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Starting a podcast 4 races into a season is like starting a race in 2nd gear. Sounds like a dumb idea but Max Verstappen did it and he won the race so here we go! Tune in as we share our thoughts on the intense, high-adrenaline sport that is Formula 1!


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Starting a podcast 4 races into a season is like starting a race in 2nd gear. Sounds like a dumb idea but Max Verstappen did it and he won the race so here we go! Tune in as we share our thoughts on the intense, high-adrenaline sport that is Formula 1!




Waffley boring (Post Summer EP, Up to Speed)

Soooo, it's been a busy couple of weeks and we (your hosts) have been caught up with work so we're only putting up this episode now... It's a tad old but we had good fun recording it and I think we covered some good ground so do give it a listen! Anyone who got their hopes up high after looking at the post-summer F1 calendar has to be feeling the disappointment after 2 sub-par race weekends. Following a quick summer shutdown, F1 returned to the land of the Belgian waffles, Belgium of course....


13 inch VS 18 inch tyres. Does size really matter? (Summer Showdown)

"Power is nothing without control" ~ Pirelli. A pretty intense motto for a tyre manufacturer if you ask us...but it does show the crucial role that tyres play in motorsports and F1 is making one of their biggest changes to tyre regulations for the 2022 season. In a bid to increase the road relevance of F1 technology and improve the racing, wheel rims will be expanded from 13 inches to 18 inches, changing the fundamental structure of tyres. But what does this all mean for the drivers and for...


Strategies, brakes and weighing scales? (Hungarian GP Up to Speed, EP3)

Race strategies can make or break a driver's weekend. This week we start of by exploring how strategists prepare for unpredictable races like the Hungarian GP. But of course no review is complete without an analysis of the lap 1 chaos and Henil talks us through the factors that make it so difficult to get your braking right in turn 1. Finally, if you've ever wondered why drivers get weighed after races, this is the episode for you! Check out the timestamps below for the highlights and...


Flaming brakes, an electric future and that incident -> British GP (Deep Dive, EP2)

Following the release of the 2022 car, we set our sights on the 2025 engine regulation changes and discuss the possible directions for the future of F1. Should F1 go electric, stay hybrid or hark back to the roaring V12s? Let us know in the comments section! But back to present-day F1, we dive into one of the most controversial crashes in recent times (in a polite and respectful manner of course) and take a look at some of the other crucial technical talking points from the race weekend....


A weekend to remember - British GP (Talk of the town, EP2)

The British GP has been one of the most eventful race weekends in recent times. We start with the elephant in the room - not the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton but the chaos that ensued on social media. One of our partners, Rio got on our podcast to share his thoughts on the whole matter after having to put up posts urging his Instagram followers to stop the tirade of insensitive comments and messages. Its not all gloom though as there were plenty of positive takeaways...


Penalties, Stewards, and a dash of Aerodynamics - Austrian GP (Deep Dive, EP1)

Are you still losing sleep over the controversial 5s penalty on Norris? Ever wondered who dishes out the penalties at a Grand Prix? Or is it Lewis Hamilton's mysterious loss of pace in the Austrian GP that keeps you up at night? Well, either way, look no further than the episode whose description you're reading right now. Go on! Give it a listen! Now available on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, and wherever fine podcasts are found. Comment below or on our Instagram posts on what other questions...


Slower pitstops, new regulations and a buzzing driver market (Talk of the Town, Episode 1)

For this week's "Talk of the Town" segment, we join our special guest Marc from @formulageniusmanagement to take a look at some of the biggest talking points out of the Austrian GP race weekend. We discuss the new pitstop regulations (Should you or should you not be angry with Mercedes?), the reasons for Mercedes' surprising lack of pace, and the busy driver market amongst other things. Now available on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, and wherever fine podcasts are found. Thanks again to our guest...


Can George Russell catch a break?? (EP5: The Styrian GP)

Choo choo! What is a DRS train? On this week's technical episode, we take a look at some of the major talking points from the Styrian GP. What caused Russell to retire? How did Ferrari manage to strike back after a disastrous French GP? Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and more. Also, do stick around for next week's banter episode where we chat with our guests about some spicy talking points! None perhaps more controversial than the new pitstop ruling... LINK IN BIO to vote...


EP4: The France edition

On this week's episode, Henil explains undercuts, Max breaks down F1 tyre jargon and Jishnu talks about a frog. Listen to us on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor and wherever fine podcasts are found!


EP3(Part2): The Baku Edition

In this week's episode, Max imitates a dying F1 engine, Jishnu struggles with French, and Rio brings up Russian National Service. Tune in for our discussion on the eventful Azerbaijan GP and to find out our predictions for the upcoming French GP. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and predictions in our comment sections! We are now available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcasts, and most major streaming platforms.


EP3(part1): The man behind the memes

In part 1 of our episode, we talk about all things F1-related with our special guest Rio. From talking about the world champions and team principals that Rio got to meet to asking the all-important questions of favourite car, track, and driver, we cover some fascinating topics together. That's not all though! Stick around for part 2 of our episode with Rio where we dive into the crazy events of the Azerbaijan race weekend and put in our podium predictions for the French Grand Prix. Episode...


Rodecast competition entry!

We've entered our humble podcast into a competition! Click on the link in our Instagram bio to vote for our podcast @horsingaroundwithhorsepower


EP2: The Monaco-Baku edition

It's just our 2nd episode but in keeping with the incredible pace of development in Formula 1, we have come up with an all-new format for the show that we hope you'll enjoy. This week, we review the surprising results of the Monaco GP, discuss the notion of a special livery race weekend, and share our podium predictions for the Baku GP amongst other things. Let us know your thoughts and predictions on Instagram and Youtube @horsingaroundwithhorsepower


EP1: It's lights out and...

In our very first episode, we share about how we got into this sport and what really drew us in. 4 races down in this season, we reflect upon the highlights of each race and the drama that has occurred thus far. With the upcoming race in Monaco, there are diverse opinions on who might clinch that 3rd podium spot. Tune in as we share our thoughts on the intense, high-adrenaline sport that is Formula 1!