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The ordinary but extraordinary world of Triathlon, one human, one story at a time - with the aim to inspire and to celebrate this life-changing sport and its humans - through RARE (real, authentic, raw and enjoyable) conversations with triathletes from all around the globe and from all walks of life! Brought to you by 3 triathletes/co-hosts from 3 different continents and backgrounds. #HumansOfTriathlon #OrdinaryPeopleExtraordinaryPassion

The ordinary but extraordinary world of Triathlon, one human, one story at a time - with the aim to inspire and to celebrate this life-changing sport and its humans - through RARE (real, authentic, raw and enjoyable) conversations with triathletes from all around the globe and from all walks of life! Brought to you by 3 triathletes/co-hosts from 3 different continents and backgrounds. #HumansOfTriathlon #OrdinaryPeopleExtraordinaryPassion
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The ordinary but extraordinary world of Triathlon, one human, one story at a time - with the aim to inspire and to celebrate this life-changing sport and its humans - through RARE (real, authentic, raw and enjoyable) conversations with triathletes from all around the globe and from all walks of life! Brought to you by 3 triathletes/co-hosts from 3 different continents and backgrounds. #HumansOfTriathlon #OrdinaryPeopleExtraordinaryPassion




Ep. #48: Rachel Wall - A Hereditary Angioedema Warrior's Journey to Becoming Comfortable in Her Own Skin

Rachel Wall came into this world with a rare genetic disease called Hereditary Angioedema that causes episodes of mass swelling which are intensely painful and interfere with kind of necessary stuff like breathing and digesting/absorbing food. She spends every day battling the body she was born into. Because of which she was told all throughout her life that she couldn't or shouldn't do things. Six years ago, with the support of her Mom, Rachel did a local Sprint Triathlon. Through the sport...


Ep. #47: Celebrating 1-Year of the Humans of Triathlon (H.o.T) Podcast

This episode marks 1-year since we started the Humans of Triathlon (H.o.T) Podcast. The co-hosts have a casual chat about the show, Humans of Triathlon, and what's been happening with them lately. It's been a blast hosting the show and being able to hear and share the stories of such incredible humans from the world of Triathlon. We've had stories of failures, of triumphs, and everything in between - from Athletes to Race Photographers & Announcers, from Newbies to Ironman World Champs,...


Ep. #46: Robert Sainsbury | Biologist working through a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with the help of Triathlon

After doing his first Triathlon after an impromptu signup while on vacation in Hawaii in 2014, while riding one day, Robert Sainsbury suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after colliding with another cyclist. He remembers very little of late 2014 & most of 2015. And his symptoms included cognitive fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, depression, mood swings, difficulty reading & writing, etc. - making basic daily tasks exhausting. In addition to his career & a relationship, he also lost his...


Ep. #45: Ling Choo | Full-time Triathlete from Singapore and National IM Record Holder

In 2009, Ling Choo was hit by a car and broke her left femur and right leg while training for her very first 70.3 World Championship. Fast forward to 2019, she is a full-time triathlete, the only South East Asian who has qualified for Kona 6 times and is the current Singapore Record holder for Ironman in 9:38hours. Having lived in Singapore all her life and competing in such a male dominant sport of Triathlon, she has had her fair share of critics and naysayers on the island. But with the...


Ep. #44: Mike "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN" Reilly | The Voice of IRONMAN & His New Book 'Finding My Voice'

To those familiar with Ironman Triathlon, this man doesn't need much of an introduction. Mike Reilly, the "Voice of IRONMAN" worldwide, the only person to have been inducted into the 3 Hall of Fames of Ironman, USA Triathlon, and Running USA. He's called over 180 IRONMAN races around the world and his iconic call of "You are an IRONMAN!" has been heard by over 350,000 finishers. Was a pleasure chatting with him about his journey to becoming and being the "Voice of IRONMAN" and his newly...


Ep. #43: Amber Ferreira | Race for the Love of Racing; Sport is Way More Than Just Winning & Losing

Being a shy little girl, Amber was held back to repeat Kindergarten for an extra year. That summer, she remembers her mom encouraging her to sign up for the summer track & field program. She shook her head & stomped her feet all summer until she was finally convinced to just go & watch. Well, she ended up participating in the 100-yard dash. Her nervous little 5-year-old body toed the line nearly in tears. But something funny happened when the gun went off. All the nerves vanished. She...


Ep. #42: Fabio Spiteri | Ultra-endurance Triathlete from Malta on His Road to a Deca-Ironman

Fabio Spiteri is a 44-year old ultra-endurance triathlete from the small country of Malta. Fabio's love for sport started at the age of 22, after he became a young dad wanting to leave his unhealthy past behind him. He started off as an 800m track runner then transitioning into Triathlons. In his years as a triathlete, he has completed 19 70.3s (PB of 4:24) 9 Ironmans (PB of 9:35), a Double-Ironman (in 26+hours), a Triple Ironman (in 45+hours), and is now eyeing his first Quintuple (5x) and...


Ep. #41: Alisha Woodroof | Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Warrior & Former Drug Addict on Living Life vs Just Existing

Our guest this week - Alisha Woodroof went from an All-American tennis player to a trashcan junkie addicted to cocaine, crack, heroin, & alcohol to a super-sprint finisher to, now, a 6x Ironman. During a time in her life wherein she was living a, kind of, double-life - as a personal trainer preaching fitness and health on one side and doing drugs on the other - she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She used the diagnosis as an excuse to continue with the drugs, but a year later, on...


Ep. #40: Barret Fishner | Pro Mountain Biker & Xterra Triathlete Not Letting His Past Confine Him

Growing up as a country boy along the coastal mountains of Oregon, it only seems natural that this week's guest gravitated towards the sport of mountain biking. Honing his bike-handling skills by watching and then trying all the stunts in the New World Disorders videos, at the age of 19, he started his career as an elite mountain-bike and cyclocross athlete - a career where he didn't live up to his full potential. One day, as a last minute decision, he entered the Duathlon National Champs,...


Ep. #39: Sheila Treleaven | Always Take Time For Yourself Regardless of Age & Responsibilities

Introducing the new H.o.T Podcast Co-host - Sheila Treleaven [@sheilatreleaven]! Born in Canada, Sheila's journey started as a competitive swimmer from the young age of 8. Soon, she was breathing, eating, sleeping and living swimming - making the Canadian National Team and earning an NCAA Div 1 Scholarship. After her 4 years at college, without being 'Sheila the Swimmer' - she didn't really know who she was or what she could do. For the next 13 years, she shifted her focus on her career as...


Ep. #38: Mikael Eriksson | Founder of 'Scientific Triathlon' & Host of 'That Triathlon Show

Mikael Eriksson, a Swedish-speaking Finn living in Lisbon, Portugal, began in the sport of Triathlon in 2015, right after graduating from university and working as an engineer at a medical startup. Having been a recreational runner for a few years, he encountered a chronic knee injury that made him cross train with swimming and biking. During the 9 month rehab, he'd fallen in love with Triathlon. In the short span of 4 years, Mikael has progressed rather quickly with great results in...


Ep. #37: Ray & Danielle Gogarty | Couples That TRI Together - Stay Together!

Following the theme of Valentines Day, we've got a "Trinamic" duo on the show this week - Danielle & Ray Gogarty. @danigogs & @ray_j_gogs grew up in Long Island, NY. They crossed paths with each other at University and became inseparable besties. After studying, they both went onto different career paths - Dani in higher education, and Ray in civil services. But they always stayed close & made time for each other; eventually supporting each other through first marriages & eventual divorces....


Ep. #36: Greg McDermott | From Overweight & Unhappy to Ultraman & Cycling 14,000kms around Australia

Our guest this week, Greg McDermott [@gregmcdermottcoach] puts the endure in endurance. He's tackled some of the longest and toughest challenges in his home country, Australia - including a 14,000km bike ride and the infamous Ultraman Australia (a 3-day event with a 10km swim, 420km bike ride & a double marathon of 84.4kms). But he wasn't always this endurance monster that we see today. His journey started only about 6 years ago in a time where he used food and alcohol to battle unhappiness...


Ep. #35: 4 Bajkerky | Slovak Girl Gang Demonstrating the Power of Triathlon to Forge Friendships

Tune in this week to not 1, not 2 - but 4 guests! This episode shares the special bond of 4 girls from Slovakia; the 4 Bajkerky (@4bajkerky) - Sasa, Veri, Kika, & Tami: all of whom are quite different appearance/work/study/personality wise but their love for Sport and the enthusiasm for Triathlon brought them together. In this lighthearted conversation, this Slovak Girl Gang really demonstrates the power of Triathlon to forge friendships and build camaraderie and support in all areas of...


Ep. #34: Scott Flathouse | Photographer Capturing your Effort & Hardwork on Raceday

Growing up in Austin, TX, Scott Flathouse (@scottflathousephoto) was a high school runner & an avid cyclist. But after starting work full-time, his health started getting away from him. He decided to take control & get his health back on track. Soon after, a meniscus tear requiring knee surgery & a pleasant co-incidence led him to find Triathlon. After a few races, another setback in the form of plantar fasciitis stopped him from training. But he loved the energy of Triathlon & still wanted...


Ep. #33: Melodie Carli | Taking Chances on the Unknown

Born and raised in Corsica, a beautiful mountainous Mediterranean island southeast of France, Melodie was an active child who's single-mom supported and taught her to be a better person and stay active and healthy. Unfortunately, at the age of 7, Melodie was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease which, after a long search for answers, took multiple surgeries and months of recovery to overcome. But Melodie came out of that phase with a lot of ambition and positivity. - At the age of 18,...


Ep. #32: Triathlon Taren & NTK | Living a Life of Fulfillment while Uplifting Thousands

The first episode of 2019, and we couldn't think of anyone better to kick-start the new year with than Taren Gesell (aka 'Triathlon Taren') and his wife, Kim Gesell (aka 'No Triathlon Kim') (who's actually the first non-triathlete to come on the show)! Taren went from being 215lbs (98kg), drunk and unhappy as an investment adviser to 150lbs (68kg), an All-World Ironman triathlete, a coach, an inspiration to many, and living a life he never would've dreamed of - as one of the top Triathlon...


Ep. #31: 2018 Compilation | Key Messages & 'I TRI Because...'

Sneaking in one last (bonus) episode before the year ends. It's a compilation of our guests of 2018 answering two questions we've started asking everyone that comes on the show - firstly, the one message they would want people to take away from their story, and secondly - why they tri! Do have a listen, there are some powerful messages and reasons in the mix. Surely, you'll be able to relate to them. - Thank you to all the guests who have taken the time to come on the show and...


Ep. #30: Ashley Zaccaro | Breaking the Bond Between Abuser & Victim through Triathlon

In 2016, Ashley found out that the prosecutors would not be pursuing the case against her rapist. 3 days later, she received an email from an organization that she loves & supports to join them at the NYC Triathlon. Being in desperate need of something to live for, she applied immediately. She showed up on race day overwhelmed & regretting her decision to sign-up. But, she used all the anger, confusion, embarrassment, shame, & frustration from her abuse to not only get through it but also...


Ep. #29 - Daniel Garcia | 'Impossible' is just an Opinion not a Fact

In 2010, Daniel Garcia fell from 45-feet straight onto his back - breaking it and instantly paralyzing him. Depression was his biggest foe, and he was placed on multiple anti-depressants. After starting weight-lifting and hand-cycling, he felt at peace & had no need for meds. That's when he started doing marathons on his hand-cycle. Soon after, he was inspired to start his journey in Triathlon. In just a couple years, he went onto become a National Champ, 70.3 World Champ, & qualified for...