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Nothing better than a Saturday in the Fall Breaking down the ever changing world of College Football

Nothing better than a Saturday in the Fall Breaking down the ever changing world of College Football
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New Hyde Park, NY


Nothing better than a Saturday in the Fall Breaking down the ever changing world of College Football




Week 4 Preview

Week 4 is here and we have some games with massive playoff implications. From down in Athens, GA to Pasadena, CA Zoo has you covered with previews for the weeks most important games. With California looking to begin their Pay for Play bill to pay College athletes in 2023 other states a following in suit. Are these lawmakers thinking about what could happen is there is no plan in place to combat the negatives that come with paying College athletes or is this another way to garner support for...


Week 3 Recap

Week 3 was the calm before the storm but the Pac12 took complete advantage of that getting 6 teams into the Top 25. Nick Saban complaining about noon kickoffs, is there anything that he could possibly do to change that? Heisman Top 5, College Football Playoff Matchups +2, News and much more! Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!


Week 3 Preview

Were heading into Week 3 and this is going to be an interesting one with a lot of teams in situations where they can prove how good they really are. Zoo hooks it up with the locks for Week 3! To say the least this was a different type of episode for Zoo as he tackles the biggest stories in Football this week and boy were there a lot to look at. Stay tuned until the end to hear some happy news. Cheers to Week 3!


Week 2 Recap

Well that weekend lived up to the hype! The season appears to be coming undone for Tennessee and Miami early on, meanwhile Joe Burrow may have just catapulted himself into the Heisman Trophy race while also bringing LSU into the thick of the CFP conversation! Top 25 breakdown, News, CFP Projections and much more! Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!


Week 2 Preview

If Week 1 was an introduction to the season, Week 2 will be a crash course to what the College Football Playoff may look like. With two games pitting contenders against one another with 1-Clemson hosting 12-Texas A&M and 6-LSU visiting 9-Texas. Also, what makes Army such a pain for teams to face? and much more!


Week 1 Review

Week 1 was fun but where do we go next? With Transfers and Freshmen starting at QB across the board whose performance in Week 1 was the most noteworthy? Injury news, Top 25, Heisman Leaders and much more! Take a listen and subscribe!


Week 1 Preview - So It Begins

With the official start of the 2019 season behind us its time to get it going here in College Football as Week 1 is here! Picks for the weeks biggest games, Big News coming out of the SEC and a HUGE week for the Pac12 and the American conferences to make statments as both try to solidify themselves as the legit #5 Conference in the Power 5. Take a listen and subscribe!


Big 12 Preview

What is going to happen in the Big 12? With Texas having a great year last season while Oklahoma replaces back to back Heisman Trophy Winners with a man who has been to the College Football Playoff every year in College. Take a listen to see what Zoo thinks about the Big 12 in 2019!


Pac 12 Preview

With the Oregon Ducks looking to return to the top of the Pac-12 in 2019 will the rest of the Conference be uo to the task? Zoo gives his predictions for the Pac 12 this season and what to expect from a wide open conference!


Week 0 Review - Season Predictions

With a nice Week 0 giving us a taste of what the 150th season of College Football should look like, Zoo looks at the landscape of College Football and shares his Heisman and College Football Playoff predictions! Take a listen and hit the subscribe button!


Week 0 Preview: A Taste Of Things To Come

Its not quite Week 1 but the College Football season begins tonight with a huge rivalry game between Miami and Florida! A little later on however there's bound to be a shootout on the tropical island of Hawaii and Arizona comes to town looking to get their season off to a big start. Zoo takes a look at both games and gives his predictions on who to take tonight!


2019 SEC Preview

The SEC is once again loaded with talent but everyone still believes the Championship Game is set with Georgia vs Alabama, hard to disagree. Take a listen as Zoo breaks down who you need to look out for in the SEC this season!


ACC Preview 2019

Is the ACC the premiere conference in college football heading into 2019? The Clemson Tigers are the top dog but when your the king everyone is coming for your crown and the rest of the ACC has beefed up. From players to watch to ACC title predictions, take a listen!


2019 College Football Preview

The I Love College Football Podcast is now the Gridiron U Podcast with your host "The Zoo" Ed Arzooman! Outside of a big announcement for listeners and College Football fans alike Zoo dove right in on the preseason top 25,previewed the hypothetical Alabama/Clemson National Championship race, Tua v. Trevor, Coaches on the Hot Seat, Sleepers and much more! Subscribe to Gridiro U wherever you get your podcasts! Join the U-niverse on patreon.com/gridironu


Bowl Game Mania

Picking every single College Football Bowl Game with the lines! Who you taking?


Army - Navy Week

Big coaching decisions this week and a huge decision by Kelly Bryant do a good job a taking up much of the College Football Headlines this week and we talk about those topics. However, lets not forget about America's Game this weekend between Army and Navy, one of our finest traditions as a country. Breaking down all that and a whole lot more right here.


College Football Playoff Announcement

The College Football Playoff field is official and so are the NY 6 bowl games. How do these games look on paper and did the comittee put the right teams in? Who you got?


Championship Week Preview

Its Championship Week what scenarios can still happen to shape the Playoff landscape? Who is going to fall in their Conference Championship? Why is Texas so soft? And Zoo picks all the Championship games this weekend!


Week 13 Wrap Up: On To The Next

We have finally reached the end of this years regular season. It was a welcomed surprise to see some mayhem occur in the top 10 but the biggest takeaway from this weekend is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish once again proving how good they are. Who will be the 4th team in the playoff? Ohio State and Oklahoma are essentially the same team so who gets in if they both win this weekend? All that and some Heisman trophy talk as well.


Week 13 Preview: Rivalry Week

Happy Thanksgiving! We made it, the final week of the College Football regular season is here and the people are hungry for some upsets. What a weekend we have in store and it all starts with Thanksgiving, speaking of which are we moving towards more College Football games on Thanksgiving? Is that a good thing? Also, with rivalry week here will we get the madness across the College Football that we have missed the past 2 weeks? Picks of the week and getting down on a Thanksgiving Thursday.