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Discussing hunting, fishing and conservation. Deer, ducks, turkey, pheasant, elk, perch, pike, bass, salmon, trout and more. Organizations such as QDMA, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Ducks Unlimited. Lessons learned from MeatEater, Wired To Hunt, The Hunting Beast.

Discussing hunting, fishing and conservation. Deer, ducks, turkey, pheasant, elk, perch, pike, bass, salmon, trout and more. Organizations such as QDMA, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Ducks Unlimited. Lessons learned from MeatEater, Wired To Hunt, The Hunting Beast.
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Discussing hunting, fishing and conservation. Deer, ducks, turkey, pheasant, elk, perch, pike, bass, salmon, trout and more. Organizations such as QDMA, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Ducks Unlimited. Lessons learned from MeatEater, Wired To Hunt, The Hunting Beast.






Ep. 019: Shed Hunting Joe Shead Arron Bleise Scott Spitzley Greg Lipple Deer Elk Moose

Shed hunting discussions with four guys that know how to get it done! Joe Shead of who has found 1,000 sheds in multiple states and Canada. Author of, Shed Hunting: A Guide To Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers. Arron Bleise, host of The Fall Podcast and producer for Rival Wild on The Sportsmen Channel and Dropped on The Outdoor Channel. Scott Spitzley, photographer and contributing writer to Greg Lipple who has been having great success finding 6 point...


Ep. 018: Tom McGraw Fly Fishing Pere Marquette Norfork Montana Russia The Keys

Tom McGraw is on the North American Board of Directors for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Tom schools me on a wide variety of fly fishing discussion. Dry flies, wet flies, eggs, streamers, swinging and spay rods. We talk finding common ground with folks to be productive for wild places and those that inhabit them. He shares great stories of Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout on the Pere Marquette River, the Norfork in Arkansas, and summers in Montana. Also, Bone Fish and Tarpon in the...


Ep. 017: Bobby Roop Michigan Whitetail Pursuit Beyond The Ears

Bobby Roop of Michigan Whitetail Pursuit. MWP is a compilation DVD of men and women, boys and girls, all over the state of Michigan. They hunt bucks and does of all sizes, providing a full spectrum of different hunters and locations that just about anyone can enjoy and relate to. We talk filming hunts and road kill pot pie. As well as making memories with family, including grandpa, who is in his 80's and still getting after it. Recorded at Beyond the Ears archery pro shop, I check in with...


Ep. 16: Jess Johnson Wyoming Artemis First Lite Ranching Mule Deer Antelope Tongue

Jess Johnson is an Advocacy and Legislative Liaison for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Co-founder of Artemis Sportswomen, First Lite Team Member, Hunt To Eat Ambassador, Board of Directors for 2% For Conservation and Wyoming BHA. We talk Bear roasts, Antelope tongues and Mountain Lion back straps. The importance of reaching out to elected officials. The dream hunt she's going on this August in the Northwestern Territories and growing up on ranches in MT, WY and CA.


Ep. 015: Ryan Cavanaugh Pheasants U.P. Wolves Coyotes GSP 318 lb Buck

Ryan Cavanaugh is Co-Chair of the Michigan Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. A long time Pheasants Forever member and avid bird hunter with his GSP Daly. Grew up in southwest Michigan and now lives in the Upper Peninsula. He shares the story of the 318 pound buck he got this season. He grew up hunting to eat and feed his family. Has a lot of great memories hunting with his dad and their dogs and making memorable meals. Shares stories of encounters with wolves and coyotes and some...


Ep. 014: Ron Boehme Bird Dogs Trap Shooting NAVHDA Meat Eater

Ron Boehme is the host of The Hunting Dog Podcast. He has hunted all over the country for many different birds with his Bracco Italianos. Got introduced to hunting through trap shooting with his buddies growing up in Chicago. Ron is a frequent guest on the Meat Eater TV show and Podcast. We discuss the benefit of and his involvement with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. He loves old shotguns, Pheasant hunting South Dakota and spending time at Beer Mountain in the...


Ep. 013: Dr. Karl Malcolm New Mexico Meat Eater Aldo Leopold Ecology Wisconsin

Dr. Karl Malcolm is the Wildlife Ecologist for the Southwestern region of The U.S. Forest Service. He has many published works, has been featured in many articles and been a frequent guest on The Meat Eater TV show and podcast. He has hunted across the country for moose, turkey, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail, and Mearns quail to name a few. He grew up around Traverse City Michigan and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He then went over to the University of Wisconsin...


Ep. 012: David Derusha Deer Bears Hares Wolves Common Hunter

David is the co-owner of Common Hunter. They sell over a dozen products including SD card readers and ozone machines. Born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. He shares an intense story of a wolf attack up there. We discuss mobile hunting for deer in northern Michigan and Southern Ohio. Black bear hunting in Michigan and Manitoba. His grandpa owning and breeding some of the best beagles in the nation and the hundreds of hares they've hunted over the year.


Ep. 011: Mark Norquist Minnesota Pike Spearing Boundary Waters Modern Carnivore

Mark Norquist is the owner of Modern Carnivore and creates excellent content, such as Awaken the Hunter Within, reconnecting and introducing people to foraging, fishing and hunting. We talk about Minnesota hunting and fishing culture. The over one million acres of Wilderness that is the Boundary Waters. Dark House Spear Fishing and more.


Ep. 010: Sturgeon Canoeing and Fishing Access with Landon Bob and Jason

Joint late night episode with my buddy Landon DeKeyser of The Fishing Podcast. Return guest Jason Meekhof of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers discusses the thrill of landing a huge sturgeon. Also joined by Bob Busch of Buckley's Mountainside Canoes discussing serious canoeing from Michigan to Florida. Songs performed by Bob Busch: Intro - West Ho! - written by Bob Busch Outro - I Don't Mind - written by Peter Bingen with adapted quotes from Edward Abbey


Ep. 009: Courtney Nicolson Be Alive Sportsman Channel Wild Game Recipes Mentorship

Courtney Nicolson got started hunting while living in New York City and becoming a producer for the Sportsman Channel. We discuss groups she's participated with such as Artemis Sportswomen and Sisterhood of the Outdoors that get women together for fun hunting and fishing trips. We discuss wild game recipes from Hank Shaw and Wild and Whole. Courtney is a mentor for other women and girls getting started with hunting and is a hunter education instructor. We speak about some of her adventures...


Ep. 008: Brothers Muzzle Loader Deer camp late season doe lessons learned

My brother Greg Lipple and I discuss our late antlerless and muzzle loader season hunts. Our hunts in the Michigan counties of Marquette, Mackinac, Montmorency, Oscoda, Alcona and Lapeer. Doe management hunts and the unique circumstance Greg got put in, where he wasn't sure if he should shoot a buck on the last day of the season. We also discuss some of our lessons learned and plans for next year.


Ep. 007: Greg Lipple Rifle Deer Camp Public Land Bucks and Scouting

Recorded at my family rifle deer camp in northern Michigan with my brother Greg. Scouting, hunting and killing public land bucks for the past 3 years in a row. Our first time learning about trail cameras. Evolving as hunters and learning to set our expectations of opportunities based on the areas we are hunting. Remembering deer camps gone by.


Ep. 006: Jason Norris Texas Hunt To Eat MTN Ops 2% for Conservation

Jason is a brand ambassador for Hunt To Eat and MTN Ops. He is also 2% Certified for Conservation. He hunts deer, turkey, hogs, doves and more in Texas. Has also travels to Montana, Idaho, and Oregon for hunting and fishing. He publishes his content on his 'Pursuing the Hunt' YouTube channel and FB page. We discuss the unique hunting and fishing opportunities in Texas and how to navigate those with leases and helpful resources.


Ep. 005: Jared Walker Flint Ridge Rifles Midwest Mountain Hunter Elk

Jared is the owner of Flint Ridge Rifles. We discuss ballistics. Starting a company with conservation in mind. Hunting in Arkansas Michigan and Colorado. Backcountry hunting for Elk. The work it takes to Elk hunt and the raw emotions when it all comes together.


Ep. 004: Kevin Vistisen Deer Hunter Podcast and The Forest movie premiere

Kevin is the host of Deer Hunter Podcast and star of the film The Forest which takes place on the public lands of northern Michigan hunting deer. We discuss our Wisconsin scouting trip with Dan Infalt. Filming hunts and the need to escape the fast paced modern life.


Ep. 003: Josh Hillyard QDMA Wired To Hunt Whitetails mentoring recruitment cooperatives

Josh Hillyard, Regional Director of the Quality Deer Management Association. Frequent guest on the Wired To Hunt Podcast and known by many as Furter because of his buddy Mark Kenyon. We talk deer. Hunter recruitment and mentoring. Misconceptions about the QDMA. Hunting Midwest to out West. What it's like to have a moose walk through your deer stand.


Ep. 002: Jason Meekhof BHA conservation Deer and Turkeys

Great Lakes Regional Director of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. We cover conservation groups, deer and turkey hunting, buthchering, his adventures out west and more.


Ep. 001: Jeff Lipple introduction

A little about me and the hunt camp podcast. Getting started hunting small game, white tailed deer, ducks, turkeys. Fishing for pike, perch, bass, salmon, trout. Learning from Michigan out of Doors, Wired To Hunt, MeatEater, Hunting Beast...