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He’s footy’s number one newsbreaker, always at the coalface of the biggest stories in the game. And in 2019, Damian Barrett goes behind the scenes and inside the stories and minds of football's most influential figures. An Australian Football League production.

He’s footy’s number one newsbreaker, always at the coalface of the biggest stories in the game. And in 2019, Damian Barrett goes behind the scenes and inside the stories and minds of football's most influential figures. An Australian Football League production.
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He’s footy’s number one newsbreaker, always at the coalface of the biggest stories in the game. And in 2019, Damian Barrett goes behind the scenes and inside the stories and minds of football's most influential figures. An Australian Football League production.






Brett Godfrey on why the time is right for a Tassie team

Brett Godfrey doesn’t back losers in business. But with his latest pursuit, he’s taken on a massive task, heading up the Tasmanian group that wants an AFL licence. The man who launched Virgin airlines into the Australian market, working closely with Sir Richard Branson, goes deep on the plans for footy in Tassie.


AFLW trailblazer Daisy Pearce on footy, fame and sexism

Daisy Pearce was a reluctant face of AFLW when it burst into the sporting landscape in 2017. Reluctant, because celebrity was something she never sought, but it sought her. Daisy has learnt to deal with celebrity, while still playing high-level football, giving birth to twins, embarking on a successful media career, and loving her original job as a midwife. She has packed a whole lot in and has helped change lives in the process.


Carlton CEO Cain Liddle: Inside the 'heartbreaking' decision to sack Bolton

Cain Liddle has once before helped awaken a sleeping giant of the AFL. Having been hands-on in the seemingly unstoppable rise of Richmond, he was appointed Carlton CEO in late 2017 with a charter of change. With a background that includes being a teammate of Gary Ablett Senior, and once upon a time being a coach of Marcus Bontempelli, Liddle goes behind the scenes of the rebuild of the once mighty Blues.


Gillon McLachlan on a 17-game season, and why all clubs will never be equal

Gillon McLachlan is now into his sixth season in charge of the AFL, and every single night as his head hits the pillow there's plenty to ponder. In this episode of In the Game he discusses the balancing act required to run the game, and the stresses that come with it.


Commentator Corbin Middlemas on being gay within the AFL industry, and broadcasting basics

Sports broadcaster Corbin Middlemas describes himself as the big guy with the deep voice. A media talent on the rise, Middlemas in 2018 published an article on the ABC platforms wanting to tell young men who don't fit the norm that it's perfectly normal. As he says in this edition of In the Game, being gay doesn't make you less masculine.


Tony Cochrane on Jagger, Sinatra and Gold Coast's untold success story

Selling the merits of the Gold Coast Suns to a largely apathetic industry might be the toughest job in football. But as explained in this episode of In The Game, the club's chairman Tony Cochrane is up for the fight. The colourful and passionate Cochrane is seeking AFL assistance for the Suns, who are about to secure a second wooden spoon in their nine-season existence, which has never seen them placed higher than 12th. A highly successful businessman who never finished high school, Cochrane...


Kane Cornes: Playing on fear, and winning a B&F for a coach who tried to push him out

Kane Cornes made a huge impact on the AFL in winning two All-Australian jackets, four best-and-fairests, and a premiership for Port Adelaide. But in the short time since retiring he has made an even bigger mark on the football landscape with the strongest of opinions on his many media platforms. The power of that opinion regularly cuts through the general media noise, and it often annoys the game’s biggest name players, coaches and media rivals. In this episode of In the Game Cornes takes...


Campbell Brown on Bud's spooky prediction, Lloyd 'sniper' call

Being himself caused the odd problem for Campbell Brown in his 12 seasons in the AFL, but he says the alternative - being forced to be someone he wasn’t - would have been unbearable, and unworkable. Brown found headlines, fun, and personal and team success in those 12 seasons. And he’s always been one of the game’s best storytellers.


Caroline Wilson: 'I don't know why footy clubs lie'

The 'experiment' ended up as one of the great media careers. Football’s first lady - Caroline Wilson - started as that experiment in 1982 and in the next 37 years dominated and conquered the world of football media. In this episode of In the Game she takes us through that journey …. which is far from finished.


'We've got it all wrong': Danny Frawley on the AFL and St Kilda

We know the pranking, joking Danny Frawley but we don't often get to see the serious one. But in this week's episode of In the Game he's prepared to say that the footy industry has simply got it wrong in a few key areas, he reveals the hurt associated with Alastair Clarkson turning on him, as well as the subsequent learnings and appreciation of that period in his life. And he also couldn't help himself with a few jabs at some of his media mates.


GWS chief Dave Matthews takes aim at former Giant, club presidents

You know where you stand with Dave Matthews, CEO of GWS Giants. His preparedness to call everything as he sees it is a good, refreshing quality and one that can create the occasional stoush. As you'll hear in this episode, he's happy to call out a big name player, as well as a couple of even bigger name officials.


King of Radio Ross Stevenson on 'fake' outrage and his annual love letter to footy

Ross Stevenson is different - an all-time media superstar who runs away from publicity. The King of Breakfast Radio is a Hawthorn tragic, he writes an annual love letter to footy, and he's got sharp (at the coalface) views on the outrage that pervades every aspect of social media. He's even developed his own acronyms to describe that outrage - DORT and FOLFTH.


Shaun Grigg: Friday night dinners with Dusty, and playing ruck in a Grand Final

Sacrifice - it's a word that best sums up Shaun Grigg's time in football. From using his ruck rover frame to play second ruck, to retiring early so his club could recruit another player, Grigg has always been 'team first'... and he's great friends with all of those past teammates, particularly Dustin Martin, who - as you're about to hear - once asked him to bring something very strange to dinner.


Marty Pask on scrapping compo picks and 'scary' mental health issues

Even after the introduction of free agency, AFL player movement is still a club-dominated business. That's the inside of view of leading player agent Marty Pask who in this episode of In the Game also calls for the scrapping of free agency compensation and expresses concern about the general media's handling of sensitive player issues. Also, he goes behind the scenes on how a trade is done, and discusses his worry for some players as they transition out of the game.


Photographer Michael Willson on Tayla Harris, Mitch Clark, and the photo he chose not to take

The saying goes that a picture can tell a thousand words. Well if it's a football picture taken by Michael Willson there are times that a photo can tell ten-thousand. The man responsible for some of the AFL's most iconic still images takes us behind the lens of snapping Tayla Harris in flight, Mitch Clark being consoled by his coach, and of an emotional moment he refused to photograph. And he also reveals a surprising name as his favourite player to snap.


Brian Cook: When Geelong first discussed intervention for Bomber

In 30 years as CEO of two highly successful AFL clubs, Brian Cook has seen and lived more than most in football. There's been stunning success, a few setbacks and a lot of tough conversations with a lot of people. In this episode of In the Game he lets us in on some key facets of that football journey.


What happened to Adam Goodes will never happen again: Jodie Sizer

A long established leader in the indigenous community, Jodie Sizer is now leading as a director of the Collingwood Football Club. In this episode of In the Game she addresses the sensitive subject of racism head-on, sharing her vast experiences and expressing the need for truth-telling and education.


Michael Voss: The unusual word Lethal used to deal with Aker

A young captain at 21, young coach at 34, and a still young assistant coach at 43... wanting to be a senior coach again. Michael Voss' extraordinary journey through football has had some amazing highs and some painful lows, but throughout it all he has always maintained his class. And he's never lost his hunger for competition.


Barrett v Danger: Finally, a sensible discussion on the media

There are so many layers to Patrick Dangerfield, and he's got strong views on all the big issues, including the media. Having already put together an all-time great AFL career, he still craves a whole lot more. And he will seek to get it... his way.


Andrew Krakouer's raw story: From prison back to the MCG

When Andrew Krakouer was 11, his football famous dad didn’t come home one day... sentenced to jail. Fourteen years later, Andrew himself didn’t come home for his own daughters... he too sentenced to jail. Andrew Krakouer has lived the lows of having a prison door slammed shut on his freedom, and also the highs of kicking three goals in an AFL Grand Final. Forever regretful of his actions, he has never shirked responsibility of them. Here he tells his incredible story of support, love,...