on what are some of the more interesting brackets in recent history. Sunday's Hoopsville special is presented by Sensible Sports...


17.23: Bubble Trouble

The race for conference championships and automatic bids to the NCAA tournaments is nearly at it's peak. In less than 72 hours, we will know who have punched their tickets to the 'dance' and who sits on the edge of their seat hoping to keep playing in March. Thursday night on Hoopsville, we not only recap what has already happened in conference tournaments across Division III, but we also look ahead at what should be an exciting final weekend of the regular season. Conference champions...


17.22: Conference Chaos

There is just one week left in the regular season and with it comes conference chaos. Some conference tournaments are already underway and have seen upsets. It will be the theme of the week. With conference tournaments come upsets. Those upsets will cause teams on the NCAA tournament bubble to have their hopes burst. And there will be some Cinderellas who will capture the headlines. Could it be any more fun? Sunday on Hoopsville we chat with a few programs who are either looking to avoid the...


17.21: Frenetic Finish

The second Regional Rankings are out, conference races are finishing up while some tournaments have begun. The frenetic finish to the regular season has begun. On Thursday's Hoopsville, we chat to a few teams who are either leading their conference standings or could shake them up in their final scheduled games. Plus, a true #whyd3 way of approaching the season - giving back to the community while playing the game. Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio....