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46 - Farm to Table Wrestling w/ ACH

This week we take a break from the normal grind and give you an hour plus with ACH talking anime, superhero movies, hip hop and, of course, so much wrestling. Probably one of our best episodes ever, this one isn't just special, it's SUPER. Go ahead and give us a follow @hottagpod, @asupersonicman, @austin_atx, @greenless, @tylermager and @GoGoACH and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts.


45 - Roman's United States of Whatever

Back from Houston the gang runs through the call ups and returns on Raw and Smackdown, talks the several Daniel Bryan conspiracy theories running around and asks the question, has The Rock ever seen a Mike Judge movie? Tune in next week for special guest ACH! Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and visit for more exclusive content!


44.2 - Sole Survivors (Plural)

Live from the inside of a moving car the gang discusses their immediate impressions of Survivor Series. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and check out for all of our weekend Texas Tour coverage.


44.1 - Two Rings, One Cage, Zero Rooves

Austin, Lex and Daniel come at you live (to tape) from an AirBnB in Houston and give you their impressions of NXT TakeOver: WarGames! Was Velveteen Dream/Aleister Black the best match of the night? (Yes.) Was the whole team emotionally compromised when Ember won? (Of course.) Did Austin become indignant when Roddy cosplayed as an Author of Pain? (Do you even listen to this podcast?) Follow @floslam, follow @hottagpod, visit and check back all weekend for ongoing coverage...


44 - Any Man with Two Hands Can Be Pretty Fly (For a Chinless Guy)

As the gang prepares for the FloSlam Texas Tour we tackle the important topics: Did the Smackdown wresters get detention if they skipped that pep rally? Is Johnny Gargano secretly royalty? Will Brock Lesnar run for office? We also cover the return of occupational gimmicks, mourn James Ellsworth, fantasy book everything and predict WarGames and Survivor Series. It's a big wrestling weekend, prepare for it with all of this and more on this week's supersized episode of Hot Tag! Follow...


43 - The Mayor of Winnipeg

Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is over. This week we're talking AJ winning the title and what that means for Survivor Series, Omega vs Jericho and what that means for the mayorship of of Winnipeg and we somehow get all the way to talking about monster truck sumo battles on Nitro. Also! Pete Dunne on Raw! War Games! Production design! A lot happened week so go ahead and strap in for a jam packed episode. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and check out


42 - Braun Strowman is a Garbage Elemental

Welp, this turned into McMahon vs McMahon pretty fast. This week we talk releases, potential additions to 205 Live, NXT, Survivor Series and beyond. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and check out!


41 - Daniel Bryan is Nic Cage in Face/Off

This week it's just Daniel and Tyler running through TLC, the Smackdown invasion of Raw and how Survivor series is riding the thin, thin line between good and bad. Also, Face/Off. It's a good movie. Seriously. Rewatch it. Follow @hottagpod and @floslam and check out for plenty of exclusive content.


40 - Two Guys to Punch You in the Face

This week on Hot Tag: We marvel at how good Sami Zayn is. We lament over how hollow the Shield reunion is. We WTF at Bray Wyatt. And we get into a really good discussion about what happens after WWE. For real, listen all the way to the end. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and check out for documentaries, archives and more!


39 - Hell (in the Cell) is Other People

This week we're talking the nature of friendship, breakups, makeups and what it really means to turn heel. Oh, and we begin our wild speculation on the Rumble, Wrestlemania, Wrestle Kingdom and beyond. Also Star Wars. Of course we talk Star Wars. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and check out for exclusive content.


38 - Post Credits Stinger Splash

We're back! After a week we've got plenty to talk about including Hell in a Cell predictions, Daniel Bryan being very candid about Bryan Danielson on instagram, Bullet Club legal drama and the state of the Cruiserweight division. Oh, and The Shield is getting back together. It's not anticlimactic at all. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for live events, documentaries and more!


37 - Saskatchewan Super Blizzard

This week the gang (minus Tyler) gets in to all the Starrcade business, this weekend's EVOLVE events, No Mercy predictions and a lot (and we do mean a lot) of fantasy booking. All that and and an extended talk on wrestling themes at weddings! Join us next week for another round of "Which Host is Gone This Time?" Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for live events, documentaries, archives and more!


36 - Too Good, Too Fast

This week we're down to two hosts as Daniel explores La La Land and Austin lives his Paramore dreams. What we're saying here is you're stuck with Lex and Tyler. It's cool though! They discuss the end of the Mae Young Classic, the inevitable Four Horsewomen confrontation (And who should be in each incarnation), future network tournaments, Raw, Smackdown and more! Next week: We'll be back to your regularly scheduled underwear fighting show. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for...


35 - Exit Music (For A Match)

Join us this week as we discuss our fantasy casting for DC Comics Shazam! Also, we've got BOLA, Mae Young Classic discussion, Raw, Smackdown and more! Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for live events, archives, documentaries and more!


34 - How to Destroy Your Career in One Easy Armbar

This week we delve into the Sexy Star controversy, the PWI top ten, the Mae Young Classic first round, talk way, way too much about that Roman/Cena promo and more! Spoiler alert: Emma's new theme is bad. Very bad. Hurricane Harvey Relief Greater Houston Community Foundation - United Way of Houston - Feeding Texas - Houston Food Bank -...


33 - "Actually" Kevin Owens

In another supersized episode the gang covers all of Summerslam, NXT Takeover, Raw, Smackdown and even dips into Jon Jones and Mayweather/McGreggor. We've got it all! Great shows! Mediocre shows! Bad crowds! Opinions on beach balls! Friendship! Betrayal! Etc! Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for archives, documentaries, live events and more!


32 - Requiem for a Cruiserweight

In this supersized edition of Hot Tag we get our Summerslam and NXT predictions in, play tattoo critic with the Rock's new addition, speculate and fantasy book all the way through next April, talk 30 solid minutes of G1 finals and, if you can believe it, more! Also, did you see Matt Riddle achieve spaceflight this past weekend? Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe for documentaries, live events, archives and more.


31 - Braun Strowman's Unboxing Videos

With Lex out, the gang gets into the the final stretch of G1, Summerslam plans and wonders out loud if Braun Strowman should get a Staples sponsorship. Also, could anyone tell us the name of the Ghost Rider villain that looks like Ghost Rider but more evil? This is important. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe to for archives, live events, documentaries and more.


30 - Fire Pro Walk With Me

This week the gang dives into Nakamura vs Cena and it's implications, gives you a G1 update, covers all the Raw and Smackdown highs and lows and goes bonkers fantasy booking the hell out of a few angles. Look, we're not saying The Shield vs The Kings of Wrestling is going to happen but we'd sure like it to. All that and more on this damn fine episode of Hot Tag. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe to FloSlam for documentaries, live events, archives and more! And be sure to check...


29 - Daniel Bryan is Your Father. Hooray! ft. Rocky Romero

This week Austin and Tyler interview Rocky Romero formerly of RPG Vice. That interview rolls right after the main portion of the podcast. Don't miss it! Also, we have G1 talk, NXT tangents, blind Mae Young Classic predictions, Raw, Smackdown, Battleground and even a little Game of Thrones. The results are in and this episode is packed. Follow @hottagpod, @floslam and subscribe to for live events, archives, documentaries and more!